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  1. Question re: TR, Epic Destinies and Druids
  2. Exalted Angel for my Evoker FvS?
  3. So the to hit changes are going live too, eh?
  4. Halfelf Dil Druid feat is incomplete
  5. Gut check time.
  6. +4 tomes.....?
  7. SIGN to keep the current combat system that on the Live severs
  8. A Partial Solution to the Monk AC and PRR Problem
  9. What resets Tier 6 stack accumulations?
  10. Is there a link or post with all new quest and quest levels
  11. Fun with the DEV's
  12. Power Attack
  13. Improved Sunder
  14. Is this right? Really hope not...
  15. Is a high wisdom elemental form melee build possible?
  16. OK am bored...turn Lam back on
  17. List of changed heroic feats anywhere?
  18. Epic is the new Casual
  19. druid build questions
  20. Question abt druid
  21. Current draft of Druid Tank
  22. Free LR build
  23. Spellpower conversion formula
  24. How Viable would this be?
  25. several quest about last beta phase
  26. Ideas for solo/duoer Druid.
  27. Arcane Augmentation...
  28. Banking levels post expansion
  29. Lowering the cost of being a healer?
  30. TR into a druid
  31. How to make the best wolf form druid?
  32. Epic and streaks
  33. Wolf/Caster build?
  34. Druid is free for completionist ??
  35. DRUID dps build
  36. Twist of Fate question
  37. Cormyrian weapon skins/models?
  38. June 30th 5PM EST Server is up
  39. ok, I gotta ask this...
  40. Epic Divine Hireling tested, perform about as expected (very poorly)
  41. release notes = incentive.
  42. Raid Feedback: Caught in the Web: Round 3
  43. So, nerfed healing is WAI?
  44. Not happy with Release notes about the Shadowdancer's bugs
  45. Really, was this divine nerf necessary?
  46. 14.1 release notes (comments)
  47. About the lv.up stat...
  48. Devs...why? WHY?
  49. Devs, Let's Talk: Healing
  50. Sorry for double thread
  51. Lucidity nerf:
  52. Devs, please consider this when nerfing
  53. Druid Elemental forms and penalties to Air/Earth spells
  54. Cleaving wolves
  55. Turbine, Thankyou for correcting the description to heal and buffing divine healing
  56. U14.1 Release Notes Comments
  57. Ability Point Level 24 ... How we get it back?
  58. Druid Fatal Harrier and reaving roar.
  59. Implement Spell Power Bonus
  60. Congratulations Turbine, Momentum Swings now has an Attack animation...
  61. GMoF: Everything is Nothing - Nerf?..
  62. Reconstruct
  63. Bloodrage preventing casting WAI?
  64. Divine spell chances, can anyone or a dev say exactly which spells got changed.
  65. Critical bug not fixed! Assassinate not fixed with this patch!
  66. Turbine: Must Everything be BtC?
  67. This fixed yet?
  68. 14.1 Imunity to Slippery Surfaces
  69. 14.1: Freedom of Movement
  70. Constructive Raid Criticism
  71. Druids Should Get Increased Die Steps like Monk
  72. UMD lag hitching
  73. Dark and Low light visions
  74. New set bonuses need love for Docents
  75. Kings Forest - Traps
  76. Neutralize Poison - spell costs
  77. Underdark - Liberator
  78. Druid is overall weak and needs a buff
  79. Blanket sweeping changes versus targeted changes
  80. Will WF Healer's Friend be fixed in 14.2?
  81. Monk spalsh problems.
  82. Missing Pre Req for Epic Toughness
  83. XP Pots for Dragonshard Turn Ins
  84. Lay-on-hands from Unyielding Sentinal
  85. Why did everything is nothing get nerfed?
  86. Does the reflex bonuses from the various epic destinies stack?
  87. A few of my druid suggestions
  88. Using dex for damage
  89. Druid needs a little help, just a little
  90. One animation to rule them all....
  91. Time for a bit of premium account love ?
  92. New metal-based quarterstaves not available again
  93. Help my Wolf pet is stealing my kills!
  94. MotU raid bosses DR?
  95. DMs PLZ HELP. my help window is just black....
  96. ED cap
  97. Changing ED?
  98. Dreadnaught build for a barb?
  99. Druid and LR
  100. Did the devs ever mentioned how Druid Animal Form dice steps are supposed to stack?
  101. A great idea!
  102. Ranger's Animal Companion: A Wolf? Really?
  103. "Hardened" From Unyielding Sentinel does work
  104. helf or human for melee specced druid?
  105. Monster Manual
  106. Baiting bite "fix" in patch 2.
  107. Can we get AT LEAST 1 more inventory bag? Please?
  108. Attack Bonus and weapon focus thoughts
  109. Multiple damage types?
  110. A missive to all the DOoM!!!1!!1!0ne!!!
  111. Please address the Druid wolf form running animation.
  112. Reign isn't working correctly when Twisted.
  113. 3 reasons that druids feel nerfed.
  114. How to fix mithral in the new combat system
  115. Reduce the cooldown of the Key to Eveningstar
  116. Abundant Step while in animal form?
  117. NEW: Many crafted items minimum levels now match their randomly-generated treasure
  118. Monster Manual: How Does It Work?
  119. Staff, flowers, monk and druid
  120. Explorer area shrines
  121. Yet another call for Character reset
  122. Bug: Body of the sun damage (spellpower issue?)
  123. Petition: Whirlwind Attack
  124. Some suggestions on Form dependent spells
  125. bypassing damage reduction
  126. clarification please
  127. Any Dev around on Lama forum?
  128. U14.2 preview. Improved Feint is still broken
  129. Unyeilding sentinel ED stance question
  130. Eh? Momentum Swing Still broken with Axes in patch 2?
  131. Lesser Reincarnation Pain for Druid.
  132. Epic mob to-hits
  133. 14.2 next Wednesday
  134. Please devs work on some ranged specific loot for once !!!
  135. Warforged Druids
  136. Forget minor buffs to druid. CRANK IT UP!
  137. The Missing....
  138. Servers down
  139. Spell Power on Character Sheet
  140. Attack Speed on Character Sheet
  141. Shadowdancer and the new notes
  142. No ranged fix in U14.2?
  143. Repeater Reload Speed greatly reduced
  144. Raid loot and Erudition or Prowess?
  145. Confusion with spell power.
  146. Second Respec
  147. The XP adjustment on RN, is the same on live?
  148. improved sneak attack not giving damage dice?
  149. Destiny after TRing?
  150. Improved Sneak attack bugs and a question
  151. Dreadnoght vs FoTW (barb)
  152. We DEMAND a dev response to broken healers friend.
  153. Pinion and ranged alacrity
  154. DEVS: Missing Pets addressed in 14.2?
  155. Easy Fix for Warforged Healing Amp
  156. Lam only server issues
  157. Separate the number of epic/heroic completions.
  158. Epic enhancement points
  159. Dev Event
  160. Transparency on the epic hard adjustment
  161. Hmmmmm...Unannounced Lamannia update?
  162. king forest shrine
  163. bug? druid dying in form cannot go back into that same form
  164. Stone of xp limitation
  165. Ranged Combat and the DEVs
  166. Body of the Sun Animation
  167. TWF and Combat Feats
  168. PM Undead Form
  169. AC itemization and a way to improve it
  170. Shiradi Champion and Body of the Sun
  171. Bug with Barbarian rage/dismiss rage/Tunnel Vision
  172. BUG: (greater) creeping cold from different sources overwriting
  173. Construt Essence + 1 hp city regen = 0 healing
  174. Epic Hirelings can NO longer rez you
  175. unusual Druid tank build
  176. vorpal strikes
  177. Timelines
  178. Epic Sorcerer Damage Output is not Epic
  179. Just saying my Lamannia Client is updating.
  180. Is it opening soon?
  181. Intoxicating Presence
  182. Fast Healing
  183. Please add some raid gear for divines
  184. So yea Lama opening soon for U15?
  185. U15 Beta - New Named Items Guide
  186. New U15 Quests
  187. Please enable testing/preview of the content for non VIPs
  188. U15 is live on lamannia now
  189. Was there a character wipe?
  190. The New Larger Cursor
  191. *sigh* Armor kits on Females. Too much skin.
  192. overbreak
  193. outbreak
  194. Shadowdancer's abilities not fixed yet with U15
  195. Fred feat swapping
  196. U15 Store item prices
  197. Vorpral Fists
  198. MORE Pay-To-Win!?
  199. Deconstructing items higher than +5 yields more essences
  200. A crying moon!
  201. Leveling on lama
  202. New Overwhelming Critical
  203. Tested and Confirmed Stuff from U15 Beta Release Notes
  204. Conjure Bolts creating 1000 bolts instead of 100
  205. Don't seem to be able to complete Outbreak
  206. Challenges XP
  207. Monster Manual and cost
  208. VIP Love
  209. Buff suggestion for Druid
  210. want a update on vorpal strikes
  211. Reset character copy
  212. Quest Feedback: The Druid's Curse
  213. Quest Feedback: Thorn and Paw
  214. Quest Feedback: Overgrowth
  215. Quest Feedback: Outbreak
  216. Challenge Feedback: Ruined Tower - Daybreak Ritual
  217. Monster Manual: General Feedback
  218. New Cursor is nice
  219. Inspire Excellcent, and Exceptional Stats
  220. Developers: We want Endgame gear.
  221. Yet another patch without any Greatswords
  222. Disappointing loot design due to lack of creativity
  223. Requested fix for ranged arti's and Shadowdancer
  224. New Items Prefixes?
  225. Put wisdom on seal of house szind
  226. Sorcerer Capstone needs a revamp
  227. Why does DDO Store not work?
  228. U15 Armour Kit Pics
  229. Why not an epic feat Improved Whirlwind?
  230. Player-designed loot contest?
  231. Is there red armor decon in Lama?
  232. Clarification on Unyelding Sentinel CL bonus
  233. Arcane Adept Fix
  234. Change in proposed epic destinies price
  235. WANTED - Raiding Parties for EVON and EChronoscope!
  236. My Druid Review
  237. What happened to said update 15 raid ?
  238. Two suggestions...
  239. Please make MOTU challenge mats BtA
  240. FTS druid review
  241. So Lama client has DL'ed a patch today - what's it do?
  242. What happened to the enhancement revamp?
  243. crossbow attack speeds still broken
  244. New Raid?
  245. Pulverize
  246. So, when does the Cannith Crafting system get updated?
  247. "Promised" changes for U15 didn't make it in
  248. 8/15 Release Notes Comments
  249. Will the real MajMalphunktion please stand up?
  250. Raider Timer Bypass In the store