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  1. Suggestion to cap Wail/Circle and get rid of the "Hard to kill" ward
  2. New things, Yes! Disapointed?
  3. WAI? +1 Exceptional STR/CON Bonus Not Stacking with Stalwart Defender?
  4. So 600+ posts later
  5. Magic Fang for Ranger
  6. Power attack damage
  7. The U14 changes don't go far enough!
  8. Definition of blanket
  9. Epic Tomes?
  10. Druid: wildshape feats
  11. Stone of XP and Guild Event
  12. Impact of update 14 for those without the expansion
  13. An Epic Destiny proposal
  14. Fate Points
  15. Living Training Dummy's
  16. Can we have "Hard to kill" apply to Vorpals?
  17. Druid Play Feedback
  18. Please allow extend to affect Vigor + Regenerate
  19. Does indeed Ward on CL20+ negate Assassinate?
  20. The Titan Awakes Epic?
  21. Elemental forms and Weapons
  22. underdark map
  23. Quest Feedback: Beyond the Rift
  24. Stat increase at lvl 24?
  25. The xpack need transportation
  26. Proposal: Nerf warforged instead of Death Magic
  27. Monster Manual
  28. Ship Buff post MoTU
  29. Death aura and spellpower changes
  30. Kings forest - not enough mobs?
  31. Instant death is a treat, not a given
  32. Do the epic quests have a you have repeated this quest X times and get -X% xp penalty
  33. Hard to Kill - finally what we've been asking for!
  34. Displacement: Self Only?
  35. Alternative(s) to nerfing/"adjusting" Deathward
  36. 5 minute shield clicky?
  37. Is Epic Normal really supposed to be that easy?
  38. Having Issues downloading Lam.
  39. Druid PREs
  40. No more banking XP
  41. Stop telling me how I should feel
  42. Any chance of throwing been tweaked to become a more viable option?
  43. Need Dev Response: List of Major Concerns
  44. Whine thread about how turbine is not allowing us to bank xp
  45. power critical
  46. Question about wolf form
  47. Devs . . . will like Dodge bonuses stack?
  48. Precise Shot @ Rgr 4?
  49. Underdark, City of Portals, Demonweb.
  50. Can we have... a refund!
  51. [Suggestion] Pale Master can Instant Kill monsters at higher HP per Prestige Tier.
  52. Hard to Kill --> Haunting
  53. Did They Fix....
  54. Kensai 1 still not obtainable?
  55. Un-nerf vorpals, banishing, smiting....
  56. http://my.ddo.com/charactercopy.
  57. Give us something else to use our necro dc with then...
  58. Why the nerf to Heal?
  59. A few specific druid spell questions
  60. Player Poll please...
  61. Epic feats level requirements
  62. character copy
  63. does haunting affect all necromancy spells?
  64. Haunting for FvS or everyone?
  65. A Rant About the Notes
  66. Monster Manual questions
  67. Can Bluff not a class skill???
  68. The new trend?
  69. Bug sur la liste des "explorer"
  70. Major inherent issues affecting all Epic Moments
  71. Dex mod gone in Shadowdancer Destiny?
  72. Raid Feedback: Caught in the Web
  73. TakeDown
  74. Underdark
  75. Druid natures warrior bugged
  76. Mail indicator?
  77. Need help understanding new armor syste
  78. Pass without trace...replace it please
  79. Metal armor oath breaking
  80. Compensation for this expansion
  81. So is 11 the Magic Number for Dragon Armour Deconstruction?
  82. Spidersilk Robes and Wisdom
  83. Improved Sneak Attack Feat
  84. Serious problems in leveling epic destinies
  85. Combat Expertise caster level penalty?
  86. Worth a read
  87. Poll: Do you think we will get free hearts of wood in the expansion?
  88. Cap AOE insta-kill spells instead of Hard-To-Kill/Haunting
  89. Poll: Who will you be tr'ing, with the current nerfs?
  90. Marilith Chain and DDO Armor Kit
  91. Hamstring feat bugged for wolf
  92. Inspire Excellence
  93. Ascendance
  94. Item Spell Power Increase Issues
  95. Feyrun guild airship question.
  96. Getting Rid of Wail of the Banshee
  97. Dear Eladrin & company re: HTK/Haunting
  98. Voice Volume
  99. Animal forms temporary effects suggestions
  100. Wild shape specific buffs - suggestion
  101. reincarnation spell (not char changing thingy)
  102. King's Forest: Burn the Dead
  103. inspire excellence
  104. Reverse engineering the new combat system
  105. Are we going to see more epic feats added?
  106. What's a "Worthy opponent"
  107. The Solution (tm)
  108. Clerics post Expansion
  109. Epic Elite Raid testing tonight and tomorow! DQ2, VoN5/6, and more Sign up here.
  110. Monks - the new glass cannons
  111. Artificer Destiny?
  112. Does/is the change to extend impacting haste & rage?
  113. Greensteel in the Update: Simpole Question...
  114. What Devotion item are Paladins using?
  115. New druid spells, so only rangers getsome of them?
  116. Lets Haunt everyone
  117. Suggestion: Monk Stance changes to prevent "glass cannon syndrome"
  118. Wilderness Lore - What does it actually do?
  119. A simple, thematically consistent, answer to the low dodge problem
  120. Thoughts on NCE.
  121. improved martial arts and improved sneack attack
  122. Where does it go from here?
  123. What does egreen blade become
  124. Effects of Haunt
  125. XP Penalty?
  126. Great Job so far
  127. When do we get earth and air forms?
  128. Spell Componets bar in Inventory
  129. Instead of Nerf Casters, Buff Melee?
  130. Suggested upgrades to Monk.
  131. ahem, what does 3(W) mean?
  132. Haunting - a more palatable approach
  133. Fighter past life and new system
  134. Where are the release notes?
  135. Dragon Scale Armor questions
  136. Legendary Dreadnaught Stacking?
  137. Epic Toughness
  138. Some missing Epic Feats that would work in DDO and be easy to add
  139. epic levels
  140. Uncanny Dodge and Thief Acrobat
  141. Lvl 8 Druid Wildshape
  142. Question on Fatesinger songs
  143. Am I just "Triping"
  144. Whats the point of goodberry?
  145. Any new non-druid spells in the expansion?
  146. Stop rewarding mediocrity
  147. Minor announces in open beta
  148. Yet another unwarranted Rogue/Barbarian Nerf/Buff (Uncanny Dodge)
  149. Adventure Area Feedback: King's Forest
  150. Any way to turn the chat window background opaque?
  151. MotU : Rise of the Battle-Casters!
  152. Improved Uncanny Dodge
  153. Game: Doom thread
  154. A few not so detailed questions
  155. Kings Forest map
  156. Epic Levels & Epic Destinies?
  157. Twist of Fate Question
  158. Make LR Free
  159. Enough with the caster nerfs already
  160. Extra points to enhancements on Epic Levels, pretty pls?
  161. Nerf Vorpal, Nerf Instakill, put Nightmare on Randon Loot...Huh?
  162. Kings forest feedback. Important Imo.
  163. Does Ghostly grant incorporeality now?
  164. Viewing your Spell Power rating
  165. Displacement Change: Why not True Seeing?
  166. On mob AI, spells, and their suicidal tendencies and the new mechanic
  167. Q. regarding future planned enhancement pass
  168. The End of Spellcasting!
  169. Druids and Shield Mastery
  170. This guy had the best idea for adding some more Dodge
  171. Ray spells and you
  172. precision feat
  173. Dear devs, shadow walk
  174. The Drunken Master or Drunk
  175. Epic Challenge Items Nerfed With New Spell System Conversion
  176. Epic Elite U14 questing today.. LFM up
  177. Inscribe All
  178. Alchemical Caster Weap
  179. Running new raid now doing full optionals.
  180. Anti Insta-Death Mechanics...
  181. AC Pure Rogue possible now 1-25?
  182. Confused about levels for xpack
  183. we the humble casters of ddo pray to thee Ohh powerfull Dev team hear our plight
  184. druide passive past life
  185. Why?
  186. update on Haunting from Eladrin
  187. Make wail fun instead of implosion
  188. Ok, gotta ask...hand crossbows for PCs?
  189. commendations !!!!
  190. FvS and Clerics should be OP
  191. so... state of the WF as a race
  192. About the new spells arriving with the expansion
  193. Please address archery balance
  194. with the new feat changes, free up completionist already!
  195. Stone of experiance an druid
  196. Experience and greater learning tomes in epic levels
  197. Caught in the Web - Quest Map
  198. Epic feat swaps
  199. Coup de Grace??? Any chance?
  200. PDK Rank 3 Favor Reward: Unachieveable
  201. skill points
  202. Questions regarding WF Druids in animal form
  203. plase finish construct essence line
  204. Epic Level Base Attack Bonus WAI?
  205. had to go back 5 pages on Dev comments to find one in the COMBAT section......
  206. Ear dweller disease
  207. Hey Devs..About Melee...
  208. New combat formulas?
  209. Bunch of expansion question
  210. Teleporting across "worlds and realities"?
  211. Water stance dodge bonus
  212. Whoops
  213. Dos(is SD effected as well?), and Madstone Boots
  214. Seasons changing is still partially bugged.
  215. Two things I'd like to see change... please?
  216. Patch today?
  217. Wail 2.0_Alpha
  218. Enemy Type Undead Drow
  219. Is this right - AC/To-Hit?
  220. erste
  221. Enhancement reset
  222. Epic Destinies and repeat penalties...
  223. Greensteel Handwraps
  224. Wondering if My Dwarf Shield PM will be any good after u15 hitting live
  225. 18/2 Barb-Fighter
  226. Allow any base stat to be increased for any Destiny
  227. Cooldowns for Tactical Moves
  228. Shillelagh "almost" there
  229. Necropolis flagging sigil: Make it like TOR scales.
  230. levels 21 to 25?
  231. Epic Tokens
  232. Epic weps with vorpal
  233. Lama Sound files
  234. you broke my interest in the beta forums.
  235. Reincarnate...be bold
  236. Druids need a Medium Armor type
  237. Suggestion - new druid feats
  238. Shade: We need the new MAX DPS build.
  239. Just a quick question about earth stance
  240. New Raid Gear
  241. BETA ONLY: Armor class and dodge bonuses for the Monk class are still in progress.
  242. madfloyd.. im callin you out!, make gs wraps!!
  243. With to-hit and ac changes, we need a performance guage
  244. what are dev thinking when designing druid form?
  245. Sage Wisdom
  246. Spell power on existing devotion items
  247. Crafting..what will post expansion crafting be like ?
  248. Petition: Epic Dragonscale Outfits and Armor Decon
  249. Celerity enhancement
  250. I don't get it....