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  1. Crafting Events??
  2. Returning player: Help with TR Monk build
  3. Is it just me or have the quests gotten easier?
  4. The Lord of Eyes
  5. Paralyzed mobs
  6. Bug inside of a Quest
  7. Crafting Hall and a blocked Exit
  8. When? Where? Did it happen? Will it happen?
  9. Question on guild levels
  10. store not working
  11. New physics introduces new ladder problem
  12. About those TP points for being on Lam . . .
  13. Procs - are they going off often enough?
  14. Lamannia Guilds
  15. "GroupBox" launcher error
  16. character copy failures
  17. Dance of the Water Strider still not working
  18. Colossal Crystals...
  19. Partycrashers
  20. Untrainable Enhancements show in the Unavailable Enhancements at the Character Traine
  21. TR process erroneously claims character needs to level up
  22. Panther figurines HP Differences
  23. reflex save on regeneration
  24. Fascinated monsters teleporting.
  25. Monster Island mass fight
  26. The Dev Events
  27. Incorrect GLS Datacenter
  28. Companion Collor's
  29. The totaly AWESOME +error404+
  30. Help I lost my body
  31. Companion Collar's
  32. +404error+ event yesterday
  33. Stuck Kobolds
  34. Adventure Journal
  35. Tower puts me on wrong airship
  36. Anyone seen points in Live yet? think I'm loo
  37. Publish Dev Event dates in the Lammania launcher
  38. Today's Event
  39. Physics engine testing
  40. DDO Store broken...
  41. questions from a Lama noob
  42. New System Thing-
  43. live server points
  44. Unable to connect to lamania
  45. All events,
  46. Rage Spell Funny Stuffs?
  47. New Code?
  48. So when will the server shut down?
  49. BUG: Wind Howler Bracers & Marksmanship
  50. Arcane Fluidity known issue since 2010 - any update soon?
  51. Awesomium vs CEF
  52. Bug?: Docents do not affect color of Iron Defender with Adamantine Plating
  53. It's May 1st... Beta time soon?
  54. Bug, Dwarf dragonmark of warding.
  55. The new beta server
  56. Bunny Hats
  57. is lama suposed to be offline??
  58. Dwarven Save vs Cometfall
  59. yo majormalphunktion
  60. Bored, 404 Say something to me please.
  61. Today right ?
  62. Beta Toons
  63. FYI: Launcher is Up
  64. Summary of Combat Changes in Menace of the Underdark
  65. Epic Destinies General Feedback
  66. Feedback: Shadowdancer
  67. Feedback: Magister
  68. Feedback: Legendary Dreadnought
  69. Feedback: Fatesinger
  70. Feedback: Exalted Angel
  71. Feedback: Fury of the Wild
  72. Feedback: Draconic Incarnation
  73. Feedback: Unyielding Sentinel
  74. Feedback: Grandmaster of Flowers
  75. Feedback: Shiradi Champion
  76. Challenge Feedback: Fight to the Finish
  77. Challenge Feedback: The Great Tree
  78. Quest Feedback: The Unquiet Graves
  79. Quest Feedback: Reclaiming the Rift
  80. Quest Feedback: The Deal and the Demon
  81. Quest Feedback: The Lost Thread
  82. Quest Feedback: Don't Drink the Water
  83. Quest Feedback: The House of Death Undone
  84. Quest Feedback: The House of Broken Chains
  85. Challenge Feedback: Defenseless
  86. Challenge Feedback: Ring of Fire
  87. Quest Feedback: The Riddle
  88. Quest Feedback: Murder by Night
  89. Quest Feedback: Trial by Fury
  90. Quest Feedback: The Portal Opens
  91. Quest Feedback: Impossible Demands
  92. Quest Feedback: The Battle for Eveningstar
  93. Quest Feedback: The House of Rusted Blades
  94. Challenge Feedback: The Sunset Ritual
  95. Quest Feedback: In the Belly of the Beast
  96. Best things in Release Notes you didn't expect
  97. Displacement
  98. Complete compendium of destiny effects
  99. Point Blank Shot getting the damage bonus removed??
  100. Is the server up?
  101. Hard to Kill Thread
  102. New Item List by UltraMonk2
  103. Anyone go into lammania yet?
  104. The spell Displacement is now self-only.
  105. The spell Displacement is now self-only
  106. Hard to Kill - Followup Caster Buff?
  107. Season's Herald observations and feedback (repost)
  108. Initial Epic Testing
  109. Combat Expertise and Defensive Fighting
  110. Maximize/Empower changes and spellcasting monsters
  111. Shoud of the Lich and Necrotic Blast
  112. No more ladder bug!?
  113. Epic Feats - stacking question
  114. Some simple changes for Cannith crafting
  115. U14 Named Item List
  116. Skiver, Greenblade, [Base] Staff of the Petitioner, and Dreamspitter not implements?
  117. Hard to Kill, Displacement, PRR ...
  118. Help or Not?
  119. Eveningstar and Kings Forest music
  120. Animal Form missing animations
  121. Monk Unarmed Damage Die modifiers
  122. Epic feats
  123. Monk/Grandmaster of Flowers and Enlightenment
  125. Changes to Named Armor
  126. suggestion: even more hard to kill
  127. Dragon on Character Select
  128. Power Attack?
  129. Is There ANY Cleric Love?
  130. NDA and MOTU Beta
  131. druid summon spell cr?
  132. Epic Experience from quests
  133. Hitpoints versus PRR: Which helps your character more?
  134. A list of less-than-obvious changes, both good and bad
  135. Epic Dungeon Tokens and TR
  136. Thoughts on the new UI
  137. New Hirelings
  138. Would you fix how the UI BREAKS combat already?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  139. In lieu "Hard to Kill"...
  140. Druid, First look
  141. So, New Summons?
  142. Is spike growth actually usefull now?
  143. Monk +x[W] effects and stacking
  144. Supreme Cleave Change
  145. My feedback: Devil Assault on the new Epic Normal setting
  146. Madstoned monk
  147. Season's Herald: Renewed Plea
  148. Kicking the hornets nest
  149. Druid bugs that are still not fixed
  150. Hard to Kill--just use Poison/Disease model!
  151. How exactly are pale masters going to bring down mobs <50%
  152. Pet's Max Level and behaviour
  153. Hard to kill.... for Casters only, right?
  154. Lets talk about a Tarrasque raid.
  155. New blue bars for everyone and Arcane archers
  156. Winners and losers in the expansion
  157. Crafting rebalancing
  158. Character Selection Screen!
  159. for a fighter tank to get US......
  160. Crafting - Spell Power Shards are Redundant now
  161. twists etc.......
  162. New Epic Hirelings?
  163. Cleave/Greatcleave vs Whirlwind.
  164. Suggestion - Easy to Kill DeBuff
  165. Scrap Manyshot
  166. Cleric, time to retire?
  167. Spellsinger/Charisma bard, Opinions?
  168. Supreme Cleave Changes
  169. No Monk Love WTLolth
  170. Complete Druid spell list
  171. Epic Scroll drop-rate on N/H/E
  172. Working out PRR for SDIII
  173. DDO end of an era and some thoughts
  174. Why hard to kill hurts divine casters far more than arcane
  175. DDO needs more effects named after Steven Seagal movies.
  176. Insight Bonuses and Kensei Fighters
  177. New effects of Dragon Scale Armor?
  178. News Flash - Epic Ward breaks DDO Expansion
  179. How much Dodge do I have? Add it to the character sheet!
  180. What Happens to my Elven Chainmail? And Brigadines?
  181. Nightmares weapon effect -- what's the DC?
  182. Challenge tokens
  183. Lingering Druid issues that are still open
  184. Doom threads (And why Closed Beta forums shouldn't have been hidden.)
  185. More Feat slots for the Ranger class
  186. Veteran gear need some improvement
  187. If/when get the chance plz let us test out the GS barter/deconstruction system!
  188. an odd request..
  189. Here's some cheese
  190. Epic Destiny for Tempest?
  191. Useless armor types..
  192. The Elephant in the Room: Spells and Caster Level
  193. Why Now?
  194. New UI
  195. Extend: The Lost Meta for Arcanes
  196. Turbine, consider truth in advertising??
  197. DoS/Stalwart backloaded?
  198. lesser reincarnation
  199. Looking for a bit of help
  200. Power Word Kill - as the name implies
  201. madstone
  202. Rage forces Druid/Barb back to human form...thats ...
  203. ToD Ring STR Bonuses do NOT stack with SD Stance or Kensai STR Surge
  204. Natural Armor should add PRR
  205. Mithril Armor?.. Whats the Deal?
  206. Assassins will be castrated in the new update
  207. Tring and ED
  208. Shield mastery doublestrike %
  209. Parameter can't be null error: what to do
  210. Take Druid out of "Caster" section
  211. Sugestion: Deconstruction Device.
  212. Charging for buffs and Holds.
  213. vip perks fernando talked about...
  214. Devs please reconsider!
  215. new idea: Delete casters as a class
  216. Devs will cleric/fvs be receiving any of the new divine spells?
  217. first disappointment experience
  218. Dragontouched Armor
  219. The best response I've seen to the DoooOoooOOOOm
  220. Weapon focus feats
  221. Precision
  222. Xpack beta: Lovin' it!
  223. Disintegrate
  224. UI Feedback
  225. Trouble with the 'E' key
  226. Whirlwind is DA BOMB!
  227. Don't have access
  228. TWF Cleave won't proc any offhand attacks, devs, is this feat working as intended?
  229. Pet advancment in epic levels
  230. Requesting a chance to test Greensteel decon
  231. Tempest Rangers
  232. Wow! There is not a single change in this update that I like, and here's why:
  233. PETITION: *IF* Hard to Kill is staying, make it elite epic only.
  234. This is what it feels like to play DDO.
  235. Improved Uncanny Dodge
  236. Can Damage boost from the LD ED be activated at the same time as Fighter Haste boost?
  237. Kings Forest, random encounter: Lost Villager
  238. Another tier to reward Actual "Loyal" players.
  239. Turbine store and items on sale...
  240. Armor Class Boost Needs Fixing
  241. New DODGE levels
  242. Triple cooldown stances
  243. Lamannia is now frozen lol
  244. epic level question..
  245. growth and ram don't stack?
  246. Toon Copy
  247. Underdark Surveyed at last
  248. Forcing others to play the game the way you want them to
  249. DQ2 Epic post MotU - bizarre stats on Lailat and other changes
  250. Cleave/Great Cleave/WW timers