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  1. Lost over 10levels of EXP from using a +5 heart
  2. Construct Exemplar and Dwarven Waraxe usage.
  3. one character is bugged
  4. Weird message after logging in
  5. Any Devs here?Help grave bug!
  6. True Reincarnation Bugged
  7. Tradable companon certificate not tradable, why?
  8. Multiple Overlapping Bundles
  9. owlbear cosmetic companion no longer in shop?
  10. Epic Reincarnation wiped out all my Epic Destinies
  11. epic tome of learning replaced my heroic tome
  12. Is the Ticket System down or overloaded?
  13. Found a new bug with TR.
  14. Can I get someone to look at this please?
  15. Bug with Lesser Reincarnation
  16. Dread Admiral's Tricorne in cosmetic section of the store but it isnt a cosmetic item
  17. i2049 i2050 and i2051
  18. Can +7 supreme tomes be used twice on same toon
  19. Ticket submission
  20. Would in-game support help me with exchanging a tier 3 LGS shard.
  21. Be stucked in the bridge between after lesser tr
  22. After lesser tr xp report showing wrong level no xp awarded.
  23. Cannot board airship, do I really have to keep everyone in the guild out for 24h?
  24. still waiting after 2 hours of waiting
  25. Pointless Point pushed too far.
  26. Bought an int upgrade tome +1 to +2 and used it. game said it worked but no change
  27. Ranger TWF Feat
  28. missing feat from fred
  29. Favor not awarded for heroic elite completion?
  30. Shrine of Experience III-V not working on ship
  31. Stuck at reincarnation
  32. DDOStore Closing
  33. Lost an item due to server crash
  34. still waiting for E-Mail response from Turbine for a Submitted Ticket
  35. Still stuck in bridge between
  36. What is the average wait time for a ticket to be answered?
  37. 10th Anniversary Token
  38. still waiting for in game support in reincarnation groove after an hour...
  39. Would it please be possible to exchange a 10th Anniversary Item for the CoH option?
  40. Lost a ton of items, and a bank slot to bug
  41. Level Cap Problem
  42. Forum Post Colors
  43. Misery's Peak Reward Issue
  44. It is not letting me create character for epic tr?
  45. Healing Spring
  46. Still waiting for a response to bug report from mid Jan
  47. Purchase Issue: Phone Hours
  48. In-Game Ticket as well
  49. Stone of Heroic Experience not giving full bonus xp?
  50. Tome reading keeps getting "interrupted"?
  51. Customer Service Stories
  52. 3 hour crucible, horn stuck in wall
  53. Lost all tomes!
  54. Hours of support
  55. I broke the shroud. IGN: Shroudborn
  56. This character is already in the world
  57. This Character is Already in the World [Not Resolved]
  58. character already in world...can't log in
  59. 10th anniversary Djinn
  60. VIP lapsed early and now my warlock is stuck
  61. Camera controls invert switching between first and third person view
  62. Just Wondering
  63. Character still in game
  64. Can't reroll Chests with Astral Shards
  65. Final Strike is not working...
  66. 8 hours later and still NO in-game GM response
  67. Customer suppprt
  68. Store not displaying Shadow over Wheloon or Shadowfell Conspiracy
  69. This Character is Already in the World (Not Resolved) 2nd attempt
  70. Stuck on Loading screen
  71. CanĀ“t join in any guild after the world character transfer..
  72. Lost Ability Tomes after ETR and TRing
  73. Cannith challenge - Labor Shortage - bug
  74. Monster Manual 1
  75. Wolf Form and Celestial Spirit are mutually excluxive... :(
  76. VIP unable to submit a in game ticket
  77. Getting stuck on loading screen 15-20 times a day and here's some reasons why
  78. Missing TR cache
  79. Sands of Menachtarun
  80. Sold item that wont show in Buy Back
  81. Need a little help and love with reincarnations...
  82. DoJ
  83. Game keeps freezing.
  84. Character Creation Error
  85. "Character Already In World", cannot access my Main on Khyber after +5 Lesser
  86. Lost 30 astral shards after feat swap
  87. Enhancement BUG
  88. Daily dice reward - New Character
  89. Changing my guild name
  90. Need GM assistance:Quest not complete-able due to glitch
  91. Thelanis Loading Timeout
  92. Crafting boosters on wrong character
  93. Multiple items adding different elemental damages to attacks (potentialy not working)
  94. Insightful Deadly Shard bugged
  95. What exactly are the current options for customer service? In game only? What hours?
  96. Character already in world bug
  97. Guild Renown Glitch
  98. All Cannith Crafting XP since update has been lost
  99. Missing Tomes?
  100. Dear devs, simple way to make ingame assistance far better for players and GMs alike
  101. Legendary Green Steel augment binding
  102. Monster Manual did not reset after TR
  103. "that character is already in the world" after reincarnation
  104. in 36 minutes it will 2 hrs since in-game Ticket was made
  105. Character stuck in world
  106. Stuck after Reincarnation for about 16 hrs
  107. My Flying Eyeball Disappeared :(
  108. in game store refreshing infinitely
  109. Support and +20 heart failure.
  110. keep freezing up
  111. Character could not be placed in world...
  112. (Is it too late?) Unable to trade in Cloak of Night for higher version.
  113. What time to wait in game do you have as goal?
  114. PO'd about Help Ticket #3589208, please take a look at in-game customer support
  115. Thelanis - travel screens lock up
  116. Stuck on loading screen
  117. Support Closed on Nov 24th and Nov 25th
  118. Traveler's Toghness issue
  119. Dc'ing in thelanis?
  120. Help My Epic Destinies are not showing on Char Sheet for any of my epic characters
  121. TR Cache problem
  122. XP maxhine not working with U33 patch 2
  123. Since yesterday - game play issue(s?)
  124. eTR Problem?
  125. "This character is already in the world" bug.
  126. Numbers on hotbars not showing
  127. Account downgraded
  128. Customer service closing tickets without response/resolution?
  129. Mistyping error-Renaming my Guild
  130. WB Games Customer Support: #24001-793074
  131. support ticket: dishonesty
  132. Renaming a Guild
  133. Not sure how to get help
  134. Purple Dragon Knight vendor unlock barter?
  135. Amazon payments in DDO store not working at all
  136. In game support for ship amenities still missing for 7 hours after server reset
  137. Our ship is broken and customer support won't help?
  138. Failed to Start Game (app already running)
  139. Missing Slayer pots
  140. bugged quest
  141. Already in World bug, Stuck in Party
  142. Missing morning lord cosmectis after tr.
  143. This character is already in the world
  144. Doubt about undelete service
  145. character still logged in
  146. Two non-urgent questions, Onyx Panther and Sneak attack with handwraps
  147. Submitted a ticket an hour ago - still no response
  148. Lesser Heart of Wood +20, broke?
  149. Character Already in world
  150. Are Elders bugged in 'Friends in Low Places"?
  151. Confirmation on spending astral shards
  152. How to purchase "Shadowfell Consipiracy".
  153. Can't buy extra bank space from DDO store
  154. Crafted item lost all it's Enhancements!
  155. Already in Game, Please Help
  156. no Spellsfor Wizard during level up
  157. In the Demon's Den Boss Bugged
  158. Crafted Item Loses Enhancments
  159. Cant get VIP subscription
  160. Lost Tomes
  161. Tomb of the Tormented is borked
  162. Mirror of Glammering didn't render cosmetic properly.
  163. that character is already in the world login error
  164. missing inherent stat feats and inherent skill feats
  165. XP bar stuck
  166. Unable to login with a specific character
  167. Youtube Monetization Policies - Standing stones games
  168. I still missing after a charckter transfer my TR Items!
  169. Please take my money.
  170. Did epic reincarnation and did not get the past life
  171. Character already in game world...
  172. Not Getting Any in game Support
  173. Not getting any response from Technical Support
  174. Please help bring me back to the game
  175. Regional Language testing
  176. Also In game already bug
  177. Missing Reaper AP after Racial Reincarnation
  178. GM, pay attention to work attitude please
  179. Extrafest
  180. new raid stuck spots
  181. Diety feats broken
  182. I want my Remnants back.
  183. Kings Forest Acess not working
  184. Gold Seal hires disappeared
  185. Lost my entire 60 slots of items in character bank
  186. Waits far too long
  187. Glamered shield does not look as it should
  188. Wanting to purchase the expansions with an existing account
  189. Request #9370
  190. Help Please: Internal Error, Please Contact Customer Support
  191. Missing 32 point build on lesser reincarnate
  192. TR Cache Disappear
  193. In game support om a break?
  194. .. Awaiting ticket help, third time on same issue, and keep getting 'closed'
  195. Menace of the Underdark Lesser XP Tome
  196. old crafting essence
  197. Getting into an old account?
  198. I guess I'm just stupid.
  199. all items in the inventory lost after racial reincarnation
  200. bravery bonus Reset
  201. Broken Barb
  202. BUG: Magic Missle buff proccs blocked by Shield
  203. Replacing/Exchanging LGS tier 3 augment.
  204. Are there any GMs left?
  205. Druidic Heart swap
  206. Premium Account changed to Free Account
  207. VIP lost?
  208. Account Downgraded?
  209. Character Transfer - Down?
  210. Since U36, broken ingredients, broken ingame tickets, broken items
  211. Item min. level changes bought in shard auction require you to give back my shards
  212. Lost Epic Destines levels
  213. DDO store doesn't list content packs? huh?
  214. Internal Error, please contact customer support
  215. How to leave feedback about a CS experience?
  216. Purchase didn't show up in my inventory
  217. Key Mapping Disappering
  218. DDO Strie Purchase
  219. Thanks
  220. No response to ticket
  221. over 2 months and no movement on a ticket
  222. Character creation problem
  223. Anyone else find the ingame support absolutely terrible?
  224. Complimentary DDO points?
  225. help a friend
  226. Feeling Ignored
  227. Any Help please.. a lot of my stuffs disappeared..
  228. Please help with missing DDO store purchase
  229. Lost more then stuff
  230. Druid's Curse
  231. DDO store not working
  232. Returning. What happened to Eberron.
  233. Options for In Game reporting for people with EmbedBrowserObject() problems
  234. Lost my main on Sarlona because of ETR!!!
  235. Another TR Nightmare. Help me SSG, you're my only hope!
  236. Ravenloft preorder
  237. "lasting" night revels keys - consumed!!!???
  238. Not receiving guild renown
  239. Embedded browser not working (libcef)
  240. 1 Item lost on TR
  241. Party bug
  242. Minimizing Item Loss During TR and When Placing Bags in the Bank
  243. Ship Amenities not working as Described
  244. Customer Service Holiday Schedule 2017
  245. Stuck in group
  246. Lines of supply
  247. Cannot buy on sale Racial Reincarnation Heart of Blood
  248. Problem with the cursor
  249. Deleted Sentient Weapon Please Return
  250. Direct 3d