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  1. +0 heart of wood lesser reincarnation timer
  2. U20 hotfix not so hot...
  3. lost a greater tome of heroic learning after tr'ing to PDK
  4. Lost VIP Dice Roll Due to Server Outage
  5. Lost epic heart and marilith chain
  6. Stuck Characters??
  7. in game support MIA
  8. Cannith Server
  9. i cant play it shows only red closed
  10. missing access to many classes/races
  11. Bull Strength doesn't work on character(spell or potion)
  12. Thanks +Cygnus+
  13. Missing
  14. Dex or Con for dam instead of Str question
  15. Tomes changing from non-bound to bound to account.
  16. Tomes not applying during LR
  17. Character rebuild and alignment
  18. Useless GMs autoreplies that make you rage.
  19. Elminster Won't Talk ; Quest Line Won't Advance
  20. Character freezing for several hours
  21. cant create character
  22. Otto boxes, would like a explanation by a GM
  23. Epic rencarnation might not giving fate points
  24. Hireling issue
  25. commendations of valor
  26. Character back to Level one and now back at khortos island after yesterdays reboot.
  27. Double Login Problem
  28. Bug #24027-49473 Turbine QA
  29. Waiting on server transfer forever? Why does it take so long?
  30. Did not receive first time Turbine point bonus
  31. Shadar kai...elf?
  32. I lost a level on my Druid??
  33. Please help me recover +3 skill tome
  34. Missing +5 Heart of Wood
  35. So, who's gunna fix it?
  36. Can you mover characters to a different server?
  37. Herioc Reincarnation : Past life feats
  38. Weapon Gained Levels?
  39. Used free heroic heart of wood and lost destinies
  40. Purchasing Turbine Points
  41. bug report issue
  42. +5 tome set dropped out
  43. Character still stuck after Lesser Reincarnation
  44. Respec of character not functioning properly
  45. Char perm bugged and unplayable.
  46. How do I submit an in-game support ticket?
  47. Reincarnation didn't work properly. Fix me please.
  48. Having trouble inscribing scrolls
  49. About my account
  50. your just going to steal my money now is that it?
  51. ost pinion and raiders box after lr 20
  52. completionist feat
  53. Dear GM's
  54. So . . .
  55. Martyrdom healed Vine Horrors
  56. 30 day VIP for a friend.... how can I do this?
  57. Momentum Swing Bugged
  58. Error You are not on the right goal on the quest
  59. In Game GM says we cant do anything report it as a bug im hoping this is a joke.
  60. Removing existing TR flag - possible?
  61. Pet Transfers?
  62. I tried to do an LR and now I being told I do not have enough xp to level past level
  63. Enhancements for lesser reincarnation not showing
  64. Ghost filled spots in inventory
  65. Shard Exchange - Items already Bound to Character
  66. Unable to take Overwhelming Critical
  67. This needs to stop. I have a lot of proof and it's time for a GM to step up and act.
  68. Lesser Reincarnation Issue
  69. Fighter Haste 3 Still Broken
  70. Can someone help me plz
  71. TR'ing Lost items (First slot of bag 1)
  72. Support Hours
  73. Get to my ticket tonight.
  74. Stuck on loading screen
  75. Character Server Transfer ?
  76. Black Screen and DDO Cursor
  77. 5000 Favor BUG
  78. Lag makes temple of deathwyrm uncompletable
  79. Any torrent or standard download for PC client available?
  80. Bugged Enhancements
  81. Missing item after TR
  82. Worst support experiences I've ever had!!!
  83. Waste of Iconic heart
  84. Bulwark of Defense bug?
  85. 32 Points Build
  86. Cannot display kobolds
  87. No GM response
  88. ~ Character Transfer Bug ~
  89. How do I do this?
  90. Silver Flame Amulet Issue
  91. Consecration and Criticals.
  92. Gold Daily Dice rolls not available?
  93. Be at Peace?
  94. Searching for log on server?
  95. bound to character item buyed at auction arrives already bound from mail
  96. Black Character Screen
  97. We had no responce from the GMs this afternoon.
  98. An error in the Thunder-Forged crafting and my friend can't get his ingredients back?
  99. Korthos Arcane boots MIA
  100. Submitted a couple of tickeHi ts, no word back
  101. Unable to interact with some NPCs
  102. turbine, you diappointed me again.
  103. Daily Dice Jakcpot Bugged
  104. Duplicate amenity replacing an existing one.
  105. Ship given at U22 based on guild level rather than the ship already obtained pre U22
  106. Your character could not be saved
  107. permanent ship buffs...
  108. paypal needs billing address
  109. Expansion help
  110. Help panel error and ticket
  111. In-Game Bug Reporting Tool Available
  112. Lost Items from Reincarnation
  113. Set to always LFM
  114. getting charged for first ship naming
  115. guild astral shards
  116. Arcane Archer: Paralyzing Arrows effect. Broken?
  117. Lesser Heart of Wood gone terribly wrong.
  118. Missing Parrot
  119. Chars stuck
  120. Lesser reincarnation +5 not showing previous class
  121. Maintaining a Positive Play Environment
  122. Airship Amenity buff issue
  123. Wrong web page
  124. Thanks Caergoth
  125. Premium account can not use in-game support feature
  126. In Game Customer Service a joke.
  127. Please Help
  128. Raider Gifts
  129. Does This Game really Have Customer Service?
  130. Main character cannot log in ... only others can.
  131. ETR kills all fate and destiny points
  132. colourless diamond into red slot (so confyoOOOOOzed)
  133. Lag issue and VPN app
  134. ddo store help
  135. stances unclick, when using item clickys
  136. Deleara's Tomb chain issue
  137. Iconic Epic TR
  138. Help resetting enhancements
  139. Guild loses an AS amentiy (Farshifter), gets support run-around, SOL?
  140. ddo chronicle issue 116 - BIG PROBLEM
  141. E-tr woes
  142. Can I split companion bundles?
  143. Question about Auction House/Shard Exchange
  144. Been waiting for over 2 hours in game for a GM, any hope of help soon?
  145. Emergency downtime caused item loss
  146. "Vaults of the Artificers" for free?
  147. P u t t e r
  148. just "Hanging"...
  149. Eberron v Forgotten Realms Festival Coins...?
  150. Update 24 Deleted all my XP Stones and Dragonshard Fragments
  151. Bank ate my ring of spell storing
  152. Shared bank problem
  153. VERY ANGRY at lack of support for this game.
  154. Is there a way to check the status of a trouble ticket?
  155. Racial Enhancement tree not availabe for my character
  156. Game breaking harper bug with druid. Already submited in-game ticket.
  157. In Game Support on Christmas Holiday? Problems with ETR
  158. Lessor Reincarnation did not apply my stat Tomes
  159. Divine might has charge times
  160. Khyber Lagged Out
  161. Quest Chain bugged - "What Goes Up"
  162. No ingame store and no bug reporting option.....
  163. Lost all tomes when I reincarnated - Waiting for a response for over an hour
  164. Missing enhancement trees
  165. The End of Eberron
  166. Loosing+6 tome and Reward Problem!
  167. Guest pass locked up
  168. The DDO Store is unavailable on Ubuntu. Looking for workaround.
  169. Reincarnation problem
  170. DC'ed party Member
  171. Jewelers Kit Not working
  172. URGENT: In-Game Support Not Working, Need Immediate Assistance
  173. Links on Login Screen not working
  174. Missing Harper Tree on Specific Characters
  175. unspent action points at epic levels
  176. Reborn in Light is stealing my spell points
  177. Crafting Issue with my Runearm
  178. Three barrel Cove crashes game on Heroic
  179. Is Shadowhumping OK Again?
  180. Jewelers Kit not working again
  181. Do GM's really look at this forum and help
  182. I know the GM's don't look at this forum bu t 3bc crashes on heroic again
  183. DDO Store Mistake
  184. shared bank......
  185. Tools GM's use and lag.
  186. Reincarnation Process, it expires?
  187. Feat Exchange
  188. Missing items after server reboot
  189. Missing Item(s)
  190. All epic destinies exp and lvls dissappeared after epic reincarnation
  191. Unable to Contact In-Game GM Help
  192. Something went pear shaped when I tried to become a PDK
  193. Unable to TR capped character
  194. bugged quest - coalescence chamber. need in game help
  195. Issues with logging in tonight 1:00am CST
  196. Cannot Access In Game Help
  197. All forms of in game chat have vanished
  198. Shout out to +Caergoth+
  199. Missing Remnants
  200. In-Game Customer Service Survey: Bugged
  201. Guild Name change and astral shard question
  202. DDO store just black or white window
  203. Warlock Patch Update Download Problems.
  204. Tomes lost after Reincarnation
  205. Starter Pack Cleric, Pet and Elixir missing
  206. I have been patient
  207. VIP can't access Wheloon Content Pack
  208. lets try for a real responce
  209. stone of experience (level 16) / original otto's box
  210. Installing pre-reqs
  211. Job well done
  212. Deconstructor augment wrong ML?
  213. Free to VIP?
  214. Death "Lag"
  215. DDO Store - Corrupt Fonts
  216. A Quesiton about older items that have been upgraded in recent updates.
  217. Please help me
  218. Game Changing Bug (not an exploit)
  219. DDO Store Steam 'Purchase Points' button
  220. ETR Tome Application Bug
  221. Hirelings and paying for membership
  222. lost my tomes :(
  223. Celestial Spirit toggles OFF Wolf Form!
  224. Missing iconic cosmetic armor
  225. Cant get Hearts ow wood
  226. Menace of the Underdark and Shadowfell Conspiracy content guest passes?
  227. Can't buy turbine points..."Sorry we cannot complete your request"
  228. What can you still do ?!
  229. Ordered a +6 to +7 Supreme Ability Tome and item HAS NOT BEEN DELIVERED!
  230. In game suppport is slow to respond and fast to close a ticket
  231. Disconnected from game after "Log Out"
  232. In-game store won’t load
  233. Error while trying to use BOKU payment option
  234. missing favor turbine points award (orien server)
  235. Bravery Streak resets despite message claiming otherwise
  236. cosmetic doesn't look like the original
  237. Elieri Thistledown perm. hire from starter pack, has a problem!!!!
  238. UI HUD, quest objectives window has disappeared
  239. Most Excellent Experience
  240. Deleted the toon whos got the xp tome, can anything be done?
  241. Epic Reincarnation caused my charcter to lose my +6 supreme tome.
  242. Why is there an customer support ticket system if no one is going to respond to it?
  243. Can'r finish the purchase of TP. Plz Help.
  244. Three Finger Thad's Pawn Broker
  245. Any chance i can get some help with this problem?
  246. Cannot download the game
  247. Issue buying tome
  248. Stuck in Bridge Between Worlds
  249. Used to play DDO back in 2011; Character gone
  250. Failed To Queue for Server