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  1. Blur not working on a greensteel item.
  2. Question about Lesser Reincarnation
  3. Can't select Level range in Create/Edit LFM.
  4. Arcane Archer Concerns
  5. Got Stuck in the Wall and then ...
  6. Madstone Boots doesn´t work
  7. Name change scroll failed - DDO Store
  8. Almost 5 months later, still missing pets
  9. Missclicked leave guild button
  10. Menace of the Underdark
  11. my weapons are now changed
  12. server crashed
  13. Best way to contact GM in game?
  14. Bought A, received B
  15. Thelanis server crash
  16. Point Bundles
  17. Tomes
  18. Black Friday Sale Missing +5 Lesser hearts, so I bought 3 +3's and a +1.
  19. Guild Succession Question
  20. Wormholes since new patch
  21. Lost Gold Seal/TP
  22. Logged in after a couple months and my Festival glaciation is gone
  23. Cannot zone into the Friar's Niece
  24. All my ship buffs are gone AGAIN
  25. Nowhere to buy arrows in Eveningstar!!
  26. 6 Yr Cake Genie did not appear
  27. MotU Tome
  28. Acceptable response time?
  29. Lack of GMs
  30. In game browser slow, errors
  31. Server crash, lost gold-seal guild shrines
  32. Connection to Argonessen lost
  33. Is "I Dream of Jeets" A Broken Quest?
  34. Is Lost in The Swamp bugged?
  35. Worst customer service just continues to get worse.
  36. Cannot Connect to Game Chat
  37. Lost Free Feat Respec After Lesser Reincarnate
  38. Lost 1 Char after Downgrade from VIP
  39. My last few experiances with help tickets
  40. DDO Lottery Questions
  41. +4 tome encore
  42. Siegebreaker Bugged @ Hag?
  43. Ghallanda: server crash missing items
  44. Community Help? Disappointed.
  45. Unable to log on any char
  46. Please fix the AH carryover bug
  47. Lost Medium Ingredients Bag
  48. Reincarnation SNAFU
  49. Favor and Veteran Status for new characters
  50. Content
  51. Glaciation return aka ingame money grab
  52. guild invite
  53. Is it possible to rename a guild
  54. Cant connect...crashing after death
  55. i did not receive my Exceptional Siberys Dragonshard
  56. +3 Lesser Heart of Wood didn't function correctly?
  57. Server crash and lost Gloves scroll
  58. In game Chat not functioning/
  59. Can't find information...
  60. Stuck in shipwreck shore
  61. Unable to Log in: All servers show down
  62. unable to connect
  63. Questions about transferring a character between servers
  64. Fred's Toughness Bug
  65. No Tormenting in Tomb of the Tormented
  66. TR name bug
  67. Undelete Character help por favor
  68. Free Lesser Reincarnation problem
  69. why VIP has to doublepay for epic destinies?
  70. Mixed experience with help ticket.
  71. Launching DDO
  72. Removing tome bonuses
  73. Great in game customer service
  74. Just TR
  75. Assistance in renaming a guild
  76. MyDDO crashes with "500 Internal Server Error" every time
  77. Cannot complete "Have a Meal" quest
  78. Can you / I export the adventure log?
  79. Difference Between "Will" and "May"
  80. Does game time progress while down?
  81. TR Bank Missing 2/3 of items after Maintenance
  82. Missing character! Help plz
  83. Anyone else not get 250 TP from the downtime?
  84. pending charges
  85. Cannot post on AH
  86. Lost Elite Streak!?
  87. issue with no ddo store as well as no myddo
  88. Purchased MM3 but did not unlock
  89. ETA on 250tp release?
  90. VIP subscriber not receiving TP stipend
  91. Did not receive Birthday Box
  92. All Hail Turbine the most proffesional gaming company!
  93. Blue Dragon Scale Robe question
  94. after maintenance - Did not receive BirthdayBox and one item removed from inventory
  95. myddo character out of date
  96. Crashing Issues in CitW
  97. Khyber --- instance 331
  98. Error when trying to buy points (ERR-4)
  99. cant choose ninja spy
  100. Winning lottery
  101. players on lotro getting downtime TP
  102. Epic Big Top Stuck at the end.
  103. Favor on main character way off!
  104. celestia is not showing on my screen
  105. Character slot access for Premium account
  106. Gianthold quests missing from Adventure Compendium and not awarding favor
  107. This is ridiculous...
  108. Anna Bugged (not moving)
  109. Selected Gianthold Quests not appearing in Adventure Compendium
  110. No 500 points for VIP
  111. no ddo store?
  112. unanswered tickets (except auto reply)
  113. Ship amenities not appearing again
  114. Dint got Monthly TP
  115. Feat Exchange gone bad
  116. demonweb chain text bugged
  117. DT armor & armor skin lost
  118. Item lost its slot upon LR
  119. lose equipments on doggy pet after reincarnation
  120. Starter Pack - Gold Seal Hire Question
  121. need GM help
  122. Unautherized use of my account
  123. Been a while since I've logged in, found I have no TPs
  124. Query on what In-game GM's can do
  125. Add new credit card and purchase new points functionality broken.
  126. Missing shards...ED reset after TR feat swap
  127. To buy points non-Americans need to enter a five digit zip code in their cc details.
  128. Name Change Bug.
  129. Quiver of Poison insta-bind from Auction House
  130. Pre-u17 Augment Crystals
  131. My EH Ring of Shadows Dissappeared I need help.
  132. XP elixer removed upon death in Fall of Truth
  133. Issue in 'In the Belly of the Beast'
  134. old e-mail no longer useful
  135. So um i hit 25, is it possible to get a
  136. Gianthold - Are the rares broken?
  137. When will Character Transfer available
  138. Help Menu 404 Error
  139. No response to tickets?
  140. Time to Reboot the G-land server.
  141. Khyber Lag
  142. Impact handwraps broken, or am I confused?
  143. Issue with DDO Store
  144. Interesting Admin/Name change bug.
  145. I beg you, refund!
  146. Are the paid account services working?
  147. Stupid bug report is broken.... again.
  148. Noisemaker traps
  149. DDO In Game Store not working
  150. please fix my name cut-off on TR
  151. Did not get Shavreth signet stone
  152. There's nothing I can do to make otto stone working properly?
  153. Did a lesser Tr and lost tier 3 alchemical collar and epic blademark docent.
  154. Daily dice lied to me, once again.
  155. Gold Seal XP Shrines disappearing
  156. DDO Store not working
  157. Went to turn in collectables for an aug - got no aug
  158. Bound to character items available to bid on in the Shard Exchange
  159. Inbalanced Shiradi 5
  160. negative action points fix
  161. lesser reincarnation just dropped my xp
  162. I bought the new content, and selected the Turbine Points...
  163. Large green bag is vanished.
  164. Tomb of the Shadow Knight Incomplete Quest Objective: "Open The West Annex"
  165. Digital river Shadowfell unlock code
  166. not able to tr ????
  167. Pet Tab Missing
  168. GM Error - Account suspended permenantly
  169. stuck with -1 enhancement points after taking level 13
  170. stuck in pwer play, quest has bugged
  171. Please re-release the custom armor kits that went *POOF!* Golds, Blues, Leafs.. etc
  172. Legendary Upgrade
  173. Refund Passibilities?
  174. Bladeforged custom kit problem
  175. Stone of XP not working properly.
  176. Raid Timer Trade
  177. No GM support on Sarlona right now...
  178. Lesser reincarnation is totally bugged - help
  179. Cormyr.. Red Dragonscale robe vanished! In game support goes "sorry we cant help you"
  180. Did not receive my 2000 points
  181. Unable to Play Due to Constant Unresponsive Character
  182. got a pass and cannot go in
  183. inventory bug
  184. VIP Player away for over 76 months no "birthday cake" or equivalent items on any toon
  185. double DDO store points
  186. No ddo subscription found
  187. skill tomes - can they be switched
  188. Cannot start Epic Destiny
  189. There is no such country as Ukraine in Billing Address menu.
  190. Adamantine Knuckles Bugged
  191. Founder Tag missing!
  192. Weapon/s disappearing when I use spells
  193. TR name ornaments not showing in character list
  194. Hello due to the 8-4 login issues - Some of us are out of luck on CC
  195. Bladeforged destiny
  196. Strange Bug In-Game (Asking for Dev Acknowledgement or input)
  197. Cannot Name Character During Character Creation
  198. Logging In
  199. Damm DDO store
  200. stuck in smuggler's rest
  201. Character constantly stuck in the middle of quests
  202. Direct X11 Not recognized??
  203. Past Life not recognized
  204. Ooops, there goes my +20 Heart of Wood...
  205. Losing Venomed blades on logut
  206. REQUEST: Temporarily Remove Reincarnation Timer
  207. Client stuck on installing pre-reqs
  208. Lost Race Enhancements
  209. 40 th Citw reward
  210. Lring issue
  211. Missling Items after Update
  212. Strange Log-in Error...
  213. Dex Mod Not Working | Please Help!
  214. Spectral Gloves changing ML
  215. Move a Charecter from Lamannia back to Orien
  216. Lost all my destiny XP, all my favor and all my quest flag. No fix in over 4 days.
  217. LR issue Ruined 2.5 million free exp
  218. DEX scores incorrect
  219. Have I just wasted my +20 free LR???
  220. Dead instance Caverns of shaagh on thelanis
  221. +20 lesser reincarnation leave me stuck on boat
  222. Thanks!
  223. problem with support request not being answered, $$ involved.
  224. it's getting a little much to deal with
  225. Can't go to page two of feats
  226. Bug Exploit
  227. Have to double click EVERYTHING?
  228. Turbine points transactions not working
  229. In-Game Support Levels
  230. Min Level 4 Crafted Frozen Tunic Now Min Level 21 ?!?!?
  231. I can't buy ddo points from ddostore
  232. Name in use
  233. Stone of Experience (Level 16) (AFAIK NOT Known Issue)
  234. payment for vip
  235. ThA Trip Focus + Ken Tactics + Dwarf Dwarven Tactics + LJ
  236. Question Regarding Lootgen Items
  237. Paladin Capstone Weapons of Good not working
  238. yes i beleave i was banned
  239. Duped items in the Auction House?
  240. Lvl 18 with no enhancements points?
  241. Favor its gone
  242. Lesser Reincarnation help
  243. Founder's Fountain in the Harbor
  244. Past Life feats not displaying during TR Character Creation
  245. Dialog stuck with Brother Malden: go find Mari Mosshand
  246. LR broke my quest logs / reset favor / buged end rewards
  247. GLowing Eyes cosmetic not available?
  248. Ninja Spy Capstone Not working on Shurikens
  249. My lesser reincarnated character is stuck on the Bridge Between...
  250. A pleasant experience