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  1. LR + 1 Issue - Stuck at level 2 - 4 hours and counting!
  2. This is stupid - Yes, you in-game support
  3. Are In Game Plat Lottery Scams allowed in DDO?
  4. Want my points back
  5. Smiling Sam Bugged - GM confirms bugged ... but can't help because not a known issue?
  6. Stone of Shared Experience new equipment bug
  7. Stone of Experience and needing the XP removed
  8. GMs - please permaban people that are doing the XP stone harrassment
  9. So bought a name change parchment...
  10. can't copy toons to beta server
  11. Copy Failed
  12. Server Lag increase
  13. Stuck
  14. Lost Surname on TR
  15. Middle of the day 30min ++++ wait times
  16. need rollback or something if possible... please
  17. Accidently took wrong type of Dragontouched Armor
  18. Bank not working
  19. A big thumbs up to in-game support today!
  20. I really need to pay more attention :(
  21. Death Pact
  23. cant bug report
  24. DDO Store Armor Kit Changed
  25. MotU pre-purchase redemption issue
  26. The Infused Chaos Docent is bugged with its +2 illu DC
  27. missing airship guild chest
  28. Missing many vanity pets after update!
  29. All XP lost
  30. cannot rejoin channels
  31. Free Lesser Reincarnaton - Tomes Not Applying
  32. Missing Orb Veiw?
  33. Crafting & free Mark of House Cannith request
  34. Your character is corrupt
  35. U14 stole all my rare DDO Store loot (stuck on f2p storage alts)
  36. Steam Half-Orc Pack is Misleading/Fraud/Bug/Error?
  37. No longer able to enter Epic difficulties
  38. Really weird behavior and loss of turbine points on my rogue
  39. +3 LR Not Working
  40. Free Lesser Reincarnation FAILURE!
  41. Broken Optional
  42. Spending Epic Destiny Action Points
  43. End Reward Level
  44. Cormul Haythorne is invisible on one of my characters.
  45. Natural poison immune not working?
  46. masks/helms not equipping
  47. Airship amenities twice wiped
  48. Ship Buffs
  49. Change to Epic Brigand's Cutlass
  50. Code for free meduim jewel of forture not working.
  51. Airship wiped again !!!!! ***
  52. The guild ship amenities
  53. My guild was taken from me
  54. Guild chest empty after I moved it
  55. Did Not Receive Snow Panther
  56. Paralysis Mutandis
  57. The 'we're sorry' free ship amenities cose is not working
  58. Inherent stat increases not re apllying after free LR use
  59. reimbursedreimbursed
  60. The 'In Game Help' does not work.
  61. Lesser Reincarnation - Phialrlan Pendant of Time
  62. Cannith crafting - min level was 11, now is 17 or 19 - can't use
  63. Feat Swap not working o.0
  64. Issue with Armor kits.
  65. Quest chain advancement issues.
  66. GM's get the day off or something?
  67. No Stat point at level 24, can't use Help to report it
  68. ship01 Coupon not applying
  69. im not getting Fate points
  70. DM's only choose certain topics to read and reply
  71. invalid token/session
  72. Trap parts?
  73. Cannot Use DDO Store Coupons
  74. Character does not exist
  75. Epic destinies reset after LR
  76. 20th VoN list not giving named items
  77. I gained Level 24 and LOST 250 sp!
  78. Lost scroll due to bank transfer
  79. Pre order gift was not in my inventory after I TRed.
  80. Stuck in House K Crafting area
  81. Does the standard edition include the Evening star challenge pack?
  82. Cosmetic Kit Armor from DDO Store
  83. Missing AH purchase
  84. Caught in the Web
  85. caught in the web - stuck and help dialog box not turned on....
  86. Airship buffs problem
  87. Wanting To Reclaim My Guild
  88. Epic feat - Monk feat Vorpal strike
  89. universal tokens
  90. How do we recover the missing stat point from level 24
  91. 136 Year Auction.
  92. Blight Rot outside of quest
  93. Fatesinger: Against the Demon Queen was fixed with no release notes
  94. stuck in quest - house of broken chains
  95. Crafting & DDO Store
  96. Snow Panther Cub
  97. Stuck on shipwrecked shore
  98. Fred Still does not understand.
  99. Cant use paypal ingame error
  100. Elite Streak/Bravery Bonus
  101. DDO Store Bonus Points
  102. Can't Claim Free Lesser Reincarnation!
  103. 2nd bug of the day
  104. How to change my guilds Name
  105. New LR Bug
  106. VIP and MoTU
  107. No Ticket/Mask/Pot After TR
  108. Ranged combat bug
  109. Epic quests not registering
  110. Crafting with Stone of Change
  111. why do you want to penalise players for doing what NPCs did
  112. Quests not registering in my journal.
  113. Shears of Fate
  114. Servants of the Overlord WAI?
  115. Turbine Points stolen
  116. Have a major problem with Lesser Ressurection
  117. Overwhelming Critical
  118. The cut to challenge star exp was a bug, right?
  119. Stones of Experience
  120. Shroud flagging
  121. Completed Butcher's Path, denied loot
  122. Feat swapping
  123. The Shared Bank Destroyed 3 Large Ingredient Bags
  124. Question about free Lesser Reincarnation
  125. Missing Past Life Feats!
  126. Epic Destiny failure
  127. Name Change???!!!!
  128. Is the Elusive Bounty explorer broken
  129. unyielding Sentinel
  130. wilderness bug
  131. Spot DC limit?
  132. Adventure Compendium bugged since Thursday's hot"fix"
  133. Can I Have A Refund For Turbine Stealing Guild.
  134. GM Elhouein+
  135. Stuck in Shipwreck Shore
  136. v.i.p
  137. Post unexpected TR issues
  138. Looking for a definitive answer re: bound status
  139. Von4 Elite deleted all Elite/hard streak
  140. All those Guilds...
  141. LR Issues
  142. Name character limit
  143. The Dwindling. AKA Hireling timers
  144. Favor not updated
  145. Cannot get end reward - Caught in the Web
  146. wilderness xp bug
  147. Missing "Small Gem Bag"
  148. ddo system req BYPASSED with errors
  149. Tome of Fate missing after TR
  150. Did not recieve Panther Cub
  151. Stone of EXP not work
  152. Lesser Reincarnation not working properly
  153. ingame closed me and would like some help please
  154. Fred
  155. Adventure packs available
  156. free lesser R taken away!?!?
  157. Yup I need help
  158. Turbine Points refund on adventure pack I already bought
  159. Old Known Issue Still an Issue
  160. Can't advance Druid's Deep
  161. New monster manual
  162. Monster manual prologue wiped clean
  163. Item bound to my character without a warning
  164. Question About Turbine Point Codes
  165. Feedback about GM support
  166. Price of Customer Support
  167. Armor weight.
  168. Missing tomes while LRing
  169. Stuck on Boat againafter free LR use
  170. LR issue
  171. LR wiped destiny xp, 5 days, no resolution
  172. Mesed up +1 greater reincarnate
  173. Render 3 pack not available in ddo store
  174. Shared bank destroyed collectables bag
  175. True Reincarnation Reversal?
  176. Demonweb respawned rare - no XP given
  177. Corruption of Nature Bug
  178. MyDDO page does not load (Lottery widget crashes)
  179. +3 Lesser Reincarnation
  180. Auto tracking
  181. Character name issues
  182. Missing Greater Tome of Learning
  183. Cosmetic Armor Kit Resolution
  184. Promo code didn't go through
  185. Problems with myDDO :(
  186. Min II crafting bug
  187. Epic Destiny Tree Not Lit Up
  188. Problem with reincarnation...
  189. Silver Flame Amulet Upgrade Problem
  190. [Item Glitched]
  191. Epic Destinys
  192. Attempted to move an item to bank slot
  193. Unable to trade feats
  194. Issue on a second account
  195. Druid Enhancement: Season's Heald bug?
  196. cant detach ingreds bag from mail to inventry
  197. NPC Tarim Inavule for quest Druid's Curse bugged
  198. Premium without ticket buttons in help menu!
  199. Please close the thread linked within this post
  200. DDO Store not allowing purchase of points?
  201. Stunned/Held monsters not really stunned?
  202. Ring dissapeared.
  203. DDO store not letting me get points bundle today!
  204. 50% off Expansion pack?
  205. Guild Createrank
  206. Repeat Penalties at 25.
  207. LR blues, still
  208. animated armor mob unaffected by various spells
  209. Corrupted character
  210. False Advertising?
  211. billing and points
  212. Wayward Pet Returns!
  213. Your site suck
  214. Stuck on the 'Heart of Wind'
  215. I'm stuck
  216. Ticket Updated Alert on Logon
  217. Silver Flame Symbol
  218. I didnt want that ticket
  219. Escort the Expedition Bugged?
  220. Armor thinks it has appearance kit
  221. Turbulent Epee will not do sneak attacks.
  222. My Ticket has been updated doesn't go away
  223. hoping...
  224. Season's herald still bugged and still ignored
  225. Slayer xp penalty?
  226. Two Hours and no GM Response
  227. Two quests 0 xp
  228. Effect icons
  229. Unable to activate first epic destiny
  230. Feat change
  231. Any chance for a Silver Flame Blessing fix for Mabar?
  232. Druid's Deep Runearm min level changing crazyness
  233. Held level24 got to 25 and cant take either?!?!
  234. My Guild Name Is Not In The Hall Of Fame
  235. Buy Menace of the Underdark Standard Edition - questions
  236. Any update on Mabar?
  237. Something wrong with Argo server?
  238. Offline??
  239. Unreceived Turbine Points
  240. ID#: 2760810 was not handled adiquately
  241. Mabar griefing
  242. toon stuck in game
  243. All channels down?
  244. Ability tomes lost on using LR. Requesting help or reimbursement.
  245. Please stop avoiding!!!
  246. Abandonment, maybe.
  247. Tendon Slice on Seal of House Dun'Robar is still broken.
  248. Quest and Monster Manual Bugs
  249. Detour broken
  250. Timer on GM help?