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  1. EU Account - USA Account
  2. Help- DDO Store purchase, wrong item
  3. Alignment bug with lesser reincarnate?
  4. lesser reincarnate broke my character
  5. Change of Feats
  6. primary character within my ddo
  7. Alt is auto-declining guild invite from my other character
  8. guild name update on social panal
  9. My account won't upgrade from f2p after I put in my game card.
  10. Thirteenth Eclipse counter stuck at 7
  11. Question First-Name Change
  12. True Reincarnate Bank Slot issue.
  13. Chat window is all messed up
  14. Summer TP Bonus Question
  15. No help on Permanent +2 Stat Loss
  16. Did Not Receive TP After Obtaining 100-Increment Favor
  17. Techical support deleted my Main character and set my account from VIP to premium
  18. Buying 32 point build in DDO store
  19. Store didn't apply sale discount at checkout.
  20. Name/Gender change using DDO points?
  21. DDO store bought my item twice.
  22. Satisfactory resolution Required.
  23. Loss of Turbine Points
  24. Yikes! Character stuck in Limbo!
  25. DDO Store "Queue" on Buys?
  26. ddo store hot key says file not found
  27. In Game NON Support
  28. refferal points
  29. Need Refund
  30. Error processing purchase
  31. Sentinels of Stormreach problem.. and GM failing to read my ticket.
  32. Are you serious?
  33. My Help Painel Its Bugged
  34. Problem with Bloody Crypt in Necropolis
  35. In-game Tickets Being Dealt With Appropriately ????
  36. ddo store problems
  37. Guild naming
  38. Hirelings Dismissing Themselves
  39. Veteran Status problem
  40. 20th HoX on cleric and no lorriks sheild
  41. No points for Sept?
  42. Information PLS!!!!
  43. Expired Point Email
  44. 32 PT build not opening up
  45. Cannot Submit In Game Ticket
  46. Turbine Customer Service Reps. need re-training
  47. Where do I get the 1750 favor tome?
  48. Armored Agility
  49. Necro 4 Question
  50. Bug reporting
  51. Got told something a little strange by a GM last night......
  52. Veteran Status not available @ 1752 favor. Talked with Nyx several times.
  53. Need Senior GM for guild airship issue
  54. My DDO info not updating - referred here after ticket
  55. Can't post auctions????
  56. My Character is Stuck
  57. Why wont my cards redeem points?
  58. Green steel bound to character?
  59. Cannot buy Veteran Status
  60. No Stunning Fist feat available
  61. No d3dx9_42.dll not found
  62. Error loading SelfPatch.dll
  63. MyDDO
  64. DDO TubineLauncher.exe question ?????
  65. Forum Character List wont update
  66. intimidation not working properly
  67. Vorace is bugged in Reaver's Refuge
  68. Soundburst burst.
  69. very aggitated at new festival creators take a look
  70. Bug? Renown lost on leaving guild
  71. Issue Two Fold
  72. Raise Dead clicky problem....
  73. where did my points go?
  74. character name change
  75. Lottery?
  76. wow is this for real
  77. I gave you $100, and I can't (?) file a ticket.
  78. when will lottery work?
  79. Loading screen
  80. lesser reincarnation +3
  81. Where is my guild account located?
  82. guild admin/members
  83. Any plans to fix karmic strike?
  84. whens facebooks ddoplayerfeed gonna get fixed?
  85. And here we try yet once again
  86. Complaint
  87. Premium Service Request.
  88. First time using ingame support, not happy
  89. Monk class unavailable in DDO store
  90. epic cloak of night / chaosgarde
  91. Ioun Stones
  92. Vulkoor's Cunning - Bugged?
  93. MyDDO not updating
  94. lottery
  95. Color Blindness and Cursors
  96. Lost Item
  97. Change of Selected Usable Characters
  98. Link for character server moves?
  99. referal points : still Pending ?
  100. Guild leader has disappeared
  101. Do Game Cards get double Points too?
  102. How do you submit support tickets?
  103. More Info needed re: store, products & points
  104. Warforged cost seems to be incorrect
  105. House P Patron 150 favor reward: Gold Coin?
  106. HUUUUGE issue
  107. XP pot drank but NO effect given :(
  108. Teraza's Sight detect secret doors - Intermittent error?
  109. no xp in shroud runs
  110. Bad link
  111. Character will not level up - class feat will not select.
  112. cant open store
  113. Window farming now allowed?
  114. Experience point miscalculated...?
  115. Is it OK to trade TP codes and VIP passes for gear and PP?
  116. Having Trouble Submitting a Ticket
  117. ddo game card question
  118. Want to make a TT but want to make sure I'm doing it right...
  119. Icy Burst Missing
  120. Can't remove deleted character from MYDDO
  121. Shroud for character TRIZT
  122. Named Handwraps and Force Damage Ritual
  123. Can't Get ANY Service
  124. Repair Dragon armor
  125. i ate a greater heart +1 and myddo hasnt updated me
  126. Can't buy masks/helmets from the ddo store?
  127. Ingame issue
  128. DDO referral points always pending
  129. <string table error; tableDID
  130. Rage pots not workin for me
  131. Error in my Experience Point Total
  132. Where to report cyber-stalking?
  133. Closing tickets without talkign with players == poor
  134. Didnt recive TP for getting 1500 Favor
  135. Protection spells bugged
  136. Epic Shards?
  137. Can't add Friend
  138. No longer to install and update game from ddo dvd?
  139. Someone has a name I really want. What are my options?
  140. Heroic Deeds in my inventory after recent DDO crash
  141. Ion Stone Is gone
  142. Online help does nothing on my case for months!
  143. Poor customer service or why you are about to lose my business
  144. I've not gotten my points yet.
  145. Character Transfer - No Favor Rewards
  146. Can't file a ticket
  147. DDO point cards aren't working
  148. Paymobile
  149. TP/xp refunds?
  150. help with chat window
  151. Why do you have in-game support?
  152. bug with new patch
  153. Email Error
  154. Exp bar
  155. Scavenger Hunt Taj Says I don't have an Aura? Bug?
  156. stuck unable to move
  157. Major Experience Elixir From DDO Store
  158. In Game Mail bug?
  159. Renown NOT Counting in Guild total
  160. Event shield bug
  161. Maximum Guild Size: Accounts or Characters?
  162. Terrible experience with a GM
  163. Name Change
  164. Stone of change, Scarab's into dust?
  165. why does my game keep crashing?
  166. Reincarnation & XP/Loot Boost counter
  167. Armor Kit removed...
  168. Cant purchase tomes.... Why?
  169. Clarification of +3 wood before purchasing
  170. Overflow Maximum?
  171. items lost from inventory
  172. Game controls
  173. Game Contract
  174. For the Love of God how long does "Soon" really mean
  175. Guild Chat
  176. Greensteel crafting produced wrong weapons
  177. In Game Support Naming Violation Policy Update
  178. Complaint about one of your Ingame Customer Supporters
  179. Auction Cash Gone
  180. Holy returning hammer from AH vanishes at 1st use - possible game hack?
  181. Respsec for mod 9 changes
  182. Ticket System/GM complaint
  183. Total Experince error
  184. Cannot sell Chill Shard to House D Broker
  185. Reversing a very-recent mass character delete?
  186. Hacked account
  187. scroll scribing
  188. Key letter R , !!i hate u !!
  189. GM's Ignoring Tickets?
  190. $49.99 Points deal - error
  191. duplicates
  192. Horoth ToD Bug
  193. Unable to Purchase New Pack
  194. Shroud Ate my Double shard Min 2
  195. Deleted Character
  196. Just how il prepaired are the in game CSRs?
  197. shared bank
  198. Submit Ticket broken?
  199. Cannot load into the Grotto
  200. Bugs and issues since U9 update
  201. Necropolis 2 Final Quest Refuses Entry
  202. Devs please stop holding my character hostage!
  203. Do in game GMs speak the 2 languages added to the game?
  204. submitting ticket broken?
  205. Can't be "friended"
  206. Hypnotism and Glitterdust Bugged, or is it me?
  207. Mystery curse from crucible
  208. My Ioun Stone has become BTA
  209. Unable to purchase level 85 airship.
  210. new ticket button faded away
  211. Support Site and Knowledge Base Downtime: Saturday, May 21st to Sunday, May 22nd
  212. Eldrich Device Tutorial - Stuck
  213. Lost item in the crafting Hall bank
  214. Feat Exchange Question
  215. Lesser Reincarnation Limbo
  216. Veteran & 2nd+ char problem :(
  217. How Does a Player Leaving or Joining a Guild Affect Renown?
  218. What is the current leaderless guild timeline?
  219. question about the game
  220. Account bank bug
  221. multi classing?
  222. Bugs
  223. Non urgent question for GMs
  224. Thanks +krymux+
  225. After last update
  226. Airship crew hookpoints
  227. Mailbox item DISAPPEARED!
  228. question about favor
  229. Question Regarding Automatic Feats
  230. Enhancements Gone
  231. Delera's Tomb bug: bad/frustrating/unhappy/angry
  232. DDO Store Trinket Doesn't Craft
  233. Bard Warchanter 2 prof and enhancement BUG
  234. Lost item in bank
  235. plz allow me to reincarnate again
  236. GM warning and it's quality
  237. Error in my experience point total
  238. My character?
  239. 7+ days paying for VIP without a VIP upgrade.
  240. Character transfer question
  241. Blind guild invites = Harassment?
  242. Cannot Detach Item Mailing BUG
  243. DDO store craftable trinket
  244. Resurrecting An Empty Guild
  245. in-game support: what is going on?
  246. Can´t true reincarnate
  247. I Can´t true reincarnate
  248. Chat Tabs?
  249. Lost items return policy
  250. Not sure if this is a bug......