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  1. Heroic Heart of True Blood (1 bound to account, 1 bound to cahracter)
  2. Support help
  3. Mad Tea Party? Yeah Im mad
  4. Raid - The Curse of Strahd
  5. Purchase problems
  6. Can't log in
  7. Support help would be nice
  8. Problem with Gianthold Tor quest arc and lack of in game help.
  9. cleaning up old connection
  10. Can i get some support please?
  11. Sentient Jewel disappeared from weapon.
  12. Can't use Amazon Payments with gift card balance
  13. Monster manuals bugged after servermove
  14. Ravenloft Ultimate Fan Bundle Question
  15. Cleaning up old connection (4 days and counting)
  16. Reincarnation won't complete
  17. Empty LFM(s)
  18. Getting unknown when hitting create
  19. why can't i tranfer?
  20. Can a GM please help me? Please? I can't get a response from anyone
  21. no voice or party chat
  22. Is it OK to use ReShade?
  23. My Sentient Jewel was destroyed by crafting
  24. "HP Adjustment" keeps disappearing upon leaving public areas...
  25. I paid VIP, but I did not play, I need help from GM's!
  26. Guild Hold Room Amenities Show as Un-Purchased
  27. 32 point build?
  28. Alignment change
  29. lost items in TR
  30. Billing error
  31. Temporary In-game Support Hours Change
  32. All destinys reset to level 0
  33. Ooze and Rust Monsters Not Damaging Properly
  34. All epic destinies wiped out
  35. I want to give you my money.. but this is insane
  36. DDO store down the other day.....issues
  37. Response times.
  38. Sovereign exp potions not delivered
  39. What Goes up - Amscar not spawning issue
  40. IMPORTANT item details hidden behind links in store
  41. Spells not available upon character creation after Epic/Racial Reincarnation
  42. VIP Credit card auto renew
  43. In game support says account support issue while account support says ingame support
  44. New Druid Tree unavailable
  45. sorry ,Globe of True Imperial Blood is disapper
  46. Guild Ranks
  47. s Main Menu - Help - New Ticket Stil the way to request support?
  48. Thanks Nyota
  49. How long does it take to get a technical support response!?!?!?
  50. You have reached coupon redemption limit
  51. VIP DDO Points
  52. Changing your plan
  53. Gold and Astral Shard sellers
  54. Starter pack
  55. In-Game customer service hours
  56. Cannith crafting old essence conversion error
  57. CS Ticket Turn-around Time? 9+ days and counting...
  58. In Game Customer Service Hours - Email From SSG: 9am-12am EST.
  59. Ticket response time?
  60. Store price changed on an item I bought points for
  61. Missing Daily Dice Rolls
  62. game crashed
  63. Constant stutterin
  64. Why lie in a ticket?
  65. Can we get ticket reolution that does not mean being online?
  66. Alt account not granted premium on expansion redemption
  67. Change Guild Name
  68. WHooohoo double DDO points! but no way to get them!?
  69. How to make WASD and up, down, left, right work like thumbsticks
  70. Is there GM support today ?
  71. Need level 23-28 named weapons deversity for sentient gems
  72. Has anyone seen my glasses?
  73. Warlock bug - Utterdark & CHain Feats missing
  74. Name request
  75. Charakter erstellen
  76. *** is up with guild sizes now?
  77. Missing Racial Action Points
  78. Alliance chat Randomly kicking members!
  79. Cannot enter Eveningstar with my main or an alt?
  80. Do I own Ruins of Threnal?
  81. Guild Rename
  82. Undelete Characters
  83. Character is still being saved
  84. Broken character and ignored by in game support
  85. Character broke (Epic Destiny) -- ignored by support?
  86. Can't enter Sharn area
  87. In Game Service Hours
  88. Minor artifact lost on TR
  89. Wood Elf - Ranger/Rogue - Inquisitive: Jump & Tumble Penality= -13?
  90. Accidentally purchased +1 Tome of Melee Power instead of +2 Upgrade
  91. (Elite) Spider Cult Mask
  92. ?? what happened
  93. Does In Game Support still exist?
  94. change names wish
  95. Lesser reincarnation issue
  96. Shards that were crafted before cannith crafting update - what to do with them?
  97. Consuming trophies
  98. Issues with new bundle
  99. Lost my Shield Guardiain
  100. Cannot open DDO Store
  101. ssg support
  102. Can i share bought expansion packs with my brother?
  103. over 20days and no response
  104. Steam client and ddo points
  105. Keep on the Borderlands Locks up on loading into the area
  106. Named Item lists
  107. Patment methods in game
  108. in game help not working
  109. Temple of EE, reverse light gravity not working
  110. Store bought item not delivered
  111. Is Customer Support just a myth anymore
  112. 2 months and NO HELP on ticket
  113. Epic reincarnated and all of my destinies went to 0
  114. VIP Character Undelete Assistance Please
  115. Lost sentience
  116. Ultimate Sharn Bundle
  117. Having trouble activating auto-gather for small cookie jar.
  118. Chat right click menu
  119. Missing Companions
  120. Error message in the quest journal.
  121. 2020 Holiday Coverage - Customer Support
  122. Cant get past the launcher
  123. Harassment Help needed
  124. In-game help does not work
  125. Cosmetic gear
  126. Help With Heart of Wood
  127. in-game customer service failure take2, black abbot raid
  128. A toon disappeared
  129. Name Change Help
  130. Bags and online help
  131. Game Breaking Bugs Must Be Fixed Immediately
  132. My PM To Customer Services
  133. Character Will Not Load In
  134. Double Chats
  135. Chat server.
  136. Missing Hireling and pet from purchase
  137. Routinely Getting Disconnected
  138. Epic Destiny XP reset in all spheres after Reincarnation
  139. Reincarnation problem.
  140. Problem with Favor DDO Points
  141. Purchased code not sent
  142. in game tickets
  143. In Game Support - Timeline - require assistance
  144. DDO anniversary item - Got the shared bank upgrade, but no superior +8 tome.
  145. You can't create, destroy, or modify a party while any members are teleporting.
  146. Double charged on shards
  147. End of quest - says character is incapacitated - cannot grab artifact
  148. Invalid advancement data error
  149. Character Not Loading In
  150. no ingame ticket system
  151. Feat Respec messed up Enhancements - Trainers won't let me respec Enhancements!
  152. Offensive SLA's cant be used on Enemies
  153. Got booted off starter airship with no gear
  154. Can't select falconry
  155. Animated skeletons and Owlbear whistles
  156. Old Cleric cannot Heroic Reincarnate
  157. Quick Question About Screenshots
  158. Temple of Elemental Evil Part One Strangeness or Bug
  159. Single character ABSOLUTELY stuck!
  160. Tome of Learning removed from offers. Why?
  161. Quest stuck and no ingame help at all
  162. Small freezes under Linux
  163. In Game ticket non responsive
  164. stuck in hall of hereos since may 26th
  165. Submitted a ticket 35 days ago, never contacted, issue persists. Feat bug.
  166. Returning player had 5 characters, now 2 are shown as "over character slot limit'
  167. The bug of standingstonegames.com
  168. Ticket closed without resolution
  169. Favor Issue
  170. Losing Connection shortly after logging in.
  171. No Premium after buying Menace of the Underdark on Steam
  172. Unable to Patch
  173. TR Bank not transferred!
  174. Store not loading
  175. Keep getting booted from Khyber
  176. A Few in Game Issues
  177. Epic Destiny Experience Reset
  178. Bough two packs of DDO points yesterday before the double points promotion
  179. Store Blocked
  180. Unknow Error Occurred at Creation
  181. Hello, the VIP account cannot enter the game.
  182. purchased 32 points build using DDO store, and it does not apply to my 2nd character
  183. Could I get some guidance? DDO Point Code for fellow player
  184. Missing past life when using memory.
  185. Character Could Not Be Saved
  186. Patch from 8/8/20 a.m. will not load
  187. Can't Access In-Game Ticket System!
  188. Loss of cosmetics
  189. Astral Shard Purchase
  190. Sale Bug and No In Game Help Option (window bugged)
  191. No Premium Status after Purchasing DnD Starter Pack from Steam
  192. Expac Bundle Missing
  193. In-Game Urgent Issues
  194. New Bug in Maze of Madness today
  195. Epic Destiny Unavailable to Subscriber with Expansion
  196. After a few months hiatus, Your character could not be saved
  197. A Completionist Problem
  198. lost 2 character slots
  199. Running Soul Survior and game crashes and takes all your lives hardcore.
  200. Purchasing DDO Points - CC question
  201. Game lost my Legendary Greensteel Tier 3 Augment
  202. II don’t know where to post this…
  203. in game ticket undelete charcter
  204. Duplicate random loot enchantment
  205. Recovering Season 3 HC Character: Did customer service lie to me?
  206. Consistently getting errors when attempting to transfer from HC3 to main server
  207. Network Latency, lag, Disconnects
  208. Your character could not be saved
  209. Complete lack of customer service!!!
  210. What adventures packs do I have?
  211. Can't TR: says cache isn't empty, but it is
  212. Unable to reincarnate
  213. Is this really what the games customer service has come to? ingore and close tickets
  214. Joining an inactive guild
  215. This character is already in the world
  216. Cannot add expnsion packs
  217. Where is my expansion unlock code?
  218. 10th Anniversary of Free to Play Launch Bundle not received?
  219. TR-ed character lost shard bought Coin Lord favor inventory tab, regained the favor
  220. Lost access to unlocked epic destinies after TR
  221. Missing Item after ER, HTR and Expansion Update
  222. Fables of the Feywild help.
  223. You character could not be saved
  224. Character is already in the world - Ghallanda
  225. Epic Sphere XP Mismatch
  226. Missing creature companions
  227. Missing Echo of Ravenkind
  228. Error with Character Advancement Data and now unable to log in
  229. Disappearing rune arm
  230. Mistake made performing Epic TR vs. Iconic TR; Is there a chance it can be fixed
  231. Charcter undelete
  232. Guild Airship Rename for shards
  233. daily dice
  234. Auto-attack not functioning since recent update.
  235. Lost Character
  236. Repeated issue with GH and poor CS
  237. Guild Name Change
  238. Zen Desk Help won't allow creation of new accounts
  239. Missing xp
  240. Universal Enhancement Tome - BTC to BTA!
  241. Shadowblades are in my reincarnation cache
  242. Missing items
  243. Missing DDO Store Items Purchase
  244. Character Lock out
  245. Bought Universal Enhancement Tome Wrong Character
  246. help getting toons back?
  247. In-game ticket 5314629 open since 4th December - help please!
  248. Mouse drifting - only in DDO
  249. Lesser reincarnation timer
  250. Every ticket is auto solved? I need a lost item found!