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  1. New Player trying to catch my bearings
  2. Other uses for Epic Scrolls (of the scroll/seal/shard type)?
  3. New Player Questions
  4. Eveningstar challenges question
  5. Skill reset
  6. Link to good pvp build
  7. epic and iconic past life feats
  8. wiz/sor melee build?
  9. Pimp my gimps!
  10. 36 point builds
  11. Treasure Cove Island money conversion?
  12. Thrown Weapons
  13. made 3 spelltouched shuriken - are any of these good or try again?
  14. Tome of learning?
  15. Rogue help?
  16. Epic characarcter true reincarnates : what happens?
  17. Wraith Knight guide help
  18. just about to hit 20 - epic xp questions
  19. Old returning player - Looking for Advice
  20. Reincarnation
  21. Help Please!
  22. you don't currently have access to the kings forest?
  23. ee/eh ac on trashmobs?
  24. Ticket bound to character?
  25. Epic destiny or MotU purchase?
  26. New player walkthrough - Cleric Specific?
  27. does single weapon fighting work with animal form?
  28. epic feats for Radiant Titan variant
  29. Drow enhancement tree bug
  30. Fighter enhancement : Stalwart Defender confusion
  31. Newbie coming back after long hiatus, simplify for me please.
  32. Takes a long time to play this game?
  33. Is there a way to completely reset UI?
  34. Melee needs advice about killing stuff
  35. Bard Spellsinger Enthrall enhancement
  36. New TR multi class idea need feedback
  37. DDO store Expansion purchase question.
  38. Not quite new to the game, but close
  39. Can't start a new character properly due to massive bug/error
  40. Returning Player question
  41. How can i create an Characrter please?
  42. Soul Gem: Incorporeal
  43. Eldritch knight enhancements and metamagic feats.
  44. is there a cap to con dmg from shroud of the wraith?
  45. Player who wants to see most of the content...
  46. Looking for a full-time running partner on Thelanis realm.
  47. Returning Player White Fang Build Help
  48. Returning Newb Seeking Advice and Guidance
  49. Noobie Seeking Help-How do I select multiple targets?
  50. Newbie game setting question (RAM)
  51. Flagging for Thunderpeak Raids
  52. Life after lvl16
  53. ring of stalker question
  54. Thunder-Forged Question
  55. Returning player and AC
  56. Underwater action....the new rare?
  57. New bard enhancements
  58. stat tomes and reincarnation
  59. Returning Player: Help with arti / rouge build
  60. Non caster displacement
  61. Returning player
  62. Perm item damage
  63. Am I getting the idea now
  64. Deleting the orignal post
  65. Help needed, evasion paladin gear guide
  66. which slot is best for green steel
  67. Brand new player looking for friends/advice!
  68. A Small Problem - Sky Spirit - Can't get up the spires
  69. what enchancements stack?
  70. Jackpot +2 stat tome: how to use it?
  71. sound and bags on the ground
  72. Grouping and wolf healer?
  73. Red or white indicator lines
  74. Rogue with spell points?
  75. Newbie question about Morninglords - Please help
  76. Sirocco sword
  77. Feat Swap Question
  78. Asking for a good flowsheet of quests so i can Level as fast as possible
  79. Tempest Tree not available for my Rogue/Ranger?
  80. Spell crit stacking
  81. Most Populated/Active Server?
  82. Class Charts - Strengths and Weaknesses of each class displayed
  83. NEED HELP - Sorcerer multiclassing on second life - go FvS?
  84. Potential new player: ranged builds?
  85. How do you move hotbars? I seriously can't figure it out...
  86. My Account Turbine???
  87. Tomes and True heroic reincarnation
  88. Differences between Epics & Heroics.
  89. Ranger build Request
  90. ok, totally wrong epic tree... and now ??
  91. First life solo advice
  92. Using your Favour TP Correctly.
  93. Melee Druid Questions
  94. Need to activate guild buffs?
  95. Confused about TWF mechanics
  96. Mailbox: do itens really never disappear?
  97. Multiclass: Rogue/Wizard vs Rogue/Sorcerer
  98. Confused about my Action Points
  99. How do I know I am ready to group up?
  100. advice for a somewhat new player. help me get past my first life
  101. How much HP and AC do I need to be able to Tank at LVL 20?
  102. Spellsword and weapon enchantment.
  103. Past Lives
  104. Mule build suggestion?
  105. How important is STR/DEX to "To Hit" now?
  106. Best TWF weaps lvl 23+?
  107. New player seeking build advice
  108. sort of new player friendly builds
  109. Melee Caster Advice
  110. Defeating The Devourer of Dreams
  111. New player build advice
  112. astral shards
  113. What to spend TP on if I'm VIP
  114. A couple of questions
  115. Returning Noob looking for build advice
  116. Can anyone give me half elf tempest build?
  117. Good and fairly obtainable general use handwraps?
  118. Players Helping Players
  119. Adventure Pack woes
  120. Iconic Heroes
  121. Server and class advice
  122. Experience needed after TR
  123. Basic group forming tips.
  124. New player Q&A event on Cannith
  125. Back from long break
  126. Can creature companions open doors and push levers?
  127. Epic Destiny and Epic Feat SLAs can salvage a poor caster life in epics
  128. Update on The Raven's Guard New Player Outreach event on Thelanis
  129. MAking seoarate keymapping sey ups for different characters?
  130. Information on Augment stacking?
  131. Artificer's iron pet and stealth
  132. Seeking Auction House Advice
  133. Can anyone suggest a very strong THF (Maul/Gclub) build?
  134. build idea
  135. Hearts of wood
  136. Ruin vs hellball
  137. Build taloring
  138. Planning for the future. What do I keep?
  139. Older sources of double strike to doubleshot
  140. Paladin Build?
  141. Not new, but kind of.
  142. VIP member
  143. Newbie running out of steam at midlevels or how do I xp?
  144. Swashbuckler with trapskills?
  145. Critical Wraith Monk?
  146. TF weapons
  147. Adding DDO to a Turbine account. Advice please
  148. Not dealing enough melee damage
  149. Base Attack Bonus - Multiple Numbers - X/X/Y/Z What are they?
  150. A player with a few questions please
  151. Returning From Hiatus, And Am Now Rendered Ignorant
  152. Login issue: client hangs up/non responsive.
  153. Noob Question re: Leveling Up - Path or no path
  154. Question re: Autoattack
  155. Question re: Ranger and Two Weapon Fighting
  156. Purchased ED ingame - now want MoTU Expansion pack - ED points wasted?
  157. Pale Master Interaction with the new "Death Block" Key word
  158. Spell targeting question
  159. Tactical DCS (cormyrean knight training)
  160. Question re Communicating with Guild Members
  161. Forum permissions question
  162. can't spend AP?
  163. transferring +2 Tomes
  164. Can't find Steelthorn in Power Play
  165. Advice on Artificer build (I'm completely f2p and i have Drow)
  166. Able Learner feat
  167. Ranger improved defence enhancement question.
  168. New Player And Dont Want Newb Mistakes
  169. Spring Attack chain
  170. Build Request: S&B Pally Tank/Damage
  171. Buff Bar (In the UI)
  172. Sorcerer information - wiki status.
  173. Other Vendors for Shavarath High energy Cells from Shroud?
  174. Newbie Question re: Locked Treasure Chests
  175. Defender Stance and Rage
  176. Always Customise your Character!
  177. Chart/Tree for feats?
  178. Lost My Barkskin
  179. VIP and Iconic
  180. Can Someone Explain hThe Growing Storm Tempest Enhancement
  181. New player looking for (rather specific) builds
  182. Completely New Player Looking for Build Help
  183. returning player and might as well be a newbie
  184. Can the Thicker hotbar be the default hotbar, for every character?
  185. Raids with tomes in the 20th list.
  186. Hi, it's me.
  187. How tanky a pure FVS can be made..
  188. Questions about reincarnation I did not find in the wiki
  189. Offensive Defence
  190. Does Augment Summoning Stack With Harper's Leadership?
  191. Useful epic item list anywhere?
  192. Basic fighter for new players
  193. Basic paladin for new players
  194. LF Advice: character builds
  195. Seeking Rogue Weapon Help
  196. Just got back
  197. Basic Sorcerer for new players
  198. Glancing Blows with sun blades
  199. New Player Completely Lost
  200. Game breaking online advice.
  201. not finding the Leaky Dinghy Tavern for lost tome quest.....
  202. Basic wizard for new players
  203. forum edit......
  204. Returned but new player looking for solo wolf builds
  205. Targeting Sights forces int modifier even if my dex is higher?
  206. I had a arcane archer and raident cleric character but the new sytem killed it
  207. Crippling strike
  208. Voice chat
  209. Need Help with Survivability
  210. I am using a WF wizard 18, rogue 2 and....
  211. New to warforged,docents look different
  212. looking for way to get into portable hole (I t hink that is the name) to buy spells..
  213. Newly back to game after 3 years
  214. multible servers for favor...
  215. Crafting Quest: Locating Maker
  216. lock question for lvl 3 sorcerer......
  217. hireling not resing me...
  218. Active/Friendly Servers?
  219. I can't give commendation to other forum members' posts
  220. coin lord favor.... bag
  221. Is this WAI?
  222. Best Value for My Dollar: VIP or Adventure Packs?
  223. Shadowfell expansion doubts
  224. Buying an expansion, which character receives the tome?
  225. Late to the party...
  226. That Awkward Moment as a Noob
  227. New player and needing help?
  228. 2 DDO Market Code questions
  229. Cleave and Great Cleave for range?
  230. Litany of the Dead help
  231. Haven't played the game in a couple of years.
  232. Should I buy Thunderforge if I only play in solo/duo
  233. Thief Acrobat help
  234. 32 point build question
  235. Help is available to new players on the Sarlona Server
  236. Whirlwind ?
  237. Experience
  238. Concidering returning
  239. How Important Is Power Attack
  240. Scenery blocking the camera
  241. Key Mapping Issues
  242. questions about U24 quests
  243. Need help questing? Msg me
  244. unbongwah...question on yhour tempest warpriest build....
  245. termonology confusion....
  246. Sort of new f2p player needs advice
  247. How to purge persistent unwanted spell effects?
  248. Character list?
  249. Help w/Difficulty: Hard too easy, Elite too hard.
  250. Crafting Question