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  1. Caster Level For Multi-Class Magic User?
  2. Advice for Monk Halfelf Build Please
  3. Movement choices
  4. Is it still as bad as it was?
  5. New player wants to pay needs advice.
  6. I'm back! (With even more questions - specifically about my "Monkcher")
  7. new player needs help
  8. Help with high survival & dps build monk 2nd life
  9. Existential Stalemate v Concordant Opposition
  10. Arcane Spell Failure
  11. First Life Half Elf Pure Rogue Advice (Barb Delitante) and 28pts
  12. Is there a beginner's guide to raiding?
  13. Can someone link essential threads to read for new players?
  14. Exchange a necklace.
  15. if i become a vip do i still have to purchase expansions?
  16. spell resistance question
  17. Coming Enhancement Pass
  18. Buildling a character without using the presets?
  19. What is an "energy orb"? Greensteel crafting question
  20. Removing Crafting From Runearm?
  21. Equipment Suggestions, Perhaps Greensteel Suggestions
  22. Greensteel problem.
  23. Dark Monkcher with Grave Wrappings. Any reason to ever pull out short swords?
  24. New Playing seeking advice
  25. Gametime card - EU Server ?
  26. Self sufficient stealthy rogue? Please help.
  27. Seeking advice on a TWF 18Fighter/2Rogue build...
  28. Epic Leveling
  29. How should I proceed with a rogue to gain more self-sufficiency? Halfl, f2p, 28pt, l6
  30. Pale Trapper or Tempest Trapmonkey for mostly solo play
  31. jamvaru: Hello World
  32. Multiple Toons or Focus on One?
  33. Looking for a straight ranger build I can respec an old character with
  34. Best place/way to farm a couple Sun Blades please?
  35. Collection Items (crafting & other) What a Headache. (advice)
  36. Accessing DDOwiki in-game
  37. Against The Demon Queen and Zawabi's Refuge
  38. Possible to change past life feats
  39. Help with my wizard
  40. comp help
  41. OK, I got a Stave of the Seer. Now what do I do with it?
  42. Dex based TWF bard.
  43. Question about duo
  44. How do u leave siber atoll
  45. Class for Beginner?
  46. Looking for new group - Kyber
  47. How do I swim to find the key in the grotto?
  48. Where are all the favored soul builds?
  49. SOMEONE HELP ME, how do I actually start this game and create a character?!?!?!
  50. Druid animal forms and two weapon fighting?
  51. Which Server is the one for me?
  52. New player! Looking for some advice on a Support and/or CC build!
  53. Druid "Reaving Roar" question?
  54. Which Skills should I increase with my +2 / +3 Tomes?
  55. is there a "more" RP friendly server?
  56. Enchantment Resistance?
  57. Returning newbie
  58. Zen Archery druid wolf form ???'s
  59. hello
  60. Please permit me a very petty question
  61. My best melee character at level 9 is a ... Druid?
  62. A few questions
  63. Shuriken Expertise
  64. Another stupid question - is there a list of untradeable things somewhere?
  65. which eveningstar quests are available to VIP?
  66. Oops! DDO Store purchase when all Inventory slots are full?
  67. Question: Should I Bother?
  68. F2P - Premium - Auction question
  69. New player questions: Investment needed, enhancements/skills/etc
  70. Returning Player - Just a few Q's
  71. Are all classess available now?
  72. blade barrier
  73. Hello
  74. Mystical Urn: where?
  75. Weapon Finesse and "dexterity" builds
  76. Reducing Trap Damage - What works and what doesn't?
  77. Ranger's Arcane Archer Imbue
  78. Farming Stave of the Seer
  79. What do I do with epic Hellfire repeater?
  80. Need Help With a Dececnt TWF Fighter build can u all please help me
  81. I guess Im the new guild leader. Gimme tips
  82. How do I open magical doors?
  83. A new invasion boss... really?
  84. "...your AC will be too low to matter..." - meaning what in numbers, at what level?
  85. Hireling(s) who will rezz you?
  86. Rogue leveling weapons
  87. Added augment; made my level requirement to use go up?
  88. How do I target friends with Cure/Heal potions?
  89. How do I lock my tool bars? They keep changing... :(
  90. Just wanted to say hello!
  91. Help with finding parties
  92. newbie drow question
  93. Upgrade Ioun stone
  94. I can't choose an alignment during character creation.
  95. Are any Vault of the Artificers challenges soloable..
  96. I'm lost!
  97. Boku- Any hidden charges?
  98. Druid animal form sneak attack dice
  99. What to do about camera spinning around character?
  100. How do you put a spell like ability to tool bar for a Drow?
  101. Lesser Reincarnation and +3 tome
  102. Lesser Reincarnation and +3 tome
  103. 6 Man Raid... Can it be done?
  104. Greensteel Weapon Advise
  105. Spell Resistance
  106. How much has the game changed since Amrath?
  107. Just a few questions......
  108. Before Downloading...
  109. Before Downlading
  110. Can a UK player purchase VIP?
  111. turn undead question
  112. New to DDO
  113. Sorcerer Spells - Are these right?
  114. Adventure Packs
  115. What's worth taking the time to put up on the AH these days?
  116. Need some advice
  117. Need archer build a dummy can follow
  118. playing on a mac: trouble keeping lars heyton alive
  119. Monks & Equipment Bonus
  120. Help me decide class please!
  121. DDO is all 404???
  122. Can I invite my friends to the referral list later on?
  123. Can't access Korthos hard. Why
  124. Cleric heavy armor question
  125. thinking of multiclassing and have unanswered questions
  126. Hitting the Target
  127. Damage roll details - weapon multiplier?
  128. List of quests good for rogue?
  129. multiclassing and levels?
  130. LF Scroll of master s touch
  131. Tomes
  132. Feats, dice etc
  133. Solo Melee
  134. Wizard - some advice appreciated please :)
  135. UMD Question
  136. Dragonmark of Warding
  137. Need Help about a class and its build!
  138. Just got VIP
  139. Crafting, is it worth it?
  140. How to become a VIP
  142. A Mostly-Complete Guide to Crafting
  143. Beholder anti magic question
  144. DEVS: Lag is getting unbearable
  145. Inscribe Scroll annoyance!
  146. fun fun fun
  147. some questions from a new-ish player
  148. Just returned to DDO, Character advice wanted
  149. different game worlds, different servers?
  150. Build questions
  151. New Player, spending a bit of money. Looking for thoughts.
  152. Worth Returning?
  153. XP Pot Question
  154. cant play free to play ?
  155. character options please help
  156. Leaving a Path.
  157. bigbys: can you multiclass through it?
  158. Utilities, planners and other useful resources
  159. Adventure Packs?
  160. cant bind items??
  161. Doing quests under level, what do I lose?
  162. CHA based Melee Bard
  163. Dwarven Cleaving Defender
  164. New to Game, Comrades wanted.
  165. Bladebarrier question
  166. leveling help
  167. Second rogue level....when?
  168. Pardon my noobish ignorance...
  169. New player questions
  170. What to purchase on this week’s sale?
  171. So I guess they haven't invented the bow yet in Faerun....
  172. LGBT Players?!
  173. Dead forum links?
  174. NEW in Dungeons & Dragons Online
  175. thinking of coming back also......sorry repost from wrong forums
  176. Dumb question about the cove Eternal Flasks
  177. Essential weapons while levelling?
  178. Does questing over level affect named loot drop chance?
  179. probably posted a 1000 times before but if you could clear this up
  180. MOTU Bundle Qusetion
  181. DDO - Stormreach
  182. Need cleric advice for gear
  183. How much Concentration do I need?
  184. Are we missing a lot without a rogue?
  185. Question on Cormyrian weapons
  186. Weapons for Crystal Cove, Sorc w/ Pal splash, 3 Questions
  187. After a TR, does an F2P have to ...
  188. Legendary Upgrade
  189. Veteran PnP DnD player has questions.
  190. HELP!!! - Tower of Despair
  191. Why do wizards feel so weak?
  192. Devine casting problem
  193. LR-ing a multiclass
  194. Can You Become Lawful Evil?
  195. How to build a Arcane Archer?
  196. What to buy with TP?
  197. F2P vs Sub
  198. Necromance
  199. Just Joined for the first time, can't move?
  200. help me build a bard
  201. Question about Wizard/Rogue build
  202. Looking for an old build
  203. What's a good Drow Build?
  204. Longbow wielding elf rogue. Is this a thing?
  205. Need some clarification
  206. Crafting: OK, it appears that I am stupid. Can someone un-stupid me please?
  207. Why can't I click on anything!?!?
  208. new/returning player looking for guidance
  209. Returning player needing some specific information
  210. "Daily Dice" Weekly Gold - Once per week per Toon, per account, or per server?
  211. How to adapt to a post-U19 game - where to start learning the new system?
  212. What does “Deals +1[W] damage.” mean?
  213. Are there javelins in this game?
  214. Help me make a necromancer.
  215. Where I can find Cleric Radiant Servant in new enhancements?
  216. returning player - endgame question/purchase advice
  217. Which combat feats will complement my Thief-Acrobat
  218. Help Deciding on a Build
  219. Help Deciding on a Build
  220. Need Help Lvl 9 Rogue/Assasin Lvl 6 Artificer
  221. HELP, I can´t build an charakter
  222. Just rejoined after a few years...could use some advice with my Iconic character
  223. New enhancements planner?
  224. VIP question
  225. Quest Progression
  226. how do i use an adventure pack (sorrowdusk isle)
  227. New player looking for some advice.
  228. Enhancements
  229. Pure paly tank need advice
  230. Melee Sorcerer
  231. Help with enhancements
  232. True Druidic Heart of Wood
  233. IT Dol Dorn's Champion gone?
  234. Maximize and Empower
  235. How I can know what level the item ill be?
  236. How to change font?
  237. So I'm going to have to install DDO *again*...
  238. Health Points? Best way to increase this.
  239. Are cannith bags worth it?
  240. can you wear 2 different spell lores?
  241. Problem with game instaler
  242. Newbie ranger needs some tips:
  243. Air Savant BUild
  244. Medemagics
  245. So, how's the build diversity?
  246. Ranger solo play
  247. New player 8/29/2013 many question about the expansion , as well as highest pop serve
  248. Construct Essence and Empower Healing (also heal/repair skill)
  249. Need Help (black background unable to see character at customization)
  250. Item Lore, % change to crit, pre and post U19...WAI?