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  8. Make traps random
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  11. Worst Death Ever
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  15. Need critique on my ruleset
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  20. Looking for a Perma Death Group
  21. Alder d'Cannith Permadeath Guild 3 new rules
  22. Argonnessen Static Group Forming!
  23. MV completes Von3 elite
  24. Anyoe have an opinion on the upcomming expansion?
  25. How are the various permadeath guilds doing in Faerun?
  26. UK anyone need a RPer to fill in static spot
  27. DBF: The Blackwood Tribe
  28. The expansion is a game changer
  29. So...what now?
  30. Thursday Night Danish Group
  31. VIP Player interested in PD
  32. Old Time D & D One N Done on Ghallanda
  33. So... What is Perma Death?
  34. Friday Night Static seeks 2
  35. Alder d'Cannith Permadeath Guild new rule
  36. Thursdays 10pm-12am EST static group (lvl 12-14)
  37. Sarlona TR lvling group
  38. Looking for Group/Guild
  39. Saturday Static Group
  40. Looking to start up a good RP/perma-death group
  41. PD Halls of Valhalla 50 Cannith Favor
  42. Demon stone, group, w.static/death rules.
  43. A light roleplay, beginner-friendly Sarlona STATIC GROUP is recruiting
  44. Heavy Role Playing Static Group
  45. Sunday Night Static Group
  46. Wed Night Permadeath Group Sarlona
  47. Good old fashioned game night.
  48. New Perma Death Guild on Ghallanda
  49. Cyrite Scholars Permadeath Guild a new permadeath guild on cannith
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  59. Which Classes Are "Must Haves" for Your 4-Player Group?
  60. D&D Style Group on DDO - STORM
  61. Chronicles of a palrouge
  62. Cyrite Scholars Permadeath Guild
  63. Looking to start a static group!
  64. Looking to start or join a group
  65. Monday Night Static Group - Lite RP - Sarlona
  66. Starting a Static Group-Go Ahead 'n' Twink.
  67. Diary of a PD Solo Project
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  69. Possible alternative to PD
  70. New addition to the PD-community!
  71. PD Halls of Valhalla completes VON
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  73. Recuiting for a static group.
  74. Looking to Start a Late(r) Saturday Night Static group for the Rest of Summer
  75. Cry of Luna - Heavy RP Static (Mon, 10PM-1AM PST)
  76. Late night Static Group
  77. Looking to start once a week static group
  78. Two THACO members looking to start LOTRO static group.
  79. Would like to start a static tabletop style guild/group on Orien
  80. Forgotten realms ONLY static group. Anyone interested ?
  81. Looking to join a static weekly group
  82. Solo Permadeath run - in video
  83. Looking to Join a PnP style Static Group (EST evenings)
  84. New and Hoping to Find a Nice Static Group
  85. Returning player looking for a PnP/ PD experience.
  86. Starting Static Group - 1 or 2 nights a week
  87. Sunday Iconic Static Group - Sarlona
  88. Tuesday Night Static Group LFM
  89. Is there any interest in a static TR group on Thelanis?
  90. New storm brewing
  91. Agents of STORM
  92. Mortal Voyage vs. Velah
  93. Sunday Night Dedicated Teams - The Unremitting
  94. Another Static Group Starting - Thursdays
  95. "Roll Build" Permadeath fun on Wayfinder
  96. Mortal Voyage Completed Chronoscope Elite
  97. Static Group room for 2, level 15, Sarlona
  98. Looking to form a "Light RP" static group.
  99. Ragrollin'
  100. Questions about Permadeath
  101. Too many easy buttons?
  102. Static Fix looking for more.....
  103. Tuesday Static Group on Wayfinder Looking For More
  104. Ala Rubra Dedicated Team moved to Mondays
  105. Looking for a small guild that actually plays, laughs, and talks to each other?
  106. Stormreach Investigations
  107. Agents Of Storm
  108. Thinking about starting a PermaDeath guild with some exceptions to the rules.
  109. Newish player lf static group
  110. Heroes and Maurauders Static Group Recruiting
  111. Tuesday night Sarlona Dedicated Light RP Party 8PM EST V3!
  112. Looking to Start a Static Group from Level 1
  113. LF2M for Monday Night Static Group
  114. Looking for an european static group!
  115. Starting a new Static Group
  116. Looking to start or join a static group
  117. Looking for 1+ Players on Sarlona
  118. 7 AND OUT! Wed night PD variant static group
  119. Mid-week no-twink static group looking for more players
  120. Morning/day time static group
  121. Tuesday Night Static Group on Wayfinder - LFM
  122. Random class and race Permadeath group
  123. Replacement Player(s) wanted - Thursday Evening Static Group on Wayfinder
  124. Static Perma-death group - looking for interested players
  125. Sunday 7-10, Thursday 8-10 eastern time, static group recruiting
  126. Static Group Starting May 31, meets Thursdays and Sundays
  127. Active perma-death on Thelanis?
  128. Stormreach Snipers - Tues Night Static Group Sarlona
  129. Ghallanda Static Group
  130. Static Group on Wayfinder
  131. Sunday Static Group - Holy Warriors
  132. Persnip’s Parsnip Hunters
  133. Permadeath + Iconics
  134. Looking for Ghallanda Static Group
  135. Static Group wanted for weeknight play
  136. forming weekday Static group on Wayfinder
  137. Static Group wanted for weeknight play
  138. Level 9 Static group for Tues & Wed 7:00 P.M. EST. seeks one more
  139. Level 12 Rogue looking for a static group to join on Cannith
  140. Static Group wanted...
  141. Static PD Group Startup - Thelanis
  142. Looking for some players to play with on Khyber
  143. Fresh Start Static Group
  144. Perma group with casual play
  145. Any interest in West Coast time friendly static group (weekdays and/or sundays)
  146. F2P Slow Static Group joining/forming, 1/week, Tues or Weds 19:00 - 23:00 CET/CEST
  147. Static group reboot
  148. Static Goup
  149. The Zergless
  150. Guild Static Group on Orien
  151. Where to start with a new static group
  152. The life of a Human Rogue
  153. Carpe Noctem - Vampire Themed Static Group
  154. Monday Night Orien Static Group
  155. 'Short' Sunday's 'Little' Static Group
  156. New player looking permadeath guild
  157. Looking for a dedicated static group
  158. Monday Nite Static Group Wayfinder LFM
  159. Thursday and Sunday night Static Group looking for players
  160. some basic questions
  161. Looking for more Warforged...
  162. Table top player new to DDO
  163. LFM for Monday 7 PST/10 EST static group Disciples of Rain on Orien
  164. Gauging interest
  165. Redefining Random Encounters
  166. Looking to start static group
  167. Static Group Wed on Orien 9pm East-TBD
  168. So, If I wanted to start a PD guild...
  169. Learning PermaDeath....with the very best
  170. Looking for a static group - Returning player
  171. Starting a new Character...Looking for a static group to run everything...
  172. Thursday Night Static Group starting on Orien
  173. Thursday night
  174. Looking to start a WEN Night Group on Kyber 7:30PM-9:30PM (CST)
  175. Any new static 8pm Pacific ? server?
  176. Looking to join a Permadeath Guild
  177. Static Group Open Spot - Heroes and Marauders
  178. Looking for 5+ Skull Reaper Static group to level from 1 to 30
  179. Drawn BY Fate: GIMP Edition
  180. Lfg
  181. Static group - any server - CET weekends
  182. Monday night static (Sarlona) - two openings
  183. looing for Euperian static group
  184. New Tuesday night Sarlona Static Role Play 8PM EST
  185. Children of Dune Static group recruiting
  186. Permadeath Lite - my solo PD rules
  187. Livmo and Jobus' Most Excellent Adventure Reboot Wed 9pm Est Orien
  188. Does anyone want to start a new static group?..
  189. A Very Bad Guild recruiting a couple for static
  190. Looking to start a slightly permadeath and rp static group once per week
  191. Looking for static group playing in the evening on MST or PST
  192. Looking for a active/semi-active permadeath guild, any server is okay
  193. Weapons & Ammunitions - Static Group
  194. Looking for static 3-4 man group
  195. Tuesday night Sarlona Dedicated Light RP Party 8PM EST V4!
  196. Zergless Reboot V4
  197. Friday night Static group
  198. lf static tr group on argo
  199. Looking for more Thursday nights on Orien
  200. Static Group Open Spot - Heroes and Marauders
  201. Static group forming
  202. Static Group - Orien
  203. Static Group: Wayfinder Wednesdays
  204. Orien Static group EST 1400 or 1800 for few hours weekly
  205. "Disciples Of Rain" Static group on Orien needs 2 more lvl 14-15
  206. AVBG looking for 2 starting July 1st
  207. Static group/guild builder
  208. Static group on Agro
  209. 1-30 First Life Ghallanda Group
  210. Looking for at least one person to run with from level 1
  211. European Static Groups ?
  212. Looking to join a Permadeath guild
  213. Looking to join a Permadeath group
  214. "Disciples Of Rain" Monday Orien static group reincarnating & looking for two more
  215. Khyber Static Group - Most nights 6:30pm - 8pm PST
  216. Vagrant Wanderers
  217. Static Group Open Spot - Heroes and Marauders
  218. Static group on argo
  219. LFP: Tuesday Static Group on Argon
  220. looking for a static group
  221. Looking for Static group play
  222. Looking for group to play with
  223. Static Group - Argo Server
  224. looking to create a static group on any server starting from lvl 1
  225. Zergless Rebooting Again
  226. Quasi-Tabletop group! Old-meets-New school!
  227. Static Group Open Spot - Heroes and Marauders
  228. Looking for a Static group to join.
  229. Perma death group
  230. Static Group, Light RP, Voice
  231. looking for light rp, untwinked, static group.
  232. Lookinf for Static group
  233. "Disciples of Rain" looking for a new member again
  234. Any perma death guilds recruiting?
  235. Static group
  236. Returning Noob Looking for Permadeath Play
  237. Thursday Night Static Group on Orion
  238. Static Group Open Spot - Heroes and Marauders
  239. Static Group: Khyber Reaper Wings 2021!
  240. Thelanis Static Group
  241. Most nights from 9PM EST - Whenever on Orien: relaxed, social, static group