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  1. Interested in PD
  2. Red Dragon Perma Death Society Open Recruiting
  3. Permadeath Challenge for Elite Skilled Players
  4. Radiant Servant in permadeath?
  5. How many permadeath players are there?
  6. Cannith Static Group Seeking Midlevel Adventurers
  7. Seeking Eurocentric Static Group
  8. Near death
  9. Tuesday Night Static Group - Needs a 6th...
  10. Core Cracks Carnival
  11. static raid group brisbane timezone 8pm - Coit raids
  12. Looking to form static group on Thelanis server - One night a week.
  13. How many Deaths?
  14. Permadeath Me
  15. Pure Virgin PD Victory in Red Fens
  16. Valhalla Crashed the Party
  17. Static group for Thrusday nights
  18. It's permadeath, not perma-death
  19. Update 7: Permadeath elite once and done
  20. Fun PD duo tournament
  21. The Guild Disses Permadeath?
  22. Permadeath = Rush (not the band)
  23. Thursday Night Static Team Recruiting
  24. What is a Permadeath Cleric to you?
  25. Into The Deep
  26. 2 Question regarding Permadeath
  27. Red Dragons Start the Vons
  28. Permadeath?
  29. Looking to be in a Dungeon Crawling Group
  30. PermaDeath Strategies for a Rogue
  31. How do i spend my PLAT??
  32. Thelanis Monday Night Static
  33. Looking to Create a Few Khyber Static Groups
  34. LF Mature Players for Sarlona Static Group
  35. 2 tomes 1 night of goodness
  36. PD at level 20
  37. Crazy Rescue
  38. A new challenge for permadeath players
  39. Update 7 ruleset for The Core
  40. Need a Static Group?
  41. Looking to form a static group for once/twice a week
  42. How many PD characters have you lost in the new raid?
  43. perma death guild?
  44. Looking to join (or form) a static group
  45. Chronosphere preparation
  46. Extreme Explorer's PD Halloween Challenge
  47. PD Heroes at Level 20
  48. Mortals and the Diplomat
  49. Mortal Voyage Attains Guild Level Fourty
  50. Looking to form static group one day a week
  51. Extreme Permadeath Static
  52. PD Heroes and Beholders
  53. Looking to start a static RP Group/Guild
  54. Want to join/form a static group.
  55. Mortals Protect Against Invaders!
  56. To Former Members of Valhalla PD Guild
  57. Drawn by Fate - a static RP Guild & Group
  58. Orien static guild “Covenant of Blood” is recruiting
  59. Kampfgruppe - A "Fusion" Guild
  60. BEATATHON Hosted by BloodPact!?! ***?!?
  61. Elite once-and-done character
  62. Looking for a PD guild
  63. Breaksolo: the PD Solo Project.
  64. Sublime takes on Velah!
  65. Lokking for Sarlona Static group for raids, epics, then TR
  66. PD Shroud
  67. The Core Cracks the Diplomat
  68. PD on Ghallanda?
  69. PD Elite Only Static Group
  70. Relic of the Sovereign Past
  71. How do you define 'Iron Man' play in DDO?
  72. Chronoscope Raid-Extreme Explorers
  73. Redwillow in The Core
  74. Combat logs
  75. Partycrashers elite
  76. The Pit elite
  77. Looking for a Static RP Group
  78. Greetings and Well Met Bretheren !!!
  79. Static RP Group (Sarlona) ...
  80. Non-permadeath 4-man RP static in Cannith
  81. DBF presents "The Twelve" an elite RP/PD group
  82. Valhalla gets airship and buffs
  83. I cast Magic Missile...
  84. Hardcore Permadeath Builds
  85. the raid again
  86. Gimped Group
  87. Shhh! They can hear us...
  88. Sunday Night Static -Argonnessen
  89. Static Group Seeks Arcane Caster
  90. looking for static non-perma death
  91. Mortal Voyage Completes Chronoscope (hard)
  92. Not Usually One to Gripe, but . . .
  93. PD build: Jill-Of-All-Trades
  94. me and roommate seeking static group for most nights a week
  95. Forming New dedicated group
  96. Shroud Completion By Sublime
  97. From The Core: Devil Assault, 3-man on normal
  98. Any PD guilds for Premium or F2P?
  99. Wavecrest Wayfinders recruiting
  100. Mortal Voyage Attains Guild Level Fifty
  101. Recruiting for Thursday night static group
  102. The Core turns 40
  103. even redemption can be exciting - thanks MV :D
  104. The Core Raiders Dine on Glory Pie
  105. New static group (not perma-death) Oz time 10pm+
  106. Tales of Loss and Woe
  107. PG13 Thelanis Wed night static 7:30pm EstUS
  108. Virgin Mortal Voyage Group Completes Assault on Stormreach
  109. parvo's Top Five All Time Completions
  110. Tuesday night Sarlona Dedicated Light RP Party 8PM EST
  111. PD Halls of Valhalla Raids!!!
  112. Drawn By Fate Team Thursday Static
  113. Tis the Sunblade Season
  114. FunLoving Static Party
  115. Drawn By Fate Wednesday Static
  116. Major Game Mechanic Changes and PD
  117. Avengers of the Dead concept group
  118. looking for info on creating a PD character
  119. Looking For Lvl 1 Static or PD Group To Join
  120. Aussie evening group?
  121. For Your Entertainment....
  122. 9 vs the Vault
  123. Help RGBA!
  124. Anyone think of a better term than permadeath?
  125. Permadeath Question - Lag death
  126. DBF Tuesday AM Static
  127. Crafting in Permadeath play?
  128. Diary of a brand new permadeather
  129. Resource Conservation is Dead
  130. PD dilemma
  131. Any PD guilds in the Aussie time zone?
  132. Challenge Rating
  133. A question for permadeathers
  134. If I could increase difficulty I would . . .
  135. What If
  136. Metaselecting and Metagaming
  137. DBF Sunday Static Group Thread
  138. Wavecrest Wayfinders - nonPD heavy RP
  139. Diary of yet another brand new Permadeather...
  140. New Group Starting!
  141. The Mysterious 6
  142. Spot open for Wednesday Night Thelanis Group, Level 10-12
  143. Looking for a Static group on Cannith
  144. Mortal Voyage Stays Hard
  145. Orien Static Guild
  146. Looking for Sat, Sun Morning (GMT-6) Static Group Any Server
  147. New Permanent Death Guild
  148. Some were curious about this one
  149. New Static Group on Orien starting June 12th 8 AM GMT-6
  150. Interested in a static group
  151. Permadeath Nightmares
  152. PD shroud?
  153. DBF Sunday Static Group Gyangles Leader
  154. Two from The Core
  155. The Most Valuable Class In PD
  156. A question or two for you Perma death players
  157. My friends and I are loving PermaDeath!
  158. Please Nerf Water Savant
  159. Team Broke - A GIMP Static Group Project
  160. Mortal Builds
  161. A Picky PD Guild of Eberron
  162. Letting people know when you trigger a quest before they are in.
  163. Sarlona
  164. Tomes droped in PD
  165. Why would anyone play permadeath?
  166. Noobish Permadeather Question!
  167. Tuesday Sarlona RP static @l lvl 6 seeking members
  168. The Core turns 50
  169. 10pm Aussie Wed night ORIEN Sneaks
  170. Thelanis player looking for a static group
  171. The Cursed Quest
  172. Prepare to level faster...
  173. Wed group on Sarlona
  174. Bounty Idea, from Sublime
  175. PD Halls of Valhalla Promo Video!!!
  176. The Path of Light is recruiting
  177. 6P.M. Party
  178. Solo PD Project
  179. Looking for a Static RP Group on Khyber.
  180. Chronoscope on hard
  181. Boots of Anchoring
  182. Khyber static group
  183. Dt3
  184. Fun Permapics
  185. Permadeath question
  186. EE Takes Down the Titan!
  187. Sarlona all Dwarf static group
  188. Heavy-RP Static Group (Thelanis)
  189. Help out The Mysterious 6!
  190. Potions as spell components.
  191. Thinking about trying permadeath for the first time.
  192. Looking for a European static rp group on Cannith
  193. Artificers and PD Play: notes
  194. Songs of Praise: virtuoso II
  195. PD guild/group suitable for a Euro dude?
  196. Call for new static
  197. Static group on Argo
  198. Static Anti-Rush Group on Argo Server
  199. Drawn By Fate - Sunday AM static group
  200. Anyone else suspect elite was scaled up a bit?
  201. how do static groups handle raids?
  202. Looking for a static on Sarlona
  203. Perma Death Group on Wayfinder
  204. 1750 favor. Finally.
  205. Will any of the MV duos go all the way?
  206. Argonnessen static group, need members.
  207. Journals of the Fallen One
  208. Starting Static Group for Argo... or at least Semi-Static
  209. Challenges in PD?
  210. FAVOR Farming ~ Hour or so a night (EST)
  211. Argo static group
  212. An idea for a static group
  213. Spot open for Wednesday Night Thelanis Static Group! Level 14-15.
  214. Looking to build new RP static group (18+) to play through quests on Sarlona.
  215. Static Group. Any North American server.
  216. Aussie / Far East Static Group
  217. New static, Casual RP group
  218. Perma Death Guild on Khyber
  219. Argo ~ Tuesday & Thursday ~ Raids & Epics
  220. Argo Players Read This!
  221. Permadeath DND
  222. Consistant group in Argo
  223. Diary of a PD Solo-only crazy person.
  224. Looking for a few old school D&D players
  225. Kylaeria's Swan Song
  226. Permanent TR group every night 19:00-2:00 GMT +1
  227. Permadeath artificer help question
  228. Mortal Voyage completes Desecrated Temple of Vol and Fleshmakers Laboratory
  229. Drawn by Fate - Thursday evening static group
  230. Every day 7am-noonish CST group
  231. Argo Static Group Sat and Sundays
  232. Introducing super hardcore
  233. Looking for a static group on Thelanis.
  234. D&D on DDO? Maybe this would work.
  235. DDO N00b Looking for Static Group for PnP Play Style
  236. [Khyber] Static Group Looking for Player(s)
  237. Looking for 1 member to join a Wednesday Night Static Group on Thelanis
  238. Mortal Voyage completes Acid Wit and Delirium
  239. The Core thwarts chaos
  240. Dynamic Consistent Group - Thelanis
  241. Reality Check: PD/RP Group on Khyber
  242. Looking for PD guild
  243. Small Problem elite, 3-man
  244. I looking to join a PD guild
  245. Player(s) needed for Argo static group
  246. Gianthold Tor: dragon room wipes the Core!
  247. Looking for static group on Sarlona
  248. PD Guilds on Khyber?
  249. Forming Fri or Sat night static group
  250. Looking for static 8-? pm pacific