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  1. How AI learns meta-gaming
  2. May the "Force Friday II" be with you
  3. UO turns 20
  4. Recognize this DDO music from a Reeses ad?
  5. Gone, But Not Forgotten - 9/11/01
  6. Noooo.... WWE Legend Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan dies at 73
  7. Seth MacFarlane's The Orville: Star Trek with normal people
  8. RIP Monty Hall
  9. Rip Hugh
  10. Suggestions designing videos
  11. Know any good jokes?
  12. Blueberry Hill will never be the Same - RiP FATS
  13. A cultural problem that needs to be addressed
  14. "13 Demons" is on Netflix
  15. Want to try Neverwinter Nights 1?
  16. Sydney ferry named Ferry McFerryface after 'Boaty' overruled
  17. Reading R.A. Salvatore: Where to start?
  18. RIP Malcom Young
  19. Fun Weekend Game
  20. [off topic] What became of Asheron's Call?
  21. Oh God! I came back...
  22. The Dark Crystal Heading Back To Theaters For 2 Nights Only
  23. Desperately Seeking New Game
  24. Net neutrality
  25. Dungeons & Dragons Movie Release Date, And New Studio Announced
  26. my honest the last jedi review
  27. Happy New Year DDO'ers
  28. Intel CPU vulnerabilities
  29. Can't think of a viable title.
  30. Free-To-PlayMMO Adding a Subscription Server.
  31. 2018 Tucson Gem show.
  32. Ashes of Creation
  33. Rip Ursula K. Le Guin
  34. Circuits by Puzzle Baron -- Fun time waster
  35. Im back... Oh you didnt know I was gone?
  36. RIP Daryle Singletary 1971-2018
  37. Lets make a deal
  38. Can I mention a new tabletop game?
  39. RIP Stephen Hawking
  40. Spring Equinox
  41. D20
  42. Learn english/danish
  43. Neverwinter Night: Enhanced Edition
  44. Tough choices
  45. Literally a ring of feather falling
  46. Detestari Vierum: A name feared by the gods.
  47. DDO Sheet Music/Guitar Tabs?
  48. I've lost my will to play.
  49. Ar d&d
  50. May the Fourth Be With You
  51. 2018 Memorial Day Ceremony - In Game and on DISCORD! All Servers welcome
  52. Happy Towel Day
  53. Legendary Spartan Assault
  54. For Dr. Who Fans Only
  55. TRANSCRIPT: 10th Annual Memorial Day Ceremony
  56. Stream Talk Show: Inside the Magic Circle: The Not So Forgotten Realms
  57. Your Epic Games Account Has Been Created
  58. Buy A GPD Win And Install DDO onto it?
  59. An Epic thank you! to DDO development...
  60. Dev-Log-Discussion RE: New Enhancement Tree [Ken Mortimer:P Consultation]
  61. Today's Real Life Greensteel
  62. White Plume Mountain
  63. Social media woes
  64. R.I.P. to the Queen of SOUL Aretha Franklin
  65. Purple Shame - the goblin album you didn't know you needed
  66. Legendary Intimidate
  67. Tap Strap wearable keyboard uses gestures to type on any surface
  68. Never Forget. Kudos to First Responders of 9/11, including FDNY Hero Ray Pfeifer.
  69. never forget
  70. The Pursuit of White Magic Philosophy with the use of Reason
  71. A little tech help. . .
  72. Dear people
  73. She has a quest for you
  74. NFL: Roughing The Passer calls out of control
  75. Halloween Ghost Tales
  76. Account Help
  77. AmazonGO --- The RETAIL Store
  78. How is DDO? A question from a lotro player
  79. How is DDO? A question from a lotro player
  80. Happy Veterans Day - A Day to Commemorate.
  81. Stan Lee... Excelsior!
  82. Moral uncertainty
  83. .16
  84. Research Permission
  85. Just for laughs: DDO now has food. Hungry?
  86. When two sentient weapons love eachother very much......
  87. Top 3 Christmas movies...
  88. The Rep +++ Thread
  89. Retro arcade for the home
  90. Is asking for a ship invite for buffs wrong?
  91. its early...
  92. Holiday wishes from around the wolrd
  93. 2019
  94. My New Yesrs hope
  95. Game Recommendations?
  96. Baby Shark!
  97. Mysterious radio signals from deep space detected
  98. The source
  99. Looking for Special Combo Attack
  100. Pathfinder Kingmaker
  101. Grats on SSG's Home Team Super Bowl Win - Extend Buddy Bonus XP to Celebrate! :)
  102. RIP Mars Rover Opportunity
  103. The History of the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon
  104. What is your Favorite Anime/Manga?
  105. ddowiki and crippling
  106. Critical Role launches first KS, gets funded and reaches $3 million on the first day!
  107. 3.14 (pie day) Hawking/Einstein/Galileo factoid
  108. Google is launching a online video platform in the cloud
  109. Morrowind GotY for Free
  110. Selecting computer hardware for cpu intensive tasks
  111. Suggestions/ Recommendations for a new monitor
  112. Boston M.I.T. pulls a great spoof
  113. What are you reading?
  114. rip chewie.
  115. U.S. Legislation To Ban Loot Boxes And Pay-To-Win Microtransactions
  116. Bethesda plagiarizes DND?
  117. Rainbow in the dark
  118. D&D Sale on Steam
  119. Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. Character Building....
  120. Dungeons and Dragons cartoon now Live Action
  121. d20 "Decider" ? (Jeopardy question)
  122. English Review
  123. Baldur's Gate 3
  124. geforce experience question
  125. LFG in another game?
  126. Amazon and Athlon announce new LOTR MMORPG
  127. getting into a unused map
  128. Area 51 Raid
  129. DUNE 2020 filming is done
  130. Scion of the Plane of Elemental Damage turn off
  131. $3 million prize for playing a video game !!!!
  132. Summertime!!!!
  133. Why doesn't DDO's Baba Yaga's Hut have chicken legs?
  134. Whatever happened to the Gorn?
  135. Looks like AD&D is ready to bring DDO to pen and paper?
  136. Ladies & Gentlemen, I Bring to You
  137. The DDO Community QUOTEBACKS Game
  138. Hurricane Dorrian: Please Be Safe Out There
  139. Item Naming
  140. Visiting The 9/11 Memorial & Museum In New York
  141. Visiting The 9/11 Memorial & Museum In New York -- Amazing Grace Performance
  142. I Lost A Friend
  143. Returning player (since Release) looking for his old Gang
  144. Bugs I find
  145. D&D Jokes that make you go...
  146. Diablo II remastered?
  147. Limitations on pet names?
  148. Happy Veterans Day to our members, DDO family and friends.
  149. RIP Brad McQuaid, MMO PIONEER
  150. Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving while storming the Borderlands!
  151. Your Support Post IRL Epic Fight to the Death (Looking Forward)
  152. Online Dungeons and Dragons
  153. D&D alignments for movie/book/comic book characters
  154. In memory
  155. GoFundMe page for Friend whose house burned down last week.
  156. Intresting book
  157. Witcher
  158. Why is Uranus blue?
  159. Happy New Year ya'll!
  160. Interesting
  161. Goodbye, Neil. You'll be missed.
  162. This is what a proper total re-balance looks like in MMOs.
  163. The Three Certainties of DDO, Now and Forever
  164. Hey all, How's things?
  165. "Onward" looks nice ...
  166. Better News
  167. Support Each Other in our most troubling of times with Covid 19
  168. Covid-19 PSA
  169. Public Service Announcement On Corona Virus
  170. Sorry for the IRL Intrusion: All PC Gamers...
  171. Show Em Off!
  172. Dead by Daylight: who of you know him and what do you think?
  173. No better metaphor for the DDO grind
  174. A Cube of My Own.
  175. Free WotC D&D Material.
  176. WEBCAST: Join us in support of FRONT LINE WORKERS - LIVE in NYC
  177. D&D Humble Bundle eBooks until 5/13
  178. Simic Win MTG (arena) Standard Deck?
  179. RIP Little Richard - A Founding Father of Rock Who Broke Musical Barriers