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  1. Dwarf What class for dual wielding dwarfen axes?
  2. Dwarf D-axe dual-wielding reincarnation advice
  3. Half-elf Lr -----> ???
  4. Drow Spell resistance from gear (U29)
  5. Deep Gnome (Svirfneblin) Icon Past Life pondering
  6. Half-Elf Dilettante: Bard
  7. Any point in a dwarven cleric?
  8. Dwarf Throw Your Weight Around
  9. Will Xen'drik weapon training be modified to be on par with gnomish?
  10. Gnomes and Religion
  11. Gnomes/ Hammer proficiency & str mod clarification
  12. Liberate Deep Gnome's color spray
  13. TP cost of Gnome and Deep Gnome?
  14. Elf Does it WAI inaccessible to Final Strike on elven AA tree?
  15. Deep Gnome Conjure Stone
  16. Shifters: where are they?
  17. Wand and scroll mastery question.
  18. Deep Gnome Iconic Past Life Stance Illusion DC Bonus Isn't Working
  19. Introduce Dragonborn race to DDO
  20. Gnomes Stance
  21. Gnome 32 point vs Drow 28
  22. Deep Gnome Iconic OPtion
  23. Gnome wand and scroll mastery bugged?
  24. Color spray SLA - Question for devs
  25. The Deep Gnome Iconic is a win.
  26. Deep Gnome palemaster and death aura/negative energy blast
  27. Elf Elf AA
  28. Gnome +1 crit range not working like I hoped
  29. Adding the Merfolk Race and Werewolf Shifters to DDO.
  30. Elf March of the Bladesingers!
  31. Dragonblood as a playable race
  32. Merfolk Race.
  33. Drow Ravials
  34. Racial enhancement-based character
  35. Overpriced Racial Enhancements
  36. Drow Warlock TR
  37. Dwarf Should Female Dwarves have beards as an option?
  38. Drow SLA suggestion
  39. Race of your first DDO Character ever?
  40. Drow vs human, for final life?
  41. Half-elf Half-Elf Mixed Heritage
  42. Half Elf Pure Artificer Warlock Dilentte
  43. Bladeforged Deity Choice
  44. Revamp Dragonmarks
  45. Red dragons, dragonborn, and.. red herring?
  46. Drow Is the Drow Spell Resistance SUPPOSED to stack with items? Because it's not.
  47. Devs give us an answer please..
  48. Racial Reincarnation!
  49. Can you have a 36 point drow?
  50. new races?? Yes,please..
  51. Dragonborn preferred class in DDO
  52. Halfling Halfling Reincarnation is missing one thing
  53. Dragonborn model issues
  54. Devs Dragonborn and Cosmetics?
  55. DB Druid (cant train wolf pet)
  56. Creative build help for Beta Ray Thor build
  57. Races and classes for first completionist
  58. Female Dragonborn animation broken?
  59. Racial Reincarnation
  60. Memory of (Wingless) Flight
  61. Customer Service for problem with racial reincarnation
  62. Dragonborn have a new style of greatsword fighting
  63. A little feedback on dragborn enhancements!
  64. problems with racial reincarnation
  65. DB-Dragonbreath: Ultima Weapon or Red Herring?
  66. Dragonborn feels half-baked
  67. Dragonborn Breath - No level in DC?
  68. Deep Gnome Bugs
  69. Math on Effectiveness of Dragonbreath
  70. Warforged/Blade Forged New Feat Steel Body
  71. Do Dragonborn seem just a tad boring?
  72. Spell Agility +5 Blue augment ___BUG ????
  73. Drow Spell Agility +5 Blue augment ___BUG ????
  74. Half-elf Updates and/or changes
  75. Warforged Improved Body enhancement
  76. Dragonborn issues
  77. Salvage an old WF?
  78. Dwarf The Kundarak Brigade (TYWA Builds)
  79. Sun Elf SLA
  80. Drow are ddos worst race now
  81. Gnomes and light picks
  82. Half Elf Build?
  83. Assimar free to VIP or not?
  84. Aasimar greatsword attack chain bugged?
  85. Aasimar Question - Healing Hands
  86. Qasim are iconic free to VIP?
  87. Aasimar male FvS issues - WAI?
  88. Deep Gnomes and You!! (need help!)
  89. Aasimar Ascendant Bond toggling off
  90. Aasimar Bond Of The Fallen
  91. Aasimar Ascendant Bond: Bugged?
  92. Warforged End game docent
  93. HalfOrc Barbarian
  94. Gnome Best build for gnome racial life.
  95. Aasimar & Aasimar Scourge deity
  96. What Race Do You Want To See Next (Assuming new races are inevitable?)
  97. Bladeforged Question
  98. Satyrs and Elf sleep immunity
  99. Dwarf Advice on Dwarven Axes and Shields and TYWA
  100. Gnome Fun Gnome Build?
  101. Cosmetic hats for dragonborn?
  102. Dragonborn Fun Dragonborn Build?
  103. Greater DM of Shadow
  104. Elf Wood Elves existing in Ebberon
  105. Faith of the Forest:
  106. Wood Elves broke Elves
  107. Wood elves arcane archer megabug
  108. Dwarf 32 point fighter with rogue splash for trapping request
  109. Race Balance
  110. No Elvish Dragonmark?
  111. Warforged, Decent Warlocks ?
  112. Channeler class?(5th ed.)
  113. Halfling Need build for racial lives
  114. Adamantine Body
  115. Purple Dragon Knight appearance change mechanic?
  116. Half-orc build ideas?
  117. Half-orc Horc Lock Bash Question
  118. Warforged Feminine warforged; Any word from the devs?
  119. Aasimar Metallic Bug
  120. Regarding Tieflings and enchantment spells!
  121. Male tiefling is like a woman?
  122. Tiefling THF bug
  123. Tiefling ideal classes
  124. Initial thoughts on Tiefling.
  125. My Half-Orc..& Epic Destiny Question..
  126. Regular Tiefling with Fiddle
  127. Tiefling Negaitve HP Mode
  128. Aasimar Metallic Option