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  1. Drow vs. 32
  2. Are Dile's swapable now....
  3. 1 level of wizard
  4. Half-elf meeleFvS: best Dilettante feat
  5. 32 point - Half Elf Pale Master Build
  6. Halfelf paladin diletante and whirling steel
  7. Bluff bug?
  8. Does the HO Rage Enhancement Affect Non-Barbs
  9. need help with my level 6 elf rogue
  10. Halflings should not be a free race: 2000 TP
  11. Dwarven Defender PrE
  12. WF DPS Enhancments
  13. h-elf pally with Rng dil question
  14. H-Elf Rogue Dilettante stack w/ Rogue Past-Life Feat?
  15. stat enhancements question.
  16. HOrc Hate Toggle+Rage
  17. The definition of HOT!
  18. Balance Halfling vs Half Elf sneak ap cost
  19. least Dragonmark of Finding
  20. Half Elf fighter dilettante needs to be fixed
  21. what's this about half-elves being ugly?
  22. Barbarian Diliente'
  23. Dwarven Monk
  24. MR. ROBOTO Warforged Music Video
  25. Half Orc Barb
  26. Stat enhancement question
  27. Half Elf Rogue Dilettante + Past Life Rogue Feat
  28. Something that bothers me.
  29. Half-Elves enhancements
  30. Help with HO barb Build 32 pts
  31. Viable WF Melee builds
  32. Elves seriously need more dev love
  33. Advice on spell/enchantment resistance
  34. Wiz/Sorc Dilettante difference?
  35. Helves - Sneak attack Enhanchment
  36. WF - 18 Paladin/2Fighter build - Request Feedback
  37. Half-Orcs w/ Bastard Swords/Dwarven Axes
  38. Wich are the most desired docents?
  39. wf components I'd like to see
  40. mistake
  41. rogue dilly and rogue past life
  42. PD build: Jill-Of-All-Trades
  43. helf on sale now, convince me to buy
  44. helf dps pal build
  45. Adamantine body is useless?
  46. UMD-scrimination
  47. clarrification on shield mastery enhanc
  48. Drow TRing....
  49. Dilettante Comparison
  50. The Soloist Beast
  51. Barbarian dilletante DR stacking
  52. Question about Horc Melee Clerics
  53. halfling wizard build recommendation/ideas
  54. Warforged sorc/wiz repair caster
  55. horcrobat questions
  56. The Warforged Fighter
  57. Any builds for Sorc Helf pls
  58. Helf Pure ftr build
  59. Swappin Dilettantes
  60. Orcish Power Rage
  61. Rargh, 50% horc sale! Woot! Wait, now what?
  62. Horc THF, fighter vs barb?
  63. Oink!
  64. H.O Mellee Cleric/ Barbarian
  65. The "Question of the Hour"
  66. Is this it?
  67. Are elves just a flavour race now?
  68. Fighter dilettante for monk?
  69. Halfling monk vs Half Orc Barb in unarmed brawl.
  70. dwarf vs half orc
  71. Nevermind armor appearance kits, how about Tattoo's?
  72. My first ever Melee - Please Critique
  73. Drow TR Wiz stats
  74. thf orc kensai + dragonmark feats?
  75. FYI its just drow not drows.
  76. Dwarf: Inferior race needing a change?
  77. WF Fighter, is 1 arcane lvl a good idea?
  78. The Dev's Forgot us
  79. Stat point distribution question.
  80. New Zealand DDO player thank overseas Earthquake support
  81. All my Horc wants for Christmas is...
  82. What is the dance2 from?
  83. Quarforged docent toughness stacking
  84. Scorpion Wraith
  85. If you made an epic docent what would it have?
  86. Helfsploiter?
  87. A little help here please?
  88. Slappin' & a Singin': A Helf Warchanter
  89. Warforged gotta love em - prefix test
  90. Half-elf This thread is about warforged
  91. Dwarf Best Class for one
  92. RR Human and Half-Elf but not Half-Orc?
  93. What happened to the separate forums?
  94. Half-orc WF to fleshies (Horc): gear and immunities
  95. Half-elf Half elf Barb dil - Im not getting the DR enhancement line!
  96. Dilettante feat question
  97. Elf AA ninja 9monk 8ranger 3Cleric
  98. $6,000,000 Warforged: we can rebuild him
  99. Drow Drow Prefix test
  100. Half-elf Rogue with Ranger Dilly
  101. WF 28 point pally build and other questions
  102. Half-elf Fighter dilettane and fighter stunning blow enhancements
  103. Half-elf Dual-Wielding Scimitar Half-Elf
  104. Half-elf Half Elves any good now?
  105. Helf w/12, tome +1 = Dilettante enabled?
  106. Half-elf Helf gets both Elven Dexterity and Human Adaptability?
  107. Half-elf Air Savant and Mark of Storm
  108. Elf scimitar??
  109. New races
  110. Half-elf I Give Up!
  111. Half-elf Dev's fix dilettante
  112. Helf Dragonmark caster level
  113. Halfling heroic companion worth the AP?
  114. New Race Revealed
  115. Halfling Metamagics, Extra Action Boosts, and Hero's Companion
  116. Half-elf Question regarding dilettante feats
  117. Half-elf HElf get attack/damage bonus to rapiers?
  118. Half-orc fighter
  119. Half-elf Wizard Diletante = Elven Arcanum in U9 ?
  120. Drow Char sr
  121. Elf The no spell point arcane archer?
  122. Drow Do Drow Have Argyria?
  123. Half-elf Weapon class proficiency
  124. rogue hirelings
  125. Human Healing amp + pale master?
  126. Half-races stat change?
  127. Half-elf dragon mark of storm broken.
  128. Elf Elven Manipulation Lines?
  129. Pro/Con List for WF or HO or a Main Tank?
  130. Dwarven Axe featless for Dwarves
  131. Good Classes for Each Race?
  132. Do Drow TR's et the extra points???
  133. Docent for WF FVS
  134. Warforged Warforged AC woes.
  135. Half Elf - The Ultimate Sorc Race
  136. Evoker FVS : Helf ? Human ? Dwarf ?
  137. Kalashtar
  138. Here's an original race. anyone can enjoy
  139. Warforged Do want.
  140. Human I feel stupid
  141. Half-orc What do we/you know about the Horc Mark of Finding?
  142. Dilettantes and wands
  143. Half-elf Do Half Elves......
  144. Half-elf Swapping dilettante after a tome?
  145. Warforged Can you change WF colors after creation?
  146. Warforged Should Warforged be Prevented from Becoming Pale Masters?
  147. Elven arcanum and the Undying court
  148. Half-elf Needing help with last or surnames
  149. Playable. Kobold. Race.
  150. Half-elf Rogue Feat
  151. Drow Drow spell resist should stack
  152. Is it possible to make a female Dwarf not make horrible?
  153. Being an elf is tough
  154. Half-elf okay pretty character creators. . .help me out
  155. Half-elf Hair Style 2 Malfunction
  156. Warforged Fed up with the Flesh..
  157. Half-orc I cant stand half-orcs.
  158. Warforged warforged reciving negative levels!
  159. Drow Drow weapon enchancement line worth it?
  160. WHAT If....?
  161. Half-elf UMD or Dilettante: Healer
  162. Warforged Healing Amp on a WF Monk
  163. Halfling Are halflings overpowered?
  164. Helf FVS with monk dilli?
  165. Dragonborn: Very much possible in Eberron
  166. Warforged Need advice on WF tank
  167. Half-elf Dilettantes: Tomes & Feat swaps?
  168. Dilettante Question
  169. Half-Elf Fighter Dilettante Question
  170. Elf Odd class selection?
  171. Kobold Poll
  172. Kobolds, Eladrin & Genasi...Race Bias??
  173. Warforged Random Docent Looks
  174. Changelings in theory
  175. Petition: Let's get Gnomes as the next Race!
  176. Petition: Kobolds
  177. Half-elf ( 18 rogue / 2 Wiz ) AA with all the rogue flavor!
  178. lets get dragon borne race
  179. Anti-Gnome Alliegence
  180. Half-orc Bastard Sword & Melee Dmg Enh
  181. Warforged Does greater nimbleness work in non-armor slot if you take body feat?
  182. Change Race?
  183. Halfling Hero's companion worth the APs?
  184. Warforged A question of warforged
  185. Dwarf Do ALL dwarves get dwarven axe proficiency?
  186. fun item for WF
  187. Changelings anyone?
  188. Half-Orc Faith Weapon
  189. Half-elf What is DC of helf social graces?
  190. Full Blood Orc
  191. Warforged and the U11 Damage Boost changes
  192. Can Helfs switch Dilettante feats?
  193. Halfling Suggestions for balancing out halfling
  194. Half-elf dilettante: Sorcerer
  195. Warforged Change WF appearance?
  196. Warforged Docent Appearence Examples
  197. Fleshie Sorc/AM- How do you self heal?
  198. Human Human Versatility - Damage broken?
  199. Possible new race
  200. Drow Drow monk? If not, what classes?
  201. Half-elf Artificer Intelligence I has wrong requirement
  202. How could they do that to us??
  203. Human Does Human Versatilty: Damage Boost affect sneak attack damage?
  204. Drow 18/2 wiz/rogue build
  205. Warforged can i use fred to get mythrill body? help!
  206. Best Caster Race
  207. Elf How to buff an Elf
  208. Half-elf Artificer Dilettante: numbers?
  209. Dragonmark Heirs and other Racial PrE's
  210. Halfling halfling hero's companion worth it or waste?
  211. Half-elf Bug on Artificer Dilettante
  212. Possibilty of Paragon paths in DDO?
  213. Regarding the half elf version of human versatility
  214. Adamantine body and evasion?
  215. Half-elf Dragonmarks of the Storm and Metamagic feats
  216. Elves need some work
  217. Warforged Body Feats
  218. Kalashtar
  219. What race would be good for a melee oriented bard with sneaks and heals?
  220. Warforged or half orc
  221. Thri-Kreen
  222. Helf Artificer Dilettante worth taking?
  223. Dilettante Question #2
  224. Drow im about to unlock drow today. what class?
  225. Half-elf Monk - 2nd TR
  226. Half-elf Sorcerer Diletante
  227. Half-elf Does Barb Dille Toughness stack for multiple Toughness feats?
  228. Halfling Ideas for TWF TR
  229. Drow veteran articifer
  230. does drow resistance stack with ranger resistance
  231. vote for new race!
  232. Dwarf So how can Dwarven Defender be released without breaking the game?
  233. Warforged Repair Amp equipment - when?
  234. Warforged All Warforged Party layout
  235. Half-elf Barbarian Dilettante enhancement stacking
  236. Half Orc monks any good?
  237. New Races - Needs Help
  238. Drow Save my 18/2 Ranger/Rogue
  239. Warforged And Blood Rage - Does it's fatigue effects harm the warforged, or are they immune?
  240. Damn I forgot all - Need Wiz, Fig, Rog
  241. Best Race Question
  242. Elf Description in Compendium
  243. Half-elf Want a beautiful half-elf? If you don't like yours, try mine
  244. Half-elf question regarding skill points
  245. Human vs Helf
  246. Halfling Healing Dragonmarks
  247. Warforged Warforged - The MASTER race in DDO
  248. Dilettante Feat swap auto-reset ALL enhancements, or only Dilettante Line?
  249. Half-elf Monk Dilettante Question
  250. It's the year of the dragon so do we get dragonborn o.O