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  1. Battle Mage
  2. Wizard-Monk
  3. Eldritch Knight question
  4. Prodigal Knight
  5. Okay new approach Demonweb Dwarf
  6. Any wizard repeater users?
  7. Melf's Acid Arrow or Scorching Ray
  8. Wizard Build Help
  9. How good of a build is this so far
  10. Deathblock questions
  11. PM Gear Query
  12. Harper Agent Melee Wizard - Terrible idea?
  13. Pale Master Question for returning player
  14. Pure WF Arachmage buuiild
  15. The Cost of Living. Or...Does Refusing to be Undead Really Hurt?
  17. War Wizard (wiz 17/bard 3)
  18. Having problems with palemaster negative healing
  19. U27 Morninglord Palemaster Necromancer Build
  20. Past Life: Arcane Initiate Multiple Times?
  21. Would this work? Bladeforged 2 Pal / 2 War (Fiend:Tainted Scholar) / 16 Sor
  22. Build help
  23. When it becomes mathematically efficient to maximize
  24. Help with this build?
  25. Wizard 20 melee build possible?
  26. Considering a Wiz 18/Rogue2/Epic8 DPS wizard
  27. Pale Trapper for Update 27?
  28. Vampire Builds in Today's Game
  29. Considering a Wizard... need whatever advice you can give.
  30. Pale master f2p pure help!
  31. a caster lives for my melee
  32. Eldritch Knight build
  33. conjuration pale master whats better D/C or spell penn?
  34. Feeling bored? How about coming up with a build for me for this...
  35. Template needed
  36. Newbie Wizard with unlocked veteran 4.
  37. Broken Harp, Stringer of Death
  38. Wrathful Wraith (17 Wizard/3 Barbarian)
  39. Update 28 Int Gear Layout
  40. Spellblade
  41. Need help from the community. Trying to figure out my INT possibility
  42. EverGhost-Poltergeist
  43. Any build actually using Eldritch Knight?
  44. Blood Frenzy
  45. Any Wizards Use Contagion?
  46. Full Metal Wizard
  47. idk
  48. Since update 28.1 Wizard getting destroyed on EH
  49. New Player Need Drow/Elf Build Advice
  50. Wizard past life
  51. Lv 30 Wizard shiradi build choice?
  52. Level 8 and 9 spells
  53. The Puppetmaster
  54. Several questions about the wizard and its prestiges.
  55. Call Kindred Being
  56. Augment Summoning not stacking right ?
  57. Vampire Graphic disappearing when zoning?
  58. AshKetchum's Shiradi Wizard Build (U29)
  59. Do Artificers have any advantage over Wizards?
  60. Probably highest necro and enchant dc right now
  61. Planning first TR into Wiz
  62. Sun-Elf 1Clr/1Art/18Wiz A rough Lich Shiradi Arbalester Hot Mess Trapper
  63. "Strimtom's Forceful Hand" a self limiting wizard challenge build guide.
  64. Best in slot for wizards
  65. Deep Gnome Wizard
  66. Need help: Numbers are not adding up on my DC wizard.
  67. Solo Pale Master Build and Gameplay?
  68. Oh, what to do with thee, oh Deepwood Gnome?
  69. Need a wiz build
  70. Shiradi Question: How to proc "Master of Knowledge" & "Empyrean Magic" Properly
  71. Lolth Assassin for New Players (Drow 13 Wiz/ 7 Rogue)
  72. spell book
  73. Wizard DPS
  74. What's the opposite of a "DC Caster"?
  75. Build help please.
  76. PK Issues Wizards n Warlocks
  77. Wizard/Sorcerer Spells Little used and Little misunderstood
  78. Need help with my Wizard
  79. Allow / Create Secondary Archmage Tree - SLA Update
  80. Viable pure wizards builds
  81. looking for a pure wizard drow or sunelf build
  82. Non-Pale Master Fleshie Melee Wizard for Epics?
  83. Introducing Ithril, DC caster, pure wizard build U30
  84. Returning Wizard (3+ years ago)
  85. First Life Pure Wizard, Pale Master - need build/advice
  86. What good is Eldritch Knight?
  87. Enchanter/CC/Illusion Wizard Help
  88. Robes of Celestial Sage DROPS dc on necros :(
  89. Been Gone a while - Epic wiz help
  90. Wiz PL build
  91. Help Wanted (Pale Master/Trap monkey) Returning from long break
  92. Looking for an undead staff using build
  93. Spellsword enhancement
  94. 12wiz/4 warlock/4 fvs shiradi?
  95. Equipment for a gnome illusionist/necro - palemaster?
  96. Palemaster noob questions
  97. MAX INT/NECRO realistic breakdown and gear for Pale Master
  98. Template for Deep Gnome Illusionist/Enchanter 18 wizard / 2 rogue
  99. Evocation/Conjuration Elementalist
  100. Wizard for EE
  101. Wow my wizard sucks... help please...
  102. Eldritch Knight.. yea, I know
  103. The Arcane Warrior - 3 different builds
  104. Pale Master 1-10
  105. Non-PM DPS/Utility Pure 20 DG Wiz, possible?
  106. Wizard ED strategy help
  107. Splashing Rogue
  108. Build help
  109. Using Hypnotic Pattern
  110. 28 point pure wizard build?
  111. EK concept
  112. Past lives...
  113. Pale Wizard question
  114. Level 20 Deep Gnome Wizard
  115. Warforged Wizard? (2nd Life)
  116. Looking for a Wizard build that doesn't really do Wizard stuff
  117. Returning Pale Master - Looking for Gear Upgrade advice
  118. Wiz/Arti question
  119. Looking for Non-pale, non-monk WF Wizard build
  120. PM enchant/necro gear.
  121. Wizard DC or damage?
  122. melee wizard help
  123. Melee Wizards and Quick Draw
  124. Returning Player END GAME DC Question
  125. Missing spells?
  126. Living wizards, EE
  127. Archmage Enchanter: 17 Wizard / 3 Bard
  128. Beginner Wizard Build, Any Guidance Appreciated
  129. Wizard suddenly can't cast spells
  130. A Zombie Guide to the Apocalypse
  131. How Do You Gear Your Wizard?
  132. Potential Swordmage Ideas?
  133. Skeletal Knight stat questions.
  134. Eldritch knight (whats the point)
  135. Need help with AP spread for DC deep gnome illusionist with MoK
  136. This might get me laughed out of the forums, but..
  137. Pure 20 Wizard: what kind of spell powers people sitting at
  138. Warforged Wizard?
  139. pale master help
  140. Wizard build for 3 fast heroic lives?
  141. Some Pale Master Questions
  142. Salvage an old character for a returning player 6wiz (1x wiz pl)
  143. Fast Wiz life
  144. Twf bad ass wizard
  145. Where to focus to get my DCs up?
  146. Chain Missle - Missles not firing?
  147. How do you deal with renders and reavers in Demon Assault on a DC caster?
  148. Palemaster build
  149. Deep Gnome Pale Master.
  150. Community Advice Desired
  151. I run, and I explode, Kablooey!
  152. Epic TR Wizard
  153. Looking for a pure wizard build viable in reaper
  154. Do the Battle Arcanist set and Arcane Adept from the Magister tree stack?
  155. Whoopitty doo, yet another PM build
  156. How effective is web as a primary source of CC?
  157. Feat exchange question
  158. My Wizard Question
  159. Request gear layout for deep gnome Wizard 20 / Epic 10
  160. Crossbow wielding vampire-enchanter of Doom!
  161. Static 4 Man Group - Shiradi Caster - Rogue Gimp - Help Needed
  162. Critique my warforged evocer
  163. Pale Master no longer viable ?
  164. 1st file wizard reaper 1-3 CC vs Damage
  165. Second Life Melee Pale Master Build
  166. Leveling up, but all spells are already inscribed?
  167. Evocation vs enchant vs necro focus feats for heroics
  168. Eldknight terribly underpowered
  169. converting Deep gnome illusionist to an undead killer
  170. Best undead form for melee wizard?
  171. An Eldritch Knight Rework.
  172. Theorycrafting assistance please
  173. Necro Wizard Sentient Weapons thoughts
  174. Repeater Attack Speed in Zombie Form
  175. Vistanni EDK viable????
  176. Am enhancements/destiny
  177. Meteor Swarm vs. Chain Missiles for Shiradi Arcane Archer
  178. Wizard
  179. Where do these 90+ DCs come from?
  180. Thoughts on Reaper Defenses for Warforged Archmage
  181. Feedback on Pale Master build
  182. Check my Math on Int
  183. Master of Dead Feat
  184. Hellball seems to be underperforming in reaper
  185. The Sauron build
  186. Summoner / enchanter
  187. Looking for Crippey Build
  188. Sources of negative healing amp
  189. So, what does a modern day enchant/necro PM look like?
  190. Looking for Deep Gnome Wiz build to run to 30 in Shadowdancer
  191. wraith monk
  192. Looking for a 1st life wizard build
  193. negative heal amp
  194. Eldritch Knight idea
  195. Eldritch Knight Rework
  196. wizard for farming toee/slavers
  197. Oddly Fun Build Vistani Knife Fighting Necromancer
  198. Shiradi Wizard
  199. Gnome or Drow?
  200. Looking for a build with Wizard splash for last Deep Gnome Iconic life
  201. Looking for a enchant/ illusion build
  202. Vistani Pale Trapper
  203. Agonizing over skill point allocation, please help
  204. Wizard weapons at endgame - anything BESIDES scepters?
  205. Wizards *need* an update pass to make them viable in legendary
  206. And the dead shall rise once more!
  207. Need wizard build for 3x heroic lifes
  208. Pure Wiz Eldritch Knight
  209. Negative Healing Amp Untold Changes?
  210. Alternative Archmage Changes - More Wizardly
  211. Gnumber 17 and Nocturne, two EK builds
  212. Heroic Wizard Arcane Archer - Decision Time
  213. Wiz EK Feat Selection
  214. How does a max level wizard get the new spells?
  215. I want to be one of those high epic dc casters that dominate
  216. Warforged EK build work in progress
  217. Wizard EK Build help
  218. Chewbacca's Bowcaster
  219. Pure EK melee theory build
  220. Endless Spell Points Zombie AA: Heroic, 1st life friendly, 32pt build, no tomes
  221. First Try At A Wizard
  222. Trying to build for EK BF but have questions
  223. PRR/MRR Questions -
  224. MAX INT on a Wizard
  225. Question on EK and Orb Defense
  226. Is negative energy burst bugged?
  227. Eldrich Knight Arcane Archer, 18 Wizard 2 Rogue, Only 1 Racial Point Required.
  228. What scion for pure eldricth knight?
  229. Tough Choice on Gear AA Wizard
  230. Thoughts on Wizarding
  231. Looking for a necromancer build.
  232. EK BF build Questions
  233. 18Wiz/2Rouge Rebuild Help
  234. Yet another thread on the EK
  235. EK Weapon Choice
  236. Archon and EK
  237. Bored with PM Help me spice it up
  238. Spellswords And You ~ A Strimtom Review
  239. My take on a WF eldritch knight
  240. Help: wizard in baba
  241. Eldritch Knight
  242. Looking for Gear Stacking Confirmation
  243. EK is a better PM than PM
  244. Can spellswords crital hit?
  245. EK build - please pick at it as I've never swung a pointy stick before! :o
  246. Looking for a good no tome solo EK build.
  247. Looking for a good solo build 20->30 for a first-life drow wizard
  248. wizard thoughts