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  1. Druid Faerie Fire
  2. Cleric QUICK gear fix(es) to prep for 'fixed' FoT?
  3. Favored Soul So.... Am I gonna be decent at cap?
  4. Sorcerer To pure or not to pure?
  5. Druid First attempt at a caster druid
  6. Cloak of the Dragon
  7. Cleric Battle cleric
  8. Favored Soul Need help with an outdated Evoker FvS
  9. Druid Is a 1st Life Human Druid EH build possible?
  10. Favored Soul End game melee/laser favored soul build help
  11. Evoker FVS - now what?
  12. Favored Soul Lamartina 18FvS/1Mnk/1Wiz.
  13. Druid Need Help on Caster Druid that can also Melee
  14. Wizard Bugged Double Rainbow?
  15. Druid Storm of Vengeance
  16. Druid Reference Post
  17. Cleric Need some help... Badly
  18. Cleric Build request
  19. Wizard Ranged feats on a shiradi archmage
  20. Sorcerer SP gear stacking
  21. SP producing gear
  22. Sorcerer 18/2 Paladin Shiradi Gear?
  23. Favored Soul The Favored Slayer: A melee favored soul
  24. Wizard First life Drow
  25. Earth Savant build?
  26. Wizard Armored Mage
  27. Sorcerer High Saveing full WF sorcerer :)
  28. Wizard Need some feedback
  29. Favored Soul making a melee fvs.
  30. Druid Weapon Materials and Wild Shape??
  31. Druid Mid-teen Druid armor suggestions, please
  32. Druid Druid advice
  33. Cleric Necro cleric for new players (Human 19/1 Cleric/Wizard)
  34. Shiradi enhancements
  35. Sorcerer splash on sorc.
  36. Druid Druid traper
  37. Talk me out of this.
  38. Favored Soul Level 19 rambling
  39. Favored Soul looking for Max WIS and Max smitter
  40. Druid Did i miss the memo?
  41. Cleric and Favored Soul...LR mid-life
  42. Favored Soul Divine caster, viable?
  43. Druid Don't know jack about druids, advice wanted
  44. Favored Soul FvS evoker please critique.
  45. Cleric Vic's Cleric
  46. Wizard Necro/ Enchant or Enchant/ Conj at endgame?
  47. Cleric Exalted Angel
  48. Wizard Might of the Abishai set Build
  49. Cleric CLR17/__/WIZ1, mention Master's Touch for melee
  50. Druid Wolf Form Shield Question
  51. Favored Soul Fighting against a mob with Death Ward...
  52. Sorcerer Spell points
  53. Druid Augment Summons: WAI?
  54. Sorcerer Skills on a sorc
  55. Wizard Iron Shiradi: Less is More?
  56. Druid Best dps for animal form
  57. Cleric Why Battle Cleric's get a bad name
  58. Sorcerer 18 Sorc/2Pally
  59. Wizard PrE & gear advice needed
  60. Cleric Divines: why do so many others know our role?
  61. Sorcerer My Shiradi Sorc Gear
  62. Cleric Cleric tank?
  63. Druid Druid shield options - do they suck as bad as I think?
  64. Cleric Advice so saying "melee" is not a four letter word out of your Divine mouth
  65. Sorcerer Selfhealing non-WF airbender
  66. Favored Soul Which Greatsword at L20?
  67. Druid Dumb newb question
  68. Wizard WF AM Shiradi advice please
  69. Cleric Radiant Servant Aura
  70. Druid Druid + LD/momentum swing
  71. Favored Soul FvS feat change?
  72. Druid Another dumb newb question
  73. Cleric Build idea, feedback requested. (Save my healer!)
  74. Which SLA / Spells does enlarge work with?
  75. Druid ToD rings for Druids?
  76. Favored Soul Silver Flame Exorcism
  77. Druid Which to use... fatal harrier or reaving roar?
  78. Cleric Cleric, Pure healer/DC caster, feat/stat/enh help please
  79. how to cast LOTS and LOTS of magic missiles?
  80. Favored Soul Melee FvS Weapons
  81. Druid Noob Question: How/Where I get Pet equipment and enhancements?
  82. Need Help with PM ekips
  83. Pale masters stat damage
  84. Sorcerer Looking for a 28pt build
  85. Druid Druid Wolf
  86. Heighten, explain the details... and robe recommendations at mid level...
  87. Druid please help me with build
  88. Request: PM human wiz 32build
  89. Favored Soul WF LotB no longer viable?
  90. Sorcerer I Could Use Some Help With Savants!
  91. noob question about metamagic
  92. Wizard The NecroDome: full plate + tower shield = 0% asf
  93. Sorcerer TR Sorc Build. Suggestions appreciated!
  94. Wizard Can someone suggest a wizard build?
  95. Augment Summoning: Sorcerer or Wizard?
  96. Druid druid 19/rogue 1: advice on build
  97. Cleric What have the Devs done :(
  98. Wizard Returning player, can I continue with this Human PM build?
  99. Sorcerer Need help with Shiradi feats
  100. Crowd control Sorc or Wizard build?
  101. Druid Level 20 Gear
  102. Warforge Favored Soul or Cleric builds?
  103. Sorcerer Infused Chaos Docent upgrade: +Reflex or +DC?
  104. 19 sorc/1 pally or 18 sorc /2 pally?
  105. Need a Melee Favored Soul Build for three past lives
  106. What alignment is better for a Sorceror or Wizard - Neutral / Chaotic / ???
  107. Druid Melee Druid build options?
  108. Which is better?
  109. paladin devotion stacks ad druid one?
  110. Couple of past lives on caster character
  111. please help a new sorcerer with ED question
  112. Wizard So what is up with the pale master necro bolts?
  113. Negative Energy divine caster?
  114. Question about Resist Energy and Protection from Energy
  115. Favored Soul Please help me choose a Green Steel item.
  116. enervation vs con-op
  117. Druid Does Druid Wild Shape stack with any Pale Master shroud?
  118. EE Arcanes not in shiradi
  119. Feats and spells progression for a starting sorc?
  120. Wizard Mixing Monk and Palemaster
  121. Any new class in sight ?
  122. Favored Soul FvS Dwarf tank of Half-Orc swinger... looking for ideas
  123. Post-expansion DC divine theory crafting
  124. Sorcerer Fire Savant: not quite working as I hoped
  125. Wizard The Heal Skill and Negative Energy
  126. New Spell Pen and DC requirements
  127. Should all healers be splashing ranger now?
  128. Apparently you can't deep splash an arcane.
  129. Cleric vs Favoured Soul vs Druid - which is the best offensive caster?
  130. Tier 5 Sorcerer Spells Mainly earth grab
  131. How much spell penetration needed with new contents?
  132. 7 Arti/13 Wiz Melee Caster?
  133. Divines, what is your Spellpower looking like?
  134. Sorcerer The Scorcher (WF 18 Sorc, 2 Fvs Shiradi)
  135. Mass Frog bug (another one)
  136. Shiradi 16/2/2 Sorc or Wiz?
  137. Offensive Casting and how Favored Souls get the short end of the stick
  138. Best Topics for Information ?
  139. Concentration or Spellcraft?
  140. Druid Will a Druid be a successful high lvl?
  141. Spell pen on Planar Conflux
  142. Returning Player Looking For PM Leveling Guide
  143. Druid 15/ Wiz 5
  144. Are savant caster level increases working correctly?
  145. Wizard pastlife question
  146. The Radiant Dwarf Titan - a fully healing capable melee cleric (Clr17/Ftr2/Wiz1)
  147. Help me build a heroic tier Shadow Knight (eldritch tree)
  148. Impressed with the Eldritch Knight PRE
  149. Coming back..please help me decide
  150. Between Eldritch Knight and Battle Engineer...
  151. Pets Question
  152. Druid vs. Cleric Who is the better healer?
  153. Will we ever see Draconic Incarnation revisited?
  154. Sorcerer seeking advice vs **$#(#& traps
  155. Effective DCs...
  156. Spells and Spell Power Types
  157. Best slot for GS
  158. Caster level bugged?
  159. Wizard Returning player, looking for pure Wiz builds, no TR....
  160. Druid Druid's Natural Attacks & Weapon Specialization?
  161. Druid Pack Presence spell & Aggravate (tier 1 Nature's Warrior)?
  162. Twist renewal on my shiradi sorc next patch?
  163. Efficient Metamagic Enhancements: Stack or no?
  164. master trole build
  165. Favored Soul Favored Soul Advice Needed
  166. Favored Soul Build idea! Favored soul/Ranger build
  167. Shiradi casters, some advice please!
  168. Sorcerer The Mighty Transformer re-post from gen. discussion
  169. Sorcerer vs Wizard, April 2014 Edition
  170. Is Wizard the best class in DDO?
  171. How important is having Spell Resistance on my character?
  172. True Seeing Bugged?
  173. Cleric Thinking about TRing into a cleric. Need some help and advice
  174. Where did Superior elemental damage potions go?
  175. Shiradi vs Elemental Sorc
  176. Cleric Need some help fine tuning my cleric
  177. Lord of Blades VS Eldritch Knight
  178. Druid Vs Sorc
  179. Picking up after LONG hiatus: Cleric/Arcane at all viable?
  180. Orbs ??
  181. DC Based Casters - bards and sorcs
  182. Favored Soul Fvs Divine Disciple?
  183. Trying to understand "gains one stack" statements
  184. Build request: 14 sorc / 6 Monk (8 EPIC with DI-ED)
  185. Eldritch Strike
  186. Sorcerer Sorcerer Eldritch Knight/Swashbuckler
  187. Looking for a good caster docent
  188. testing something silly
  189. blade barrier
  190. Epic Feat "Ruin": what affects it/ How to boost it further.
  191. Spells that Do More Than Their Descriptions Say
  192. Fun & Soloable spellcaster ideas?
  193. Sorcerer returning to my drow sorc
  194. Repeater Rogue delitante feat Advice
  195. Efficient metamagic - worth it or not?
  196. End Game Shiradi Gear-Out
  197. Heavy armored PM build
  198. Sorcerer Is it possible to make a decent sorc eldritch knight?
  199. Wizard Lore not applying to SWF style properly
  200. A couple Sorcerer questions...
  201. What's the end game build?
  202. Evard's Black Tentacles only warlock or for wiz/sorc too?
  203. Cleric Radiant Servant Overhaul/Powercreep
  204. Power of Symbols
  205. Halycon Mind and Just Reward
  206. Heighten question
  207. ED DC SLA vs Regular DC
  208. No Arcane Spell Fail Heavy Armor?
  209. Question about Spell Casters
  210. Enchant DC Breaking Point
  211. Bit of good old fashioned caster doOoOom before U29 hits
  212. Making a Wiz/Sorc Hybrid
  213. Need some help with build
  214. DC caster final life after U29
  215. trying to find a build that is fun and viable
  216. Divines: Rank the Deities!
  217. So what absolute is max DC now?
  218. DC breakdowns for each class and school
  219. Decent hp for a caster
  220. Back after 8 years off lol and need help
  221. Which Life next?
  222. I want to blow stuff up with arcane power, but...
  223. Which type of spellpower is poison damage based on?
  224. Give me the scoop, the 4/11, the facts!
  225. Recovering SP lvl20+
  226. Time shifter
  227. Spell Point Conservation
  228. The Mageblade
  229. 36pts, PL: WIZ and SORC, looking for build idea
  230. Warlock 101? Druid 101?
  231. Wizard A Zombie Guide to the Apocalypse
  232. Warlock Sorc (Enlightend Knight)
  233. Soul Gem Farmer?
  234. Destiny Caster Levels
  235. Noob to casters here. Sorcerer V.S. Wizard how are they different?
  236. Care to help out a new lad with character choices for a three man group? :)
  237. Spells missing metamagic options
  238. More cold spells/specs!
  239. Angel of Fire? (FS/Sorc)
  240. So You Want to Build a DC Caster
  241. Coming back after 2 Year stop. Need build advice.
  242. Air savant vs Shirardi for reaper?
  243. Eldritch Knights
  244. Sentient weapon choices for casters
  245. Very clueless DDO semi-newbie here... Level 9 Cleric AND Lvl 9 Wizard spellcasting?
  246. Red Augments: What are people using?
  247. What class for a intro to spell casters?
  248. 1st life caster
  249. Levels 20-28 Sentient weapon for DC casters?
  250. concept build help