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  1. Wizard What item glaciation?
  2. Sorcerer WF 17 sorc/2 rogue/1 barb TR
  3. Favored Soul Which spells to take?
  4. Druid Clarification about wolf form and weapons and question about pet
  5. Wizard Midlevel spell advice
  6. Druid My attempt at a pure Melee/Healing Druid
  7. Battle Cleric Epic Armor...
  8. Battle Cleric Epic Shields...
  9. Sorcerer Ice savvy or earth savvy is the way to go?
  10. Need Cleric Build newbie
  11. Favored Soul The Favonky Flamegel of Vengeance 18/2 Monk Helf
  12. Sorcerer gear
  13. Cleric Caster Feat help
  14. Wizard Need an Archmage Build please
  15. Human Archmage 32pt Build - suggestions please
  16. Druid Can your pet rest at shrines?
  17. Sorcerer gear and destiny help
  18. Wizard Omniheals' Final Life!
  19. Druid My build for next life (advices, comments needed)
  20. Druid Rabid Wolf Concept
  21. Sorcerer docents for sorc TR?
  22. Wizard Looking for Feat Help for 36pt Palemaster
  23. Cleric The "Not a Battle Cleric" melee cleric
  24. Ball Lightning versus Chain Lightning
  25. Druid Looking for Caster Build
  26. Cleric Enemies Spell Resistance
  27. Tactics for Druids vs Beholders and Thaarak Hounds (level 8ish)
  28. Druid Wolf TR prep suggestions
  29. Favored Soul FVS gear
  30. Quick question about Radiant Servant Aura
  31. Druid Bear/Wolf Form + Reinforced Fists
  32. Wizard Pale Master Guide
  33. Armored Lich?
  34. Druid Questions for my next life (druid)
  35. Wizard gearing up my pm for next life
  36. spell prenetration work on damaging spells?
  37. Cleric Problem with lvl 2 Cleric Spells
  38. Druid worth having both reaving roar and fatal harrier?
  39. Favored Soul GSP IX, Alchem Wis, Major SF etc
  40. wizard/monk vs /rogue vs pure
  41. Wizard Are Arcane Bolt and Blast a trap?
  42. Cleric Human THF strong melee with good healing
  43. Favored Soul Dwarf fvs - feat selection
  44. Druid Greensteel Advice for a Druid
  45. Druid WIS or STR-based?
  46. Favored Soul Healing aspects
  47. ??? Armor for Druid Pet ??? what works?
  48. Wizard Watermarks for Saves in EH/EE
  49. DoT Intimi Tank Heal Bot?
  50. Cleric Endgame cleric gear (DC caster)
  51. Druid Quicken, on a melee druid? really?
  52. Old Cleric, time to TR
  53. Wizard PM Mid-lvl Gear
  54. Wizard Trying to figure out final DCs/spell pen
  55. Druid First Druid
  56. Wizard PM pure lvl25 build, thoughts pls
  57. Draconic Incarnation Clarification
  58. 18/2 FVS/Arti Repeater Build Hjelp!
  59. Wizard The end of DC-casting?
  60. Wizard/Sorc/Prestige Ench.
  61. Can u make a melee druid wolf with evasion work?
  62. Ckeric Ftr Splash?
  63. Wizard Spell Penetration, or Conjuration and Enchantment DC
  64. Druid Build a DPS Wolf Druid - Two Variants
  65. What is the Holy Symbol of Lolth drop rate?
  66. Favored Soul Favored Soul Wand and Scroll Mastery
  67. My attempt FvS
  68. Druid Druid's, wildshape, and Spellplague
  69. Max Caster level and caster level help!
  70. Druid Mid Level Gear suggestions?
  71. Build for a Earth Savant Sorcerer
  72. Wizard U17 Equipment?
  73. Druid Epic Elite Druids
  74. What is your damage?
  75. Cleric Build
  76. Druid brawling gloves in animal form
  77. Wizard WF AM Wizard (Build Feedback Plz)
  78. Wizard sorc choosen feat ok for wraith?
  79. Wizard Spells on level-up
  80. Wizard Is the Archmage set still something to shoot for?
  81. Is 17 wiz enough
  82. Wizard Another newbie palemaster question
  83. Wizard 2nd life WF wizzy
  84. Favored Soul Casting based FvS; what spells and feats are must haves?
  85. Druid Animal Control Spells
  86. Wizard How are people getting these INSANE DCs?
  87. Cleric Season's Herald build --- feedback requested
  88. Sorcerer Forged Water Savant
  89. Sorcerer Lookin for a bit of info on shiradi sorc
  90. So what should be the "acceptable" DC for Epic Elite?
  91. Sorcerer Just became a Water Savant and wanted to know, IS FROST LANCE BUGGED?
  92. Druid Palemaster?
  93. Wizard What spells do you scroll?
  94. Fvs Monk Evoker
  95. Favored Soul Levels 14 - 20 advice
  96. Wizard Enchantment/Evocation AM Build
  97. Hold person and monster
  98. Cleric RS Clonk TR test build for critique
  99. Epic destinies and healing
  100. Druid Lots o' druid questions I have. Please help a tree lover out.
  101. Does [Spell School] Familiarity: Magister ED affect Energy burst cooldown?
  102. Favored Soul Best coaster FvS chestpiece come U17?
  103. Sorcerer TR or first life advice
  104. Druids: Why no water/ice blades?
  105. what is the best potency item in the game?
  106. Druid Shillelagh
  107. Sorcerer Advice and Tuning
  108. Cleric Does the War Wizard 10% spell point cost reduction work on Divine spells when equiped
  109. Building Sorc, need Past Life advice
  110. Favored Soul Spells
  111. Favored Soul "Best" FvS DC caster gear come U17
  112. Wizard Beholders and Feeblemind
  113. DC Caster Levels
  114. Cleric A Divines worst enemy in EE
  115. Ghoul Touch hidden effect
  116. Favored Soul Need Advice on FvS life
  117. Divines:Need advice creating the ultimate healbot!
  118. Cleric Another reason for clr17/wiz1
  119. How do u stack a Damage Over Time spell?
  120. Favored Soul Trying to re-plan at 15
  121. Druid Druids: You are not a true healer
  122. Sorcerer Air Savant Gearlist for U17
  123. Druid Shiradi Champion vs Primal Avatar
  124. Druid How does Spell Power affect Regenerate??
  125. Wizard Heroic Spell Pen requirement
  126. How to CC EE Spiders on an Arcane?
  127. Druid Pet Stats?
  128. "Easiest" spellcaster ?
  129. Cleric & Favored Soul - epic casting. How goes it?
  130. Wiz/Sorc that can use Repeater?
  131. Druids in Bear form with Barkskin...
  132. Sorcerer Sorcerers - You are not DPS
  133. Favored Soul Update 17: looking for advice (gear list, feat selection, ED)
  134. Wizard Pale Master spell selection at / towards endgame ?
  135. Druid druid: bear form tanking - a comparison, issues and bugs.
  136. advice for a new player and a new sorcerer
  137. Spells without DCs???
  138. Wizard GS questions
  139. Druid My first try at a 34pt Helf DPS Wolf build
  140. Natures Warrior Sneak Attack Question
  141. Druid nature's warrior should be improved
  142. Items to Boost Heals.
  143. Favored Soul Good Fvs built? Let me know what you think
  144. Cleric Ugly QuarterStaff-Cleric
  145. Caster TR Advice Needed
  146. Have you seen items with major xxx focus?
  147. Cleric Evoker gear to grind?
  148. Cleric The Epic Divine Generalist
  149. Favored Soul Fvs Soloist/Divine tank?
  150. Which would make the best petmaster?
  151. Wizard Mothergoose
  152. Which will be better for my Wizard?
  153. Favored Soul First Time Non Evoker FvS.
  154. Cleric cleric raid screen
  155. Wizard Warforged Archmage Shiradi
  156. Druid Shields for a wolf druid
  157. first time caster
  158. Do any spells other than disintegrate work on VON pillars? NT
  159. Cleric TR Gearing
  160. Cleric A cockaroach
  161. Not enjoying fvs as much as I thought
  162. AM Wizard Gear Request - No Raid Items
  163. Cleric 18 Cleric /2 monk: Power attack or greater 2 weapon fighting?
  164. Druid 18/2 Druid Monk
  165. Cleric Enhancments: WIS3 or Life of the Magic 4 & ED, etc.
  166. Druid How to level as a caster druid?
  167. Wizard LF Advice - WF 18 wiz AM / 2 rog shiradi
  168. Wizard Elven Armored Pale Master
  169. Druid Post-U17 Endgame Gearing and Destiny for Wolf Melee Druid
  170. Druid Reaving Roar question
  171. Druid Master's Touch and Magic Fang question
  172. LF advice- caster druid who dabbles in animal forms
  173. Favored Soul Light Spellpower
  174. Wizard Blue Scale Robe vs. Marbar Robe
  175. is anyone experanceing issues with wail?
  176. Wizard Spellpower
  177. Druid Cheapest Druid Access?
  178. Favored Soul Advice Wanted on a Melee/Caster Hybrid
  179. Niac's Cold Ray Cooldown?
  180. Favored Soul The Soul Survivor, a pure healer for EE content
  181. Radiant Servant and Divine enhances
  182. Cleric HD undead Gianthold EE
  183. Wizard SLAs: Tradeoff: Cloudkill - Enervation?
  184. Favored Soul Third Life Drow Melee Wisdom based Favored Soul
  185. Wizard Why dump extra points in Strength?
  186. Druid Warforged in elemental form
  187. Battle Cleric/Theory build
  188. Favored Soul Just some food for thought (rant warning)
  189. Favored Soul 18 FvS / 2 Pal without DC or Spell Pen
  190. FvS melee focused w/ some DCs
  191. Favored Soul Help with Necro FVS please!
  192. Druid The point of wildshape?
  193. Sonic Enhancements
  194. Trap The Soul spell...
  195. Wizard PM: drow vs. human
  196. Druid Enhancement questions
  197. Druid epic level gear.
  198. Cleric Equipment help
  199. prismatic spray and draconic presence
  200. Druid 18druid/2monk Fire Elemental + GreaterTWF
  201. Druid Is it possible to have Caster Level 29 Mass Regenerate?
  202. Cleric melee-healer/dot
  203. Sorcerer Shiradi Sorc / Pal / Mnk
  204. Wizard Enchantment Shiradi
  205. Wizard Haven't played for like 2 years. Please answer some of my questions! :)
  206. Wizard Curious - how are people gearing post U17?
  207. Favored Soul Aura affects summons?!
  208. Favored Soul Human FVS
  209. Deadly Kinetics VI Min lvl 19?
  210. Shiradi PM Enhancements
  211. Wizard what do we want? Familiars! when do we want them?
  212. Druid Flame Blade
  213. LR My Helf Druid Questions
  214. Favored Soul Theorybuild - Stun'n'heal
  215. Cleric Ranged Cleric?!?
  216. Some Druid quesitons
  217. What exactly is a "Shiradi Sorc"?
  218. Sorcerer Spell point pool
  219. Cleric spell enhancements
  220. Druid caster druid. Pure or a 1/2 splash?
  221. Druid Fenris Build(melee specialized wolf druid)
  222. Wizard Need some incite on my PM
  223. Druid wild shape animal forms weapon bugs.
  224. Arcane lives for a cleric - minimal but useful gear?
  225. Druid Druid Caster-healer - Advice and spells
  226. Favored Soul The Sun Valkyrie 20 Favored Soul Arcane Archer Elf
  227. Wizard Pale Trapper Human or Archtrap WF?
  228. Druid Guards on a shield work in animal form?
  229. Sorcerer TRing into Sorc - jsut want some input
  230. Druid quick question
  231. Wizard shroud of the vampire - how to leave form
  232. Sorcerer WF DOT-centered melee sorc
  233. Sorcerer End Game Shiradi Help (Changing Savants)
  234. WF Pale Master Shiradi suggestions
  235. Cleric Help me improve my melee Cleric
  236. Favored Soul Evoker FvS
  237. fun wiz build for PL and shiradi
  238. Wizard Zergod - My shiradi wiz build
  239. Favored Soul Evoker or melee w/monk splash for FvS life?
  240. Sorcerer Need Help Setting WF'd Sorc up for ED Farming
  241. Wizard Pale Master pets: How do I UN-summon them?
  242. Wizard WF Wizard - Necro Webber
  243. Druid Guardian of Nature - EE focused druid
  244. Cleric Is a divine archer any good?
  245. Wizard new Max sustainable Int
  246. Favored Soul Wis Dumped ED / Light caster
  247. Wizard Pure Wizard Advice
  248. Druid What race to choose for Druid
  249. Lightning Savant Needs an AoE spell - perhaps Storm of Vengeance from druid class?
  250. Druid Does shapeshifting benefit from #[W]