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  1. Druid Use Wisdom for attacks?
  2. Druid Druid/monk melee/caster hybrid
  3. Favored Soul HElf Build
  4. Wizard Crtique and improve my L20+ gear setup
  5. Cleric Whats up with healing after the hotfix
  6. Cleric Radiant Stick - HO cleric / monk using staves (build by request)
  7. Cleric Turn Undead crafting
  8. Wizard 2 Quick Wiz Lives
  9. From one Healer to Another
  10. Blood of Dragons Question
  11. Wizard epic feats
  12. Druid armored druid
  13. Tenser's Transformation
  14. Sorc/Wiz Lvl 16 Spell Selection Comments Requested
  15. Sorcerer Spell level?
  16. Wizard How beneficial is it to max a destiny before you TR?
  17. Wizard EE build advice
  18. Sorcerer Caster greensteel items
  19. Favored Soul Advice sought on evoker spell use
  20. Cleric Twink gear for a very low level cleric?
  21. Druid Survivor Druid
  22. Sorcerer Advice on LR? (Ice Savant)
  23. Grouping with another wizard / sorcerer
  24. Favored Soul The Simple Soul --- very effective melee/heal FvS w/ Crystal Cove + Challenge gear
  25. Druid Current Druid Issues
  26. First Character WF Wiz or Sorc
  27. Cleric Build Idea
  28. Favored Soul & Cleric. Divine Punishment and why Divines should use it more. DOTs rock.
  29. Favored Soul /2 monk 9th level spell choice
  30. Cleric Cleric gear at level 20+, need help
  31. Favored Soul NovaSoul by csivils
  32. sorcerer's sp is kinda low?
  33. How do you dot/nuke while kiting?
  34. Shadow Mage Help...
  35. Druid Looking for a Healer Build
  36. Wizard Problem or not?
  37. Druid Are STR-based wolf-form melee druids viable?
  38. sorcerer dc
  39. Druid Thinking of buying druid, what should I know?
  40. Druid The Markeyx Build (Caster healer, dps, survivability)
  41. Favored Soul Gear for a melee soul
  42. Favored Soul Flavor Build - Heavy Armor & Tower Shield with Bastard Swords
  43. How does a PM get out of form?
  44. Sorcerer High DC Enchantment primary, Evocation secondary sorcerer still possible?
  45. PM vs PRR, can i increase it?
  46. Cleric A Cursespewer - Looking for build advice.
  47. Druid Shape help!
  48. Torc + ritual
  49. Cleric Healbot/divine caster - good enough for prime time?
  50. Druid Druid Build Request - 32 Point
  51. Wizard Xoloman's Story (a work in progress)
  52. Druid Some specific questions
  53. Spell Enhancements, Which to choose?
  54. Druid Caster Druid..Feedback Welcome
  55. Druid Bear form - Shred and Maul
  56. 115% spell power for cure spells: is this live?
  57. Favored Soul Fvs and Abishai set
  58. Wizard Advice on Clothing/Armor
  59. Druid Wolf Melee/Caster: Build and Numbers
  60. Wizard Magister Palemaster best action point allocation
  61. Wizard Pale Master vs. Undead
  62. Wizard Looking for Spell Chart
  63. Question on Tome use
  64. Missing point of spell penetration?
  65. Wizard Palemaster bugs..enough is enough
  66. Druid Looking for non-metal armor/shields
  67. Druid [Dev Petition] vendor sold Hide armors
  68. Favored Soul A few noob questions
  69. Wizard First life Helf Enchantress Conjurer, Druid Dilettante, for teaming and solo
  70. Druid Couple of questions
  71. Druid Need good items
  72. sorcerer vs wizard for easy soloing on hard/elite
  73. Cleric A Cleric Tied to a chair
  74. Druid Druid Pets bug?
  75. Druid Wolf not following
  76. Favored Soul pondering a leveling build
  77. Wizard Equiping a Palemaster with caveats
  78. Favored Soul New to epic gear - what should I look for?
  79. Druid Power attack
  80. Druid Spell/Enhancement questions
  81. Cleric 3rd Life - Trying to pick my build....
  82. Wizard looking for tips for dc's needed
  83. Sorcerer Which Savant to pick?
  84. Sorcerer Twists?
  85. Cleric 3rd Life Cleric, TRing into Wizard or Sorcerer
  86. Druid Wiz enhancements
  87. Druid's forms and weapons
  88. Druid Which PrE should I choose?
  89. End game gear for evocation druid?
  90. Druid Any way to dismiss wolf companion?
  91. Druid My take, feedback please
  92. Wizard A question of Prestige
  93. Wizard What kind of dc needed for epic elite?
  94. Sorcerer Epic Hard Sorc build
  95. Wizard Palemaster & Healing Amp?
  96. Druid My Druid Wish List
  97. Sorcerer Sorcerer 18 Monk 2 Reflex Save Stacking Question (Epic Destinies)
  98. Sorcerer Question on Spell Metamagics
  99. Wizard Need advice on Twists
  100. Wizard WF AM Necro/Conjuration
  101. Druid Season's Herald bugged
  102. Sorcerer Sorcerer Help
  103. Wizard You suffer 0 points of damage from Vampirism
  104. Druid Elemental Form Question
  105. where do you stop useing Carnifex?
  106. Druid Call Lightning Storm
  107. Favoured soul build critique
  108. Wizard Necromancer / Archmage Final Endgame Items - Post Update 15 (At least 1 tr needed)
  109. Looking for class specific records for ddo record book
  110. Wizard Evoc/conj
  111. Sorcerer Shadow Tanking on a fleshy Sorc
  112. Sorcerer Air Savant build - intended for new players, first lifers, withless than top-end gear
  113. DiploItimihealer (ideas?)
  114. Gear and tactics questions for an Evoker Soul
  115. planning Favored Soul: advice?
  116. Pale Master+Druid enhancements
  117. Shield Mastery on an evoker FvS
  118. Favored Soul LF Gear advice
  119. Druid Druids and Dragonscale armor???
  120. Druid Fred broken for Druids?
  121. Warforged caster for endgame?
  122. Wizard WF AM Shiradi - The best of both worlds?
  123. Sorcerer Farwind: An Air savant Endgame EE DPS Build
  124. Why no Druid in Compendium
  125. Sorcerer Need help with kiting
  126. Please help me fix up my WF Archmage
  127. Sorcerer WF Water Savant gear?
  128. Wizard Advice on PM and epic lvls
  129. Wizard possibly Other...Have a TR Wiz1/Rogue1 need a change
  130. Favored Soul Looking to go from S&B to TWF or 2HW
  131. Wizard Help me choose between AM and PM - And question regarding GS item
  132. questions
  133. Druid Bear form pure caster druid
  134. Favored Soul So I am might TR my WF FvS into an offensive casting FvS, and would like some advice
  135. Sorcerer Damage!
  136. Druid Forms?
  137. how can I get my DCs high?
  138. huge dmg from players
  139. Druid mantaing agro on a druid!
  140. Cleric Should Word of Recall temple be upgrade?
  141. human wiz/drow wiz 2nd life TR
  142. Cleric How to enhance my blade barriers ?
  143. Divine Melee/Offensive Casting Combos
  144. Wizard Lich ice dragon
  145. Wizard Archmage Vs Pale Master. Thoughts?
  146. Wizard Wonker - 18 Wizard/2 Monk
  147. Druid Flameblade questions
  148. Help on Raid Healing Details
  149. Druid The Boom Boom Bear - A Druid Bear Melee Build
  150. Druid Help me get to 60-75% melee dps
  151. Druid Wolf armour
  152. Sorc DCs, effect on dps (boss fights)
  153. Druid My next druid life, feedback welcome
  154. Best possible gear setup currently
  155. Druid Other than Ram's Might, any usefull level 1 druid speels for a 1 druid splash (melee)
  156. Sorcerer Superior Ice Lore
  157. Wizard PM vs AM
  158. Quicken Metamagic
  159. Sorcerer Water Savant All Enhancements needed
  160. Druid Is "Dog Humping" allowed in DDO?
  161. Cleric White or Blue dragon scale armor?
  162. t3 savant dcs
  163. Two druid questions
  164. Druid Reaving Roar buggy?
  165. Spell Penetration
  166. Wizard PM skellies. Druid PLs + Aug Summon
  167. Druid returning, forgot what i was doing.
  168. Favored Soul Elf Monk/FVS Melee Wis Based build
  169. Sorcerer Different day, same question..
  170. Favored Soul FVS max SP build challenge
  171. Sorcerer My 13 life Sorc
  172. Torc and Toven's Hammer
  173. good sorcerer force build
  174. Barrier of Scales: Worth It?
  175. Favored Soul Feat exchange
  176. Druid Weapon help!
  177. Wizard Greensteel spell absorption stacking?
  178. Wizard Elemental mastery?
  179. Wizard Pale Trapper for new players (Human 18/2 Wizard/Rogue)
  180. Druid The second fiddle
  181. Wizard Elven Palemaster with Two Longswords
  182. AoV and Wizard force enhancments
  183. how can I get my charisma higher?
  184. Sorcerer Hotbars and silly question...
  185. Favored Soul Mid level Gear suggestion?
  186. Cleric "Battlecleric" name to vague
  187. Druid Season's Herald Caster / Healer - First Life
  188. WF AM 18/2 vs pure for casual epic
  189. Sorcerer Cyclonic Blast changed
  190. Sorcerer Still no clear answer on CL & MCL ... ?
  191. Favored Soul Full raid heal specced Tukaw
  192. Cleric 2nd life offensive caster Cleric
  193. Sorcerer What Do I Twist?
  194. Druid Respeccing lvl 19 druid
  195. Sorcerer Endgame Equipment post U16?
  196. Cleric radiant servant 3
  197. Druid Info please
  198. Favored Soul LF Advice on Feat
  199. Favored Soul SP GS question
  200. Cleric Please, please help me recycle my Cleric!
  201. Sorcerer Sorcerer with a splash of Bard?
  202. Cleric IntimiCleric
  203. Wizard Shroud Forms Failing
  204. Sorcerer The Force Savant
  205. Necro spells and cl and mcl
  206. Druid Caster build
  207. Cleric Clonk or FS/Monk ?
  208. Favored Soul Autohotkey macro
  209. Druid Druid 34 point need all help
  210. Cleric Build request: The turner.
  211. Favored Soul Elf FvS Build/multiclass options? - help me decide what to LR into..
  212. Sunburst: why arcane and not divine?
  213. Druid Build Advice (Feats for a Wolf Caster)
  214. At what point should you take crit enhancement lines over damage?
  215. Druid druid/ranger
  216. Cleric Cleric Radiant Aura is Broken
  217. Wizard Draconic Element for Pale Master, cold or acid?
  218. Cleric RS I Turn Undead Regeneration
  219. spellpower gear for wiz TR?
  220. Druid past life - Arty dog?
  221. Sorcerer Why Take 3 FS past lives?
  222. Sorcerer Warforged with high DCs? (Concept)
  223. Cleric Whoops - wrong trainer - now what for my helf?
  224. Druid Ranged/Caster druid
  225. Druid Builds and layout.
  226. Wizard How much spell pen & DC is needed for EE?
  227. Spell Penetration Items for Heightened Spells
  228. Wizard Elven Illusion Archmage
  229. Cleric Need Help with a cleric
  230. My 2nd Life PM
  231. Druid Winter Wolf hybrid build, Herald or Warrior?
  232. Sorcerer Best sorc 18/2 or 18/1/1 splits
  233. Favored Soul FvS Evoker feat selection in U15 (DC and Spell Pen questions)
  234. Druid Nature's Warrior VS Season's Harald
  235. Druid Wild Shape & Oozes/Rusties
  236. Sorcerer First Life Sorcerer TR-Gear Question
  237. Druid Easy question - chain Reaving Roars?
  238. Wizard Torn: Epic Spell Pen vs Insightful Reflexes
  239. Favored Soul FvS TR what items to farm?
  240. Druid Splash Build for Completionist Path - Need Druider's Advice
  241. Cleric Anyone else excited about Conj/Necro Cleric PMs?
  242. Spell Resistance of End Game Critters
  243. Wizard End game Magister for necro\enchant Pale Master
  244. Sorcerer The DC Enchant/Necro Sorcerer
  245. Force Manipulation Feat
  246. Favored Soul What to Heighten?
  247. Druid Im having a fricken blast playing my Druid
  248. Wizard Best path for me
  249. Consort bracers and belt-buckle
  250. Druid poison immunity