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  13. I'm in a bit of a pickle
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  16. Druid CON-maxed Druids are the best?
  17. Druid Spell Bear
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  19. Druid Not being able to use Innate attacks while raging must be a bug
  20. Wizard Want to try a new WF arcane build, looking for recommendations!
  21. Sorcerer End game gear
  22. Cleric Old player comming back after 2ish years help build my cleric.
  23. Druid evasion dps build
  24. Druid Melee Druid and THF feats/enhancements
  25. How would you dress me (Level 16 PM II)?
  26. My take on ultimate destruction after expansion
  27. Druid Druid Elemental staff User
  28. Wizard Darkstorm Palemaster and items with more than one lore list
  29. Items with more than one lore list or elemental
  30. Druid New Druid, Couple quick Questions
  31. Druid A few questions about druids
  32. Turning regeneration?
  33. Sorcerer So just how bad are fleshie sorcerers?
  34. Cannith Challenge lort for divine?
  35. Druid Feat input on a bear tank!
  36. Druid ToD rings and druids?
  37. Spellsong Trance and Lich
  38. Druid Help me with my TR
  39. does weapon finesse work in wolf/ bear forms?
  40. Druid Druids/Helves/AC
  41. Wizard Trouble Gearing
  42. Planar Focus of Prowess Set Bonus
  43. Cleric Extend Spell
  44. Which would work better 36 pt FS or Cleric for twf healer?
  45. Druid Nature's Warden... Overpriced and Useless?
  46. Wizard WF 18Wiz/2Rogue TWF Khopesh
  47. Druid Wolf Armor
  48. Favored Soul Twist of Fate for Exalted Angel
  49. Sorcerer what stacks?
  50. Druid LFM for healer.... Druids?!
  51. Druid Gem Material Shields
  52. Druid Druids and daggers
  53. Favored Soul Any alternative to Exalted Angel?
  54. Sorcerer Best 2nd Elements
  55. Druid Retaining specific weapon feat in wild shape?
  56. Wizard PM neg energy questions
  57. Druid Question on going Druid 10 Barb 10
  58. Wizard So what's the point?
  59. Sorcerer Best Sorcerer endgame build?
  60. Cleric Epic Destinies
  61. Druid Greater creeping cold stacks with itself
  62. Druid's Flame Blade
  63. Wizard Shield mastery on a PM
  64. So, should I just dump Season's Herald for now?
  65. Sorcerer Solo Build
  66. Favored Soul FvS gear @ lvl 16
  67. Favored Soul Can my WF LOB be saved from gimpness
  68. Druid and poly curse dagger
  69. Sorcerer Maximum caster level with epic destinies
  70. Cleric Sheb Split Cleric 18/fvs1/sorc1 MaxSP Healbot.
  71. Favored Soul WF FvS build just for a casual player to max level.
  72. Wizard Magister Destiny Questions
  73. Wizard Stuck with Pale Master I
  74. Druid A thousand faces question
  75. Cleric I can't figure out my Aura
  76. Druid Defensive Fighting Stance and Innate Attack Re-use Duration
  77. Worth it or not, caster cleric
  78. FvS or Cleric caster w/ Evasion?
  79. Druid Beergutts Quick Caster/Wolf Druid guide (WIP)
  80. Cleric Help new build human cleric 28 points
  81. Favored Soul Elf Melee Soul
  82. Druid Druid and EDs - Confusion
  83. Druid Druids and spell focus
  84. Cleric 28pt build Elf & Dwarf - noob needs help
  85. Druid Animal Form Tidal Weapon Bug?
  86. Druid Druids and Dragontouched
  87. Sorcerer reincarnate wf sorc
  88. Toughness and moderate/heavy fortification on Casters too!
  89. dying in elemental form, then unable to re apply the same form ?
  90. Druid Wolf companion - Armour?
  91. Druid Couple Druid questions
  92. Wizard Whatmanabar- Elf Palemaster
  93. Druid cure mod light mass scroll
  94. Favored Soul 8th life: Human evoker FvS. My last life :)
  95. Druid Does weapon enhancement affect wolf form?
  96. Druid Druid whit monk splash questions
  97. Favored Soul Should all Favored Souls be expected to heal?
  98. Druid Wild Shape
  99. Favored Soul TR2 FVS build.
  100. Druid I knew I somehow seen druic class icon before!
  101. Favored Soul Old school DoT tanks in the new Motu
  102. Druid Druid14/Monk2/Ftr2 - Its Fruidonkulous?
  103. Wizard PM Progression
  104. Palemaster ToD set wai?
  105. Druid Winter wolf tooltip updated
  106. Sorcerer Pure Warforge 28 pt build
  107. Wizard My Palemaster - End Game Gear
  108. ~Request~ Druid solo build
  109. Druid new pet bug
  110. Favored Soul FvS Question
  111. Druid Jaws of Winter
  112. Cleric Durable Healbot
  113. Wizard My PM is gimped. Help me.
  114. New player WF Wiz/Rog build feedback
  115. Druid Druid, Feats and Info
  116. Druid Druid Questions
  117. Cleric help?
  118. Wizard AM vs PM vs Savant
  119. Favored Soul FvS gear to strive for?
  120. Seasons Herald - What spells is it affecting?
  121. Wizard TR question
  122. Favored Soul Half-Orc 19 FvS/1 Fighter
  123. 18/2 FVS/MnK Arcane Archer TR-build
  124. Sorcerer Hold-DPS sorcerer: how viable?
  125. Druid Bluff Skill
  126. Sorcerer Sorc Splashes Ever Viable?
  127. Cleric End-game cleric gear
  128. Wizard Max spell-pen for 34-point PM?
  129. Favored Soul Which DR is best now?
  130. Cleric 14cleric/2 monk - Gear advice
  131. Sorcerer This selfhealing robot can melee?
  132. Fire Seeds
  133. Druid Missing Spells?
  134. Druid Flame Blade
  135. Flameblade stunning fist query
  136. Druid Discussion - Gear
  137. Sorcerer What is the highest DPS combination of EDs
  138. Wizard PM enh's question
  139. Cleric Lesser Healing Aura
  140. Druid advice needed on a druid build
  141. Highest Spell Power
  142. Druid weapon question for druid
  143. Favored Soul Another FvS gear thread
  144. Favored Soul LF Advice on Spell Pen and DC for evoker
  145. Druid Haters gonna...
  146. Druid Help me with being a bear...
  147. How useful is the Bard Past Life?
  148. Druid Druid/Monk dilli/Wisdom
  149. Favored Soul Max Evoc DC?
  150. Wanna advice for 3rd life
  151. Druid Weapon Workaround?
  152. Druid Animal form base damage
  153. Wizard Palemaster: Your Feats and Enhancements
  154. Wizard Pale master negative leveler?
  155. Sorcerer Max Evocation DC sustainable for a Human Sorcerer
  156. Wizard Noob Wizard Guidance: Transmutation / Conjuration Wizard
  157. Sorcerer Spell penetration, worth it?
  158. Sorcerer To empower or not
  159. Druid pet gear
  160. Which spell is better, Web or Fireball?
  161. Druid simplification
  162. Wizard Mid level wizard, fort or AC?
  163. Greater creeping cold...doooooom
  164. Returning player
  165. Wizard Need Help- suggestion
  166. wiz18/rog2 pale master - spell pen or sf evoc feat?
  167. Favored Soul Different favored soul (17 fvs/2 druid /1 monk)
  168. Wizard Need Info regarding splashing for evasion.
  169. Wizard My current lvl 25, 32 point Drow Pale master
  170. Wizard gear to make my life easier, suggestions?
  171. Wizard Leveling build for Wizard with Past Life as the goal.
  172. Druid How to play a caster druid & a basic build
  173. Wizard Elements and enhancements and gear
  174. Sorc/arti or Wizrogue for next life?
  175. Druid Anyone Have a Bear Build?
  176. Wizard seeking easy wizard life.
  177. Druid Wolf Comanion disappearing
  178. Druid Druid Question
  179. Druid Wolf Companion Armor Question
  180. Druid Bear-Caster NEEDS Critiquing
  181. Druid Having to click on my wolf to heal him
  182. Favored Soul FvS Help Sought and Appreciated
  183. Druid Creeping Doom
  184. Druid Frostbite versus Magic Fang
  185. Favored Soul build question
  186. Arcane Augmentation on a druid?
  187. Pale Master vs. Stat Damage
  188. Wizard AM feats
  189. Wizard Best Archmage at Cap
  190. Druid trouble choosing feats for druid bear/tank
  191. Sorcerer Gear for Srocerer
  192. Favored Soul Spell Level 5, 7, and 8 FvS Choices
  193. lvl20 PM equipment advice required
  194. i would like the as a player class beguiler
  195. Sorcerer Ice Savant gear and spell power help
  196. Favored Soul LF Green Steel Advice
  197. Warforged sorc first TR questions
  198. Druid Stinning fist and animal form
  199. Wizard How can you boost Knock spell
  200. Druid Stalwart Defender Stance in Bear Form?
  201. Druid Druid and pet control
  202. Sorcerer Getting ready for Vale
  203. Druid Problem with epic destiny? Any suggestions
  204. Cleric Please rip this build apart
  205. Wizard looking for a good beginner build
  206. Druid VS Monk VS bard
  207. First life WF Earth Savant, should I bother with DC's?
  208. Druid off-hand weapon effects and wild forms
  209. Favored Soul So if only one life, I kinda can only be heal bot, right?
  210. Universal spell power
  211. arcane augmentation stacking?
  212. Favored Soul Fvs or Cleric 1st life don't like cry babies
  213. Cannas 18 Clc 2 Mnk
  214. Cleric Turn Undead Boosts
  215. Druid Looking for Advice on druid
  216. Druid Druids, Wildshape, and Off-hand Deception
  217. Cannas 17 Clc 2 Mnk 1 Art
  218. LF Sorcer Build - No WF
  219. Wizard Archmage and Cyclonic Blast SLA
  220. Pure Wizard - quick Alignment question
  221. Favored Soul best past lives for a WF LotB?
  222. Druid Epic Bear intim/tank : 9Druid/8Fighter/3Rogue
  223. Sorcerer New common gear or old epic gear?
  224. Favored Soul Heroic drops that still rock into epic levels?
  225. Sorcerer HE or Human for static group sorcerer?
  226. Favored Soul Any targeting tricks?
  227. Cleric Bearius T - the 20 Cleric / 5 Exalted Angel Chest-Blessing Healbot
  228. Druid Healer Druid Review
  229. Cleric Spell choice
  230. Druid The pup has been neutered
  231. Wizard Ultimate pale master gear setup/build
  232. Druid still not allowed to take a druid level
  233. Sorcerer what's your UMD for fleshies ?
  234. Sorcerer What gear now for WF water savant
  235. A few questions about druids
  236. Druid 18 with 1/1 Barb/Rogue Splash, does it work?
  237. Favored Soul Critique My Evoker
  238. Wizard Think I messed up my WF wizard need some help
  239. Druid Imp. crit?
  240. Favored Soul Spell Pen or Evocation
  241. Wizard Nice noobfriendly wizard
  242. Looking for Build Druid: 32pt Melee
  243. Druid Bearbarian 28-pt build
  244. Nuking as a wizard
  245. FvS/Monk Balance
  246. Druid Flame Blade - IC, PA, Weapon Focus...
  247. Time to retire our torcs?
  248. Druid Druid animal forms and melee die increase
  249. Cleric Cookiecutter builds?
  250. Cleric Level 16 Healer Equipment