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  1. Cleric Lvl 15 cleric looking for gear advice
  2. Cleric HELP! My First Cleric! Proposed Build?
  3. Wizard yet another Xai build seeking critique
  4. Sorcerer Maximum sustainable DCs
  5. Favored Soul Generally useful gear for a Favored Soul?
  6. Sorcerer Basic air savant build advice pls
  7. Wizard Alchemical Wizard
  8. Cleric Cleric domains
  9. Cleric First life battle cleric - feat help
  10. Cleric Any tips for levelling as a caster cleric?
  11. First Time Sorc Advice
  12. Cleric Speculation after level 20-other classes too
  13. Wizard Dwarven Pale Master DR-DoT Tank
  14. Future of Battlecasters
  15. Sorcerer Air savant
  16. Healing amplification
  17. Favored Soul Best Endgame Gear - Evoker & Melee
  18. Sorcerer Some Quick WF Mud ???
  19. Cleric 34 Point Melee Cleric Build - Please Critique
  20. Wizard Half Elf Arcane Archer via pure Wiz?
  21. Cleric First time Cleric build
  22. Sorcerer Thinking of an 18 Sorc/Pally 2 split...
  23. Sorcerer savant inherit spells question returning player
  24. Newbie. Wizard build help, advice on role and spell use.
  25. Sorcerer Newb to greensteel - please help!
  26. TR Help
  27. Cleric Cleric's Guide to Turn Undead
  28. Favored Soul Twf fvs
  29. Wizard Damage Enhancements
  30. Battle Cleric
  31. Cleric The Battle Cleric Dilemma
  32. Wizard PM placeholder trinket?
  33. Favored Soul Lord of Blades FvS with decent Blade Barrier?
  34. Cleric Half Orc Melee Cleric
  35. Favored Soul Angel of Vengeance & Invisibility.
  36. Sorcerer About Savants and nukes
  37. Wizard Palemaster Form dropping without notification
  38. Wizard Archmage Lines for a WF wiz?
  39. Necro focus borked?
  40. Updated list of wizard spells you can't buy as scrolls?
  41. Favored Soul Rate this build!
  42. Favored Soul FvS of Ten thousand arcane arrows
  43. Question about summons..
  44. Wizard 40+ dc on enchantment and necromancy spells build
  45. Wizard Efficient choice of elemental enhancements
  46. Cleric Questions..and mini rant...
  47. Wizard PM Dragon-Touched Armor?
  48. Favored Soul Rate my Build
  49. Sorcerer Meteor Swarm?
  50. Spell list suggestions for my savant?
  51. Cleric 2 Wiz past life into Clonc?
  52. Best first life Solo build for FvS
  53. Favored Soul the hulk
  54. Sorcerer Need help with first life ice sav
  55. Sorcerer WF Air Savant gear/build questions
  56. Wizard What mindset does one need to build and play a Wizard?
  57. Wizard Pale Master...pure or Rogue splash?
  58. Wizard Need 32pt Elven Wizard Build
  59. Undead form vs. "Light Effects"
  60. Cleric New to clerics, what gear should I get for high level?
  61. Sorcerer Just a Question from a Sorcerer Rookie
  62. Wizard Question about Quicken and other musings...
  63. Best items for a Evoker FvS Warforged?
  64. Favored Soul Evoker: Cannith and Greensteel location.
  65. Favored Soul Horc melee Focused fvs
  66. Best solo class? Still WF Wiz?
  67. Minos Legens on a Wizard
  68. Superior brilliance
  69. Wizard WF Archmage advice
  70. Favored Soul FvS tank
  71. Sorcerer Help me pick my savant
  72. Looking to roll new char. 20FvS? Clonk? Could use some advice
  73. Some general spell user questions
  74. Sorcerer Sith Master
  75. TR questions
  76. Tell me which you think is better...
  77. Cleric Critique my Clonk: 36pt 18/2 Drow TWF DM3 St. Fist
  78. Cleric opinions of a 17/2/1 split
  79. Sorcerer WF - Muddy Savant (Earth savant+water), need suggestions and ideas :)
  80. Druids, Enhancements, PrEs, MOTU
  81. gear of a WF sorc
  82. Tanking Horo in Hard ToD
  83. Delayed-Blast Fireball
  84. Sorcerer Cookie cutter min/max 2nd life WF sorc
  85. Cleric Please help with my 2nd life build!
  86. Cleric Pure 20 Cleric, First Life, Critiques.
  87. Green Steel Trap the soul guard
  88. Cleric Endgame viability of fighter-splashed, somewhat melee-focused cleric?
  89. If a cleric had 2 extra feats what would you take?
  90. Force Missile bugged?
  91. Cleric cleave?
  92. 3rd life wiz about to tr to?
  93. Sorcerer What are the best buffs to sorcerer?
  94. Drow or Dwarf FvS (Melee focuse)
  95. Favored Soul WF LoB greatsword first 5 scales double dilema
  96. Wizard Wizard trap monkey
  97. Favored Soul New to FVS class
  98. first Arcane, need suggestions
  99. Wizard Pale master damage.
  100. favored soul questions
  101. pure healers needed at high level?
  102. Wizard How do I get my DC up?
  103. Cleric Better Healbot - More Cleric than Clonk
  104. Favored Soul FVS Research
  105. scroll/wand casting help
  106. Wizard Gear Help on a "Plonk"
  107. 32 pt Artificer 8/Cleric 12 Xbow/Healer Build
  108. Radiant Servant III
  109. 2H Blunt weapons?
  110. Healer FvS spell list
  111. Favored Soul Evoker + (The Next Generation Evoker)
  112. Sorcerer Water Savant supreme dotter build questions
  113. Sorcerer Prismatic Spray and Epic and Superior Items Question
  114. My take on an Evoker
  115. Wizard Wizard TR build question
  116. Favored Soul Thinking about a melee FvS
  117. Need a Fvs evoker build!
  118. Favored Soul I prepared explosive runes this morning
  119. FVS, Sorc or Cleric
  120. Favored Soul Wisdom or Charisma Based?
  121. Favored Soul My FVS
  122. Wizard Pale Master undead forms and life shield
  123. Greater Shout
  124. Cleric Storage
  125. Cleric Worth taking 1 Fighter level for Shield Mastery?
  126. Sorcerer Fastest way to 20?
  127. Which Choice is more better?
  128. Greensteel +Wis Weapon for Clr/FvS/Drd?
  129. Cleric Cleric questions for next life
  130. Spell Pen and Past Lives
  131. Wizard Fire and Ice - "I'm actually a sorc" evocation leveling build
  132. Cleric What do you think of this cleric?
  133. Favored Soul FVS DRs
  134. Cleric Equipment for a level 16 Cleric?
  135. Sorcerer What gear should I be wearing at level 16?
  136. What are the differences between first life Caster Cleric and Caster FVS?
  137. Would you trust me?
  138. Help with Archmage
  139. WF AM Gearing Questions
  140. Cleric this one's for you, Metalbone! (Radiant Servant/AA)
  141. PM, Viable for tanking?
  142. Favored Soul Help with feats selection, please
  143. Favored Soul 18 FS 2 Monk ?
  144. Blow away my firewall
  145. Sorcerer Blue dragon robes?
  146. Black dragon bolt testing since update.....
  147. Wizard HElf PM/clr dilly
  148. Cleric Ive seen the (divine) light
  149. Cleric Stats on caster/healer cleric, how much CHA ?
  150. ornamented dagger.. worth?
  151. Sorcerer looking for a WF sorc build
  152. Sorcerer Need a Fire Savant Build
  153. Wizard Elf Wizard: Thoughts for & Against.
  154. Epic Staff of Arcane Power
  155. Sorcerer Agordmils - current build info and ideas/variation
  156. Wizard illusionist / palemaster
  157. Level 17 PM - now what?
  158. Wizard Viability of this favour build : 2 arti/18 wiz
  159. Sorcerer 8 strength
  160. Cleric Dwarf cleric 19 / wizard 1 viable?
  161. Wizard Rigging a Krusty Pale Master @ lvl 19 (getting ready for EPIC)
  162. Sorcerer TRing from Wiz to Sorc
  163. Sorcerer Sorc TR Life Build Advice
  164. Favored Soul 2WF Elf Favored Soul, critique it please.
  165. Sorcerer Past Lives Advice
  166. Force enhancements & Necromantic spells
  167. Favored Soul Issue with Gauntlets of Eternity
  168. Sorcerer Robe of Duality + Abishai set
  169. have not seen this class split mentioned yet
  170. Wizard Pale Master: Iron Companion + Summon undead?
  171. Wand Heightening Question
  172. Sorcerer Need advice for a Sorcerer fast-leveling build
  173. Wizard Elf Second Life Wizard - feat help
  174. Cleric Spell focused cleric feats question
  175. Favored Soul Nanny-Bot pls?
  176. Cleric The Superior Cleric
  177. Wizard Archmage: Viability of Conjuration as the main Archmage school.
  178. Wizard WF Necro/Conj. AM advice needed
  179. Cleric JRPG Hero (Cleric) Build
  180. Cleric Prickly, a 1.4-handed sneakhumping healer build
  181. Sorcerer Sorc TR build feedback
  182. Favored Soul Help with a WF Evoker Build
  183. Cleric Greensteel Crafting Advice
  184. PM Questions
  185. Wizard 34-point Warforged Archmage Build
  186. Wizard Pale Trapper (Human 18/2 wizard/rogue)
  187. Sorcerer Water Savant
  188. Sorcerer Sorc Savant Advice
  189. Looking for a WF Archmage build
  190. Wizard Force caster
  191. Cleric Arcane Healer
  192. Sorcerer ability point distribution/tome question
  193. Sorcerer Need a proper build geared towards a speedy leveling process.
  194. Favored Soul Can any one recommend a FvS build?
  195. Cleric Tough love is not appreciated...
  196. Favored Soul WF LoB FvS weapons?
  197. Sorcerer Best Green Steel item+weapon combo ?
  198. Cleric Trying my hand out at my 1st cleric/healer(pure/human/OCC)
  199. Advice on how to heal when non-optimal tank chosen
  200. Wizard New toon....wizard gear
  201. Sorcerer 2 Paladin/18 sorcerer?
  202. Cleric First-time Cleric. Need simple build advice.
  203. Difficulty Playing an Arcane Caster
  204. Cleric Nimbus of Light - OR, Underrated Lowbie Caster Spell
  205. Wizard Pale Master: Shroud of the Vampire
  206. Streak effects on Clerics.
  207. Cleric I am indecissive- need 28 pt build advice
  208. Cleric TR questions
  209. Wizard pale master form and healing amp.
  210. My new respect for spell slingers
  211. Wizard Max/emp on a PM
  212. Cleric Mothballed Cleric 1st life Human Cleric needs love!
  213. Defensive Wraith
  214. Favored Soul It seems that the more I play an evoker...
  215. Wizard Does my pale master still need enchantment focuses for the end game?
  216. Favored Soul Couple noob questions on favored soul
  217. Wizard Warforged wizard build needed i am totally lost here
  218. Arcane Augmentation + Abishai Set
  219. Stinking cloud for arch mage CC?
  220. Favored Soul Melee/Healing WF FvS gear/enhancement Questions
  221. Cleric Is UMD useful for Clerics?
  222. Wizard 150+ HP Wizard at level 5? I haz one!!!
  223. Favored Soul Active Past Life Feat
  224. Warforged Wizard Feats & Enhancements
  225. Cleric Stuck
  226. Cleric Considering "Anonymous"
  227. would a cleric splash
  228. Wizard Transmutation focus AM Disintegrate spammer- how bad an idea?
  229. Cleric 32 Point Pure Cleric Offensive Caster/Healer
  230. Cleric Warforged Battle-Cleric - Am I insane?
  231. Cleric Battleheric Double Splash
  232. Sorcerer the great race debate
  233. Another Sorcerer Savant Question
  234. Wizard Help me compare arch mage to pale master
  235. Wizard Tier 3 alchemical question(s)…
  236. Sorcerer As a Sorcerer, what won't screw me? (Roleplay + Gameplay question)
  237. Wizard Warforged Archmage Gear
  238. Wizard 42 enchantment DC in epics
  239. Favored Soul Melee FVS no WF.. possible?
  240. Cleric Obscuring Mist, does it hurt allies?
  241. Favored Soul Evoker : how many wizard past lives ?
  242. Wizard DC is about right?
  243. Cleric Gear advice for lvl 17 1st life
  244. questions for highten spell feat
  245. Favored Soul Melee Soul
  246. Wizard Pale Master question
  247. WF Arcane--What Docents do you like while TR-ing?
  248. Cleric looking for advice on a Dwarven Generalist
  249. Cleric pure Cleric healer/caster: Spell Pen vs Spell Focus
  250. Wizard Wondering about 4th Life