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  1. Sorcerer WF Ice Savant Endgame Gear
  2. Favored Soul What gear should I get or plan for?
  3. Is there any reason to play a cleric instead of a favored soul?
  4. Wizard What would be a good way to get a second wiz past life?
  5. Favored Soul Evoker confusion: feat choice for BB vs impl
  6. Favored Soul FvS Evoker Gear (not endgame)
  7. What shield?
  8. Sorcerer WF Acid Savant and epic DCs
  9. Favored Soul Mental Toughness?
  10. Cleric Prefix of value for clerics
  11. BB Question
  12. Cleric Wondering about Feats.
  13. Favored Soul Human DPS FVS any suggestions?
  14. Cleric deep splash discussion
  15. Sorcerer CC?
  16. Wizard What spells to use while leveling?
  17. Sorcerer Earth Savant Advice
  18. Pale Master/Monk Critique
  19. Pale master DC
  20. Sorcerer I Need Build Advice
  21. Wizard Lifesheild Palemaster still broken?
  22. Wizard Please explain Spell DC's
  23. Sorcerer Advice On Sorc build
  24. Sorcerer Earth Savant Twinking
  25. A question for casters with torcs:
  26. Cleric Heighten.
  27. Lifedrinker (Calomel weapons) work in undead form?
  28. Favored Soul Requesting a FvS Build
  29. Cleric Divine Punishment Availability?
  30. Cleric Dwarves and Turn Undead
  31. Greater Heroism question
  32. change to arcane targeting?
  33. Dear Arcanes:
  34. Wizard Human PM: Where to slot HP item?
  35. Cleric Healing Amplification Spell
  36. Sorcerer End game gear for wf acid savant
  37. Wizard wf wiz gear?
  38. Questions about FvS!
  39. Wizard VoD - hard - Devil SR?
  40. Cleric Are Raids worth running?
  41. Eardweller Drop Chance Raise?
  42. how much sp should a wizard be going thru in VOD
  43. Cleric Caster/Healer build help
  44. Past-Life (Barbarian)
  45. Heal-Repair Skills
  46. Sorcerer A Year+ later...can I salvage my Sorc???
  47. Cleric What to craft as a cleric?
  48. Cleric Healer specific gear
  49. Sorcerer Help me decide which Savant is for me (or is Wizard for me?)
  50. Favored Soul What TOD Set Are You Using?
  51. Sorcerer Air Savant Build
  52. Wizard Fighting the Abbot?
  53. Favored Soul Evoker/Healer FvS Build
  54. Wizard A Pure Wizard Melee Air Savant Horc
  55. Wizard First Time Wiz (Help Appreciated)
  56. Half elf and arti dilly
  57. Cleric True Stories of a TR1
  58. Cleric Alignment Question
  59. Favored Soul 28pt FvS evoker build?
  60. Cleric Sup Potency VI ML 11?
  61. Cleric Math on Positive Energy Burst (Rad serv I)
  62. Cleric Nightshield stack with item enchant resist?
  63. Cleric Impact of alignment as a cleric?
  64. Wizard need a build
  65. Cleric TR idea
  66. Sorcerer Best use of PL:Cleric
  67. Cleric Warpreist- What will/should it look like?
  68. Cleric spell points
  69. PM Undead Form Question
  70. trap the soul
  71. cleric end game gear
  72. Cleric How much Spell Pen needed?
  73. Wizard Need help understanding PM.
  74. I don't get how to play palemasters
  75. Wizard Feats i NEED?
  76. Favored Soul Necromantic spellcasting, solo, no twink "first life" FVS?
  77. Help me with my WF first life wizard build
  78. Sorcerer End Rewards
  79. Wizard How did you level your first-life wizard?
  80. Cleric Gear to look for when leveling?
  81. TRing my Wiz questions
  82. Wizard Looking for the Best Endgame Full Wiz Build.
  83. Favored Soul looking for WF FVS 32 or 34pt build
  84. Wizard 3rd life Pale Master
  85. A couple of questions I coudn't find the answers to
  86. Favored Soul 20 FvS HElf Melee/Healing/Buffing
  87. Cleric A Couple of Cleric Questions
  88. What cannith crafting would you do as you level up?
  89. Pale Master vs. Amrath
  90. What is a good place to farm Soul Gems of Strong Undead?
  91. Sorcerer Questions about Savants
  92. Cleric The Offensive Caster spec that can hurt with a sword build
  93. Favored Soul Favored Soul Curser
  94. Cleric Spells to bash down doors
  95. Wizard 32 WF Archmage Elementalist
  96. Jump casting thread...
  97. Wizard advice on Spell Pen and DC's
  98. Cleric Need a 34 build
  99. Wizard 1st Life PM Feats
  100. Favored Soul Let's build a FvS tank!
  101. Wizard Archmage Kinetics/Illusion
  102. The Gimp Pale Master Theory
  103. Sorcerer Newbie advice for a WF Earth Savant?
  104. Favored Soul TR FVS neednt lear Spell Penetration feats,right?
  105. should i play wizzy first?
  106. Wizard sincere request for advice for TR -> Wiz
  107. Sorcerer Importance of Access to Scrolls?
  108. Favored Soul 34pt FvS Advice (TR Cleric) - TR'ing Today!
  109. Cleric Amara's Item Set
  110. Wizard PM's and stat damage
  111. Cleric offensive casting CC focus with good damaging spells, need feedback/advice
  112. Cleric The dreaded battle cleric (17/2/1)
  113. Cleric LF Gear Advice (lvl 9 and 11)
  114. Cleric Clerics and Their Sheilds
  115. Help on a FS build
  116. Battle Mages
  117. Favored Soul 36pt WF FVS Build--Feedback Please
  118. Cleric Enlarge and Part 4 of the Shroud
  119. Wizard Needing higher DC's, please come help.
  120. Cleric How many heal scrolls used?
  121. Wizard Farming Necro AM Feasability
  122. Sorcerer Sorcerors and faster casting
  123. Cleric Divine Punishment Question
  124. 36 pt Wizard/Rogue
  125. Wizard Looking for WF AM building advice
  126. Cleric To new clerics. Things that you should know
  127. gear for a PM18/Rog2
  128. Help me decide - Wizard or Sorcerer?
  129. Wizard Drow cc/necro pm
  130. Cleric Superior Brilliance V for Divine Punishment at AH cheap
  131. My list of useless Cleric and Favoured Soul Spells
  132. Wizard PM Aura Absorption
  133. PM Advice Needed
  134. Theoretical best Implosion DC
  135. Wizard warforged archmage build
  136. Wizard My PM plan... any issues?
  137. A Guide to Healing for all Skill levels and Experience levels.
  138. Quicken vs. Concentration
  139. Wizard Wiz CC build, plz advise
  140. Cleric Find Traps spell may not be useless after all?
  141. Cleric Buffing wisely at lvl 9?
  142. Favored Soul First Attempt
  143. Cleric First TR
  144. 2nd wizard life
  145. please critique my archmage build
  146. Air Savant w/ Heighten?
  147. Cleric First character, solo -able, newbie friendly
  148. Wizard A proposed improvement to Pale Masters
  149. WF Sorc must TR going F2P...
  150. Cleric How can I build this?
  151. Moonthistle: A soloing first life elven enchantress / conjurer
  152. Wizard Party,helper,summoner of evil creatures
  153. Wizard Con-Op item slot
  154. Sorcerer Robe for my air savant?
  155. Nihil
  156. posted a build a friend made
  157. Sorcerer Earth Savant
  158. Cleric Need some help and advice
  159. Wizard dc based caster
  160. Wizard Optimising Firewall + Grease?
  161. First time arcane creating a PM wiz
  162. Amara set + Lesser turning
  163. Favored Soul Half-Elf or Warforged?
  164. Cleric Lesser Reincarnation - build help
  165. Stacking question!
  166. Sorcerer Air Savant (Updated)
  167. Sorcerer Help me flesh out my final TR and build
  168. lore item and conc. opp. questions
  169. No empower
  170. Sorcerer 28 pt Earth Savant Drow build?
  171. Cleric LR a Cleric
  172. Cleric AP and Feat questions
  173. Wizard Help witch bulid.
  174. Cleric Help me figure out my cleric end gear.
  175. Melee Favored Soul Gear Help
  176. Air savant build help
  177. Sorcerer Grabbing Shadow Aggro
  178. Sorc: surviving Harry's fire ball
  179. Favored Soul Ohhh no another Con-based FVS
  180. Favored Soul WF Evoker viable?
  181. Wizard Is WF AM Necro/Conj viable for CC in epics?
  182. New/Return LFBuild Warforged Caster type
  183. Event Spells
  184. Dal Quor jelly
  185. Sorcerer Air Savant Pre-Raids/Epic loot/enhancements
  186. Black Dragon Bolt vs Niac's Biting Cold/Eladar's Electric Surge
  187. Wizard is there sometging funny with my DCs?
  188. Wizard Past life questions
  189. Cleric The mana pot debate cont....
  190. Essential Gear before TRing a Wizard
  191. Will we ever see...
  192. Cleric Ranged-capable raid healer: AA or repeater?
  193. sorcerersavant..
  194. Wizard Newly capped PM weapon selection
  195. Torcing
  196. Wizard Spell penetration problem?
  197. Favored Soul The Holy Buzzsaw (TWF Mele Build)
  198. Cleric Final LR
  199. Sorcerer What would you put on Infused Chaosrobe?
  200. L20 FvS 3rd Life Build- Feedbacks.
  201. Favored Soul Help me with TRing my Sorcerer into a FvS
  202. Melee Favored Soul Question
  203. earth savant build and gear
  204. Warforge wizard build
  205. Cleric Bladesworn Warpriest
  206. Arcane DC survey results
  207. The first druid build!
  208. Cleric Cleric LR Advice
  209. Sorcerer Weapon slots
  210. Wizard Spell Penetration
  211. Question about PM and AM
  212. rate my acid/water WF savant
  213. Favored Soul Suggestions?
  214. Sorcerer Sorcerer Water Savant Build
  215. I want an easy leveling sorc build
  216. Wizard18/Arty2
  217. Wizard Pale Master Equipment what should I get I'm out of ideas.
  218. my 3rd life Cleric...
  219. What are the next best packs to buy?
  220. Cleric caster lvl questions
  221. Sorcerer old dnd spells
  222. Favored Soul Keeping aggro...
  223. Wizard Lvl 8 Wiz - adding 2 levels of rogue?
  224. Sorc16\Monk2\Pal2 ???
  225. Wizard 18/2 Wiz/Rogue
  226. Cleric greater reincarnation..reincarnation..oh my aching head
  227. Sorcerer Half-Elf vs. Warforged & Air Savant vs. Earth Savant
  228. Favored Soul FvS Gear
  229. Cleric Conc opp gear slot?
  230. Favored Soul So a build that requires at least a TR's worth of gear is for new players?
  231. Favored Soul Caster FvS Build
  232. Cleric GS glove advice sought
  233. Sorcerer Yet another greensteel advice request thread
  234. Cleric shortcut buttons
  235. Sorcerer Earth Savant and Acid rain
  236. Returning player, Please give me a crash couse of what I've missed with Cleric.
  237. Sorcerer Air/Cold Savant vs Liches. (Disintegrate, and??)
  238. Favored Soul Favored Soul Build Rate
  239. Cleric How should they implement Domains?
  240. FoS or Clr/Rog
  241. Need a solid sorcerer build
  242. Cleric At-level Turning Tips
  243. Wizard Warforged Archmage Enhancements - SLAs?
  244. Wizard Solo Play Mod 12
  245. Wizard TR leveling build 20wiz vs 18wiz/2rogue (PMvsAM)
  246. Challenges Gear on a Caster?
  247. Cleric/fvs?
  248. Looking for cleric tips
  249. Wizard PM Build help
  250. My take on Sirgog's Soul Survivor build - Feedback wanted from experienced players.