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  1. Favored Soul fvs/mo vs clr/mo build
  2. Pale Master incite
  3. Favored Soul Equipment?
  4. GS ? for my soon to be FvS
  5. Wizard some pale master questions
  6. Cleric Do OP Clerics get more than 6 Spell Slots?
  7. Wizard PM Spell Recommendations
  8. Need Help Tarnishing my Air Savant
  9. Favored Soul 2 Quststions about Feats
  10. Wizard Pale Master, How to build?
  11. Which Lore Needed?
  12. Sorcerer My First Sorc - Air Savant - Half-Elf (Usually play wizards)
  13. Favored Soul Your FVS isnt a Insta Kill Build?
  14. Wizard Human and Spell pen- Did I make a mistake?
  15. Wizard What to slot
  16. Cleric Turn Undead... not sure how bonuses stack
  17. Max Dmg PL MM...
  18. Pet Summon
  19. Sorcerer Extend spell???
  20. Favored Soul Build - maybe with Prestige Enhancement
  21. TRing my Wizzy gear help pls
  22. Wizard Help with Drow Rogue1/Wizard19 Palemaster
  23. Sorcerer WF what savant?
  24. Sorcerer wf sorcer fire sarvent [hellp]
  25. Sorcerer Which Sevant is most effective?
  26. Wizard First TR, from Drow to..
  27. Wizard Need tips on playing a wizard
  28. Wizard Gear for Pale Master TR?
  29. Wizard Concordant Opposition on Helm slot
  30. Wizard AM Drow Build - Comment Please
  31. Sorcerer First life Sorcerer Warfoged - Some questions
  32. Sorcerer Best Hp Item Slot
  33. Healing Aura on FvS
  34. Wizard Want to LR my 18/2 Rogue Wiz to Pure Wiz
  35. Wizard Should I change my stats?
  36. Spell Pen and DC
  37. Wizard Shield Spell
  38. Wizard Boon of Undeath on Mabar Robe
  39. Wizard The Fallen Angel (A Completionist Build)
  40. Wizard Solo elite devil assault. The system works!
  41. Arcane Augmentation
  42. Cleric LRing my Cleric - Need build advice
  43. Wizard Has anyone tested the new PM robes to see if everything procs?
  44. Cleric Looking for a tankish Clonk (17/3)
  45. Wizard even more pale master questions
  46. Sorcerer Sorcerer Question.
  47. Cleric Need solo Cleric advice
  48. Favored Soul Int Based FVS :P
  49. Which path? My 1st sorcerer
  50. AM question.
  51. Cleric The Divine Tinkerer: 17cleric / 2 monk / 1 artificer
  52. Cleric The Divine Gun: 18 Cleric / 2 Artificer
  53. Favored Soul tring my cleric to fvs
  54. Cleric New player looking for gear advice
  55. Epic Claw Solo Tips?
  56. Cleric Any cleric build is good as long as you....
  57. Favored Soul Not sure what to put here
  58. Sorcerer Regearing at 12
  59. What feat to take at 18 on Sorc
  60. Favored Soul Fvs green steel advice
  61. GS help
  62. Cleric My Reasonable Gear Goals for Epic/Raid Healer Cleric
  63. Which Spell School Focus for my Cleric?
  64. Sorcerer Fire Savant in action [HD Video]
  65. Cleric TR Cleric Build
  66. Wizard Want to build a battle-wizard with pure wizard levels. Suggestions?
  67. Wizard midby equipment
  68. pale master query
  69. Wizard need help
  70. FVS .. melee + heal
  71. Gear for a Palemaster?
  72. Wis +7 / Con +7 Items?
  73. Cleric Radiant Servant, Warpriest, Exorcist PrE's
  74. sorc or wiz (rog splash) for solo?
  75. Wizard Archmage with healing marks
  76. Favored Soul Divine Avenger? Any ETA Devs?
  77. Sorcerer Sorc and Savant discussion
  78. Resistance Save +5
  79. Sorcerer LoS and SLA acid arrow
  80. Exceptional Constitution +2
  81. Sorcerer Acid Rain question
  82. pale master GS SP item
  83. Wizard Support and cc spells to help with melee ?
  84. Whats the difference between the LVL 2 Spell Scare and LVL 4 Spell Fear?
  85. Wizard How viable is Vampire form from lvl 12-18 ?
  86. Favored Soul Explain to me why I should choose Favored Soul over Cleric
  87. Favored Soul I love warforged, but...
  88. Wizard Pale Caster Builds
  89. I see people praise their wizard/monk 18/2 builds...
  90. Wizard Past Life Sorc
  91. Favored Soul Greensteel FVS Weapon?
  92. Sorcerer Looking for a good solo build for a sorcerer
  93. Wizard Does this sound decent for a low level solo WF Wiz build... for now?
  94. Wizard Need a few pointers for ToD.
  95. Sorcerer Envious of the light show: Lookig for 32pt Sorc Build
  96. Favored Soul Build
  97. Cleric Gear
  98. Wizard Help me choose my 3rd Wizard Life
  99. Wizard Is Improved Shield Mastery worth it on a pale master wizard?
  100. Pale Master / Rogue Wizzy
  101. Wizard Pale Master equipment
  102. Wizard Evasion Lich
  103. Can someone post a link to FvS & Sorc spell gain per level up, not just spell level..
  104. Wizard Pale masters don't forget Necrotic ray
  105. Favored Soul My First FvS! Any Advice?
  106. Favored Soul Spell list while levelling?
  107. Which spells cancel out?
  108. Favored Soul Human Melee Favored Soul in progress
  109. Pale Master + Archmagi ?
  110. Favored Soul Tr
  111. Pale master build
  112. Cleric How are people using Divine Punishment?
  113. Dot Damage Cap?
  114. Wizard Pale Master: fire+cold vs electric
  115. Sorcerer Possible respec from Earth to Air
  116. Archmage Enhancements
  117. Wizard Fire/Ice based Necromancer 30base int lvl 20
  118. Any reasons left to go pure cleric?
  119. Wizard Pale Master HP help!
  120. Sorcerer Spell List
  121. earth savant...should i take cloudkill or acid fog?
  122. Sorcerer Sorc spell choices
  123. Sorcerer Lightning Immune mobs make me sad
  124. Need advice for a WF Sorc mid-level gear.
  125. Favored Soul Ranged FvS
  126. Wizard 18/2 - Dropping Meta's for Shield Mastery?
  127. greensteel hp for sorc/wizard questions
  128. Wizard Which spells should I Heighten?
  129. Favored Soul Drow: need advice on evoker FvS feats
  130. Ball Lightning vs Chain Lightning ?
  131. Wizard Regarding Pale Master's Forms/Shrouds.
  132. Favored Soul WF FvS Lord of Blades : easy end game gear list
  133. Cleric Clonk 17/3 STR based
  134. Favored Soul 18 FvS 1Wiz 1Mnk Elf AA
  135. Wizard Do Conjuration +'s stack?
  136. Cleric Non-melee solo dps pre Blade Barrer?
  137. Wizard Greater Abishai Set & DoT
  138. WF FVS build help????
  139. Sorcerer Best Gear Layout for a Savant (Water)
  140. Cleric Pre-LR Clonk Questions
  141. Cleric Charisma. Is it worth it if I never use Turn Undead.
  142. How many Hitpoints should a Sorcerer Have at 20?
  143. Wizard Help with my wizard
  144. Wizard pure or rogue splash?
  145. Sorcerer Spell List for leveling a Fire Savant
  146. Favored Soul Angel of Vengenace question
  147. Help to chose a first life caster class
  148. Spell Targeting
  149. + to damage. Who it exactly works?
  150. Wizard Cyclonic Blast
  151. Sorcerer Spell List survey for Savants
  152. Cleric Radiant Servant burst
  153. Cleric I'm tired of being a healbot. Help me change!
  154. Sorcerer WF Savant Enhancements
  155. Elemental lines question
  156. change from lvl20 Pale Master to 18\2?
  157. Sorcerer DPS question
  158. Cleric How to Heal Quickly and Efficiently?
  159. Favored Soul help me please
  160. Wizard So how much damage should a level 7 firwall be putting out?
  161. Sorcerer sorc tod savant set bonus
  162. Wizard Epic CC
  163. Favored Soul LR for FvS help
  164. About SLA sorc fire savant
  165. Force line boost BB on arti, Splash 1sorc or wiz or arti on divine?
  166. questions about prismatic spray/ray for damage
  167. Favored Soul Evoker spells
  168. Cleric Cleric Build - Critique please
  169. Favored Soul Another FvS Evoker... need advice
  170. Best race for FvS Angel of Vengeance?
  171. UMD for a sorcerer
  172. Sorcerer Aggro management
  173. Wizard Evo-AM Related Questions
  174. Wizard A Question of Enhancements
  175. Wizard The Standing Stone
  176. Wizard What to do with my wizard?
  177. Cleric fix this build
  178. Undead melee focused on stacking DR/temp hp?
  179. Casters are OP during the leveling process
  180. Wizard Help me to distribute my stat points
  181. Cleric Two Questions
  182. How to enable caster level combat log messages?
  183. Cleric 18/2 Cleric/fighter
  184. Cleric My turn, Cleric18/pala2
  185. Sorcerer Initiate's Docent
  186. Cleric Half-Orc Clr18/FTR2
  187. Favored Soul Empower versus Empower Healing
  188. Favored Soul Melee to healer LR
  189. Favored Soul Review this Pure nuke/heal FvS Please
  190. Favored Soul Looking for a TR FvS build.
  191. TWF Favored Soul - Melee/Buffs/Heals
  192. Sorcerer Dragontouched crafting and future gear help
  193. Cleric metamagics selection?
  194. Favored Soul Is Empower Healing worth it?
  195. Favored Soul How do you do your Mass Heals in the Shroud Pt. 4 (and/or 5)
  196. Wizard WF AM: Where to slot GS HP/ConOpp item?
  197. Feedback: Caster Duo
  198. Wizard Palemaster?
  199. Cleric Cleric/Fighter Prototype
  200. Another Clonker build!
  201. Wizard Shroud of the Wraith is it a zerger's best friend?
  202. Sorcerer Why Not play a WF Sorc?
  203. gear for:
  204. Wizard What level to switch to PM?
  205. The horrible low level divine caster experience needs revising
  206. Wizard Spell Absorption and PMs
  207. Favored Soul 36 Build FvS Evoker
  208. Sorcerer gear for improving spell DC
  209. Cleric Build by request: First life Radiant Servant
  210. Wizard Necromancer Advice Needed
  211. Favored Soul Favored Souls offensive casting?
  212. Cleric Equiping a Lvl 20 Cleric
  213. Items - Mindfury Symbiont
  214. Favored Soul Favored Soul Evoker
  215. Cleric Battle Cleric Advice
  216. Sorcerer Does the 8th level spell Incendiary Cloud have a concealment bonus?
  217. Cleric Low level spells - please enlighten me
  218. Cleric Healers and Function Keys (Help!)
  219. Cleric I should know this, But... gonna get some more opinions
  220. Elf dual scimitar wielding FvS
  221. Sorcerer Drow spell resistance & some help with feats
  222. Cleric My first cleric
  223. TRing my wiz for the 1st time. Gear ?
  224. Wizard 2nd life Pale Master for Leveling build
  225. 3rd life melee half elf fvs
  226. Wizard Ghetto Necro DC?
  227. Eliminating the disadvantage of Yugo Int Pots?
  228. Cleric Melee Cleric: Horc v. Human v. Helf
  229. Battle of the Behemoths!
  230. Sorcerer Please help evaluate my Sorc. Need to improve my HP, SP and DCs
  231. Favored Soul Capstone DR
  232. Favored Soul 32 point FvS
  233. Favored Soul My idea on a change to FVS AOV.
  234. Wizard Illusionist
  235. Divine Management in End-Game Raiding
  236. Favored Soul For a human FVS which weapon set does more dps an Epic SOS or dual Min II Longswords?
  237. Wizard Build feedback - Wiz
  238. Wizard Good, reasonably accessible level 20 gear?
  239. Help with my wiz please
  240. Wizard Spell Pen 9 and other stuff . . .
  241. Wizard Need a good wf archmage wiz build 32pt
  242. Sorcerer Sorcerer and bluff skill
  243. Smiting enhancement analysis
  244. Wizard End game DC's and Spell Pen
  245. Wizard Spell penetration planning...
  246. Human Enchantment Archmage build
  247. Cleric 13/Paladin 6/Rogue 1
  248. Wizard Sources of +7 INT?
  249. Sorcerer Greensteel for Sorc, what do I need?
  250. Which Cleric Hireling has the most DV mojo?