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  1. what are our role in epics? need some guidance
  2. TRing to wizard, many questions
  3. Sorcerer Exactly what does "immune to most knockdown effects" mean
  4. WF Cleric Build Help
  5. Wizard Am I doing it wrong?
  6. An Idea for some new spells!
  7. Wizard How do I get Ray of Elements ?
  8. Wizard Spell Damage Modifiers
  9. Half-Elf Dilettante Favored Soul/Sorcerer Spell points
  10. FvS Enhancements
  11. Secondary Spell Focus for a Pale Master
  12. Wizard Wizard/rogue, need criticism and ideas
  13. Archmage
  14. Cleric need some help about equipment
  15. Disintegrate question
  16. Sorcerer Sorcerer Before Firewall
  17. Favored Soul Pure Horc FvS
  18. Some advise for a Wiz/rogue WF build.
  19. Favored Soul Looking for First Life FvS Melee human build
  20. Favored Soul Implosion spell, questions
  21. Cleric Scrutinizing my 28pt Clreic
  22. Pale Master Immunities
  23. Cleric Spell DC's?
  24. Wizard TRing my Wizard - Need Advice
  25. spell pen question again
  26. untyped damage and force damage line
  27. Tips on first FvS build
  28. Wizard What is acceptable for SP at lvl 20?
  29. Cleric enhancments
  30. Wizard Shield and Mage Armor spell .. Isn't shield enough?
  31. need a cleric build
  32. Wanky Fireball... issues and questions.
  33. Blade Barrier Ward... huh?!?!
  34. Wizard thinking about trying something different for my dude's last wiz life
  35. Skill advice from a better player? (sorc/fvs)
  36. Sorcerer What's better race?
  37. Wizard force damage line and banishment/dismiss
  38. Sorcerer Oh whats that? Youre the boss of this quest? NOM NOM NOM.
  39. 2nd life archmage ench/necro
  40. Sorcerer Air Savant (TR) Please Rate my Build
  41. kiting/tanking Shadows in ToD
  42. a small suggestion to attract divines
  43. wizard/sorc enhacements
  44. Wizard Build for a Friend
  45. Cleric healing shroud
  46. Cleric evocation items
  47. Cleric Become a better radiant servant
  48. Group friendly wizard suggestions?
  49. Favored Soul Some questions
  50. Wizard ToD Caster rings
  51. A little respect goes a long way
  52. are spell damage increases additive or multiplicative?
  53. Sorcerer Arcane spells/tactics for team play
  54. Need help ! Whats my DC ?
  55. Building my first Sorc
  56. Wizard How to start soloing?
  57. Wizard TR Wizard Feats selection
  58. Death Pact - Large Diamond
  59. Heighten & Heal
  60. Cleric 28-point F2P Battle-Cleric?
  61. Wizard Gear Requirements to Tank Shadowfiends in ToD Part 2
  62. Caster gear advice
  63. Cleric Initial Build Thoughts; Healer (RS-II) & Zen Archery Debuffer
  64. Cleric Stop Holding us back.
  65. Wizard Summoner/Pale Master Wizard Build Class
  66. Cleric My Generalist that is not a battlecleric build
  67. Gust of Wind not working?
  68. a question about hate.
  69. Slow Spell
  70. Sorcerer The Angry Pyromancer
  71. Wizard Is the experiment over yet?
  72. Sorcerer Savant, DCs, Heighten ... does it work the other way too?
  73. Sorcerer Spell Pen, Smell Pen
  74. Wizard Building my first Pale Master - Need some help
  75. Cleric A clonk
  76. Is knockdown immunity WAI?
  77. Wizard Leveling up Question
  78. arcane initiate question
  79. Sorcerer Water Savant - ToD Set Bonus NOT Working...
  80. Wizard or Sorc: New to this, bear with me.
  81. Frustration with Cleric: Ding, ding, ding!!
  82. Wizard Wizard spells you can't buy.
  83. Human PM vs WF ENCH/necro arch
  84. Cleric Orien All Cleric Shroud
  85. Sorcerer Build Challenge --- the poor half-orc fire sorceror
  86. Wizard Any helpful hints for fighting a lich?
  87. Ardor question
  88. Wizard Best damage boosting enhancement lines?
  89. Wizard What's a solid spell selection for mid level wizard ?
  90. Favored Soul Best ele resists?
  91. Favored Soul Caster, TWF Elf Scimi Build?
  92. Sorcerer Need some help picking last feat
  93. Summon two creatures?
  94. Mana... this unknown...
  95. How does DC on a spell from two classes work?
  96. Sorcerer Am I just a bad player?
  97. Wizard Archmage SLA decisons
  98. An example of sorcerer fail
  99. An example of cleric fail
  100. Cleric comments/feedback appreciated
  101. Cleric Battle Cleric Questions
  102. Smoking hands for earth savant
  103. Griefer spells
  104. Sorcerer Help please -->> WF Inscribed Armor
  105. Favored Soul TWF Weapon Finese, Divine Punisher, Healer.
  106. Sorcerer Where can I find superior lore?
  107. Break Enchantment spell
  108. Wizard Solo WF Build Advice
  109. Cleric Fix my cleric.
  110. Sorcerer Earth savant 14 heightens flesh to stone as a 9th levels pell
  111. fire savant with an acid minor
  112. Armoured Spellcaster?
  113. Wizard Aiming
  114. Support Focused Caster [Help needed]
  115. Wizard WF pure Wizard, spell D.C. and general build help
  116. Wizard Lifeshield items don't work on undead forms
  117. Probable dumb question
  118. air savant use stoneskin on GS item?
  119. Favored Soul A slightly diffrent FvS
  120. Quest guide for wizards
  121. Cleric Newbie - Basic 28 point cleric
  122. Favored Soul Quick answer needed, please
  123. Blade Barrier and Force Manipulation
  124. Sorcerer Which feats are 'must-have' as a sorcerer?
  125. Has anyone tried this
  126. What ALL affects radiant servant healing aura?
  127. Favored Soul 14 Levels of FvS but then what?
  128. How many times can I take the Wizard past life feat?
  129. Wizard Weapon/Armor slot for capped Wizard?
  130. Cleric cleric spells and bb advice
  131. Favored Soul FvS and Charisma - Nub Questions
  132. A quick question about Radiant Savant II
  133. Knock vs Open Locks Skill = or not?
  134. Favored Soul WF FvS without a TR?
  135. Favored Soul Ranged FvS
  136. Cleric Armor for Lev 15-17 Cleric?
  137. Sorcerer Sorcs need more SP!
  138. Cleric Clonks
  139. Sorcerer Maximum Achievable Charisma
  140. Sorcerer Sorcerers and Vale
  141. New to Sorc
  142. Cleric 19C/1F TR advice please
  143. Favored Soul Human Melee FVS Questions
  144. Wizard Please critique my Warforged Archmage
  145. Sorcerer WF Sorc - Help required
  146. Favored Soul Need suggestions on FVS-Evoker's gear
  147. Cleric How do YOU heal ToD?
  148. Cleric Radiant Aura question
  149. Noob wizard with some questions.
  150. Sorcerer Sorcerer Savant Question
  151. Cleric Gear Suggestions for a 18clr/2mnk
  152. Favored Soul prestege to dps
  153. Stoopid Tome Question
  154. Wizard SP farm built, a new take on wizards
  155. Sorcerer PSA Haste does not waste a valuable spell slot
  156. Sorcerer Healers Friend on Warforged Caster?
  157. spell purchase/availability
  158. Sorcerer Savant at level 10+
  159. Sorcerer PSA - My sorc My spell list
  160. Cleric 20 gear advice
  161. Helf sorc delittante choice?
  162. Fvs/Monk
  163. A Taric Build
  164. Wizard Feat selection
  165. Wizard Survey of Self-Healing Preference
  166. Buffing
  167. PSA Grease does not waste a valuable spell slot
  168. Sorcerer spell focus feat
  169. Viability of a favored soul offensive caster
  170. Sorcerer PSA sleet storm, hypnotic paternm, dispel does not waste a valuable spell slot
  171. Pale Master Vs. Water/Air Savant
  172. Metamagic stacking
  173. Sorcerer PSA Kormor's Belt does not waste a valuable item slot
  174. 18/2 Wizard/Rogue build. Have some questions.
  175. Wizard Resistance question
  176. Wizard ToD set - Another thread
  177. WF arcane Help
  178. Cleric Any Ideas for Ability rolls?
  179. Best Healer?
  180. Wizard end game DC's for a wiz
  181. Sorcerer Spell Penetration?
  182. Wizard Spell book loss
  183. Wizard Gear at level 14/15 question
  184. Favored Soul Solo Melee FvS for high lvl content (Raids and Epic) - Need advice from experts FvS
  185. Cleric after RA II ? what next!
  186. Need fvs gear help
  187. Wizard End game DC Pale Master
  188. newb archmage help please
  189. Wizard 18/2 PM Wizard/Rogue - Looking for build advice...
  190. Favored Soul First Favored Soul-FeedBack Help
  191. Cleric Must have spells
  192. Favored Soul Favored soul aura
  193. Sorcerer New Fire Savant wanting advice on secondary spells
  194. Wizard WF wizard rogue enhancement questions
  195. What with more than 1 caster=100% chance on failed raid mentality?
  196. Hypnotism and De-buffs
  197. Sorcerer Fire savant II issue
  198. Wizards and red names
  199. Touch Attacks
  200. Favored Soul The "LASER" - a low-cost, effective DPS and pure-20 Favored Soul
  201. Cleric Thank you!!!
  202. Favored Soul First FvS Build - Help me out
  203. Cleric which greensteel to complete first?
  204. Favored Soul Need some help playing my Caster soul
  205. Sorcerer WF Sorc DC's
  206. Wizard WF Necro AM vs Palemaster
  207. Cleric Cleric Feats?
  208. Augment Summoning and Air Elemental
  209. Wizard Area of Death spells
  210. All these builds...which works for me!?!
  211. What is Divine Caster's Max DC?
  212. Have you ever been Disjuncted by Mordenkainen?
  213. Sorcerer Earth Savant Build
  214. Favored Soul Viability of a AA FVS?
  215. Cleric Cleric Enahncements for Warpriest?
  216. Sorcerer Now it's time for Sorc (ele/cold) gear!
  217. Wizard 18/2 PM DC's
  218. Sorcerer Meaningful sustainable sorc DCs
  219. they should change the name of horrid wilting
  220. New to the game
  221. Wizard Gonna TR into a caster. Need help w/feats.
  222. Wizard Little help with wizard gear
  223. Warforged Wizard No Insightful Reflex?
  224. Favored Soul Changing plan on my FVS, would like feedback
  225. Searching Knocking generalist Cleric
  226. Does Archmage set bonus stack?
  227. Favored Soul AoV T1 and Unbalancing
  228. do item and enhancement bonuses stack?
  229. superior glaciation and frost manipulation stack?
  230. Wizard Best spells by level
  231. spell DC
  232. Sorcerer AiS spell damages
  233. evasion + wraith wizard + shield = tank?
  234. Cleric Wisdom stat & Enhancement question improved empower healing verse...
  235. Favored Soul AoV 2+ firewall?
  236. where is the 7th level force spells?
  237. Sorcerer Spells by Elemental Type
  238. Cleric increasing spell points with power item by multi classing in 1 lvl fvs
  239. Which Clunk would play best for me.
  240. Wizard Wizard Gear?
  241. Wizard Wizard gear question
  242. 18/2 wf wiz/ro
  243. Healing 101
  244. cleric = poor man's FvS
  245. Question from a noob Arcane about WF archmage vs Human PM for soloing to 20
  246. Wizard Cyclonic Blast - The bugs.
  247. wiz spell types?
  248. New arcane seeking assistance
  249. Niac's Biting Cold stacking with multiple casters
  250. Cleric Strength vs. Divine Might Questions