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  1. protection from evil
  2. Staff of Arcane Power UMD question
  3. Pale Masters please, just speak up
  4. What else do I need?
  5. Wizard PM TR - How to increase my Dc´s?
  6. Wizard Ench Order for early AM?
  7. Cleric optimum gear DC
  8. My drow Palemaster cant touch herself - bug?
  9. ...This is an impossible choice
  10. Favored Soul Help me improve my end-game FvS
  11. Cleric want to be healing and spell damage cleric
  12. Sorcerer Exceptional CHA question
  13. Wizard Wizards and shields (and jumping)
  14. Cleric Build Question
  15. Cleric 18/2 cleric fighter 2wf
  16. Wizard TRing My Wizard
  17. Wizard Feat order for an 18/2 rogue?
  18. Cleric Healing cleric with offenseive Casting Feat suggestions
  19. Cleric what's wrong with energy burst and radiant servant?
  20. Cleric BloodPriest. Update 9 Focused Battle Cleric
  21. Cleric need a decent cleric build
  22. Wizard Keeping your pre-u9 AP setting?
  23. Cleric Radiant Servant Burst & Sacred Bonuses
  24. Question about Shadow Walk spell
  25. Wizard wizard ac build.
  26. Wizard Gear By Level
  27. Post U9 AM/PM
  28. U9 Sorcerer Prestige worth it?
  29. Wizard Scroll scribing and lesser reincarnation.
  30. Favored Soul Offensive AoV caster spell selection
  31. Cleric Healing Burst in Shroud part 4
  32. Staking of spell damage
  33. Wizard Best wiz –post u9 elf or human (dc vs spell pen)
  34. Favored Soul TR Favored Soul Build.
  35. Possible Archmage Use -
  36. Cleric LR for U9 and other issues
  37. Question on spell effects
  38. Wizard Most optimal Races?
  39. Favored Soul Angel of War; Survivalist, Melee Evoker Hybrid
  40. Favored Soul Warforged (18 FvS/ 2 MNK) Survivalist, Melee Evoker Hybrid
  41. Cleric What is a radiant serveant cleric?
  42. Cleric PSA: Good Healers use scrolls
  43. Cleric Quicken Feat
  44. Cooldowns for SLAs and sister spells
  45. Cleric Build Critique: Human Cleric Healer
  46. Interested in a wizard 18/rogue 2 build
  47. Wizard What's the difference between Suggestion and Charm Monster?
  48. Which Arcane is 'best' U9?
  49. Favored Soul Does the new AoV Pre increases damage for Destruction & Implosion on failed saves
  50. full umd caster cleric ?
  51. Question on FvS PrE
  52. Sorcerer Help, Update 9 Nuked My Sorc!
  53. So how do you plan to use your metamagics post U9?
  54. Sorcerer enahncements for air sav
  55. Sorcerer Bluff, Diplomacy, or neither?
  56. Wall of Fire not being effected by Heighten
  57. Cleric A little help on mah cleric, please.
  58. Sorcerer Disintegrate - still needed?
  59. Clr/FvS: Does divine punishment do too much damage?
  60. Favored Soul can Archon be dismissed?
  61. Sorcerer Feats list after the update
  62. Wizard Bug? Horrid Wilting
  63. Sorcerer Fire Savant II???
  64. Cleric New enhancements
  65. Acid Savant Spell Selection
  66. Wizard Any monsters immune to death effects, but not disease?
  67. Rebuilding My Sorc
  68. New Arcane
  69. Savant Prereq Feat
  70. Sorcerer Feat re-spec?
  71. I have a stupid question about divine punishment...
  72. Spell respec but not enhancements...
  73. Protection from Energy / Elements
  74. Sorcerer Savant for nuking WF Sorc?
  75. Wizard What's your plan?
  76. Wizard Bug or stealth nerf to force line?
  77. Sorcerer TOD sets
  78. Sorcerer Best PvP savant
  79. Wizard Zombie form supposed to give paralysis immunity?
  80. Wizard Post U9 WF Archmage - gonna need help, please.
  81. Cleric DAE loves the new Blade Barrier?
  82. Wizard Where to find the new level 5 spells?
  83. What exacly counts as helpless for Damage buff
  84. Best savant for sorc
  85. Trainers are busy
  86. Sorcerer Gruesome Gerti - A Necromancy Focused Air Savant Build
  87. Wiz/Clr
  88. Wizard even my 20's fail
  89. New Arcane enhancements
  90. Wizard Wizard's Next Life
  91. Sorcerer Which spells are effected by Savant PREs
  92. spells list
  93. Favored Soul Implosion damage and AoV not working
  94. Favored Soul Help me please! Need an Enhancement reset!
  95. Favored Soul U9 Evoker
  96. Favored Soul FVS choices
  97. Wizard New "king" of damage line?
  98. Cleric What equipment for 11th level cleric?
  99. Icy Prison and #winning?
  100. Wizard Medium Earth Elemental Nerfed?
  101. Symbol of Persuasion
  102. Sorcerer Savant Questions
  103. Sorcerer SLAs affected by metamagics, but SP costs not increased?
  104. Wizard I feel Archmages deserve fun consist graphics...
  105. Sorcerer Newbie Questions About Force Sorc
  106. question about amp effects
  107. Wizard NEB Not always working?
  108. Are those spells still a 'requirement'?
  109. seeming change to chain missile
  110. Sorcerer Savant feat selection
  111. Feasibility of a summoner build
  112. Wizard Pale Masters - Keeping Enchantment Spec secondary?
  113. Sorcerer max dps
  114. Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone Upgrade
  115. Favored Soul Reflexable Angle of Vengeances - The Vengeancefull Healer.
  116. Sorcerer Savant Feat and Spell Selections
  117. Wizard Wizard AM and evo SLAs
  118. Wizard Death Aura hard to see in dungeons
  119. Wizard WF wizard archmage build request post u9
  120. Sorcerer couple issues/questions/thoughts
  121. Sorcerer New Savant spell selections
  122. Sorcerer TRing my enchantment AM to air savant
  123. Wizard Struggles in epics
  124. Vampire Form, anyone got pics?
  125. Wizard Help fixing my Wizard for U9
  126. Sorcerer Retuning Sorceror, what's new?
  127. Cleric What items improve Burst and Aura?
  128. savant build
  129. That's some tricky stuff
  130. Sorcerer Does FOM block water and earth savant specials?
  131. Past Life Feats
  132. Sorcerer greater dragonmark of storm nerfed?
  133. Does eardweller drop ion Dreaming Dark on normal?
  134. Trap the soul
  135. Spell Pen and You
  136. Favored Soul dose smiting affect lantern
  137. Sorcerer Best feats?
  138. Wizard U9 Castor @ level 10: need to reset enhancements for sure?
  139. Wizard DC of Spell-like abilities
  140. Wizard WF archmage feat order help request
  141. Solid Fog bugs? No -5 to reflex and heighten doesn't apply...
  142. Cleric Looking for Offensive Caster build
  143. Wizard 32pt Human pale Master U9 need help
  144. Wizard archmage evocation sla spam
  145. Wizard ... Sigh. Anybody got rose colored glasses or a tinfoil hat I can borrow?
  146. Cleric No More Stacking Blade Barriers
  147. Sorcerer Air Savant, SLA and metamagic
  148. What was the point of the spell changes?
  149. Sorcerer Builds
  150. Sorcerer would like to make a sorc
  151. Favored Soul 18fs/2monk Predator (Angel of Vengeance)
  152. Wizard 2nd level of rogue for my wizard?
  153. Wizard so what do you see as getting the nerfbat or buffed next?
  154. Wizard WF archmage enchanter build help request
  155. Wizard RE: Elven Arcanum in U9 vs Human vs Drow
  156. Sorcerer Is Quicken a must of Sorcerers?
  157. Wizard Warforged mage
  158. Sorcerer Charisma +7 epic item?
  159. Favored Soul U9 WF LOTB Archon II
  160. Wizard AM specialization post U9
  161. Sorcerer Yes, ice savant III sorcs can get nice dcs :]
  162. Sorcerer Post Udate Rebuild
  163. Wizard Exc Con 2 tod ring or spell penetration 9 ring post U9
  164. Favored Soul Stupid Archon Tricks!
  165. Cleric Newbie Raid/Heal RSII Cleric ? with THF & DM for leveling
  166. Sorcerer Water Sorc - Feat Selection
  167. Wizard U9 WF Archmage Ultimate Gear Set
  168. Sorcerer Lore Items
  169. Sorcerer Feat Flexibility?
  170. Cleric: Robes or heavy armor? and some other questions
  171. Wizard How to Improve Rays
  172. Wizard 12 wizard/8 rogue repeater necro
  173. Sorcerer Fire Savant, enhancements and spellbook
  174. Blade Barrier stacking stealth-nerf
  175. Favored Soul DR 10 silver Bugged???
  176. Cleric Help! almost lvl 18 but cant decide on feat
  177. Favored Soul Replacing Quicken
  178. Sorcerer Purpose built Earth Savant
  179. A little thankyou
  180. best race for PM?
  181. Sorcerer Ice Storm
  182. Wizard Bonus side effects of Web?
  183. Favored Soul Briefest spark of an idea ... Hate the Light
  184. A few questions.
  185. Sorcerer Cone of Cold vs Otiluke's for Water Savant
  186. Cleric Argh! Cleric, y u no easy to get into?
  187. Wizard Warforged Pale Master Wiz/Rogue?
  188. Cleric A quick note to those who want to play battleclerics
  189. Help with a solo build
  190. Favored Soul Light Spec'd Archer FVS?
  191. Sorcerer Are the Elemental vulnerabiliteis supposed to stack?
  192. Cleric Cleric Build Questions Post-U9
  193. Wizard New 5th Level Spells
  194. Caster DPS output
  195. Favored Soul New spell list for my WF melee FVS
  196. Jungle of Khyber with caster?
  197. Wizard Noob AM questions
  198. Cleric Please critique my first build - gently
  199. UMD for Divines
  200. I am in a Clunk funk
  201. Sorcerer Which is the best path to take for weapon use?
  202. Cleric My Half-Orc Battle Cleric
  203. Warforged Pale Masters die way too easily
  204. Sorcerer PSA: Bragging
  205. Suggestion for a Sorceror's robes.
  206. Sorcerer WF Earth Savant
  207. Cleric Radiant Aura changed?
  208. Sorcerer A tip to help earth savant dps
  209. Sorcerer Spell level and damage.
  210. Sorcerer nead advice sorc(U9) fast levelin just for past life
  211. PSA: Biting Cold, Divine Punishment and Eladar's Electric Surge in Shroud part 2
  212. Sorcerer Whoa!! I have to choose feats? HELP!
  213. Wizard Evocation Spec?
  214. Cleric: Extend?
  215. Favored Soul Faith selection
  216. Cleric What can I do to make him better?
  217. Greater Spell Penetration doubt
  218. Sorcerer Sorcerer PRE's at lvl 6?
  219. How do these stack?
  220. Wizard Leveling Archmage with no SLA?
  221. Wizard Wizard Prestige Lines
  222. The "Contagion" spell, and you!
  223. Favored Soul Capstone change - Ideas
  224. Sorcerer Ice storm and Force enchancement line
  225. Favored Soul We need more Racial FVS gods.
  226. Sorcerer Tanking, Rather than Kiting, ToD Part 2
  227. Wizard Pale Master: Spell Penetration
  228. Wizard Skills to rank for a Pale Master oriented Wiz, and other general advice
  229. Casters are still ridiculously OP at all levels including epic
  230. Cleric Empower Heal and feats
  231. Cleric Has anyone seen scrolls of the new divine spell?
  232. Sorcerer Question about my Sorc
  233. Wizard feats/enhancements
  234. Fire Savants: WoF or Incendiary Cloud?
  235. Sorcerer lvling
  236. Wizard Cyclonic Blast Question
  237. Acid Blast SLA can't be aimed
  238. Cleric The difference between squishy and not squishy (Videos)
  239. Favored Soul H-Orc Melee FvS?
  240. Favored Soul Dummy FvS question about the PrE
  241. Cleric Feats, feats, feats- need advice
  242. 2 past life wiz, TR to PM or Savant Sorc?
  243. debating...which Savant to take
  244. Sorcerer ToD: Shadow Kiting and Savants
  245. Favored Soul Whirling Dervish (Helf Fvs18/Mnk2)
  246. Cleric: Need a build
  247. Cleric El Healoboto, that's Spanish but this build is straight 'm'rc'n
  248. Favored Soul Prestige Enhancement Damage Amplification
  249. Favored Soul basic casting fvs
  250. Wizard Post U9 Wizard - Need a build. Again.