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  1. Favored Soul Elf Favored Soul, Help me stay pure
  2. Analysis of the new sorc Pre's
  3. About Pale Master pets
  4. LRing my Cleric: Feat Question
  5. Wizard As a WF wiz/rog, should I dump UMD?
  6. Favored Soul Worthwhile making an offensive, CC FVS caster?
  7. arcane lore
  8. Sorcerer Savant Element Form Ideas:
  9. Fire vs Air Savant?
  10. DDO Casters Can't Kite (but I still love you)
  11. Sorcerer Relative DPS of each Elemental Savant SLAs
  12. My latest idea for a Pale Master
  13. Wizard What are some good spells?
  14. Favored Soul Angelic Archer
  15. Human vs helf savant
  16. Wizard or Sorceror? Can't deside.
  17. U9 change - the teamwork buff
  18. Sorcerer The Chillblain - a first attempt at a max-DPS Cold Savant
  19. Wizard If my wizard was homeless, his sign would say...
  20. Archmage, is it any good?
  21. Cleric Melee Cleric- Criticism Welcome!
  22. Favored Soul A gear question
  23. Sorcerer Thoughts on Sorcs getting Wings?
  24. Favored Soul Half Elf > Elf for 20 FvS with Scimitars?
  25. helpless change: no more hit on 2 or higher
  26. Wizard Need a definitive answer on DoTs and stacking.
  27. Question about Sorc Pre SLA's
  28. Cleric LRing my Clonk, any advice?
  29. Spell resistance.
  30. Wizard Let's Play DDO
  31. Sorcerer Air Savant PRE movement speed
  32. Cleric Pallai's Guide to Building Clerics- How to roll a Cleric you like!
  33. Cleric Clr/Mnk HP
  34. Favored Soul Lord Of Blades build.
  35. Wizard Build request: WF - Archmage
  36. Wands/Scrolls: Cleric vs FvS
  37. Math On The Wall Of Fire Nerf
  38. Why!?
  39. Sorcerer Advantages of Rolling/Playing a Sorc Are what?
  40. Warlock concept theme - needs help
  41. Wizard Enlarge cost on spell pass
  42. Ice storm question
  43. Sorcerer Dear Casters: Spell changes do not mean the world's end, and here's why
  44. Wizard Advice on making a Pale Master
  45. Underrated Spells?
  46. Wizard With the new epic changes
  47. How to increase your DC's?
  48. Sorcerer A FW Lament
  49. Wizard With the new damage lines going to +50%, will PMs get a damage boost for Neg Energy?
  50. Sorcerer Sorc PrE Spellbook Questions
  51. Cleric Request:32 pt OCC build
  52. SLA's
  53. Favored Soul Spell pass?
  54. Killing Epic Wiz King
  55. Wizard pale master vs necro archmage
  56. Cleric Questions about recitation, prayer and holy aura
  57. level 16 event dagger
  58. Sorcerer (Greensteel) Which THF weapon to craft? (Maul, QS, Falchion, GA, GS)
  59. Wizard SLA and quicken
  60. another level 16 event dagger question
  61. Sorcerer Savants and Heighten?
  62. Favored Soul my 2 cents... with out the khopesh trolls
  63. Cleric Radiant Archer v.2.0 (32-pt HE cleric 17-based AAs)
  64. Favored Soul Full Plate, UMD, Arcane Scrolls and Arcane Spell Failure
  65. Sorcerer Best two-level sorcerer splash?
  66. Sorcerer update 9 fixes caster grouping problem?
  67. Wizard Need Help! Please!!!
  68. Sleep
  69. Favored Soul help
  70. Cleric Clonk greensteel advice
  71. Stop Fireballing Mah Webs!!
  72. PM Bolts Define
  73. Spell changes and utility spells.
  74. Nerf to EXTEND ?
  75. My Head is Spinning
  76. It's all about the melees.
  77. Mental toughness soon or later?
  78. Tier III event dagger question
  79. Wizard Pale Master, form of the Vampire, is it real?
  80. Quick Enhancement Question
  81. Wizard The Legendary Swim Wizard
  82. Cleric Skiver + crystal cove dagger = blue dragon armor?
  83. Maximize + Superior Potency + Elemental Manipulation?
  84. Wizard Do casters contribute in a meaningful way to DQ II?
  85. Wizard Yet Another Equipment thingy
  86. Cleric What TOD ringset for a Radiant Servant?
  87. Wizard Wizard ~ Keep or Re-Roll?
  88. Trap the Soul
  89. U9 and the rise of Enchantment/Necro wizards
  90. Favored Soul Fellow divines how do you feel about the new blade barrier?
  91. Wizard Does the epic yellow augment crystal Spell focus: XXX stack with the reavers napkin?
  92. Question about arcane AoE spells.
  93. Wizard PM Minions
  94. Wizard Master Transmuter's Staff
  95. Wizard Fun premium quests for a wizard
  96. Light spells....who are u?
  97. Favored Soul White wings back!!!
  98. Extend: drop or keep?
  99. Sorcerer After U9 are you staying/going back to Sorc?
  100. the REAL resason for spell nerfs
  101. Bracers of Glacier vs. Vile Blasphemy
  102. Cleric Boosting damage of cleric spells
  103. are FVS worthless? it seems so to me
  104. question about arcane bolt/blast...
  105. For U9, what do you think is the best solo class?
  106. Negative Spell absorption Question
  107. Wizard Don't understand fog spells
  108. Wizard update9 archmaging
  109. Sorcerer U9 Human Sorcerer critique [life #7]
  110. Sorcerer Help with spells for an Acid Savant
  111. Sorcerer Mora Dots: Earth Savant Sorc Build
  112. Cleric radiant servant
  113. Considering a LR...
  114. Wizard What are some Conjuration Spells?
  115. Favored Soul Evoker should take 2 monks or stay pure?
  116. Wizard Fireball Help
  117. Wizard Web + Firewall = Good
  118. More Dots!!!
  119. Wizard Desirable gear for non-epic WF Arcane
  120. Sorcerer Drow Sorcs now in balance with Human?
  121. Wizard PrE for (really) old elf wiz WF babysitter?
  122. Hellfire Crossbow
  123. Contagion Slimy Doom not Earth Savant Spell?
  124. Wizard Wizard Renaissance!
  125. Wizard Does Heal Amp work for Pale Masters?
  126. Cleric Any other Clonks thinking about Stunning Fist?
  127. Cleric H-Elf Radiant Servant Build --- feedback needed
  128. My Cleric just hit 20 - Epic and TR Advice?
  129. Any ideas on what to do after U9?
  130. Sorcerer Haste - Worth It?
  131. Wizard Arcane Augmentation IX?
  132. Sorcerer U9 LR for my Tukaw ... Hate Savant?
  133. Potency Vs Any
  134. Sorcerer Spell List planning for an Air Savant
  135. Light and alignment based spells
  136. CC archmage: WF or elf?
  137. Wizard WF archmage or Elf PaleMaster for CC
  138. Cleric charisma or constitution
  139. Sound Burst Stun, why not helpless state?
  140. Wizard Any Wizard guides?
  141. Broccoli to be the new 'optimized' class for Sorcerers?
  142. Sorcerer Warforged melee-focused Air-Savant
  143. Wizard Pale Master Advice
  144. Wizard Grease Burning
  145. Wizard U9: FotM build(s)?
  146. Wizard Pale Master Build Advice
  147. Wizard Elven Arcanum question
  148. Cleric another turning question
  149. Wizard Evocation Archmage in the late game
  150. Help. I am level 20 and a complete noob.
  151. What made you decide to play a spell caster?
  152. Wizard Playstyle for PM
  153. Wizard Does your wizard use UMD?
  154. Wizard How to dress a pale master
  155. Favored Soul Crucial FvS issue with U9
  156. Cleric Half-orc melee build need balance?
  157. Force enhancement lines
  158. Sorcerer general questions
  159. Cleric The All Cleric Links Thread
  160. Cleric Radiant Servant I & II
  161. U9 Wizard blocking wizard?
  162. Spell penetration makeup?
  163. Can a Wiz dump dex?
  164. Wizard Wizard..splash Monk instead of Rogue?
  165. Wizard Lapsed Player with Questions
  166. Cleric When to heal?
  167. Is the pale master ring and belt set working ??
  168. confused on enhancements for valiance 2.0
  169. Favored Soul I need help! AA FvS will work with the U9?
  170. Favored Soul 18fvs/2monk or 20 fvs?
  171. Wizard List of Ways to Increase SP?
  172. Arcane WF - build for Epics / planning on TR'ing
  173. Cleric Cleric with 1 bard splash?
  174. Dismissal
  175. Cleric Healing with Scrolls Question
  176. Which Element?
  177. Buildind a better vampire
  178. Sorcerer Ultimate Epic savant sorcerer gear
  179. Sorcerer Flesh to Stone or Disintegrate?
  180. Cleric Tier 1 of Con-op?
  181. Wizard Wizards still not versatile with feats?
  182. Bard suggestion
  183. SP Regen Clickies
  184. Wizard Can we change Fire Trap to...
  185. Aerowaee Heal bot pure 20 Cleric build
  186. Wizard question about feats
  187. Wizard Best options for Dragontouched Docent?
  188. What is the cooldown for palemaster SLA?
  189. Wizard Some wizard questions
  190. Cleric for a friend..
  191. Cleric charisma and radient servant
  192. Wizard Planning to roll an Archmage... advise is welcome!
  193. Is there a crowd control guide?
  194. Wizard Enchanter's new best friend
  195. Wizard 18wiz/2rogue stealth + traps - possible?
  196. Update 9 Arcanes
  197. Cleric green steel choice
  198. Sorcerer thread about TRing
  199. spell crit stack question
  200. Wizard How far can a Wizard get into the Shroud, solo?
  201. Why no extend after U9?
  202. Cleric Offensive spellcasting specced/with being able to Heal Build help
  203. Sorcerer Frosted Death - a Water Savant build
  204. Cleric Radiant Servant aura calculations
  205. Shroud of the Lich - graphical bug?
  206. Favored Soul Looking for a FVS build DPS specced
  207. Avenger Info from Eladrin
  208. Wizard Bloodstone for wizards?
  209. Wizard Any warforged trait not covered by undead forms?
  210. Favored Soul TWF FvS advice
  211. Wizard new build
  212. Cleric: Minos Helmet?
  213. Warforged as Pale Master
  214. Sorcerer Savant advice
  215. Favored Soul Needing a closer look: Destruction Spell
  216. Wizard 51 Int...
  217. DC items
  218. Cleric need some clr advice
  219. Sorcerer is this possible?
  220. Sorcerer Sorcerer Ideas/Help.
  221. Does Divine Smiting enhancement increase Flamestrike?
  222. Sorcerer Wand and Scroll Mastery Enhancement
  223. Holy aura and blind
  224. Wizard Seeking Advice/Perspective on updating an old Tinkerer build
  225. Cleric The Radiant Servant Prestige Enhancement Guide
  226. Sorcerer Problem with Spell Component Stacks
  227. Spell penitration: How much is enough?
  228. Where to slot my greensteel item?
  229. Wizard as a level 14 wiz/2rouge how are those stats?
  230. Eladrin Spells: Charisma or Wisdom based?
  231. Halt Undead
  232. Sorcerer dps sorcerer WF
  233. Can we buff Divine Active Past Life Feats?
  234. Sorcerer Will U9 Make Elves good?
  235. Wizard Great Fully Dead- Durable PM
  236. Sorcerer Alignment - which is the right one?
  237. Help with Wiz/sorc spells
  238. Favored Soul Quick stat allocation advice before I roll my FVS please!
  239. Sorcerer U9 Savants:is it going to change alot?.
  240. Wizard I'd love to be a PM, but...
  241. superior inferno vs superior combustion
  242. Favored Soul The Lone Soul- An Epic PVP bui;d
  243. Cleric Are you a healer or battlecleric? Wait is there no third choice?
  244. Wizard TR's of a wiz
  245. Arcane Endgame
  246. Wizard with one level in Favored Soul?
  247. Sorcerer Spells donĀ“t hit the enemy...
  248. Cleric 34pt Half Orc Cleric
  249. 2nd Life; Cleric vs FvS
  250. Wizard Starting Wizard Questions