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  1. Advice on second GS item for my PM
  2. Build advice
  3. 3 School Archmage Build
  4. Epic Lr
  5. Warforge, Human 32p builed, newbie
  6. Question about splash
  7. Does Implosion Work on Undead?
  8. Shaman's elemental set bonus stack with enhancements or replace them?
  9. Returning player looking for some advice
  10. First Greensteel accessory for a wizard
  11. So are PM's immune to Horoth's Stun/Banish
  12. What do you think about Brigand's Cutlass?
  13. cunning trinket event item.
  14. New Zealand DDO player thank overseas Earthquake support
  15. SP Management - what am I doing wrong?
  16. Need event advice...
  17. Pale Master ToD Set - 200% Damage from Negative Energy
  18. Need Sp advice
  19. Favored soul versus Egg hunt event (Video)
  20. Spells
  21. cleric build thrash out
  22. Healing the arcanes
  23. Favored Soul -primer search
  24. event loot for battlecleric
  25. Are there any worthwhile things to get from the pirate event?
  26. Ocean Stance
  27. h-elf pure cleric... feedback appreciated.
  28. Splash of Sorc?
  29. Epic/endgame healer
  30. epic/endgame healer FvS vs. Clr
  31. need feedback for my Pale Master (tr2 drow build32)
  32. What to make......
  33. wf redo?
  34. How can I make my cleric better
  35. From a fighter " my hero is the cleric" thank you
  36. My Gear Dilemna
  37. Amrath clickies?
  38. Wizard Gear
  39. I like to watch people die
  40. Build help!
  41. ultimate dt?
  42. Offensive FVS
  43. Cleric It's Hard Out There for a Battlecleric
  44. Sneak Attacking Scimitar Favored Soul TR
  45. tr into a wizard looking for some advice
  46. new player with goal but don't know how to get there.
  47. 18 cleric 2 monk build
  48. Manipulation Stacking
  49. 32pt Human Archmage first build.
  50. Good equipment for a wizard
  51. DCs on spells.
  52. Is level 20 DR overrated?
  53. Solo Build help
  54. To what should i tr my FvS
  55. Where to put the spare ability points?
  56. Caster Level on AM SLAs?
  57. What feat should i take ?
  58. my first Tr
  59. Best option for a first life Wiz/Rog Force Focused Toon?
  60. anothewr noob question....
  61. Spell casting error
  62. can i save this?
  63. New Pirate Hat: useful?
  64. WF FvS Greensteel?
  65. heighten meta for a splash?
  66. Feat Suggestions?
  67. Question on Pale Master form
  68. HE(Half-Elf)-MAN - "By the Power of Grayskull"- FVS Build
  69. Question regarding healing as a Pale Master
  70. Battlecleric Progress report
  71. Wizard DPS?
  72. Cleric Enhancements
  73. Advice on LRing my Cleric
  74. Mage Armor glitched?
  75. TOD Kiting
  76. PL (FvS): Avenging Light has anyone tried it?
  77. High Level SR/DC/Meta Questions
  78. Feedback needed --- Pale Master build
  79. Amrath Spell DC
  80. Arcane Prodigy Past Life
  81. HELP! Which of the 3 wiz paths should i take (necro, ing. sage or elementalist)
  82. Items that grant weapon PROFICIENCY for cleric
  83. I need to drop one feat from my wishlist
  84. DD clicky
  85. Is there a doctor in the house! Healer,UMD,Melée
  86. Letting people die...
  87. Need build help w/double TR Cleric
  88. 2nd greensteel item for palemaster
  89. Positive Energy Burst Bonuses
  90. Need some help with my Archmage build
  91. Two question about enhancements
  92. Help with my Generalist Cleric Build
  93. Idea of a Melee FVS?
  94. Ice Storm nerf
  95. 1st greensteel?
  96. TIPs and HINTs for noobs and beyond
  97. GS - which to make?
  98. Archmage Spell-like ability enhancements
  99. Whining Wizard
  100. Spellsmasher the build
  101. WF archmage enchanter
  102. 34 PT Drow Sorc Build
  103. Sundial-WF Conjurer discussion
  104. checking to see if idea for toon is valid.... noobie
  105. Just want some opinions really quick
  106. Helf archmage Wiz, Dil: Cleric Build
  107. Feat specing for a new build
  108. What do you guys think of my wizard
  109. Thoughts on a battle cleric that is more battle, less cleric
  110. Meta Enhancements?
  111. WF Pale Master Lich?
  112. Soul DR question?
  113. Ideas on wf archmage gear
  114. What weapon to wield to help the group?
  115. new to clerics
  116. Just a Question.
  117. Tab setup advice
  118. Why does CHA damage cause you to be "helpless"?
  119. Ear slug mechanisms
  120. Lord of Blades + DoD = Splash?
  121. Pale Master DC
  122. TR to cleric
  123. melee humman fvs(focus on meele and able to heal raids)
  124. Fvs past life - question
  125. Cleric Radiant Burst Fix (also posted in suggestions)
  126. Archmage Transmuter and Disintegrate viability.
  127. Quick draw and scrolls and wands?
  128. Wizard Wizards Prestige Enhancements
  129. Wizard Arcane Scrolls which are NOT available for purchase from NPC's
  130. New Forum... New Rules!
  131. Do you like or dislike all casters in one?
  132. Wizard Epic Wiz King
  133. Cleric I'm thinking of starting a Cleric
  134. Cleric Does invisibilty prevent healing?
  135. PSA - Spell Casters without Haste can be useful
  136. Favored Soul Favored Soul prefix test
  137. Druid Spells!
  138. Favored Soul Update 9: Angel of Vengeance
  139. Favored Soul Build request for Fvs Caster.
  140. Wizard Being healed as a WF Wizard? Newb question...
  141. FVS ....Getting Close to unlocking
  142. Wizard Ease of leveling archmagi
  143. Roundtable: Is cleric "outdated" compared to FvS in Update 9?
  144. Wizard Reincarnated my Human Wiz to WF Wiz: gear?
  145. Wizard WF wizard build need help with stats
  146. Wizard Build Help and finding it
  147. Need a hand resolving a building issue please.
  148. Sorcerer Please rate this sorc starting stats
  149. Favored Soul Just hit 20. Critque me please!
  150. Cleric <Cleric, Greensteel> If not goggles, where?
  151. Any information on Sorcerer PRE?
  152. Wizard Spell Pen Question
  153. Bard Song of Sustenance question
  154. Sorcerer Sorc pre information?
  155. Favored Soul and Cleric casting speed suggestion
  156. Which could be better Dps? Cleric/Figher or Fvs/Figher?
  157. Cleric Considering deleting all of my clerics
  158. Wizard Inscribing New Spells...question
  159. Wizard Proof that I can't build worth ****
  160. Wizard Warforged Archmage Guides
  161. Cleric Can't land Commands/Holds
  162. Favored Soul fvs wisdom a dump stat whaaaaaa?!?!
  163. Wizard how good is a wizard in dungeons and pvp?
  164. Favored Soul Items with Potency enhancement?
  165. Dwarves suck as sorcerers fix it now plz!
  166. Cleric RS healing cleric and what is it?
  167. Wizard What is a Pale Master and an Archmage and how do they work?
  168. Wizard Inscribe Scroll not working?
  169. Wizard How can i be pale master?
  170. Favored Soul Avoiding damage with no AC?
  171. Update 9: Polar Ray is 15 sp now?
  172. Wizard What kind of damage does a Pale Master do?
  173. Cleric Racial Toughness III
  174. Wizard What is a good race to use for experimenting with Wizards?
  175. Favored Soul Empower or Maximize first?
  176. Wizard Arcane Initiate Stacks with Spell Focus Feats?
  177. Evocation DC
  178. Wizard Why is my skeleton atacking me?
  179. Sorcerer Tukaw-ish build ... the merits of Polar Ray vs. OID
  180. Cleric Turn Undeads Per Level
  181. Favored Soul Favored Soul Advice..might be a whole new build idea..
  182. Wizard Wizard endgame gear.
  183. Wizard Spellsong Trance does not work on Liches
  184. Favored Soul Need some suggestions about my solo FvS
  185. Favored Soul FvS- Empowering healing until 12/13, then switch to maximize?
  186. Favored Soul Where to draw the line when healing.
  187. ripoff of WF soul survivor build.
  188. List of bugs and issues effecting the Sorcerer and Wizard classes.
  189. Necromancer Build Drow Request
  190. Favored Soul Favored Soulo
  191. Cleric Radiant servant 2 aura
  192. Radiant Burst and the shroud
  193. Cleric At what point do casters stop acting like tanks?
  194. Wizard Max INT?
  195. I'm starting a spellcaster how much wisdom/charisma/intelligence should I take?
  196. Sorcerer Insightful reflexes?
  197. Spell Resistance and DC
  198. Wizard Build advice / request
  199. How do you cast your spells?
  200. Sorcerer Savant Prestige Information
  201. Half-Elven Favored Souls
  202. Cleric radiant servant 32-point rebuild
  203. Cleric Despite my best efforts I cant seem to built a clonk worth a darn can anyone help out
  204. Favored Soul Offensive divining: Suddenly, Sharvarath
  205. Wizard Need advice on an old 1 rog/8 wiz
  206. Wizard Elven Wiz Mod 9 Improvements
  207. Level up?
  208. Wizard Con-Op Necessity
  209. Cleric low level solo & turn undead
  210. Wizard Wizard SP
  211. Wizard New Pale Master lvl 12 - extensive Qs
  212. Wizard Sorc PRE changes screws with my archmage?
  213. Submit new thread with accesskey=
  214. confirming caster Dc
  215. A Few Sorcerer Questions
  216. Whats the easiest to obtain AOE spell for Wizard and Others?
  217. Sorcerers, aren't you forgeting something?
  218. Favored Soul angel of vengence II archon damage
  219. Sorcerer Will cone of cold and Telvi's set be fixed?
  220. Wizard Does Arch Mage set from Shavarath stack with Greater Arcane Lore items like Skiver?
  221. Sorcerer Why the Elemental Savant will be worse then Archmage for Spell Damage.
  222. Sorcerer One thing I don't get...
  223. Favored Soul Elf 18/2 still viable?
  224. Cleric Energy Drain Nerfed?
  225. Question about metamagics
  226. Favored Soul Implications of the new FVS Pre in 6 person epic quests
  227. Melee and casting capable cleric
  228. Sorcerer Which pre will you go?
  229. PM II Lich form question
  230. Sorcerer Spells and time.
  231. Favored Soul Will there be Tier III?
  232. Cleric First TR Planning
  233. Cleric school focus
  234. What are the "force" spells?
  235. Favored Soul Which divine spells are confirmed to benefit from the smiting line?
  236. Potency + Timed Spell Question
  237. Tenser's Transformation
  238. Cleric Prepared Spells for a lvl 9 cleric?
  239. Set item stacking
  240. Wizard Archmage Arcane Archer (Revised)
  241. Wizard What happens to arcane CC?
  242. Concern about Casting DCs with the upcoming changes
  243. Timmy+heals+evasion+dr = win/lose?
  244. Wizard Making a Lich is fun, but for epic they become useless.
  245. Update 9 Changes to Epic Ward and Turning
  246. ddo Improved Fire Augmentation IX stack with Abishai set?
  247. Sorcerer Of sorcerers and wizards
  248. Sorcerer Stormcaller Savant, how gimp?
  249. Welcome to the new Sorcerer Forum
  250. Blue Dragon scales for the Greater Arcane Lore armor