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  1. Rogue Thrower?
  2. The Prowler: Covert Assassin of House Thuranni
  3. looking for a crossbow rouge build
  4. New eRing of Stalker vs Avithoul
  5. Level Split thoughts for Acrobat/Kinsai with monk splash?
  6. Teach me to assassin
  7. Drow TWF Rogue Build Request - Probably Assassin
  8. Adventures in Theorycrafting - Mechassin 2.0
  9. How much Lock does a Trapper need?
  10. Dodge bonus sources and types
  11. Extreme Dodge Stacking
  12. The rogue splash and trapping skills
  13. Does the TA QS speed enhancement stack with haste?
  14. A Rogue Challenge
  15. how high can a Rogue stack Intelligence?
  16. Starting stats and level up stats for assassin?
  17. Stick rogues, yay or nay?
  18. TWF Sickle-Wielding Rogue
  19. Abilities that does not break Stealth
  20. rogue question. in need of guidance.
  21. Mech Rogue Challenge.
  22. Does Human Sniper and Rogue Mechanic sniper stack?
  23. Assassination while solo is dead
  24. When new patch gives you lemons
  25. Why do rangers get it better....
  26. Duhhhh surprise by Ghostly item bonus to HS/MS
  27. My current rogue build.
  28. Your favorite xbow to use lvling
  29. Mech Rogue Capstone or Arty Arms?
  30. Night Stalker - In Memory of Blingdenstone *Prowler Variation*
  31. Paralyze DC's for Xbows ?
  32. Is there a list of Stealth-enabled quests anywhere?
  33. Magical Traps bugged?
  34. Pure ranged 6 ranger multi
  35. Int Assassin accessible & coherent gear set
  36. All the Dodge
  37. Mechanical Reloader bugged?
  38. Anyone Try Improved Feint After the Revamp?
  39. Returning to daggers, help please?
  40. How does this build look ?
  41. Rogue repeater..which race for reaper
  42. Deep Gnome Color Spray Rogue
  43. Low-level DR breaking
  44. Wheres my assassin love!
  45. Mechanic upgrade/bug fixes?
  46. STR-based Rogue
  47. Ranged rogue Help
  48. Shadar-Kai - Rogue 18/Arty 2 Build (+6 Tomes, 36 Pt)
  49. Thief-Acrobat enchancments are stacking?
  50. Philanthro, 20 rogue mechanic xbow
  51. Kukri > Daggers?
  52. Just Curious For Assassins
  53. My rogue mechanic leveling build
  54. TA staff specialization, don't boost crit multiplier?
  55. Defensive Roll and Reflex Saves.
  56. Returning Player Build Questions
  57. Need a solo Rogue build
  58. The Standard Stick -- 8 Rog, 6 Mnk, 6ftr
  59. Mechanic and ranged alacrity
  60. Which ED and twists for rogue mechanic do you run?
  61. TA No Mercy / HOrc Brutality
  62. Building lowbie set for maxed Melee Power
  63. Wait for it....
  64. Rogue PRR, MRR, AC, Saves
  65. When is a Rogue not a Rogue...
  66. Watchfull Eyes my Nemesis feat
  67. Rogue Mashine Gun Build
  68. 18/2 TA/Barb Half-Orc...Just brain storming
  69. Mechanic enhancement __Thunderstone__ BUGGED????
  70. Trapdancer - Heroic Trapper Build
  71. Stacking Doubleshot?
  72. Grenades and Sneak Attack ????
  73. Ideas for cheap pure human Rogue
  74. Question about a rogue assassin
  75. Assasin Vistani Knife Fighter?
  76. GTWF rogue build
  77. Thrower or Repeater
  78. rogue PL, THF
  79. Epic reflexes Question
  80. Build request for Mech repeater.
  81. Two builds 1 winner.
  82. Visanti Knife Fighte
  83. Need Help gtwf type Drow Rogue
  84. thoughts on the Best filligree for an assassin
  85. Pure Rogue build Assassin
  86. Best race for assassin, based on racial enhancement tree?
  87. Best Great Crossbow for sent weapon?
  88. Interesting rogue builds for f2p?
  89. Shadar-kai Int Assassin Vistani?
  90. Does 'One With Blade' from the Vistani tree stack with 'Knife Spec.' ?
  91. Share my assassin (28 point, 0 TR)
  92. Mines of Teth: some rogue friendly stuff there
  93. Assassin quiz: Assassinating spiders
  94. xbow builds
  95. Looking for TwF Drow Rogue Dex based
  96. Dragonborn Rogue
  97. Deadly Traps - Not so Deadly!
  98. SWF builds for rogue
  99. Does Dagger in the Back work with handwraps
  100. Recommended Halfling Assassin for 32 pt no tomes
  101. Looking for advice on Rogue build. Int or Dex, Assassin or something else
  102. The den of strange Thieves - a collection of unusual Assassin builds
  103. One with the Blades AND Knife Specialization?
  104. Vistani Fighter/Rogue. Need your opinion.
  105. Please discuss the overall dps of this SWF Assassin compared to a pure Twf Assassin.
  106. Bomber Boltz Mechanic build
  107. Sneaking Speed Enhancement Stacking
  108. Beginner seeks help - INT based Skill Expert
  109. What daggers do you like these days as you level up?
  110. Level 30 assassin gear...?
  111. Help with new build
  112. Assassin hotbar set up???
  113. Shiv, imp feint, assassin's trick
  114. Auto Detect Traps
  115. Rogue Clickfest vs. Giant Hands
  116. Shadowdancer is a decent destiny for an assassin rogue now
  117. Assassinate and stealth
  118. Gear up my Rogue with me!
  119. Rogue Assassin & Raider's Reward Box
  120. Assassins
  121. Death in Plate, Tilo's work in progress
  122. Pick Your Poison (Assassin)
  123. Rogue build for TR grind...
  124. Vistani Tempest Assassin
  125. Kip Up & Balance Skill
  126. Stupid Rogue Questions..
  127. Pure Rogue Asassin/Vistani Build
  128. I wanted to share my Mechanic and ask couple questions
  129. Hi! Returning question
  130. Mechanic Rogue question
  131. The Shadow Assassin -- A Reaper Rogue
  132. my attempt at an Elven Mechanic/Kensei
  133. DEX Item for Rogues
  134. Fitting in completionist
  135. The rogue experience...looking for some feedback on build options
  136. Returning Player
  137. Good Daggers for Leveling
  138. Mech rogue gear set, need help using LGS Ender's set
  139. Returning 2012 player : Need Dex Assassin build advice
  140. concerning shadowdancers tier 6 consume
  141. Dwarf Rogue Assassin - Reaper and Raid Focused
  142. 12 Rog / 6 Ftr / 2 Arti Mechanic Racial TR build
  143. Filigree sets for assassins -- looking for opinions
  144. Call to Soundburst (Heroic Angel of Destruction v. Tilo)
  145. The Loki (18 Rogue 1 Monk 1 wiz deep gnome)
  146. ToD assassin prestige set neg leveling: does it work?
  147. Achilles the new Assassin
  148. Shatao the Assassin
  149. Time Bomb Oddities and Bugs
  150. Looking for a 2wf vistani knife fighter build
  151. Sweeping Strikes Question
  152. How is Thief-Acrobat?
  153. Raid/Reaper Mech Rogue help (epic feats)
  154. Shiv and Stealthy, are they WAI?
  155. Scion of the Ethereal Plane vs Earth
  156. Vistani Knife Build helping.
  157. Drow TWF Assassin
  158. Gear for cap mechanic
  159. Ranged Rogue Suggestions
  160. ???
  161. Highest sneak attack damage?
  162. Ethereal vs Aborea
  163. Rogue multiclass
  164. Elf Rogue Question
  165. Aasimar viable as a DEX based Acrobat?
  166. Need help with 2nd life as a returning Rogue after 4 years away from the game
  167. Tiefling Assassin
  168. Epic Gear List for 20-30 Epic Pastlife (Inquisitive Rogue)
  169. Looking for a staff build
  170. Pure rogue vs rogue + artificer splash for fusilade