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  1. Good News!
  2. Rogue and will saves
  3. 2nd life Pure Rogue Q&A
  4. How is assassinate with the new update?
  5. Returning Mid-Level Rogue
  6. U23//Harper Tree
  7. Trap making and trap setting in your normal play?
  8. Stun Unarmed Rogue Build Request
  9. Interesting "short-term" rogue build?
  10. U23 Nokowi Assassin Build Posted
  11. Staff Rogue
  12. a simple question to all the rogue players (even mid-high end geared)
  13. Help With Scroll Healing
  14. Pure Int. Endgame Rogue
  15. Thunderforged for Assassins?
  16. Rogue/Swashbuckler Idea
  17. Int Based Assassin, which race? Human, Halfling or Drow seem like the best choices.
  18. Stick Fighting
  19. Looking for some rogue life advice
  20. Looking for Heroic pure rogue-assassin build for a Heroic PL
  21. How many rogue levels do you need for end game traps?
  22. Returning player Drow Rogue Advice
  23. Assassin's Trick Assassinations!
  24. SDK Build
  25. Rogue weapons
  26. Galacei's Repeating Trapper
  27. Weapon Finesse - useless or not?
  28. Heroic rogue life
  29. Build request: Assasin harpen build
  30. Need a rogue build help
  31. Threat reduction: what stacks?
  32. Ranged options for a melee
  33. How is acrobat
  34. Rogue armor
  35. Shiradi halfling thrower vs shadowdancer
  36. Best looking weapons to consider for Mirror of Glamour?
  37. Noob Rogue wondering about tempest
  38. Stick fighting builds
  39. Best race for harper / assasin rogue ?
  40. Help! I'm addicted to Rogue builds!
  41. Returning Rogue/Assassin suggestions
  42. Question about armor class
  43. Looking for Drow Rogue build
  44. Heroic skills
  45. Rogue tactics
  46. I lost 2% dodge and I can't figure out how
  47. Best armor for Rogues?
  48. A Creature of Light and Darkness: A Rogue Experiment
  49. DEX-based assassin - Is it worth?
  50. So.. with Mechanic Changes coming live....
  51. Gear for heroic level int based rogue
  52. Ranged Lethality?
  53. New Player Question Regarding Stats
  54. Blade Forged Assassin???
  55. Back on an assassin rogue, but not happy with a few things. Hoping for some help.
  56. The Riot Cop
  57. Harper and Assassination.
  58. Demarch of Mask: Thief-Acrobat with a Divine Flourish.
  59. Mechanic gear
  60. Mechanic: Repeater vs. Great Xbow
  61. Where do all the bolts come from?
  62. Are Poison Strikes "worth it" or should they be left alone?
  63. Mechanic Stuff
  64. Rogue Past Life need some help
  65. The "Dodge Everything" Build
  66. Rogue build advice
  67. U25 Rogue Enhancement BUG
  68. Time Bomb
  69. Assassin TF Throwing Dagger vs TF Great Xbow for ranged option
  70. Thief Acrobat with Harper Tree
  71. Mech Repeater Builds
  72. Flavorful, Yet Effective - The Phiarlan Agent
  73. Dodge on the new Dex assassins
  74. Dex Assassin build?
  75. Unlikely Assassin
  76. Halfling Dex Assassin 1.0
  77. Three Dex Based Assassin Builds
  78. Equipment for Rogue
  79. Assassin's Trick~
  80. Sweeping Strikes __TYPO ?
  81. Halfling Acrobat build for rate.
  82. The Glass Cannon
  83. INT-Based, Consume?
  84. Questions on Mechanic Synergy
  85. Does Morphic Arrow work with bolts?
  86. I stab you in the name of the one true god
  87. My first "Custom" class attempt- 12 rogue \ 6 ranger \ 2 paladin assassin
  88. Drow Assassin/Mechanic... pitfalls?
  89. Centered Thief Acrobat
  90. Bladeforged mechanic-feel free to give suggestions on how to fix it.
  91. Deadly and Weakening Strikes dont effect Spinner of Shadows.
  92. Rogue: Mechanic Tree & Crafted Traps.
  93. Time Bomb - Known Bug (Y/N)
  94. Is the Daze Effect on Thunderstone Working Now?
  95. Questions about crossbows.
  96. Fletching Fun!!
  97. The confused Barbarian
  98. Triple positive repeater, versus Epic Silver slinger
  99. An idea in my head for a build
  100. green steel or cannith great x-bow until 24 or 26?
  101. Shiv acting funny
  102. Mechanical Reloader
  103. Clever & Smart Agent - Pure Drow Harper Mechanic
  104. TOEE set and assasins
  105. Returning Player Drow Rogue
  106. GxB Drow Mechanic - Greensteel Equipment question
  107. Semi-New Player Looking for Rogue Advice
  108. 1st rouge build suggestions
  109. Looking for Mechanic Help
  110. Elven assassin?
  111. Returning Rogue Questions?
  112. Guidance for building a melee class who can handle traps/lock
  113. Dc U27
  114. Great Crossbow vs. Heavy Repeating Crossbow for Mechanic
  115. Need to do something about my Staff wielding Rogue
  116. Acrobat Inquiry
  117. Full Metal Rogue...
  118. Int vs. Dex
  119. Rogue/Monk Build to criticize
  120. Heroic level rogue self-healing
  121. Is acrobat any good without improved crit profile staffs?
  122. Looking for a solid Mech build
  123. rogue/fighter greatsword, cleave question
  124. Cartwheel Charge__ PLEASE test….
  125. The Thug: sustained-DPS non-assassinating INT rogue
  126. Rogue Armor
  127. A Pocket knife in the back (Halfling Assasin Build)
  128. gigo rogue( for personal use)
  129. Few questions on mechanic... mechanics
  130. Need help with feat (for shadowscale docent)
  131. Fate Points Recommended for Mech
  132. BiS list for rogues? Mech preferred
  133. Best race for today's Assassin?
  134. Level 15 mechanic: Any good?
  135. Request for build: Pally Mechanic Build
  136. How do you toughen up a rogue?
  137. Sense Weakness Question
  138. LF Hard hitting ranged rogue build
  139. Melee rogue swashbuckling
  140. Bladeforged Holy Nail-Gun
  141. What are you stacking for ranged speed/double shot (mechanics please chime in)
  142. best twist of fate for mechanic? passives
  143. Skaldin' Bonez
  144. Request for Build: Rogue life
  145. rogue assassin weapons
  146. Looking for a trap monkey, thrower, survivior killing machine (I know not much!)
  147. Is mechanic now the way to go?
  148. Great Crossbow vs Heavy repeater, which is better?
  149. Rapid Reload or IC?
  150. Adventures in Theorycrafting: The Manyshot Mechanic
  151. First mech: some advices? Drow or human?
  152. Sweeping Strikes - Some Testing
  153. Vampire Assassin (theory craft) can it work? Help wanted
  154. Centered Thief Acrobat... Half-Orc?
  155. Movement speed while sneaking
  156. Quick Stacking Question
  157. Rogue skills
  158. What ED do you like for xBow user & why?
  159. Rogue shuriken build
  160. any updated Acrobat builds?
  161. ToEE Leather Armor
  162. mechanic build question
  163. pure mech aps
  164. Divine Artillery
  165. Sneak speed bug with DWS Faster Sneaking and Assassin Stealthy
  166. Potential Build: THE ASSASSIN (Pure Rogue, none of this multiclass BS)
  167. Build Idea: Roulette Tank
  168. Revised and Updated Build (12/18/2015): THE ASSASSIN
  169. Pure rogue thrower - should I give up now?
  170. Absolutely Maximum Dodge?
  171. Need help with Half-orc Acrobat.
  172. Question what feats mechs are taking u29
  173. Best Rogue Loot
  174. Great Xbow rogue build?
  175. Legendary Green Steel Weapons and Items
  176. U29 - Return of the Int Assassin - An End Game Int Assassin Build
  177. A Legendary Elite Int-Based Assassin Build
  178. Sneaky Boulder: Ultra-survivable Centered Thief Acrobat
  179. Trapmonkey Skill Totals by Level?
  180. Rogue enhancement question: Staff control
  181. What feat did you take at lvl 28?
  182. Help with a first life pure trapper
  183. which xcb after level 13 divine artilery
  184. race for mechanic ?
  185. Request: Trapmonkey Pure Rogue f2p new friendly
  186. Mechanic Question
  187. Amount of SA immunity removal from core 6 Shadow Mastery
  188. GCB double vorpal of the Mechanic tree's Sniper feat
  189. Does the strength dmg from Shadow Form stacks with Crippling Strike?
  190. Sharpshooter and Crossbow Training
  191. Sneak Attack
  192. Deception IX stacking with improve deception
  193. SneakATank
  194. Maze's SneakATank (Dex) Assassin Build. U29
  195. max int for a mechanic
  196. Know the Angles Pure Rogue
  197. Drow rogue dex build questions
  198. Sweeping Strikes
  199. Pure Acrobat at End Game Possible?
  200. Sneakzilla, Work in Progress
  201. Arbalester Rogue Build - Suggestions for heading to 20+ levels
  202. U29 end game mech rogue-the SA king
  203. Fletching enhancement working or bugged?
  204. Reapter build. does aa tree work with it?
  205. GXB build workable?
  206. Assassin's Trick while raged
  207. Analysis of the Drow Assassin
  208. Pure vs. a 2 arti splash for non-human mechanic?
  209. Character build
  210. LR and my Assassin
  211. Self-Healing Halfling Mechanic For New Players
  212. is manyshot worth using?
  213. Thief acrobat pole dancer for heroic past lives
  214. trap crafting
  215. Rogue PRR
  216. Rogue Acrobat Sweeping Strikes
  217. request - Rogue build for heroic levels
  218. Acrobat - Halfling or Elf?
  219. Rogue build
  220. Pure Rogue Trapmonkey/Great Crossbow build
  221. Mechanic Gear Advice
  222. I'm back, need help with a build.
  223. Low Level Dex Assassin Gear
  224. Pure Rogue Acrobat with Grandmaster of Flowers Issue
  225. Jayneixth's 13rog/6monk/1druid Centered Thief-Acrobat (EE/LH Capable on first life)
  226. Centered Thief Acrobat (My Take)
  227. quickstrike / quickdraw
  228. Mechanic : Rapid reload vs Rapid shot
  229. Looking for help with my Mechnic build / setup
  230. Mechanic Rogue, Repeater vs Great XBOW
  231. Snifsassin?
  232. Rogue splash ranger. Add paladin???
  233. Best non-rogue rogue option
  234. I have a Halfing Rouge 1st life what should my next life be?
  235. KTA, Mechanic, and You!
  236. Gas Passan Assassin
  237. Tr to a mech from art
  238. Assassin build - can this work, or am I gimped?
  239. Any know important gear to get for rogue? dungeon and raid ?
  240. Pure Mech Rogue
  241. Thief Acrobat - No Mercy?
  242. Rogue Gear?
  243. Quick Mechanical Reloader question...
  244. Mechanic for PDK lives.
  245. Machanic and Elf and Arcane Archer enchancement synergy?
  246. Level Split fot Rogue/Artificer?
  247. Quarreller build advice/suggestions needed please
  248. Two Kopesh Rogue Build?
  249. Threat reduction stacking question
  250. Weapon Selection/Class Split