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  1. Build advice for my lovely wife
  2. Fatty Slim Pickens...
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  7. Heavy Draw Issues
  8. Returning player asking for advice on gear for a ranged player
  9. Ran14/Pal4/Art2... feasible?
  10. Cry Wolf, Yaulthoon? Badly made ranger animal companion.
  11. The problem with the ranger pass---Paladin-14/Ranger-6 or Pally-15/ranger-5
  12. One little thing I would like to see added for the Ranger pass
  13. Arcane Archer help
  14. 8 Favored Enemies
  15. What are your thoughts on pure dex-based build ideas for Tempests right now?
  16. When does an archer put down his bow and grab a sword?
  17. Ranger Builds for Update 28
  18. The Divine Cuisinart: A dual khopesh wielding pure tempest ranger in divine crusader
  19. Add to spell longstrider +50% movement speed while running backward
  20. Tempest still a flawed melee figher?
  21. Twister, what can I git ya?
  22. deep wood dex to damage not working
  23. Ranger Run Speed
  24. Will Rangers get a few new "useable" spells?
  25. Today's top Archer build
  26. Shadowdancer
  27. Suggestion for tempest feat acquisition
  28. Archer's Focus Stacks Decaying/Clearing
  29. Greensteel Khopesh options
  30. Please help with the LR of my 12ranger/6monk/2rogue build
  31. Pure Ranger Archer Build
  32. Monchers after the AA pass
  33. Max paralyze dc aa?
  34. Rangers after the balance pass
  35. Going Pure: To Cleave or Not to Cleave
  36. Need build suggestion
  37. Help with pure Ranger gear (DWS Archer)
  38. Odd question... but...
  39. Stalker vs AA Tier 5's
  40. unbongwah...please look
  41. One Rangers Story
  42. Darkstars: A Deepwood Stealth-Focused Star Thrower
  43. 12 Ranger / 5 Pali / 3 FvS - TWF build draft
  44. AA or DWS Capstone?
  45. archer/trapmonkey
  46. Ranged ranger?
  47. PDK Ranger and no LR+1
  48. DWS vs Tempest: what is best for melee?
  49. Please critique this Ranger12/Wiz5/Ftr3
  50. AA Imbue Scaling
  51. Ranged ranger questions
  52. Fireshot, the alternative to Furyshot
  53. Mithral Body and Ranger Enhancements
  54. old character Ranger 12 / Barb 6 / Arti 2
  55. Go with old or new archer
  56. Barkskin - mighty oak or thin willow?
  57. Still can't decide... Pure Ranger or Monkcher?
  58. Tempest Trapmonkey with Arti-Splash & Repeater?
  59. First life Elven ranger build?
  60. Which weapon element on ToEE (epic)
  61. Dwarf Ranger - Melee Weapon Ideas
  62. Tempest Dreadnought
  63. Theorycrafting Dexterity-based Tempests - FLF (First Life Friendly!)
  64. "Strimtom's Acid Arrow", Maximum Bow DPS, F2P/new player Friendly
  65. Ranger Defenses...... yeah.
  66. Tempest is underpowered?
  67. Paralyzing arrow DC for legendary elite?
  68. Gearing a TR Ranger... and other stupid questions...
  69. White Feather Sniper: A DPS and CC focused full time ranged pure ranger
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  72. Best light weight weapon for tempest rangers
  73. Elf: Pure Ranger vs Monkcher
  74. Analysis of the Elven Ranger
  75. (U29) The Stormbringer - A true Versatile Ranger Build
  76. Concept Build: PDK Tempest
  77. Per recent AA changes, do any past life feats mesh with the changes to imbue arrows?
  78. Repeater Ranger
  79. Shiradi Procs and Spell Powered AA Imbues
  80. Need Build Help - Want a twf drow with rapiers
  81. Quick draw
  82. Help with a couple DC imbue questions
  83. Tempest too good to ignore?
  84. Doublshot Arcane Archer,
  85. Which, if any, metamagic feats affect AA enhancements?
  86. U29 DPS Gear
  87. Zergod - Human Khopesh 20 Ranger - Dire Charging Melee DPS
  88. Many Cuts Vs A Thousand Cuts
  89. Needed - Elf Ranger Help Please!
  90. Ranged DPS Ranger that can deal with locks and traps
  91. Here is an idea... Feel free to whack me with the Noob bat!
  92. DWS T5 Heavy Draw Stopped Working?
  93. doubleshot bug?
  94. Going Into Second Life As Human Pure Ranger, Viable Non-Stealth Arcane Archer Build?
  95. I got a weird idea...And need help with it. Or just "you realy are an idiot".
  96. Melee/Ranged Mix
  97. Q Staff Ranger
  98. Ranger TWF Question (sorry if it is a stupid one)
  99. Arcane Archer elemental/force damage dice
  100. "The Arcane artcher"
  101. My new Ranger build
  102. Build help please - AA or DWS for Sun elf+Ranger PL
  103. Splash, dip, less than pure - which <5 Favored Enemies?
  104. THF and Dance of Death
  105. Question: Archer Imbues
  106. The harper toolbox 12 ranger 6 fighter 2 rogue morninglord elf
  107. ToxicRain AA/trapper
  108. new dumb Ranger ENH question
  109. Feedback. Heroic life ranger rogue
  110. U31 Poor man's ranger
  111. Quwstion about AA Elemental Imbue bonuses and Spell Lore.
  112. Destiny Builds for New Epic Toon
  113. melee ranger build
  114. U31: Deep cave prospector
  115. Ranged Gear at Cap
  116. Smoother heroic life - AA or Tempest?
  117. Some notes on Elemental arrows
  118. Dilemma
  119. LE, Melee Rangers, And You!
  120. Arcane archer
  121. Doubleshot stacking
  122. A Dance of Flowers for Pure Ranger
  123. 18 Ranger/1 Rog/1 ???
  124. Slayer arrow vs 20% doubleshot
  125. Ranged trapmonkey
  126. Curious.. Warforged mc ranger..or dwarf..
  127. Dragaira - King of Elemental and light damage
  128. LE, Melee Rangers, And Your Gear!
  129. Gear Request : Ranged Ranger
  130. Deadshot, archer ranger focused on base dmg
  131. Ranger noob question - improved weapon finesse
  132. DeadshotTrapper, a base dmg archer w trap and umd skills
  133. AA Level 18 core and crossbows
  134. AAs......show me the curved wood in your hand
  135. DWS - Level 20 or 18?
  136. Build request: Dwarf dual wielder
  137. Question on bow strength...
  138. Halfling Tempest Defenses
  139. XBow Trapper Ranger
  140. Many Cuts vs. A Thousand Cuts A Year Later
  141. Ranger Ele dmg to Shurikens
  142. Force Arrow Crit Damage and Elemental Dice
  143. Hunters Mark vs. KtA
  144. AA - GS Longbow or No?
  145. T5 DWS or T5 Tempest for Pure Ranger TWF
  146. What do I use for DPS on Undead / Skellies on a pure ranged ranger build
  147. Poll: Tempest PA or Precision?
  148. Best lvl 18 heavy repeaters to Cannith craft?
  149. Armor question
  150. pure vs split tempest.
  151. elaborate parry
  152. Reaper, CC & Destiny Choice
  153. so now are we at dex or str
  154. How I built my elven Ranger
  155. Maximize Feat for ranger?
  156. The Squishy Ranger Help Thread - Better Survivability
  157. Dispelling arrow
  158. Inferno Shot
  159. new ideal race for tempest
  160. Melee ranger defenses for reaper heroic levels 12-20
  161. Is Tempest criticul multiplier bugged?
  162. Favored enemies - which one to choose
  163. Bow Strength stack w/ Improved Weapon Finesse?
  164. Ranger Bow dps or rogue repeater. Which will I like more?
  165. 10K and Manyshot
  166. "Final Strike" sound effect?
  167. 8 Ranger / 6 Artificer / 6 Rogue
  168. Arcane Archer/DWS: What is the best Epic element type?
  169. Finally finished 3rd life Arcane Archer. What Gear Should I be grinding for?
  170. Harper/INT based ranger
  171. First Life Bow Trapper
  172. Ranger/Pally - Pally/Ranger
  173. PDK Bow Trapper - ITR +2ETR
  174. Tier 5 AA vs DWS
  175. Pure vs monk splash for a hybrid build?
  176. Dwarf Tempest
  177. Deepwood enhancements question
  178. Bow only dps arcane archer
  179. Ranger Longbow
  180. Changing from strimtons build to tempest help - can rapiers be used?
  181. Crazy Dave : My first post here, will it work?
  182. Ranger: force arrows question
  183. Ranged Ranger build
  184. Gear build
  185. DEX vs STR for bow users
  186. AA crit multiplier bugged again?
  187. Preparing new life Pure ranger vs Ranger18/Rogue 2 or Ranger 15+/Fighter x/Rogue x
  188. help with weapon for tempests
  189. Pure Ranger - Kluege's Ranged Ranger
  190. Pure Ranger: Advice
  191. Targeting and attack advice please
  192. Any good tempest builds?
  193. New Build request : Pure Ranger Thrower Build.
  194. TWF Ranger/rogue multiclass questions
  195. What's a good target DC for Para Arrows in endgame Reaper?
  196. Trying to build a high powered Aasimar Scourge Monkcher and need help !
  197. STR-based melee tempest
  198. First world problem for ranger
  199. Dps reduced for rangers bug or by design
  200. ranger past life
  201. 18/2 Ranger/Monk Tempest/Vistani -Daggers-
  202. Arcane Archer or Elemental God
  203. Ranger/Rogue Trapper and something else
  204. Which bow to add sentience to? (at cap)
  205. Favored Enemy Build
  206. Optimizing DPS for Archer Ranger on Herois Levels...
  207. Ranger/Vistani synergy.
  208. Post Ravenloft GearSet Redo: Archer / Monkcher
  209. Paralyzing Enchant Focused Ranger
  210. Paralyzing arrow vs paralyzing effect from weapons question
  211. Returning to game, need help with Human 20 RGR TWF Build
  212. Tempest Doublestrike in 2018
  213. Best longbow for level 20-25ish?
  214. Ranger - Better to go INT or DEX
  215. sorry for being that dumb but...
  216. Noob ranger question
  217. Pure and only arcane archer build ?
  218. Spell points as ranger
  219. Elemental damage arrows
  220. Best Non Raid Tempest Gear Layout.
  221. Best skills for arcane archer ?
  222. Archers Focus and Precision
  223. Spot and search
  224. Inferno arrows
  225. Enemies? My Favorite!
  226. Arcane archer Terror arrows
  227. Doubleshot
  228. Morphic arrows or metalline arrows
  229. Spellcraft for arcane archer ?
  230. Smiting arrows
  231. OMG do rangers fire slow
  232. Crossbows or bows for arcane archer
  233. Dispelling shot
  234. + Arrows stack with + bow ?
  235. Best bow end game
  236. Where to now for gear
  237. Looking for a ranger build.
  238. Soul Magic and Moonbow
  239. Dexterity
  240. Epic destinies guide for rangers
  241. Healing in Epic and Legendary quests (and cocoon)
  242. Lesser Reincarnation and Arcane Archer
  243. Sneak attack and medium or heavy armor
  244. Master of Archery capstone
  245. Pure ranger or multi classing
  246. Tier 5 AA or DW ?
  247. Divine crusader
  248. Bluff and Sniper shot
  249. Paralyzing arrows or Shock arrows ?
  250. The Call --- to Soundburst