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  1. Censure Outsiders - KOTC
  2. Quell Intercession and Lay on Hands
  3. Doomsphere Chill ray
  4. Lich Avengers hit for 500+ damage, no combat log info!
  5. Defender stance not working while TWFing - this has thes been reported?
  6. Unable to open Lamannia server
  7. Stalwart defense do not receive the effect of bulwark of defense feat.
  8. Hireling Bug
  9. Epic cloak of Ice
  10. Cannot access Lamannia - "404 Error"
  11. MRR still reducing incoming negative energy healing on Pale Masters
  12. Vanguard- Shield Rush DC/knockdown bugged
  13. Holy Sword does not improve Shurikin's
  14. Swapping Adamantium body to Mithril body & vice versa causes PRR and MRR to become 0
  15. does song of arcane might work?
  16. Swashbuckling related bugs.
  17. Ball and Chain Issue?
  18. Login Problems
  19. BUG: having trouble entering Korthos Hall
  20. Is the Dojo down?
  21. U24 - Some work for ya Devs
  22. Server Status
  23. Shield Mastery / Imp Shield Mastery
  24. Altar of Epic Rituals
  25. LOTRO item in DDO Store and one other DDO Store issue.
  26. Heads up, you broke Deathwyrm.
  27. Certain Healing Amp things NOT WORKING=
  28. Tier 1 Thunderforge MAJOR BUG!
  29. Lesser Reincarnation Timer Graphic Display
  30. World status: closed
  31. dndclient has stopped working - after world selection
  32. dwarven racial proficiency still retracted in undead forms
  33. having issues with the lama client
  34. No poincelot - at least I can't find him under the bridge
  35. Ladders, ladders ladders
  36. Having an issue with Character Copy
  37. Lamannia Client and DDO Client Conflict
  38. Randomly kick out of the world and account status changed from vip to ftp
  39. New bug= ToEE part 2
  40. Vymon in ToEE unable to attack when hovering
  41. Treasure Issue in ToEE
  42. Thunderstone bug
  43. Expert builder bugged
  44. Adamantine Body not granting 30 AC?
  45. Thrown weapon bugs
  46. GTWF melee power is not working with wraps.
  47. Helpless and sense weakness not working w/timebomb
  48. Is the Cleric Sunburst SLA fixed yet?
  49. Fort bypass not working
  50. Showing DEX to damage on weapons even with strategic combat II
  51. Action Boost : Doublestrike not affected by combat brute and Action Surge
  52. Momentum Swing + Lay Waste
  53. few typos/bugs in Fashion Madness / Palace of Stone
  54. mimic hunt - string table error
  55. Mark of finding on wrong race
  56. Character Copy not working
  57. Warlock Bugs and Issues
  58. 404 Error
  59. Shield bug
  60. Enlightened Spirit Cure Moderate Wounds SLA not costing SP.
  61. Cannot take two levels of Warlock while on the Heart of Wind
  62. New Epic Eldritch Blast Feat not appearing in list of available feats
  63. Single Weapon Slot Bug
  64. LR +20 still not working for Warlock as of 6/11
  65. Can only create 1st level Warlock....
  66. Soul Eater: Fear Immunity
  67. Breakables
  68. Summon Monster scrolls omit warlock
  69. Unable to log onto Lamania connection gets stuck at 33% and then fails
  70. High Level Guid Names still red
  71. need to know
  72. End reward list bugged again
  73. Lamannia Fullscreen Bug
  74. Epic Quiver of Alacrity
  75. Spiritual Retribution on my Morlock
  76. Still can't swap spells
  77. Warlock aura not functioning
  78. Swapping Epic Glimpse of the soul and Greensteel Goggles locks up instances
  79. Dear Devs. Smite regeneration is not working as intended. Please fix it.
  80. Mirror of Glamering
  81. Monster Manual 6 bugs
  82. Monsters Are not Targetable
  83. IPS Broken with Some Weapons
  84. Spirit Blades Feat is bugged and does not work.
  85. Cant connect to lamannia.
  86. Legendary Greensteel Effects Vanish!!!! (Please Read)
  87. Mastery of XXX not working
  88. Bug: Spell Points (from new feats) disappear after death
  89. No Champs Generated in EE of HH or ToEE
  90. Arcane Warrior does not trigger the MP/RP buff with certain damage spells
  91. Major bug with Eldritch Knight - Spellsword is not being scaled at all.
  92. Intensify Spell has wrong sp costs
  93. Cannot choose normal feats instead of legendary feats
  94. Divine might progressively getting nullified with the introduction of insightful gear
  95. LE GreenSteel slot bugged
  96. Lots of missing items.
  97. Able to put LGS augments into a cosmetic LGS weapon.
  98. Weapon Bonuses not Visible on LGS
  99. EH 3BC end rewards bugged
  100. Astral Shards in store.
  101. Humans able to take mark or scribing
  102. Giant Gnomes after reincarnation
  103. Throwing Axe not working with Improved Precise Shot
  104. Spell pen on < level 9 divine spells
  105. ddo store broken
  106. Connection issues
  107. Door not open in Slavers Stockade
  108. Not able to copy my character over
  109. Doesn't Work with Handwraps. ~~~ Various Tests and Feedback.
  110. Gate lockout in new challenge Getting Ahead in Lordsmarch
  111. Hayweird Foundry Jump Issue *Spoiler*
  112. Zombie Form does not increase unarmed damage
  113. Every Light Cast a Shadow - Negative Levels for EVERYBODY!!!
  114. Smite Tainted Creates Might Not Be Working Versus Undead
  115. Meditation of War - WAI?
  116. Helm the Watcher 10 minute Cooldown - WAI
  117. Preview 2. ~~~ Handwraps take 2.
  118. Henshin Mystic - Melee Power applies even when uncentered
  119. Ninja capstone broken by two year old bug .... that is actively being ignored.
  120. Docents Mithral Body and Tempest Captones not working.
  121. Ninja Spy - Diversion update?
  122. Henshin Mystic Core PRR
  123. there is no damage for "Momentum Swing" with handwrap
  124. Vorpal Strike still not working properly
  125. Unable to decrypt and de-serialize the data downloaded from the server
  126. Legendary greensteel pet collar: legendary ooze
  127. Female dragonborn using newbie monk armor
  128. Credit where credit is due + Few visual issues
  129. Racial Reincarnation without TR Cache unacceptable
  130. Newcomers bugs/glitches
  131. Dragonborn - A few things I've noticed!
  132. Dragonborn Breath Weapon no breath animation...WAI?
  133. Dragon Jumped off Platform
  134. Screenshot Bug
  135. Some bugs I've noticed while Lamannia was open last week:
  136. DirectX issue trying to start the preview server
  137. Can someone test a reincarnation item loss bug theory?
  138. Cleric Destruction Domain and Rejuvenation Cocoon
  139. Marketplace Loadscreen bug
  140. Loading character cycling. Unable to log-in
  141. Feral charge does not work with ranged weapons
  142. DDO's new Internal Browser flagged as malware.
  143. Aasimar Knife Fighter bugs
  144. Purple Dragon aura
  145. Major Warning ~ Bug on Live ~ beware of Empyrean Magic lag issues
  146. TR Chache
  147. Brilliance Not Working
  148. Can't transfer main toon
  150. Silent Avenger set still using wis mod for will save, not dex
  151. Items in eld in diffrent hand do not display correctly
  152. Echo of Ravenkind is broken: Holy Burst effect not granted to equipped weapons
  153. AP tome from pre-purchase
  154. Oath Of Vengeance Bug
  155. SunRise final boss Bug
  156. Sentient arcane spell failure reduction does not stack (Otto's)
  157. Lamannia
  158. Arti potions disappearing near walls.
  159. VKF Fan of Knives WAI?
  160. Knight of Chalice: Divine Might does not trigger channel divinity abilities.
  161. Divinity the Morninglords Goal no longer grants metalline to paladins
  162. void endless cold longbow dr breaking issues
  163. Warpriest bugs
  164. precision broken?
  165. Cry of Battle Filigree Set And Sellsword's Tavern Amenity Broken
  166. Broken Monk Feats and Abilities
  167. Crimson Crest of Wave is DARK BLUE
  168. Couple of Nits/Crystal Cove
  169. AB: Hasteboost not giving correct bonus type?
  170. Barbarian feats showing up on my Rogue; the icon for it showing on other feats
  171. ML28 Crystal Cove weapon damage is still 3[w]
  172. Positive Spell Critical doesn't affect Consecration - Sacred Ground
  173. Intimidate Skill Changes not working as expected. (Preview 2)
  174. Cloak of the Mountain movement delay
  175. Cloaks not visible on female drow
  176. Monk Slow Fall Cloak Visual Bug
  177. Is the Intimidate skill now working as intended on live?
  178. falconry bug
  179. druid spell bug
  180. Divinity not granting bonuses for Pally builds
  181. Character transfer issue
  182. No Combat Log
  183. Inspire Greatness Temp HP not being doubled in epics
  184. Greater Restoration effects are not working properly in Reaper difficulty.
  185. Hornless Tiefling with Floating Ears and Hole in Head
  186. Inquisitive Glamered Weapon Auras not functional