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  1. Shintao Monk strikes no longer count as light moves
  2. Bug in quest: the lord of stone
  3. Archers Focus bugged
  4. Bow Strength not working with Grace (WAI??)
  5. Master Thrower still not working :(
  6. Paladin Sacred Defense Bugged
  7. Nature's Warrior Double Strike cooldown not reduced by Legendary Dreadnought
  8. Arcane Archer bug
  9. Can't use Jeweler's Kit on Minos Legens
  10. Way of the Patient Tortoise isn't scaling with Monk levels
  11. +20 Heart of wood LR, says if I pick 3rd class, I will have 4 Classes
  12. handwraps and dex to damage bugged
  13. BUG: bard song add-ons not being extended
  14. Stunning party member with my spell during raids 1 in 3 casts, please consider fixin
  15. Drow. Xen'drik Weapon Training:
  16. Cleave and great cleave are still broken.
  17. ToD ring & Monks
  18. Nimbus of Light spell still does not add to endless ardor.
  19. Ability enhancement stacking bug
  20. Baudry Cartamon location highlighting issue
  21. combat archery is working?
  22. Cant pink all trees
  23. Bug: Cannith Challenge items no longer respecting Masterful Craftsmanship
  24. Thief acrobat attack speed bonus not functioning
  25. Master Thrower not working in open beta either :(
  26. No subscription for DDO found
  27. Bug: Arcanotechnician Static Shock (2/3) requires level 12!
  28. Bug: Enhancement panel incorrectly calculates points spent
  29. Wail of Banshee appears to work 100%
  30. Savant Debuff Triggering on Self
  31. Fred locks up UI
  32. Sorcerers' Bugs
  33. Spinner
  34. Epic Gianthold is not Epic anymore.
  35. Lines Of Supply Bug
  36. Celestia and Dex Damage
  37. Hp enhancements
  38. Unyielding Sovereignty dose not remove Death Penalty
  39. BUG: Stunning Fist and Quivering Palm do not count towards Everything is Nothing
  40. Drow cannot take lesser dragonmark anymore.
  41. Bug: druid hierophant
  42. Defensive Roll
  43. Chill of Winter
  44. Quick thanks for the QA devchat yesterday.
  45. Artificer Wand and Scroll Mastery
  46. Ranger Tempest Core Ability T6 "Dervish" is Bugged
  47. Artificer Skill Boost is gone
  48. DDO Store Bug
  49. Monk: No low-level Void Strike breaks Level 10 finishers
  50. Damage Boost numbers - spot the odd one out :)
  51. Improved Crit Throwing and Ninja Master not stacking?
  52. Monk +2 to shuriken crit range STILL NOT working
  53. Handwraps and Dex to Damage
  54. Still annoyed with new NPCs
  55. A few things screwy with Dodge
  56. Draconic Incarnation abilities not triggering the new Sorcerers debuffs/buffs
  57. All Lethargy stacks drop at end of timer
  58. Spell Power Boost
  59. Hey devs... do you know that all the dodge bonuses are still stacking on Lam?
  60. druid seasonal caster level bonus looks like not working
  61. Wave of Despair from Ninja Spy tree giving Neg levels to allies too
  62. BUG: druid bug that trivializes EE content
  63. Every Light Casts a Shadow neg leveling allies
  64. Nature's Warrior, Tier 5 'Alpha Strike' cannot be trained.
  65. wail is still broken ?
  66. Experience Points Mystical Tokens are bugged
  67. Not able to select certain enhancement trees in a multi-class build
  68. BUG? no ****ao tree for me?
  69. Purple dragon knight keeps losing charisma bonus to damage and druid wolf pet trip.
  70. Scroll Mastery can be taken twice (or more)
  71. No Mercy Can be Taken Twice
  72. Adrenaline Knockdown Doesn't Work Right with Handwraps
  73. Archer's Focus
  74. Warpriest: capstone broken
  75. Ninja Spy abilities tnot working with all piercing/slashing weapons
  76. Bug Report: Drow Racial enhancement Venomed Blades
  77. 2 monk issuse
  78. +6 stat tomes
  79. Warpriest Ameliorating Strike not working
  80. Ability tome for 20th raid completion end reward
  81. Bard Extra Songs does nothing (Spellsinger - Musical Studies)
  82. Shuriken bugs
  83. Bracers of Spiderkind vs. Arty Flame Turret
  84. Shard Exchange: Why can't buyouts be placed on tomes?
  85. Quenched X/Lubricated IV doesn't cut it anymore
  86. Mindflayers learned a new trick...
  87. My account reverted from Premium to Free, what's up?
  88. Epic Calomel Banded Heavy Repeater appears to be broken
  89. Did Breaking the ranks on EN, recieved Heroic named rewards
  90. Ranged combat appears to be broken.
  91. shadowdancer not wai? ?? ?
  92. ED feat 'Lasting Inspiration' partially proken
  93. new vertigo/stunning
  94. Shadow Training II is not working as described!
  95. Offhand Doublestrike is not working properly.
  96. Guildless renown
  97. Inspire Recklessness duration still bugged
  98. Nimbus of light still does not increase endless ardor
  99. Fatesinger Song Glitch
  100. Song of capering cast time still too long
  101. Cormyrean Knight Training
  102. Grease Spell
  103. Adamantine body + Infused Armor Enhancement = broken
  104. brother of the forge backward later
  105. Warpriest Enhancements Break Celestias.
  106. Cleric Endless Turning enhancement and EndlessTurning from ED doesn't stack correctly
  107. I can't start the game
  108. Kensai One With The Blade not working
  109. Burden of Guilt Debuff ANNOYING to say the Least
  110. Do Not USe
  111. Alchemical handwraps red slot is not updating
  112. i tr and started at korthos island
  113. Everything is Nothing
  114. Existing Ottos Stones Don't Work
  115. Lamannia store broke?
  116. PDK Shorties
  117. Eldritch Knight ASF reduction passives not working currently (on non WF character)
  118. Are hirelings broken in U20?
  119. Warning: possible Edge-Case Destiny Eating TR bug I discovered last night
  120. EK weapon training doesn't grant simple weapon proficiency
  121. beyond the rift
  122. Epic Reincarnation Feat-Energy Criticals bugged.
  123. Character Copy not responding
  124. Transfer
  125. one with the blade doesn't work on scimitars
  126. Wand and Scroll Mastery from Eldritch Knight bugged - Yet another report
  127. Wand and Scroll Mastery from Eldritch Knight bugged
  128. For Cormyr
  129. Double checking the passive AC bonus from martial past lives.
  130. Epic Past Life Bug ~ Arcane Alacrity
  131. Wheloon Prison Wilderness Massive Mobs Spawns found on live server
  132. TRIP - why has this not been fixed?
  133. Lord Poincelot
  134. Devs-Epic Stormhorn slayer area
  135. Morninglord weapon issue
  136. Divine Crusader Abilities Break NPCs
  137. BUG: Cannot interact with many NPC's after true reincarnation
  138. Bug: Turns, Auras, & Bursts not recharging
  139. Bug: Loss of centering despite having the pre-reqs met.
  140. The DDO store isnt working.
  141. Bug. Can't copy character and client crash on character creation.
  142. Executioner's Shot Bugged 15 months later
  143. Haunted Halls Bug Found
  144. store points
  145. Live Bug: Verify that fire elemental 1 slayer for MM3 does not repeat.
  146. Assassin's Dagger in the Back with Handwraps
  147. Bug: Named enemy creates massive dot with no icon
  148. Mac Lamannia Launcher Fails To Launch
  149. Stalwart Exploit on Lammania
  150. Windows 8
  151. Poison Exploit not working with 20 stacks of Ninja Poison
  152. Celestial champion not working for unarmed
  153. Sting of the Ninja not applying poison stacks on criticals
  154. +1 Crit range of Divine Crusader is not applied to shuriken
  155. Shadow dragon armor still heals undead
  156. +1 Crit range of Assassin's Knife Specialization is not applied to throwing daggers
  157. Epic Moment of Legendary Dreadnought (Blitz) is not working at all.
  158. Please Fix Crippling Flames Bug
  159. HOtbar bug
  160. Pierce <Metal> Epic Feat
  161. Shadar Kai Chain
  162. Exalted Angel Soundburst targeting
  163. Dethek's Runestone Alchemical spell power and temporary sp doesn't work.
  164. Celestial champion not stacking doublestrike
  165. Bug Reporting
  166. Unable to reincarnate
  167. Cannot take Single weapon fighting.
  168. All container interfaces are exclusing
  169. 201 error Lamania.
  170. Ziksquik, the first mate on my airship says <String Table error: TableDID>
  171. Lamania fresh install keeps crashing
  172. Archery u22
  173. Falling through floor in Stormglory tempest as soon as i enter
  174. Archery/ranged weapons cannot crit. Gamebreaking bug.
  175. New Airships
  176. Man of War issues I've encountered.
  177. Single Weapon Fighting +100% abbilty score to damage not working
  178. Favor Not Being Received Appropriately
  179. unable to complete the new grey garl quest
  180. Can't create new character.
  181. Purchasable elemental/interior colors
  182. Unable to complete Ghost of a Chance in 3BC
  183. Lord Pointsalot not giving points
  184. mutineers blade issue
  185. Character Creations crashing issues with Lamannia
  186. When by the barkeep on the guild ship I am getting city regeneration
  187. Skirmisher Dodge Bonus is only 5%
  188. Fighter/Sentinel HP Bonus
  189. Airship buying
  190. Officers can't buy airship amenities?
  191. Improved Precise Shot - Throwing
  192. Ranged coup de grace doesn't work.
  193. Oerfect single weapon feat doesnt work in druid forms
  194. Celestial Champion still removed when entering/exiting dungeons or shrining
  195. Banquet Hall + Airship Invite = Bottomless Siberys Spirit Cake
  196. Warchanter medium armour PRR bug
  197. Lammania server auto shutdown
  198. Hag Apothocarthy
  199. DDO Store is giving me items for free after error
  200. Trapsmith's Workshop Cannot Be Stored and Missing Trap Crafting Station.
  201. Quiver of Alacrity -50 concentration
  202. Taint of Evil
  203. MRR Healing Bug
  204. Magic Missle and Chain Missle Wizard SLAs shut down by Quell Intercession
  205. Guild storage bvroken
  206. Docents not Adding MRR/PRR
  207. Sacred Defender Sacred Defence requires 6 lvls of Paladin still....
  208. Melee Power Additions unbalanced ???
  209. Card Cruncher / Magical D20
  210. Ship Map
  211. Sting of the Ninja solution?
  212. Epic Chain of Conviction
  213. Sanctified Gages bug
  214. Bug with Greater Improved defender stance
  215. New Paladin Cleaves + Momentum Swing
  216. Sneak Attack Damage & Melee Power
  217. lammania: epic orchard, doomspheres
  218. Sacred Defense Minimum Level currently L6, should be L3
  219. Eveningstar City not usable in teleport restricted areas ~ bug
  220. MRR Decreasing Negative Energy Healing, Also
  221. Epic Elite Necropolis Completions -- NPC Rewards Are Heroic Levels
  222. Inferno of the Damned -- Portals of Benediction Reset EM Counters and Death Auras
  223. Ship Vendors still broken - disappointing
  224. Magical d20 & Eldritch Card Cruncher
  225. Empowered Smite Bug?
  226. Pally light damage not moded by melee attack power
  227. Improved sacred defense not adding bonuses without shield
  228. Holy sword display issue with crit multi
  229. Sacred defender stance still requires paladin level 6 despite being moved
  230. recorded proof of server freezeing for 20 sec.
  231. Divine Wrath
  232. DC Strike down doing wrong damage type
  233. Harper tree "knowing the angles" was not working as intended
  234. [NEW] Sacred Defender still requires paladin lvl 6 despite being moved,screen inside
  235. DDO Store on Lam
  236. Strategic combat 1 and 2 not working with handwraps
  237. Bug with THF?
  238. Store Timed Out
  239. Pally light damage does over 1k on some hits now for no reason at all
  240. Trouble with bug reporting tool
  241. Login problem
  242. Please fix implosion
  243. About the changes to the social panel
  244. Magister Sigil of Lifeshielding Broken
  245. mirror of glammering
  246. Instance freeze/lag on Examine
  247. Know the Angles not give 1/2 INT mod damage
  248. Vanguard: Action Boost Melee Power does not benefit from +Action Boost Uses
  249. Silver linings light shield error?
  250. Lich's Mantle of Invulnerability Issues