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  1. Magister/Draconic innate +CL broken by 15.2
  2. Hamstring and Sap are not triggering Master's Blitz Tactical feat count
  3. Healing bug repro steps
  4. Wrong picture on rust monster trick jump.
  5. CITW:Ana stuck spots
  6. Update 16 - "An Update error occurred"
  7. Detour EH
  8. A Stay at the Inn bugged
  9. Quest Bug(s): Overgrowth
  10. A stay at the inn not completable?
  11. Newly downloaded Lamannia preview stuck at connect
  12. LR+3 Multiclassing Issues
  13. 'You are not facing XXX'
  14. Bug report broken
  15. Lam store
  16. Elder Dryad Mass cure/heal bug
  17. Web of Chaos Epic Seals
  18. Slayer/explorer / rare restless isles
  19. Fire sheild(Spell)
  20. Evocation Augmentation
  21. Squeak, my hot cocoas aren't working
  22. Bug with Max Caster Level Increases --- Any news?
  23. New bugs with GUI and Astral Repair
  24. Pulverizer still not working on Sireth, Spear of the Sky.
  25. Risia ice games
  26. Draconic presence is not applying +3 fear DC
  27. Legendary dreadnought epic destiny bug - combat brute
  28. [Shadow Dancer] Executioner's Shot DC is still bugged.
  29. Adventure Compendium
  30. Unable to leave Cabal of One
  31. Cannot complete the Final Threnal Quest
  32. Epic Gianthold quest rewards offer ml 1&2 loot
  33. Shiradi Stay Good Tier3 bugged
  34. Bug - Gardak AI (Epic Hard Cabal for One)
  35. Char. transfer showing classes I never took?
  36. Wail of banshee seems to be broken
  37. Lost Favor; Adventures missing in compendium
  38. LD: Unstoppable
  39. Updating old epic items does not work
  40. LFM pannel still bugged
  41. Antipode still missing AML20
  42. Threnal cannot be completed
  43. AH is wonky.
  44. Tomes not counting for Epic Toughness
  45. AH - search button
  46. Undead form and unarmed
  47. Monk changes and sugestions on DC calculations
  48. sword and shield animation
  49. ALLERT: Alchemical Items + New Augment System
  50. Stormreaver...
  51. Lost all my relics
  52. No Spell's Past Level 1!!!
  53. No more lag when ED swapping
  54. Archmage DCs in Epic Levels
  55. Epic Dungeon Tokens - Unlootable
  56. Ladder Bug Fixed???
  57. crystal cove items
  58. Reaver's Fate Stormreaver Never Starts
  59. Change Epic Destinies without Fatespinner
  60. Enhancement UI issues
  61. Momentm swing/Lay waste bug
  62. GH bugs
  63. bladesworn transformation not granting proficiency
  64. Cleric Rad Servant Aura not engaging
  65. Druid issues
  66. Hold causing game to crash
  67. All Giants still knockback every hit, and CC effects still often lag
  68. UMD gear swap latency/lag/hiccup/issue
  69. small bug
  70. Qstaff cleaves and glancing blows
  71. Flawless armor (Docent) not upgradable
  72. Will there ever be a fix for Max Caster level increases DoTs?
  73. Lord of Blade
  74. Eh da
  75. Primal Avatar Tsunami DC not calculating correctly
  76. Update 17 live bug: Quorforged Key in Restless Isles now drops on leaving wilderness
  77. Draegloth instance crashing bug. Also cache issue
  78. Store and Character Creation
  79. Collectable Turn-in item, inaccurate name
  80. You might want to fix this before the next patch goes live
  81. Items from Auction House can't be bought.
  82. Augment Summoning
  83. Iron Defender
  84. DDO Store
  85. LR item bug
  86. Daily dice button broken
  87. Master Blitz doesn't reset duration :(
  88. Loss of Mouse Wheel control - Way overdue for a fix.
  89. Cosmetic Section Does Nothing
  90. I Still can't click on the chat!
  91. Main Menu -> ASAH?
  92. Lesser Reincarnation Bug with new enhancements
  93. Human Greater Heroism Enhancement
  94. Why is archery always not WAI?
  95. List of bugged new dwarf enhancements
  96. KNOWN ISSUE: Players cannot enter dungeons while in a party.
  97. The Spinner of Shadows
  98. Unable to connect to Lamannia: "Waiting"
  99. palmaster skeletal knight
  100. Missing Bags And folders
  101. Character copy link
  102. Links in "How to use this forum" 404'd
  103. #2 hotbar ntr working
  104. 10k stars feat
  105. Char copy problem?
  106. Update broke it
  107. Same Launcher as LOTRO's test server
  108. The Spinner of Shadows Quest is broken... Again... Even worse this time...
  109. Can't enter 3rd quest of U18
  110. Shield animation bug
  111. Value cannot be null
  112. luncher bug
  113. Cannot log into Lammania
  114. All of Gazebo's Tears shorted out the server...
  115. Dodge bonus not actually changed.
  116. Epic Chimera's Fang
  117. Launcher freezing during update programs
  118. new Launcher - Game Error 205
  119. I cannot use Lesser Reincarnation
  120. Maximum dodge enhancement don't work or character sheet is wrong
  121. Skillful thrower still doesn't work despite patch notes claiming it does.
  122. Unavailable enhancements not red boxed?
  123. Bug report tool appears to be broken?
  124. Critical bug - The Lords of Dust is broken - incompletable
  125. Lord of Dust quest
  126. Shop
  127. Wolf Form Critical Threat Profile: Now Hard-Capped?
  128. Abilities staying in bar after they're gone
  129. Movement-stopping stuff
  130. Battle Engineer - Infused Armor does not provide PRR
  131. Wolf AI broken
  132. My Adamantine Bladeforged that I recently purchased is missing 6 PRR
  133. Shield bash feats/enhancements do not work as advertised
  134. Few more bugs
  135. Sharn Syndicate no min level rings now min level 5
  136. Ninja Training II nullifies Bow Strength feat
  137. Quest ransack appears to be bugged
  138. A few bugs
  139. Launcher borked?
  140. Canith Challenge Gear; Mismatched Spellpower and Lore
  141. No sound
  142. Nimbus of Light does not count towards Exalted Angel Reborn in Light or Endless Ardor
  143. Is the Shadar-Kai Assassin a Human Race? No extra Feats or Skill Points??
  144. Human Greater Dragonmark of Passage Passive instead of Active
  145. Power Attack deactivates when you use Barbarian Rage
  146. MM counts
  147. "Before Using This Forum, Please Click Here" Link is Broken
  148. Can't get ddohigh.exe to run at all
  149. Shadar-Kai bugs
  150. Deselecting Enhancement fails
  151. Organization....
  152. Rogue Wand and Scroll Mastery does nothing
  153. Language Selection
  154. Map Focus Orb in Ball and Chain Garret displaying improperly
  155. iconic bug
  156. loot all and reroll loot
  157. Bags not available
  158. Warforge Sorc issue.
  159. Spiked Chain Attack fitting friendlies in public areas
  160. Cannot enter the Prison
  161. Can't Select My Class
  162. bug on redemption quest
  163. Action Points reporting incorrectly
  164. Millers Debt - reward displaying too early
  165. +30% damage to helpless mobs from monk enhancment list
  166. Repeated Connection Lost... V. Slow Character Creation
  167. can't log in
  168. Guild invitations?
  169. Wheloon Prison Explorer Area
  170. Fighter Enhancement "One With the Blade"
  171. Endless turning not regenerating turns from the Extra Turning feat
  172. Paladin Defender Strength Does nothing
  173. Inspire recklessness song duration is borked and it's only providing 5% not 6%
  174. Agility and others passive skills that improve dodge cap dont works
  175. Master of Imbuement secondary effect Broken
  176. Character Selection Screen
  177. Sorcerer Maximize efficient (and other metamagic enhancement)
  178. Enhancements disapperaing after switching Epic Destinies
  179. NPC endless walking on the same place
  180. Kensei Weapon Meditation
  181. Doubleshot not working correctly
  182. Wand Mastery stacking
  183. Barbarian issues.
  184. Greater tome of epic learning
  185. DDO Purchase Bug
  186. Paladin Sealed Life Enhancement
  187. Monster Manual
  188. Triple earth monk finisher - borked critical multiplier with greataxe
  189. Two Season's Herald Class Trees
  190. Pale master necro spell likes
  191. Monk stances
  192. Shoddy Craftsmanship
  193. Barbarian rage removing (un-toggling) power attack
  194. VIP Gold Weekly Roll
  195. Patching deleted launcher
  196. No more multiboxing on the same account different world?
  197. Epic Feat selection for Level 26
  198. Pale master lich form doesn't stay on but says it is
  199. Failed to Queue for Server
  200. I can't use ddo store,need help!
  201. Unuseable +2 Tome of Fate
  202. Missing Armor Parts
  203. Mirror of Shadows
  204. ToD Shintao Set and Shintao Ki Strikes
  205. Assassinate is broken again
  206. New Repating Xbows
  207. bard songs and movement
  208. A lesson of Deception
  209. TR issue
  210. Barbarian Rage removes Power Attack
  211. Lighting the Candle
  212. Deadly Exploits
  213. Guide is bugged
  214. Sneak out of battle
  215. Gianthold
  216. Exalted Angel - Reborn in Light typo error?
  217. Through The Mirror Fail to give querst
  218. The shard tracker is bugged
  219. Skill points gained when levelling are not increasing with enhancement INT increase
  220. WAI or Bug Dex/Con Offhand Damage
  221. Internal Error, please contact customer support
  222. Doubleshot proc chance
  223. Login Error
  224. Failed to launch client
  225. Master's Blitz not stacking in stormhorn wilderness and quests
  226. Bug: Can't exit The Storm Horns
  227. Bug: Mountain Guide dialog
  228. Wounded Soldier goes invis
  229. Ice Elementals
  230. login error thread 2
  231. Bug on the Bug Discussion subforum title
  232. Thrill of the Hunt broken
  233. Ranger Skill Boost does not seem to work
  234. Monk Bugs=
  235. Enhancement tree UI inconsistencies?
  236. Audio Issues
  237. Ranger Sprint bug WORSENS
  238. Sting of the Ninja
  239. Sliding Netherese Wizards
  240. Tumble skill - Using a skill tome
  241. BUG: Ranger - Tempest - Elaborate Parry
  242. Bug Submission Suggestion - https vs http
  243. BUG rogue enhancment: Dagger in the back
  244. Female human great cleave animation speed
  245. PRR+14 Augment and EE Prisoner's Manacles
  246. The Storm Horns Loop
  247. Hireling Icons Different
  248. Iconic Access
  249. Serious Privacy issue
  250. Faster Sneaking movement speed bonus bugged