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  1. Cookies/Cakes not going in Bad Deposit Box
  2. Can you add +20 LR hearts during sale?
  3. Make large bags BtA and I will buy them
  4. Monster Manual 4 not listed under New to DDO Store section
  5. Veteran Status min level?
  6. your kidding me right???
  7. ddo store down
  8. BEGGING for re-release of +20 LR
  9. Cannot buy Vet Status II - ideas?
  10. Cannot buy adventure pack
  11. otto box
  12. Issue with buying DDO points in game
  13. Guild Renown... Bug or Typo ?
  14. Best way to obtain turbine point codes for custom competition?
  15. Mirror of Glamering does not work with runearms
  16. Store is not working can't buy point, please extend +6 tome sale
  17. Availability of certain Cosmetic Armor Kits
  18. I have problems with bying points ingame using steam wallet funds
  19. Cant buy any of the adventure packs!
  20. Why is Heart of Madness the only AP not on sale?
  21. Long Lasting Eagle's blah btc
  22. OMG Hurry Up and Buy!!!
  23. nvr mind
  24. Free Item of the Week - Jul3-9
  25. SC_TRADER doesnt' show up in dev tracker
  26. Can't buy anything off the ddo market website.
  27. half-blood champion pack
  28. Can't buy a heroic Tome of Learning with an epic toon?
  29. Store Items Bound To Character
  30. DDO's Awesomeness Diluted by Heavy Micro-Transaction and Grinding Fails
  31. Very disappointed at upgrade tome pricing
  32. Store Issues
  33. Free Alignment Change Coupon
  34. Ddo marketplace
  35. Howz about triple bonus points for the weekend
  36. weekly sales starting aug 21
  37. New DDO Store Item: Magic Mouth
  38. Thanks for the Adventure Pack sale!!!
  39. What happened to the basic adventure pack of Shadowfell?
  40. Warlock on Sale this week please :)
  41. Companions Gear and Cosmetics
  42. Monster manual query
  43. Get the DDO Store working!
  44. New DDO store release date ?
  45. Better monster manual six or five ?
  46. New store, new payment methods
  47. New Store Annoyance
  48. One Code for two hearts?
  49. Night Revels keys ... BTC or BTA?
  50. Store Error: Allows Monster Manual 1 (one) to be purchased when already owned!
  51. Can't buy alignment changes when class restricted
  52. WIN 10 Store cause game keep crashing
  53. How the hell am I supposed to get the free +5 lesser hearts with the new store?
  54. Confused Hoarder Here...on SB11
  55. New Store bug: Monster Manual 1
  56. EU players no longer able to purchase Turbine points in the DDO Store
  57. Necropolis Bundle
  58. US Transactions - DDO Store Turbine Points Error
  59. Concerning the new store changes - What's up with the Subway points?
  60. TP Tax no more in EU ?
  61. Account upgrade.
  62. Billed but not getting what i bought
  63. Still no re-release of +7 tomes?
  64. Issues with DDOStore
  65. Did not recieve coupon bonus as expected
  66. Error while trying to use BOKU payment option
  67. DDO Gift Cards with Turbine Points
  68. When will Otto's Boxes be Available?
  69. Store won't open in game...
  70. Please give us the store cart back
  71. How do I buy the starter / expansion packs with Turbine points?
  72. Omnispell components
  73. 75% off Epic destinies not showing up in game
  74. Add Points
  75. Cant buy expansion packs
  76. Very limited time to a get a Kracken for $100
  77. Can I buy Shadowfell and MotU again? Just for the points?
  78. Red Fens not showing up as Epic
  79. Name change Sale?
  80. Shared bank crafting storage description needs to be adjusted until known issue fixed
  81. I'd like to see an upgrade path for gold seal airships
  82. Always have +20 wood available
  83. +7 tomes available in store while +1 tomes drop in Legendary Shroud
  84. DDO store purchase not received
  85. Tomes unbound?
  86. items for active character go where if on selection screen
  87. Commemorative bunny hat is gone?
  88. Shouldn't Legendary Bypass Timers be on sale?
  89. Item descriptions need critical details - i.e. binding and duration
  90. Lasting Potion of Jumping (+20) x5 --- BtC
  91. Cant purchase packs using in game store.
  92. Cosmetic Armors
  93. DDOStore Freebie of the week not working as advertised.
  94. DDO STORE ___ is it causing the Game to Close for anyone else?
  95. Buying collectable bags in store
  96. Are bundles comming back?
  97. paypal w/o credit card
  98. Ability to Purchase Expansion Packs with Turbine Points
  99. Epic Ottos Boxes are not very good value for money
  100. How to purchase over level character items?
  101. Store never "fills"
  102. Free sample of the week!
  103. When will the beast Ciosmetic armours be returning to the Store for Warforged?
  104. How do you get the 50% discount on Warlock?
  105. Missing Moster Manual Volume
  106. Listing purchased Adventure Packs
  107. Applying an expansion is convoluted
  108. Upgrading Shadowfell from Basic to Collector's Edition
  109. DOO MAARKET DRUID PACK SAKE! Why buy for $5?
  110. Currently VIP, cant buy Adventure Packs on Sale
  111. Saving Credit Card info
  112. Can only renew VIP in game, in store?
  113. Glamered Weapon Aura not working with certain weapons
  114. Can you offer a double points promotion soon
  115. Please add all the cosmetic armors back in the game.
  116. Where can i see adventure packs i've purchased previously?
  117. ottos box? Come on now people...
  118. Shared Bank Storage
  119. Haven't seen warforged go on sales in a few years
  120. Sales - Sept 9 - 15
  121. game crash after redeeming code(s)
  122. Missing Astral Shards
  123. would like to see
  124. Aweseom Free Samples of the Week October 14th - 20th
  125. Current Sales 20% instead of 25%
  126. Can't find the +20 heart
  127. Where are the +2 and +3 supreme tomes?
  128. Bring back OTTOS
  129. Shared Bank Storage NOT on Sale
  130. Adventure packs not in the store while VIP, including the Non-VIP content.
  131. Issue redeeming Menace of the Underdark key.
  132. VIP Unable to purchase sale items
  133. Suggestion for slaver augment remover in shop
  134. Purchasing Outside Level Range
  135. Hiccups w/ Dec 16-22 sales
  136. Bonus points
  137. DDO market
  138. Sale Item - 75% Off Greater Tome of Heroic Learning - Unable to Purchase
  139. Deep Gnomes aren't real Gnomes?
  140. Ddo store black screen, need help
  141. Jan 3rd - Weekly Sales/Freebie?
  142. Nipping this in the Bud
  143. +20 Heart of Wood +5 Free Error Message
  144. Sales: January 6th - 12th -- Shared Bank Storage not discounted
  145. Issue with purchase of multiple +20s
  146. DDO Points through Steam
  147. Updates I would buy in the DDO Store
  148. No skates in the store?
  149. Amazon payments not working?
  150. DDO STORE PRICE confused
  151. Heroic Tomes of Learning
  152. Heroic Tomes of Learning
  153. Adventure Pack Sales (Feb3-9 2017)
  154. DDO Market limited
  155. Crafting success boosters description
  156. VIP Restrictions in DDO Store
  157. 1600 Turbine Points Physical Card
  158. How to.....?
  159. +7 supreme ability tome?
  160. Owlbear purchase
  161. I would to buy 6 month, why can not choose?
  162. Don't buy points using Paypal
  163. Wasted Character Bank Upgrade
  164. Missing Access to King's Forest Content Pack? And Can't Buy from DDO Store
  165. Traveller's tokens?
  166. ddo points did not get delivered
  167. VIP does not work
  168. DDO store problem
  169. Shared Bank Storage 20% Off...is it really?
  170. Things like starter pack only available for cash? Or can I not see it for otherreason
  171. DDO Store Sales Page gone : (
  172. 20 heart of wood - where is it?
  173. sent to wrong Character
  174. DDO Store Dressing Room, Page Can not be Loaded
  175. So apparently If I don't sit and wait all day online I'll get no refund/compensation
  176. Maybe and issue? I'm not sure....
  177. Shadowfell Conspiracy: Buy with points?
  178. Store bought item not delivered/no response to ticket!
  179. Petty grievance
  180. Please bring back these cosmetic armors
  181. Item List for Sale Items
  182. Summer Sale idea
  183. DDO Store Wants tp add Apple Add-on?
  184. No more openbucks??
  185. Please don't keep secret Store Sales!
  186. No +3 Tomes of Fate left in the store
  187. Why can you not purchase collectables that you want?
  188. Can't buy items on sale because of VIP
  189. How does one buy the Shadowfell Expansion?
  190. Suggestion: Stop selling the x-pacs until you've resolved the non delivery issues.
  191. About Warforged Sales Or the Lack Of
  192. Travelers' Terrific Trunk Sale
  193. Freebie of the Week (hey I recomend you do this) Now through August 17th!
  194. Shared Bank: Item Storage Upgrade 16 (+10 Slots) is missing from DDO Store?
  195. Thank you
  196. +20 Heart of Wood
  197. "Some" Storage On Sale 9/29-10/5
  198. Links under DDO STORE header
  199. Where are the godamn items I bought SENT
  200. game crashes when opening store
  201. Ravenloft on Steam
  202. Ravenloft Ultimate Fan Bundle (Possible Issue?)
  203. No draughts and keys in store?
  204. Trying to pre-order Ravenloft but it looks like it's making a new account?
  205. otto's boxes
  206. Typo in +7 Dex Tome
  207. Last 3 adventure packs never on sale
  208. Cosmetic Pets from Expansion appearing on every alt.....Why?
  209. DDO Store and purchased packs
  210. VIP payment working?
  211. Slave Lords sale or Choose Your Own Discount pretty please
  212. One For You, One For Your ... You?
  213. Empty DDO Store
  214. Error in Traveler's Trunk description
  215. Purchasing Ultimate Fan Bundle
  216. ETA on Ravenloft Stuff
  217. Shadowfell Conspiracy Collectors Edition Issue
  218. Very displeased with the store/UI in general
  219. Bunny hat no longer avaiable?
  220. December Deals: The Mines of Tethyamar is actually 35% off, not 25% off.
  221. DDO Market Shadowfell CE special offers not updated with current sale
  222. Payment Authorization Failed
  223. Where is the Menace of the Underdark Collector's Edition
  224. Lesser to Greater Tome of Learning
  225. Character inventory discount
  226. Is SSG snowed in?
  227. DDO Market asking for password?
  228. DDO Store in External Browser
  229. Iconic, epic, and heroic hearts
  230. Get Now!... um, get what?
  231. Lesser Heart of Blood?
  232. Ruins of Gianthold... missing?
  233. Forgot to redeem shards when buying Ravenloft.
  234. Panic! Some hearts of blood are bound to character!
  235. Mists Discount Code
  236. Reavenloft 20% sale ended 2 days early
  237. +3 and +2 to 3 upgrade tomes of fate
  238. Doubt about buying Ravenloft
  239. Double Bonus Points not showing at purchase?
  240. Double Bonus points on the market?
  241. Can't buy points at store!
  242. Otto's Boxes
  243. Points Sale in partnership with the Otto's Box Sale Please :)
  244. Discount on “Select Adventure Packs”
  245. Bunny Hat is gone from the Store (again)?
  246. DDO Help Ticket question
  247. All my feedback for the DDO store!
  248. typo in store
  249. VIP Store Feedback as directed by support
  250. TP bonus