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  1. Potions of wonder...
  2. Dear Mr QuartermasterX, question about this week sale (bug?)
  3. I would like to purchase the 32 Point Build, please?
  4. Pet sales...
  5. Jewelers tool kits now bound to account, I want a refund =(
  6. Can we have cosmetic bathing suits?
  7. Any chance for another YOU CHOOSE THE SALE sale?
  8. Cove hats?
  9. Limited Release New Cosmetic Armors
  10. Old school cosmetic outfits .... They returning ?
  11. Consider selling the life time DDO VIP memberships?
  12. Creature Companion Mystery Box?
  13. Long time since shared bank went on sale
  14. Creature Companion Mystery Basket. Taking some of the mystery out
  15. Thank you
  16. getting greater tome of heroic experience
  17. Tomes!
  18. Fact or fiction about Ottos?
  19. Please sell us Companion Invisibility
  20. Dear QuartermasterX Do these Otto's Boxes work like the old ones?
  21. Will the "Thinking Cap" be sold in the store eventually?
  22. Confused about binding status of otto's box (stone of experence)
  23. Promotions ie ottos box and timing
  24. Dear QMX please consider having lesser to greater epic xp tomes of learning on sale
  25. Whats up with Cosmetic Armors?
  26. There was an error processing your request. Please wait a few minutes before attempti
  27. This week promotion: offer different than description
  28. Why are Augment Bags excluded from the current Sale?
  29. WTB blue helm insight int +3, blackhelm str 8
  30. Store oddness
  31. New freebie code not working...
  32. Dye Kits for Armor
  33. Promo Code ASTR10 not working?
  34. Shadowfell Regalia, is it a limited time offer or permanent store item?
  35. New in the DDO Store! missing text
  36. Cant buy +4-5 Supreme upgrade tome!
  37. Click Shadarkai, make character, click "Buy Now"..... nothing.
  38. + 5 Supreme Stat Tome
  39. +4 to +5 supreme stat tome upgrade - missing dex tome
  40. TOMES on sales
  41. Suggestion: offer LR +20 for a limited time to help people with complicated changes
  42. DDO Store "Sale" panels are not UP-To-Date
  43. DDO Points Sale coming soon?
  44. ERROR: There was an error processing your request. Please wait a few minutes before a
  45. Skill Augments not in DDO store?
  46. What have you done with the Gold Roll Cosmetics? And why?
  47. DDO Store down on Khyber
  48. Turbine Point Cards on Rollback at Walmart!
  49. Dear Dev's and Quartermaster
  50. Question about supposed Pre Release bonuses
  51. All Races & Classes on sale~ WarForged are hiding~
  52. Why ddo double bonus offer differs ingame and on site ?
  53. How do I purchase Turbine Point from Steam?
  54. PSC not accepting multiple codes
  55. Chose your discount coupon this week plz!
  56. When we getting the level 28 augments in the store?
  57. Hey Q! When will +5 tomes be in the store again?
  58. Not buying anymore Ottos boxes until a TR Bypass timer is sold!
  59. is there a way to buy the 33,500k points using the way to buy expansion codes?
  60. Any chance the Onyx Panther will be in the DDO store.
  61. Why does the Turbine point cards purchased in stores not upgrade to Premium status?
  62. Shadowfail Expansion via TP purchase question.
  63. Another request for upgrade items
  64. Still waiting for spider cosmetic armor....
  65. Tome of Fate ?
  66. Half elf- a dead race
  67. What happened to the Monster Manual Volumes?
  68. QuartermasterU posts are not showing up in dev tracker
  69. Bladeforged not available?
  70. How about Tome Bag?
  71. Proposal regarding missing old armor kits
  72. Ottos Box
  73. 2->3 UMD upgrade tome does not appear in the store
  74. Suggestion for New Item: Spell Component Bags
  75. Level 28 Skill Augments!
  76. +5 Stat tomes available again, but not their Upgrade variants?
  77. Anyone else having trouble with the store?
  78. Why do dwarves get pirate eyepatches and humans don't?
  79. Are any augments NOT available in store?
  80. Store suggestions from a new player who enjoys cosmetic items
  81. Armor kits gone from the store
  82. Glowing Eyes? Nice~
  83. DDO Store offline ?
  84. Too many different items on sale
  85. When will Morninglord be in the Store?
  86. Put +5 Tomes on sale again
  87. DDO Store Sale Nov. 1-7
  88. ? Turbine Point Sale ?
  89. ? Forgotten Realms Adventure Pack Sales ?
  90. Missing Colorless Augments in Store
  91. Augments bags Feedback
  92. Mobile pay
  93. Using Paypal on DDO Market
  94. didn't see Iconic for sale on "Whats New with Update 20"
  95. Otto's Box
  96. Unable to purchase Heroic Otto's Box
  97. New Crafting Marks?
  98. Add COSMETIC Pirate Hats to the DDO Store!
  99. Anyone else has troubles with store augments?
  100. Otto's Box - Last chance or Limited Time release?
  101. Bug with Slayer Boost
  102. Thej 15% VIP xp Bonus stopped working after the servers came up
  103. Cosmetic Armor & Armor Kits. Turbine - Is Less the new More?
  104. Consider assigning a fixed weight to store purchased Ingredient and Gem Bags
  105. 100 Favor - Sometimes 15TP, Sometimes 25TP
  106. Shadowfell Collector's Edition Discription Error
  107. Typo in weekly sale announcument
  108. Whats up with double bonus points?
  109. Tome of Fate does not show up in store
  110. Question about DDO Market
  111. DDO Store Sales: Nov. 27th - Dec. 5th: Greater Hearts on Sale?
  112. DDO Store Sale - 20% or 25%
  113. monster manuals have not been on sale.
  114. scrolls bag
  115. Black friday sales for STEAM user
  116. Reincatnation window - buy hearts
  117. Black friday sales not on STEAM
  118. Cyber Monday Sale- In game store!
  119. Unable to buy from DDO MARKET
  120. Sale on Monster manuals?
  121. Will Otto's Boxes be available before Christmas?
  122. Idea for a new store item (Stone of karmic shift)
  123. Voltaic Gem gone?
  124. XP pots not extending or applying new pot to existing timer
  125. 25% off Heroic/Epic Tomes of Learning?
  126. Critical Heal potions
  127. CHEER7 code doesn't seem to work.
  128. Question for QMX: Concerning Skill Augments
  129. Questions about Epic Otto's Box
  130. Buy 1 get one 75% off not working
  131. Turbine Points - LOTRO (Triple bonus) versus DDO (Double bonus)?
  132. +5 Tome of Supreme Ability problem
  133. Skirts on male cosmetic armor
  134. Cosmetic Armor Repaint Request
  135. Not getting a content
  136. Monster Manual - New ones?
  137. Upgrade UMD +2 to +3 Tome missing
  138. Idea for new store item
  139. Your store session has timed out. Please use the home button to reload the store.
  140. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons ...
  141. Gold Seal XP Shrines not in Store?
  142. Whats up with the Cookie Jars?
  143. Why is there no Store, on ddo.com. I can only see offers, but no store to buy from.
  144. +5 skill tomes
  145. False Advertisement
  146. old armor kits
  147. Ottp's boxes
  148. Synergy between store sales and Bonus Days
  149. Quartermaster's a few questions!
  150. Epic Otto anytime soon?
  151. What exactly is ....
  152. Extra Space - Not that much
  153. No longer buy turbine points in game?
  154. Sell XP stones in store!
  155. Ruby Eye of Force once slotted give incorrect damage amount.
  156. When is the next Triple bonus points?
  157. Buying turbine point codes
  158. DDO store links are not working properly
  159. Good job on the new Malicia armor kits!
  160. Any new companions soon?
  161. Incentivize "bulk buy"
  162. TR bypass timers coming soon?
  163. Make +5 tomes Permanent in Store!
  164. Glowing Eyes (Cosmetic headwear) bugged for Purple Dragon knight Iconics
  165. You know what would be a great thing to put in the store?
  166. Captain's Chapeau
  167. DDO Points sale soon?
  168. how can i know what upgrades i have?
  169. Cannith Crafting XP stones?
  170. Hallelujah you can now get Lime Jello (pet)!
  171. No wraith companion
  172. Green Cube is BTA
  173. want new cosmetic armors: shirtless barb/monk!
  174. Feedback on the new renown pots
  175. Need new cosmetics!
  176. Missing Skill Augments in the store
  177. Price of shared bank should be lowered.
  178. Point Sales
  179. Return cosmetic kits to store untill U23 arrives
  180. Thank you Tolero
  181. Wait so if toon slots are on sale now that means they will NOT be discounted in July?
  182. Feels like I'm being punished for being a VIP
  183. Bank
  184. Heads Up, Last Day for (Vaults of the Artificers Challenge Pack 75% o) Sale July 17th
  185. Adventure Packs missing from this weeks sale (2014 July 18th - 24th)
  186. "Boy, I'd really like this <thing>!" thing = The rest of the skill augment diamonds i
  187. Did anyone buy the swashbuckler outfit from the store? I'd like to see it.
  188. I would pay money for this
  189. Parrot bundle?
  190. 50% off sale not being applied to shared bank space?
  191. Wouldn't You Know it? Reall?
  192. Can VIP's buy adventure packs while they are still have subscribed days left?
  193. The Otto Box
  194. Tomes
  195. Can't Find Cosmetic Armor
  196. Tolero or any of the Quartermaster's: Why is the bag storage not in the current sale?
  197. Character Bank Space NOT on sale!
  198. Pay by Mobile (phone) option missing ...
  199. typos in the latest adv.pack sale
  200. Why EU getting shafted at point sales vs. US?
  201. When will +5 skill tomes be available again?
  202. There Is An Error Processing Your Request
  203. Pet Companion Sailor Hat
  204. +5 Stat Tomes, answer
  205. Mirror of Glamering
  206. Snow Panther Certificate
  207. DDO Store page changed as I clicked buy now for Mirror of Glammering
  208. Panther Companion Pet -Limited Edition
  209. Upgrade Skill Tome category in Store
  210. Cosmetic Shields in the store?
  211. DDO market needs new packs
  212. Wraiths Plz
  213. Marketing and Sales
  214. Item Idea: Greater Key of Destiny
  215. There was nothing in dev tracker about this week's sale items
  216. Any Hints about Cyber Monday?
  217. Is it possible to upgrade an Expension?
  218. Current Sale, Legendary Upgrade
  219. QuartermasterX VIP issue
  220. Black Friday Menace of the Underdark in DDO store is broken.
  221. Reincarnation Reset timer
  222. Tomes of fate
  223. Truth in Advertising please
  224. points purchased via steam not showing up
  225. heroic hearts
  226. This week's 75% sale (Dec 18 - 24)
  227. DDO Store down.
  228. Why is the DDO Store so Frustrating?
  229. Wowzers! Morninglord on sale for 324 TPs till Jan 1, 2015
  230. Bad Link in Launcher for Otto's Box
  231. Half-Elf Typo - more than 50% off?
  232. Did anyone notice anything wrong with this week's sample of the week
  233. Sapphire of Spell Agility Doesn't Stack With Bonuses From Enhancements
  234. Why sometimes payment with mobile is not possible ?
  235. Get a FREE Snowy Owlbear Creature Companion ! is it still valid ?
  236. [REQ] Glamered Weapon Aura effect video previews
  237. Post your Glamered items here
  238. Glamered throwing weapons
  239. Please add "Law" to the glamered weapon aura list
  240. unable to buy points
  241. Owlbear Hireling.
  242. Someone from Turbine should open up the DDO store in-game each week
  243. February 4th I got jacked
  244. What's up with "Account Suspended" error?
  245. Wraith pets please
  246. It is tax refund time - are making boxes available a possibility?
  247. 2 out of 3 banners in the DDO are correct this week (2/20/2015)
  248. Disapointed with shrot release of otto's boxes
  249. Disapointed with short release of otto's boxes
  250. In Store Feb 26th to Mar 5th?