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  1. OK, this has gone far enough!
  2. Ice Skates - BtA, BtC, or otherwise?
  3. Store Lag
  4. Can't buy tomes?
  5. Week 1 specials
  6. Cookie Jar question
  7. Double Bonus Points?
  8. Can't leverage Phiarlan Carnival 1/2 off sale because I'm VIP?!
  9. Armor kits in game
  10. Cookie Jars Bound to Character
  11. Week 3 specials aren't so special...
  12. I really enjoy the armor options
  13. Did the word "CUSTOMIZATION" confuse you?
  14. VIP and sale of the day
  15. Cookie Jar not reflecting Advertised price
  16. Free the TP!
  17. SP potions
  18. Cookie Jars - False Advertising and Bait and Switch
  19. I would like the ability to purchase access that I already have while VIP
  20. Please allow us to purchase perminate raid flagging
  21. Attack on Stormreach now available but its 550 turbine points!
  22. XP Elixirs No Longer Castable... Question..
  23. Can't leverage The Restless Isles 1/2 off sale because I'm VIP?!
  24. Ethreal rest shrine statuette
  25. Supreme Tome sale question
  26. Bank Pricing isn't reflecting what is advertised.
  27. Store loading issue
  28. Your Marketing Team's schedule is off.
  29. Race Changing hearts?
  30. Unbinding an Item
  31. Xmas Points Sale? Why nothing?
  32. 50% What a sham
  33. Store broken
  34. Store: No item received but points deducted
  35. Could you please send an email when my monthly points are deposited?
  36. DDO store being invasive.
  37. Please make all items purchased in the store BtA instead of BtC.
  38. More Store info please
  39. Can we test hair styles / colors like we can armor skins?
  40. Trouble with armor kits..
  41. VIP's get the short end of the Holiday sales....
  42. So where are the bundles?
  43. Royal sage/silver TP proced correctly?
  44. Dear Turbine: Thanks for rewarding us VIP's by screwing us over this holiday season.
  45. Access to VIPS please for all this months inaccessible offers
  46. Aggravating DDO Store Bug
  47. Dec 1, 3, 4, 10, 15, 17, 20, 23
  48. Bought VIP for friend
  49. All Armor apearence kits images! see how U would look! all armor sets combinations!
  50. Devs: Whats going on with the store?
  51. Store bought point cards
  52. Re: Store Promotions
  53. Bags and being bound to char
  54. Any chance you could add Large shroud materials to the DDO Store?
  55. The Daily 50% Adv Pack Deals
  56. Store rep plz read & reply
  57. I'd Buy that with TP's!
  58. Armor Kits and TR's
  59. Suggestion for reincarnate convenience item
  60. Is there a 50% special today?
  61. Armor Kits: bound to character or armor?
  62. Hey Eladrin: How bout a U9 preview?
  63. Mana Pots as Gifts from the DDO Store
  64. Can't buy masks/helmets from the ddo store?
  65. What's *with* the female armour kits?
  66. just put out all the armor kits allready
  67. When Announcing New Armor Kits...
  68. Why the difference in price between armor kits?
  69. more ranger/rogue outfits..
  70. TR discount?
  71. No more Turbine Tuesday offers?
  72. Armor Kit: Gold Crest 2: Dark Red/Pale Red - Monk
  73. DDO Store issues
  74. Is it confirmed, half price packs????
  75. Tome Of Vitality..
  76. Re: the new Necro pack
  77. Armor Appearance Kits: The Spiral Line Feedback
  78. Ice Skates aren't available in DDO store.
  79. DDO Store information
  80. Name changing
  81. +2 Tome BtA?
  82. Mugatu to be kidding me, staff picks?
  83. Turbine Points
  84. Um, What?
  85. How to use xp pot on someone else?
  86. Dear Closed-Minded Players Posting LFMs
  87. Playspan
  88. DDO points purchasing options
  89. bank slot question
  90. Extend the XP pot deal
  91. XP pots in wilderness areas
  92. Please add handwraps to the store.
  93. vip offer
  94. Saftey Deposit Box
  95. Tuesday offers and international players
  96. Request: WF Color change dyes
  97. Armor preview kits priced incorectly in store!
  98. Hair colors NOT on sale for Valentines in DDO Store
  99. Turbine 50% Tuesdays just aren't being advetised right
  100. 50% off True Heart of Wood
  101. Veteran's Status not in the store
  102. The Turbine Point Statement is here!
  103. 100 enhanced Healing pots under the double-stacking offer didn't deliver
  104. Armor Kit vs. Reincarnation
  105. Thank you
  106. Tuesday
  107. Tell the Store Team question is now up!
  108. Blessing of the Traveler is a rip off
  109. Blessings of the traveller are too expensive
  110. Dark/Steel armor kit
  111. Shared Bank Slots issue
  112. WARNING - Don't use the Store at the moment - Overcharged
  113. Armor Kit pricing
  114. thank you for nothing
  115. Leaf 2, Royal 2 Armor Kits missing?
  116. Supreme Tome Usage Question
  117. Cosmetic's Pricing
  118. 420 point purchase bugged
  119. Dye for the Hats
  120. Can you still buy level sigils?
  121. Suggestion for cosmetic items
  122. Which Airship Amenities do you want on sale?
  123. sweet lesser hearts on sale right now
  124. Dark/Steel female half-orc screenshots
  125. Add to Cart?
  126. Follow, Fan and Feed the DDO Store!
  127. ddo store one option too change alignment
  128. Last and First Name Changes
  129. Tokens of the Traveler missing from the store?!?
  130. Brazilian SMS Trouble
  131. Needed: cosmetic weapon kits
  132. The no refunds thing
  133. Dark/Steel Armor kits on outfits
  134. Any reason for the ML on +3 Hearts?
  135. TRs with Raid saves
  136. Tomes on sale?
  137. Where R U Hiding Greater Heart?
  138. Why the heck cant I buy a greater heart?
  139. Quick Question conerning LR+ and Multiclass
  140. ST patys day coed not working on Docents
  141. Lucky Green Hat & Blademark Docent
  142. Help Me! Heal Me! 25% off Select Healing & Hirelings March...
  143. Plain black mask
  144. Dear Turbine please announce sales in advance
  145. When there is a problem with a sale
  146. Bring back + 5 hearts Please
  147. Lame marketing to trick new players
  148. "This item cannot be purchased"
  149. U9 related sale suggestion
  150. Adventure Packs
  151. Why cant I buy Tomes?
  152. +5 Hearts: How often?
  153. Any time frame for allowing us to purchase more shared bank space?
  154. Coupons question
  155. Character Slots - More than 1 at a time?
  156. Thank you for the 20% Discount Code!
  157. Can't use 20% coupon code
  158. Multiple Coupons
  159. festival hat was sold out?
  160. Hit me with a level drain!
  161. Please add the velah (black) helm to the store
  162. major price increase for european players - what is the reason for it?
  163. VAT and UK distant selling laws
  164. Be an icon huh?
  165. VAT Discussion
  166. April sales?
  167. Drow sale April Fool's?
  168. VAT Number & Feedback
  169. What happened to Turbine Tuesdays?
  170. Skins for shields, plz plz plz Devs.
  171. armor kit vanished!
  172. Is the coupon for SP Pots working?
  173. Paymo & DDOstore
  174. coupon code is case sensitive?
  175. Gold seal contracts expire early?
  176. Bunny hat? Easter? Hint hint!
  177. Couple of quick questions on Paypal usage
  178. Feedback on : DDO Spring Point Special! 6,900 Points For $49.99
  179. Colour diversity on armour kits
  180. No more Turbine Tuesday?
  181. Armor Kit Preview Bug
  182. Armor kit changed color with U9.
  183. Hi Turbine Tuesday
  184. TRULLY BLACK armor please.
  185. Will Turbin Points be avaible again at playspan.com any soon?
  186. Twitter should not be the only avenue for the new promo.
  187. Double bonus points
  188. Free item code - Not working?
  189. Want to cash in on DDO's free may items? Some tips...
  190. Free Item Code does not work, valid bug.
  191. For The Twitter Haters: Promo codes.
  192. Free store item
  193. Shared Bank.
  194. Twitter freebie issues?
  195. Is the democoupon1 still good to use?
  196. Armor Appearance Kits
  197. Re: New With Update 9: Harbinger Of Madness- New Armor Kits & more!
  198. How long for a credit card to be removed from an account?
  199. A minor change to add for your next DDO store update...
  200. DDO Store - crazy prices?
  201. Where did our pack sales go? And Turbine Tuesdays?
  202. Store won't load
  203. Sorry if i'm behind on the times...
  204. 20% of all adventure packs!*
  205. Is Necropolis adventure pack "Bundle" safe to purchase ?
  206. Todays May deal
  207. Error buying DDO Store Points
  208. Problem with May 13th 1TP Special
  209. DDO STORE - point purchases not in dollars
  210. dreaming of driden?
  211. Store won't load since he latest patch
  212. What is wrong with these advertisements?
  213. Permanent Cosmetic Gear
  214. Is this a mistake? A joke?
  215. DDO store offline..?
  216. Double Bonus Points and Point Cards
  217. Greater Reincarnate and Keep Your Character's Current Level!
  218. non-cosmetic cosmetics.
  219. U.S. players ripped off!
  220. Issue with Lesser/Greater Reincarnate
  221. store offer emails
  222. lost armor kit :/
  223. +2 Strength Tomes not on sale
  224. I see how many TPs for Euros...but what about USD?
  225. Well...now that the may promotions are over...
  226. European point prices back up?
  227. Add Metal Propertied Handwraps to the Store
  228. Can we spend some money?
  229. New issue with Necro 1-4 bundle
  230. Store seems wanting
  231. Crafting Experience Elixir not working
  232. Store Items Requirement
  233. No tome tuesday this week?
  234. Please make DDOStore bought Ingredients bags BTA
  235. New Sale?
  236. Staff Picks
  237. How about some monkn
  238. DDO Cards in Taiwan
  239. vcredi.exe
  240. Huge coupon
  241. Someting that I really wish I could buy from the cash shop
  242. Huge sale makes me happy!
  243. Where are the 50% sales?
  244. Buying more than one Extra Character Slot in one transaction
  245. Hal Elf not showing in current deals
  246. Half Elf - Was not on sale
  247. link error in sale page
  248. Alternate characters as permanent hirelings.
  249. Suggestion for the store.
  250. Please bring back 50% hirelings or quantity discounts