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  1. Artificer Help with TR to non-crafter halfling arti from ranger
  2. Artificer Help! My dog is broken.
  3. Artificer Monastery of the Scorpion elite - No Evasion?
  4. Artificer Total arti newbie need basic advices
  5. Artificer Scrolls
  6. Artificer Why I don't splash on an Artificer
  7. Are the "default" builds acceptable?
  8. Bard Bardic Dilettante question
  9. Artificer Greensteel decisions.
  10. Ranger Soloing Shroud Part I
  11. Rogue TR build
  12. Artificer Disappearing Rune Arm Weapon Damage
  13. Rogue shuriken master
  14. Bard Heal amp Virtuoso
  15. Ranger Arcane Archers. Lets Buff Them.
  16. Artificer House Deneith Champion
  17. Artificer Advice for late game arti
  18. Artificer Arcane Archer (Long Bow)
  19. Bard Solo bard
  20. Rogue Dark Insight - 34 pt. INT based TWF Assassin
  21. Rogue Best Weapons for dex based assassin rogue
  22. Artificer Problem with Paralyzing/Pure Good Module
  23. Artificer Race Choice
  24. Artificer The dog...
  25. Bard Bardificer Spellsinger
  26. Artificer Experienced Player, Noob Artificer
  27. Artificer solo
  28. Artificer Runearm crafting...what to choose! cant decide
  29. Artificer Abashi set for arti damage dice
  30. Artificer Rune arm use while soloing
  31. Bard Build a Bard
  32. Bard 36pt Human 16bard/2rogue/2fighter trapper THF
  33. Rogue Master Mechanic HELP!
  34. Is Ranged alacrity worth it for an Arti? (and other questions)
  35. Rogue Assassin Build
  36. Artificer The Empower and Maximize Spell
  37. Artificer Robot Artie TR Build - need input
  38. Artificer try for free question?
  39. Ranger Arcane Archer Equip
  40. Rogue TRing my Rogue.
  41. Rogue Subtle Backstabbing and Ranged
  42. Artificer 2nd life Arty build
  43. Ranger Archer Monk Discussion Time
  44. Best Arti First life solo build
  45. Bard Help Wanted: Making a Healing Bard
  46. Artificer Frozen tunic and rune arm use
  47. Rate this build. 18 Rngr / 1 Rog / 1 Barb
  48. Bard my first bard, help!
  49. Bard 36 pt Elf SS
  50. virtuoso splash
  51. Bard What instrument do Bards play?
  52. Artificer Warforged Arti Build Help
  53. Ranger Another 10k stars build :)
  54. Rogue Two Handed Rogue is better for me!!!
  55. Ranger When building a melee ranger...
  56. Hoping for nice criticism.
  57. Your Favorite quests to kill parties
  58. Artificer Melee Artificer/AA for past life
  59. Artificer Best PL for Artificer?
  60. Bard Bard Past Life questions
  61. 8 Arty or Evasion??
  62. Artificer Arty: Crossbow or Spell Enhancements?
  63. Ranger Evaluate my arcane archer build please
  64. Artificer Drow Repeater Arty
  65. Artificer 36pt Ranged DPS Artificer Build with IPS
  66. Bard 16Bard/2 Rogue/2 Fighter
  67. Artificer Role in a group?
  68. Rogue Build request
  69. Artificer Help, advice on Drow Arti please
  70. Rogue Splash with fighter?
  71. Pure rogue-which race
  72. Ranger Advice
  73. artificer 28pt help
  74. Bard build idea
  75. Ranger confusion regarding bow critical hits and seeker
  76. Rogue Rogue Weapon
  77. Artificer Elven AA question
  78. Bard Half orc bard build
  79. Ranger Ranger: Deepwoods Sniper
  80. Fast way to get ranger pl for my arty?
  81. Bard Shield Bard AC gear
  82. Bard Warchanter Gear
  83. Artificer Doublecross repeater... where is the poison dmg?
  84. Artificer LF Artificer build with Tank pet & ranged dmg & crafting (prefer WF but consider)
  85. Hated Runearms....
  86. Basic WF Arti 32pt build stats
  87. Pure Rogue STR build Assassin
  88. Ranger Tempest or AA?
  89. Bard or Artificer?
  90. Rogue Rogue Item Optimization, help
  91. Ranger crazy very raw idea i had
  92. Bug with Action Boost: Rogue Haste and Action Boost: Endless Fusillade
  93. Self Healing PURE (underlined twice) Rogue... any ideas?
  94. Ranger AA + ToD = viable build?
  95. Artificer Homunculus:Iron Defender Questions & Thoughts
  96. Rogue Noob rogue question
  97. Ranger looking for a AA pura ranger Build
  98. Ranger Help
  99. Ranger Ranger Pets in the Expansion
  100. Artificer Triple A...Elven Artificer build... thoughts
  101. Artificer What effects Flame Turret damage?
  102. TRing Crafter into Human Artificer... Questions...
  103. Ranger Rangers are gimp?
  104. First Pure Rogue, Lvl 5 so far... advice apprecaited
  105. Rogue Best weapon to pair with Epic Midnight Greetings?
  106. Ranger DPS mean?
  107. Rogue Elven Assassin
  108. Rogue Rogue xx / Fighter x stunning Dwarf, need help building
  109. Bard Help me decide the gear for my warchanter !
  110. Artificer Alternative for Gs heavy repeater
  111. Best single shard GS repeater for arti
  112. Artificer Rolling an arti
  113. Bard issue gearing
  114. Artificer Some suggestions please?
  115. Bard Gear for CC/Healing/Some Melee Ability Bard
  116. Rogue Assassin suggestions
  117. Artificer Need help with Warforged Artificer build.
  118. Artificer Increasing blade barrier damage
  119. Bard First Life Build. Comments, please?
  120. Ranger Self-Sufficient melee AA "The Weed Wacker"
  121. Rogue Can't decide on second GS item
  122. Artificer Flame turret definite answer plx
  123. Help with a Bard build
  124. Bard Novelty Thrower Bard
  125. Rogue What is it?
  126. Rogue What would you consider useful Bluff score?
  127. 18 Fighter/1 Arty AA Build Help
  128. Bard TR Bard input por favor
  129. Bard "Useless" Extend
  130. Rogue Sneaking Help (Eye)
  131. Rogue what are all the sources of Disable device?
  132. Rogue Came back after almost a year, couple of questions regarding the Ring of the Stalker
  133. Artificer Best two archery feats for an artificer splash?
  134. Rogue armor opinions
  135. Ranger 11 Ranger/ 9 Monk Viable?
  136. Artificer 'Spare' Artificer feat
  137. Bard eDragon : How much perform is needed ?
  138. Artificer Would a melee artificer with bastardswords work?
  139. Crossbow artificer DPS
  140. Bard OK, OK, I'll buy Vale and make greensteel
  141. 2H Bard solo build
  142. Artificer The No-Survivors Build. (32 point warforged caster/repeater)
  143. Rogue The Executioner
  144. Artificer GS HP slot for arti?
  145. Artificer Blade Barrier
  146. Ranger Arcane Archer: End Game Gear
  147. Artificer Melee Artificer. Need comments and ideas.
  148. Artificer Getting ready for a first TR: need advise
  149. Rogue All-Rogue Shroud S.W.A.T.
  150. Material of Repeater matter for crafting?
  151. Elven Rogue Endgame
  152. Rogue High Dps Deathnip Rogue Build.
  153. CC Bard Advice
  154. Artificer Metamagic Feat
  155. Ranger Burner's Arcane Archer
  156. Bard Suggestions?
  157. Artificer Melee build Need feedback
  158. Battle Bard - Looking for Build Advice
  159. Rogue Need advice for a STR assassin build
  160. Ranger Is Arcane Archer Imbues broken or WAI?
  161. Artificer slot for greensteel con item?
  162. Rogue Rogue advice lvl up to 3 =)
  163. Solo 12 Rogue/8 Cleric
  164. Acrobat ideas and questions
  165. Rogue Rogue build help
  166. Rogue WF Mechanic 12/Artificer 8
  167. Artificer Request: An interesting TR Arti build
  168. Bard Bard fascinate DC keep changing (?)
  169. Rogue Epic Envenomed Blade
  170. Rogue Assassin re-roll maybe?
  171. Artificer Build idea
  172. A Build For Syl.
  173. Rogue Stick fighter build
  174. Bard Why Heighten?
  175. Rogue/Arti/Bard
  176. Ranger Looking for a ranger (?) build
  177. Bard Bard feat choices
  178. Artificer Need an outline for an arti
  179. Artificer Extend worth it for Artificers?
  180. Artificer Artificer endgame build advice needed.
  181. Roast my Rogue
  182. Tempest III worth it?
  183. AA question on element bonuses and capstone
  184. Ranger Where do I go from Here?
  185. Rogue For the lulz!
  186. Artificer or Rogue
  187. Ranger 11/6/3 Ranger monk rog AA trapper advice
  188. Rogue Acrobat Advice
  189. Ranger (help) AA archer build
  190. Artificer Need help building Artificer, please
  191. Bard In theory, would it be better to... (build guidance wanted)
  192. Bard Drow weapon type and gear
  193. Ranger question about rogue splash
  194. Ranger splash opinions
  195. Artificer Arti vs MechI
  196. Spellsinger or Virtuoso?
  197. Ranger In Need of a Killer Ranger Build! Look Here!
  198. Rogue Some questions on assasinate
  199. Rogue Advise needed for gearing a lvl18 rogue assassin
  200. Rogue Rouge AA build for your purview.
  201. Artificer Can you hotbar the rune arm charge/fire activation?
  202. Rogue Rogue builds (for a TR) for raids/epics?
  203. Ranger Top 3 FEs for Rangers
  204. Improved Precise Shot a must have for Arti ?
  205. Rogue Halfling Trapmonkey
  206. Ranger Need ranger/monk build
  207. Ranger "Low Budget" 32pt Human AA build.
  208. Pure Rogue Assassin Build
  209. whats magic save number?
  210. Artificer AnyTweaking Advice?
  211. Rogue Need simple advice for a Rouge alt...Can Rogues Solo?
  212. Calculating dpb (damage per bolt) on my artificer
  213. Ranger 800+ HP unbuffed
  214. Artificer First Time Arti Build Discussion
  215. Bard Build advice for completionist bard
  216. Rogue LF Halfling Rogue (pure) Assasinate build
  217. Ranger Looking for a ranger that has Tons of Damage output
  218. Defensive Thief Acrobat Possible?
  219. Rogue Dual-khopesh Mechanic -- anyone tried it?
  220. Rogue acrobat vs mechanic? which is better for level 16+
  221. Ranger looking for help, 18 AA ranger with rogue splash
  222. Bard Versatile Virtuoso
  223. Rogue rapier weapon choices
  224. Ranger Ranger Monk build
  225. Spell casting, tips, tricks and SP efficiency!
  226. BE/Mech1/DS Trainwreck Reference Post
  227. Artificer pet stayed dead after finishing out!
  228. Bard Should I do level 1 as rogue?
  229. Rogue Rogue 'armor'
  230. Bard Help With equips
  231. Epic Level Weapons... what to do?
  232. Rogue Rogue Sneak Attack Question
  233. Ranger Ranger Build for past life? - Ranger 12 / Monk 7 / Artificer 1
  234. Artificer TRing my arti for the expansion, build feedback please
  235. Bard the perfect warbard in my heart,good at melee,archery,cc based on songs
  236. Bard Looking for feedback about SS/AA and DC's
  237. Bard TRing to Artificer (epic considerations)
  238. Ranger Suggestions for TWF's & AA's
  239. Highest Current DPS Bow?
  240. Bard with Trap skills
  241. Rogue Need advice for my rogue end gear
  242. Rogue Need help with custom Halfling THF T/A Build
  243. Rogue Attack bonus calculation timing...
  244. Ranger New to Epic gear
  245. Rogue Rogue Weapons Questions
  246. Rogue Ravager set or Stalker + Spare Hand..?
  247. Artificer Rune Arms
  248. Rogue Rogue undead beaters
  249. Why is 222 hp for a lvl 19 Mechanic rogue to low HP?
  250. Bard The Spellsinger--Its finally done!