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  1. Artificer enhancment bug?
  2. Ranger Half Orc Sniper
  3. P&P Artificer 21-25 abilities
  4. Rogue Epic Rogue Feats
  5. Artificer Another umd issue?
  6. Artificer Pet Useless on Bravery Streak
  7. Bard Warchanter Build feedback.
  8. Drow Arti suggestions
  9. Bard Advise requested
  10. Rogue Rogue/wiz combos and concepts
  11. Rogue Rogue feats question
  12. Bard Virtuoso healing song
  13. Artificer Warforged Artificer pet question...
  14. Rogue Int based rog questions
  15. horc tempest what split
  16. Ranger TR question
  17. Rogue Life on a Completionist journey
  18. Bard Bard spells and update 13
  19. Artificer is artificer knowledge bugged?
  20. Ranger Dervish Enhancements?
  21. Artificer Couple Arti Questions
  22. Bard Help me pick my spells.
  23. Rogue trap skills up to snuff?
  24. Ranger Made a build lookin for critique
  25. Ranger Arrow Sets & Quivers
  26. Artificer A leveling Arti
  27. Rogue The Up-and-Coming Rogue's Equipment
  28. Bard Epic/High End Raid Support TWF/THF?
  29. Artificer GS Heavy Repeater
  30. Bard Bard Green steel item?
  31. Basic ranger build (32-point)
  32. Rogue JB - STR Halfling Assassin Rogue, 2nd life
  33. Bard Need help making a build
  34. Rogue Thief Acrobat & Balance
  35. Artificer Artificer guide?
  36. Rogue High End Gear Setup
  37. Bard Virtuoso/Spellsinger Bug
  38. Rogue Improving to-hit at level 20
  39. Artificer Knowledge: Scrolls question
  40. Artificer Is TRing a Mechanic into an Artificer a good idea?
  41. Rogue Bluffing
  42. TRing to Artificer
  43. Ranger Does the Deepwood Sniper set bonus work?
  44. Ranger Epic Frozen Tunic and Epic Elemental Bows from Cannith
  45. Ranger Light armor
  46. The triple-fun crossbow sandwich
  47. Need help with search item
  48. Rogue Difference Between Strength and Dex Base?
  49. Rogue Rogues and Concentration
  50. Assassinate not working?
  51. Rogue To Int Rogues: Whats an epic-ready assassination DC?
  52. Artificer The M.O.A.B Build
  53. Ranger Stacking?
  54. Artificer Runearm
  55. Artificer Artificer Dilletante===>> MEH?
  56. Artificer Spell Book
  57. Artificer Mid-level gear, where to fit in potency?
  58. Rogue Update 13 looking rogue-friendly?
  59. Rogue LitII vs RadII
  60. Rogue Hamstring
  61. Rogue Wrack Construct Ranged
  62. Bard Artificers get echoes of power....
  63. Bard Songs not giving all bonuses?
  64. Rogue repeater Tr questions
  65. Rogue Imp. Evasion or Opportunist at 10?
  66. Artificer Pincushions 'r' Us: a 34pt pure Artificer Build
  67. Artificer Best race for an Artificer with a pocket cleric
  68. Artificer quickdraw affect scrolls and clickies?
  69. Rogue
  70. My AA needs some melee blades!
  71. Bard I was told that Bards were OP.
  72. Artificer clicky for rune arms.
  73. Blackish 13/6/1 Mechanic/Battle Engineer build
  74. Rogue Good pair of 1st life weapons for lvl ~12 range?
  75. Artificer Rune Arm DC, Evocation focus
  76. Rogue bypassing fort question
  77. Rogue Need High DPS Build Ideas
  78. AA Help
  79. Artificer melee: blunt one hander or splash monk?
  80. Bard Sonic DoT
  81. Bard New to Bards and their spells
  82. Rogue SA To-Hit negated by fortification
  83. Ranger Bow damage
  84. Rogue Drow / Half Elf build
  85. bard14/fighter6 warchanterII/stalwardI
  86. Bard need gear advice for my warchanter/tempest/fighter
  87. Bard I just capped my Bardcher! Now what.
  88. Ranger Archer gear
  89. Rogue As a mechanic rogue, how much should I worry about DPS?
  90. Potential build for repeater slaying action
  91. Ranger longsword, shortswords or handwraps?
  92. Suggestions on this Rogue Build?
  93. Ranger Ranger is powerful. Be proud yourself.
  94. Artificer Shroud weapon
  95. Artificer Shroud HP con-opp slots on an arti
  96. Rogue TRing my Rogue
  97. Onion Knight: 12fgtr/7rog/1barb Trapper -initial pass
  98. My first bard
  99. Artificer LF Solo Artificer Advice
  100. sugestions for this splash 11ranger/9monk
  101. Rogue Best DQ reward for a rogue?
  102. Artificer melee ash.
  103. Rogue My 2nd life rogue
  104. Ranger Arcane Archer Quistion
  105. Rogue Epic Midnight Greetings
  106. Rogue One last feat on my rogue...
  107. Rogue 2nd tier alchemic repeater
  108. Rogue feat questions
  109. Artificer Arcane Archer Clarification
  110. Easy End Game Gear and Me (Rogue)
  111. Artificer Module unequiped upon summoning iron defender
  112. Artificer Arti Past Life Active feat stack with Capstone?
  113. Artificer Fortification
  114. Artificer Deadly Weapons Fix
  115. Artificer Arti pet enhancement tree?
  116. Bard Some comments on a spellsinger please :)
  117. Artificer (Semi) New player seeking guidance
  118. Artificer lit 2's.
  119. Bard Ronpaultt - best bard ever
  120. Question about quivers...
  121. Artificer Question
  122. Bard questions on gear
  123. Bard WF Bard 18 / Rog 2
  124. Trying to decide on TR direction...
  125. Bard eVON6 advice
  126. Rogue First Rogue - Critique Please
  127. Artificer Is WF worth it over H-Elf Rogue Dile?
  128. Artificer What to craft on Lucid Dreams
  129. Artificer Some questions before TR
  130. Bard What to slot in Shimmering Pendant?
  131. rogue endgame question (or bugs question)
  132. Artificer Odd issue
  133. Artificer No Arti pet enhancements
  134. Ranger 10kstar or Ranger Capstone
  135. Help?
  136. Artificer What use the Artificer capstone?
  137. Ranger Am I doing it wrong?
  138. Rogue GS good blast?
  139. Bard Couple Bard Quistions
  140. Bard Human WC Advice
  141. Ranger Rangers and Medium armor
  142. Rogue First rogue for me, need critcism
  143. Artificer Feedback on gear setup please
  144. Ranger Ranged advice pls
  145. Artificer A couple Arty questions
  146. BardBarian
  147. Rogue Best alignment for a Rogue?
  148. Bard SS Bardcher gear
  149. Artificer Helf Arty, advice please
  150. Artificer New to Arti
  151. Rogue Rogue Special Abilities
  152. Artificer Dog AC...
  153. Artificer arti GS placement?
  154. Phiarlan inspiration + morale bonus = Sad SS bards and happy pointy hats.
  155. Rogue Can bows assassinate?
  156. Rogue S.W.A.T. Team: Top-Shelf Rogues, Top-Shelf Adventuring
  157. Rogue does arti past life int skill +1 help assassinate?
  158. Article gear/stat question
  159. Bard Bard Split or No Split
  160. Artificer Scroll/wand casting and DCs
  161. Artificer Crafting Artificer build suggestion?
  162. Artificer Ranging Artificer with decent HP?
  163. Bard Tirain Hawksong, Spellsinger not squishy at all
  164. Rogue TR Build Advice
  165. Bard Looking for build advice.
  166. Artificer Artifact build
  167. Ranger Arrow Management - How do you guys do it?
  168. Old Bard help
  169. Ranger Arcane Archer
  170. Artificer Ranged Drow Artificer - Solo play
  171. Artificer Help me TR my FTR into an Arty.
  172. Artificer Looking for an arti build
  173. Rogue Epic Templar's Justice
  174. Rogue not so new player returning
  175. Artificer Pet Tactics?
  176. Ranger YA10kSAA - Yet Another 10k Stars Arcane Archer
  177. Rogue Opportunist's Doublestrike... *sigh*
  178. Artificer How do artificers land any spells in epic?
  179. Rogue 2 Epic Midnight Greeting. Is it worth passing Khopeshes?
  180. Artificer How do you get your dog to fight?
  181. Rogue Advice 32pt Pure Rogue
  182. Artificer Spell Tinker - Halfling Castery Artificer
  183. Bard How's this for a first Bard
  184. My puppys not feeling very well
  185. Rogue H-elf arti vs barb dilly
  186. Artificer bit of an oddball question, but....
  187. Artificer Two basic questions
  188. Artificer WF B-Sword Melee Arti 4 PL
  189. Artificer Alright You Arties. Light or Heavy Crossbow?
  190. Non ranger arcane archer build need help
  191. Rogue Newbie questions for multiclass Rogue18/figter2
  192. Rogue Two Radiance Weapons Beneficial?
  193. Ranger the ranged beast!
  194. Artificer Tier3 alchemical heavy repeater: martial or mystical?
  195. Ranger Monk AA Build Advice
  196. Artificer Just some random pondering, why cant you use a runearm as a main hand weapon?
  197. windhowler bracers in an artificer
  198. Arcane Archer does not give 20sp
  199. Bard Three bards are greater than one bard: Philosophy
  200. Rogue Why Can't An Assassin do traps?
  201. Artificer Is +3 DC BB Worth the 3 Sorc PL Investment?
  202. Rogue How much search and disable device do you need for the toughest traps in the game?
  203. Artificer Questions about TR Artificer Life
  204. DT Armor slotting
  205. Bard Anthem
  206. Bard TWF+ questions and maybe a build suggestion
  207. 2nd Life Warforged arti Equipment
  208. Deep wood Sniper and stealth...
  209. Bard How do you find out your fascinate roll?
  210. Artificer Capstone change?
  211. Artificer Crafting question...
  212. Rogue DEX or STR
  213. Artificer 1st Life Crafting Artificer (Dragon Marked)
  214. Slippery mind good for soloing on normal / casual?
  215. Artificer My dog seems to be a bit overeccentric
  216. Artificer gear n such
  217. Rogue Threat Reduction?
  218. Ranger how to fix rangers
  219. Rogue Rad II gs
  220. Artificer Overwhelmed with info; I just want a good leveling build
  221. Bard why pike?
  222. TR Planning: Sorc to Halfling Artificer Rogue. Advice?
  223. Roge question: 1 Feat left, what to take?
  224. Bard Bard Inspired Attack III : worth taking ?
  225. Ranger A beginner's guide to making Rangers
  226. Ranger Looking for rogue dilly AA build
  227. Artificer I suck using my Rune Arm
  228. inspired damage + mechanic I = 2x ind mod damage?
  229. Rogue Heavy repeaters any good?
  230. Artificer Self-healing human arti through dragon marks
  231. Artificer Heavy Repeater Crafting
  232. ranged dps
  233. Artificer Bug with Knowledge: Scrolls
  234. Artificer 1st life artificer gears help
  235. Rogue Convince me to make a mechanic
  236. Ranger final FE for ranger
  237. Rogue Why disarm when there is a rogue?
  238. Artificer assistance appreciated with gear
  239. Building proposal for returning arrows/bolts
  240. Bard Two Handed Fighting worth it?
  241. Rogue Theif-acrobat monk
  242. Artificer Quick draw advantages for Artis?
  243. What's a good AC for a level 15 Tempest Ranger?
  244. Bard Warchanter outfit
  245. Bard Must have scrolls
  246. Artificer Good idea? Artificer with Rogue splash discussion.
  247. Bard CC/Virtuoso Archer build?
  248. Artificer Low-Mid Artificer Repeaters.
  249. Rogue best ranged weapon for a rogue?
  250. First rogue + capstone?