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  1. Known Community Issues & Statuses (Forums, MyDDO, Compendium)
  2. Will Custom Sig's ever be available?
  3. MyDDO character page rank is incorrectly displayed.
  4. Can't win lottery
  5. Death to Signup.ddo.com!!
  6. Missing Lineage Icons for characters with more than 5 TR’s
  7. Myddo again not showing character page and lottery
  8. Can we get the ability to search our character logs by date?
  9. Serious MyDDO issues for all accounts
  10. Myddo not showing my monk past life.
  11. Forum error
  12. DDO Lottery Question
  13. Guilds Leaderboard in MyDDO
  14. Dev Tracker Drop-Down?
  15. DDO Lottery issue
  16. Issue with signature
  17. Screenshot of the Week gallery - does not work IE8
  18. Can’t post as a character on My.DDO
  19. Artificers should be eligible to enter the Heal Myself Lottery
  20. DDO & LotRO forums
  21. MyDDO guild page edit bug
  22. Lottery test
  23. Forums eat my threads lately
  24. Ignore list not WAI - again.
  25. how do I update my character list of delete's?
  26. TOS link broken
  27. Theres a way to see who repped our posts.
  28. Attn. Forum Mods Certain Forums Have Image Coding Disabled
  29. MyDDO web page not working again.
  30. Player profile in MyDDO
  31. Wrong language on the forums, how to change?
  32. Friend could not use referral link
  33. Myddo / Wayfinder Guild & Character List
  34. Medium Thin Quiver Lottery
  35. Couple of Odd Things
  36. Separate the class forums
  37. How can open 34 pages deep threads with ingame browser?
  38. Anyone else having their forums jumping to a different language?
  39. Lottery issue
  40. Forum Logout Problem is Back/Never left?
  41. MyDDO: Unable to access character log
  42. Forum Display on iPad Messed Up
  43. Can we get a better search filter?
  44. Notification of post removal / thread / breach
  45. What would you like to see in the DDO Lottery?
  46. Forum defaults to German
  47. MyDDO Spell-Checker - ETA on Getting it Fixed?
  48. Forum Bug: cannot post the word "w g e t"
  49. Bug in MyDDO
  50. (just another) Bug on MyDDO [vid included]
  51. Artificer class 16x16 png not showing in guild list.
  52. New interface style
  53. Underdark quests completions dont appear correctly in MyDDO character log
  54. Click Here!
  55. toon data not refreshed
  56. what ever happened with the old forums page style that had news and annoucments?
  57. Lottery win didn't get items
  58. Incorporating Links into Text?
  59. Logs not updating again
  60. Odd settings
  61. Can't Update e-mail Address
  62. test post
  63. If misspelling the forum website, you can end up on what seems to be a fraud website
  64. New Quarterly Wallpapers?? Any for 2nd Quarter ?
  65. MyDDO issue and suggestion.
  66. Please do sth about Forums Registration
  67. The new quest pack page
  68. MyDDO Lotteries
  69. Web of Chaos quests log messages error
  70. "Green" forum style needs a few additions - plus a imho really needed suggestion
  71. MyDDO: Forget About Char Updates; Fix "Friendship" Bug(s)
  72. New MyDDO issues
  73. MyDDO borked - "archived" but they're right there!
  74. After maintenance, WP-Admin won't go
  75. Make forums tablet and iPad friendly
  76. If you pre-purchased Menace of the Underdark & don't have Beta forum access post here
  77. Your forums suffer from trollitis
  78. Test post.
  79. MyDDO
  80. Logs not updating again?
  81. Dev Tracker issues
  82. myDDO is down
  83. Lottery Feedback: Miranda Kelven hireling
  84. Forum Subscriptions and the Beta Forums
  85. Logout button for forum
  86. myDDO not updating any of my toons - any chance they'll fix it?
  87. Guild leaderboard not updating
  88. MyDDO borked, Lottos negative function
  89. Signatures in MoTU
  90. myDDO links broken
  91. MyDDO.com not updating again...
  92. Broken MyDDO preventing Lamannia character copy
  93. My DDO: No access to massages + question about the lottery
  94. It is time to scrap the beta of MyDDO
  95. forums ddo com slow to load
  96. Underdark quests log messages...
  97. In Game Bug Reporting
  98. Sig issue
  99. No longer receiving email notifications for thread subscriptions.
  100. Time for Epic MyDDO?
  101. Why do I need to click twice on a link to open it in the forums?
  102. Lottery ???
  103. Character "cannot be found"
  104. Attn QuatermasterX: 7/6-7/12 free sample
  105. MyDDO account log page is not working...
  106. So, epic dungeon token lottery is level 20 only - not more?
  107. Subscription/Accounts webpage is confusing.
  108. DDO Sign up page
  109. MyDDO Blogs blank?
  110. What does this mean ?
  111. Tapatalk
  112. Please update the compendium
  113. Posting pictures on the forum
  114. Please update the game download
  115. A lottery improvement suggestion/idea
  116. Help the forum is in german
  117. Support.Turbine.com problems
  118. Ddo api
  119. Auto log-outs on the forum are back
  120. How do I report harassment?
  121. Monster Manual not displaying correctly
  122. Guild information on MyDDO
  123. MyDDO
  124. MY ddo lotery idea
  125. why so difficult to report a bug?
  126. Signatures died.
  127. Character Signature Links Broken
  128. What is with the thread listing order here?
  129. Suggestion: Icon showing a Turbine employee posted in a thread.
  130. Has MyDDO Been Fixed?
  131. Unable to Change Avatar
  132. DDO API not working
  133. Fix character page
  134. MyDDO Lottery - Old Winnigs purged
  135. Please add a Druid page to the Compendium
  136. Page loads not completing
  137. character sheet my ddo
  138. Festival of Endless Night (español)
  139. Why I can't access www.ddo.com?
  140. overzelous censorship - and infractions.
  141. Dear Turbine web developers
  142. 3 out of 4 characters not accessible on MyDDO
  143. Are we ever getting a fix to lotteries?
  144. Can't view my own blog
  145. Removal of past lotteries not working
  146. The MyDDO website is currently under maintenance
  147. MyDDO Lottery Outdated
  148. Merge MotU and General forums on the Free area
  149. Blog not installed properly?
  150. Having some problem with MyDDO
  151. just noticed this..
  152. MyDDO, Compendium, & Forums
  153. Downloading DDO Unlimited: 0 B at 0 Bps: Calculating time remaining ...
  154. Logging into DDO with Windows 8
  155. It's amazing how quickly I already hate the new forums
  156. The new forums are terrible
  157. Could you make please the screen a little more narrow ?
  158. New site is awesome!
  159. PSA for new forum haters
  160. Nope.
  161. Wrong Forum Name / Missing Post Count?
  162. How do I link my existing ddo account with my old forums account
  163. Dev Tracker Gone?
  164. The New Website is Pretty
  165. I like new forums
  166. Mobile Site issues
  167. Navigation menu not working properly
  168. For those getting the error that your request cannot be done at this time, try again
  169. New Forum Changes Feedback.
  170. Broken Links Everywhere (Workaround)
  171. Can't Log In or view Forums with Android phone after Forum Update
  172. Classes Sub-Forums display broken?
  173. QA on updated forums?
  174. roll back
  175. This Connection is Untrusted
  176. Is there a specific reason we have to log in every 15 minutes?
  177. white background with white text.....
  178. Signup issues
  179. Just out of curiosity...
  180. Old Threads.
  181. Founders Avatars?
  182. Forums Start Page
  183. How to make signature
  184. New Forum Icons
  185. Classes Forums Read-Only
  186. How to Access the New Forums - Spread the Word
  187. Can not add friends?
  188. Tried searching my posts, blinded by yellow-on-white.
  189. just take off the bakground picture in background
  190. Corrupted Content Error
  191. Fix your Search
  192. Still being logged out of the forums
  193. Formatting issue on New Posts page
  194. Unable to Edit Previous Posts
  195. Upon "Log-in", Return Me to Where I Was
  196. "My Activity" Sub-Buttons Non-Functional
  197. Auto Log-Out When Opening New Tab
  198. ETA on Returning Old Threads to Profile?
  199. Forum update and my computer
  200. Can't submit a fan page application
  201. Still Having "Time-Out" Issues
  202. Cannot Reset Custom Avatar
  203. Possible 'Band-Aid' for "Auto Log-Out" Issues (IE Users)
  204. Forum links redirection is wrong
  205. Lamania forums not accessable
  206. Login timer
  207. ETA on Forum Fix?
  208. I have 32 characters, why does it use Zaodyna as my forum name?
  209. Forum Search broken.
  210. Er... New Posts has gone?
  211. Search bugged?
  212. Forums Improving. Thank You.
  213. Website Suggestion: it would be nice if we had some smiling avatar choices.
  214. dynamic stretchy browsing width?
  215. Help made the ddo forums giant sized.
  216. thank you
  217. Back to being logged out every 5 minutes.
  218. Can't edit posts on the forum.
  219. Sig Changes are not Retroactive
  220. Forums still cutting off some text
  221. http://www.ddo.com/en/community shamefully outdated
  222. Forum logouts ... AGAIN
  223. Avatat Selection Cut Off?
  224. Image still says "Update 18, patch 2"
  225. F2P account cannot post in Nerw Player Forum
  226. http://www.turbine.com/en/content/dungeons-and-dragons-online-united-states-terms-ser
  227. Difficult typing post with black characters on dark grey background
  228. Return custom avatars, please.
  229. vBulletin 0-Day Exploit Exposes User Info
  230. Cannot access old account
  231. Fan Art omission. Please Fix.
  232. Find Latest Post color issue
  233. Searching DDO on Google
  234. Are we back to being disconnected every 5 minutes ?
  235. Forum theme
  236. TOS and License agreement problems.
  237. Cant login via Chrome since todays downtime....
  238. Cannot access DDO forum via FireFox
  239. Anyone else getting logged out today?
  240. Justification
  241. Ignore List Problems
  242. NO RESPONSE FROM ANYONE , support, site, tech support anything regarding recent ban.
  243. help! unable to edit my post
  244. Email Notifications on Thread Subscriptions have returned
  245. Vip Cancelation
  246. Forum's navigation is broken
  247. Forum Titles
  248. Dead Fansite Links on ddo.com
  249. Compendium is coming back?
  250. Problem editing forum posts in Internet Explorer 11