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  1. learning the ropes got its airship:)
  2. small guilds unite!
  3. Pale Master only guild?
  4. Eclipsia Now Recruiting All With Mature Attitudes
  5. Looking for new friendly recruits
  6. Eberron's Elite Open Enrollment
  7. learning the ropes
  8. Message To Everyone!!!!
  9. Orien: Master Guild List
  10. Demon Shield (37) Guild Site
  11. any pd guilds on orien?
  12. Looking for a Guild
  13. New Years Contest
  14. The Halfling Brigade welcomes all
  15. looking for a guild
  16. New Guild Policy- any input is appreciated
  17. Cult of the Perpetual Saturday
  18. Leyendas del ocaso escarlata busca nuevos miembros
  19. our Guild is recruiting
  20. our Guild is recruiting
  21. Are you interested in joining Over Raided?
  22. Phoenix Knights Recruiting Once again
  23. Demon Shield Now LVL 40
  24. <Righteous Ire> Raid Guild recruiting
  25. Rue Morgue is recruiting
  26. 2 mid level people looking for adventure
  27. Knights of Insomnia
  28. guild recruitment
  29. Large Mats
  30. deutschsprachige gilde
  31. Coffee and Cigarettes
  32. Miscellaneous By Weight
  33. Coit is looking around Orien
  34. Intel Rq'd Presents...
  35. looking for an Orion Guild
  36. Looking for a guild.
  37. Over Raided Recruitment Thread
  38. Epic Fail recruitment
  39. Wyoh Hates Me
  40. To the former
  41. <Authority>
  42. my guild is dead...
  43. Miscellaneous By Weight recruitment
  44. Brotherhood of the New Dawn looking for new friends
  45. If you see someone walking around unguilded.
  46. End Game Guilds?
  47. Black Sun is recruiting
  48. Help my German friend
  49. guild recruiting
  50. guild looking for recruits
  51. guild looking for recruits
  52. Disappointment
  53. Paladin Seeks Forever Home
  54. Looking for uber casual/friendly guild
  55. ShadowGuard Recruiting
  57. The WhiteKnights Recruitment
  58. Lfg
  59. Looking for guild
  60. New Elite Guild Recruiting!!
  61. Far East Movement = Adobo
  62. New Guild Formed
  63. Something Something Darkside Wants a few new members
  64. Khyber natives seeking vacation home
  65. Pheonix Knight Recruitment Thread
  66. Forever Knights Raiding Guild
  67. Immortalis recruiting now
  68. Raid Guild Recruiting <Righteous Ire>
  69. Forever Knights Elite Raiding Guild
  70. Ancient Order of the Wyrms
  71. Take your raid game to the next level with Over Raided.
  72. Sentinels of the Dark Tempest - Static Party Guild
  73. Looking for a guild
  74. Looking for an RP guild
  75. TR Grind group
  76. New Permanent Death Guild
  77. LF Guild
  78. The High Council now has openings
  79. ThizZ NaTioN!
  80. *cough* LFG
  81. Looking for a guild alliance
  82. Repeat Offenders
  83. Riseing Olypians recruitment
  84. Recruitment is open for Over Raided
  85. Repeat Offenders Recruitment was a bust so...
  86. The Band of the Hawk
  87. Repeat Offenders is having some fun on Tuesday
  88. The House of Life is now open!
  89. The Legion of Solitary Soloers is looking for members on Orien
  90. LFG - West coast of US, raid-ish, mature
  91. Over Raided and Shortmanning
  92. Looking for a guild
  93. Insanity is Your Friend is recruiting
  94. Phoenix Knight Recruitment Thread
  95. Matrix is now recruiting.
  96. Over Raided Recruitment Thread
  97. Another lfg
  98. Looking for a guild
  99. Demon Shield Recruitment
  100. Red Dragon Guild recruiting
  101. seeking guild
  102. Serendipity wants you!
  103. Monk LF Guild
  104. Become A Subsycophant Today!
  105. Guild customization ideas
  106. Over Raided Recruitment Thread
  107. A Guild Faca Na Cavera BR
  108. Looking for guild
  109. Night Owls Guild is Recruiting
  110. Brotherhood of the New Dawn looking for a couple new members
  111. The Dirty Dozen guild is now recruiting
  112. Looking for guild
  113. Harmonious Balance - Recruitment Thread
  114. Blood bath and Beyond is Now recruiting
  115. <Righteous Ire> recruiting
  116. Small group looking for guild / group
  117. 5PM(GMT) Raiding Guild
  118. New Guild Looking For Members!
  119. Bloode bath and beyond
  120. Just Pike raiding
  121. New Clan on Orien
  122. New Guild Recruiting
  123. Some Questions about Permadeath
  124. Bractwo Smakoszy Piwa - recruitment
  125. Prismatic people ready for some new blood
  126. Elitist Gimps Organization recruiting
  127. Looking for guild (GMT)
  128. Any Endgame Guild Raiding Between 9 PM - 0 AM GMT?
  129. The Myths - Recruitment Thread
  130. looking for late guild
  131. The Obsidian Marquis
  132. SNUGGLE BUDDIES is recruiting!
  133. Charmed Ones recruiting
  134. Attn: Orien Guilds...help me teach..
  135. 'Dead Rolled' a random rolled hardcore guild
  136. Dynamic Multi-Server Guild Rosters and Listings
  137. Over Raided Recruitment Thread
  138. LFG, maybe...
  139. Looking for British Guild
  140. Killers Inc. Sanctum a level 66 guild recruiting
  141. Tempest Trapmonkey seeks 70+ Active Guild.
  142. Soloplayers Inc
  143. Looking For Any Guild That Raids Abbot
  144. Hear Ye!, Hear Ye! Gather Ye Flaming Wombats is opening its doors.
  145. Level 6 Elven Bard looking for a guild to help me with 2 TRs.
  146. 16 WF artificer LFG
  147. The Matrix is Recruiting
  148. Clinically Insane's recruitments thread.
  149. Vicarious Valor
  150. New (old) Player looking for Guild
  151. Looking for Ship Buffs
  152. Veronica's Salvation
  153. The <Balance> guild on Orien is recruiting new members
  154. Guild Search
  155. Blood bath and Beyond
  156. Mercykillers (76) Recruiting
  157. The Kargatane is now recruiting!!
  158. Newly Formed RP Guild Looking for Members
  159. The Immortal Saints of Eire
  160. JP is recruiting pro flower sniffers
  161. Over Raided Recruitment Thread
  162. Cortez -- Orien's Guild
  163. For the first time ever
  164. The Order Of The Burning Sun
  165. The Hone Zone
  166. Righteous Ire Recruiting
  167. The Dark Divine- A new guild is recruiting active players.
  168. Guild Name Change
  169. The Merry Hobbits
  170. Forever Knights looking for more
  171. The Matrix Recruiting
  172. New Perma-Death guild on Orien!
  173. Tre Kronor looking for active players!
  174. The Hone Zone looking for more players
  175. ORIEN: Master Guild List v2
  176. Supremacy is open!
  177. Cortez
  178. Defenders
  179. Celestial Empire recruiting a few new members
  180. Ooze Kickers - Now Recruiting!
  181. Tr's - Raids - EE
  182. The High Council is Recruting
  183. Legends of Orien is an open guild accepting new members.
  184. Naughty Desires is 4 years Old.
  185. Interest check for a concept guild.
  186. Returning Player Seeks Guild
  187. Templars Of The Gianthold Is Recruiting!
  188. Celestial Empire recruiting new players
  189. High hopes and low expectations are recruiting!
  190. The Original Brotherhood is Recruiting Lv 93 Guild Looking to improve our ranks :3
  191. Just Pike Recruitment
  192. Kazoku Koto
  193. Crusher Corps Recruiting
  194. homeless guild no hate please
  195. New Guild on Orien
  196. Returning Player Looking for a Smaller, Friendly, Active Guild
  197. Wolves from the North
  198. Over Raided Is Looking For New Players
  199. Crusade is looking to add a few new good members
  200. "Arcane Alliance" Guild on Orien Recruiting All Players - Have Kraken Ship+All Buffs!
  201. "Secound Marine Expeditionary Force" is recruiting! join the multi game underdogs!
  202. The Majikal Ones Looking for a few active players
  203. Gamer Central: recruiting
  204. Elitist Gimps Organization recruiting update 9/19/2015
  205. New Player to ddo
  206. Elves of Eberron recruiting
  207. Csodaszarvas
  209. Guild Coaltion and Group events/games in Orien
  210. Valkyries Of Legend in need of new members.
  211. Lvl 150+ Guilds of Orien
  212. Guild looking for mixed players no level requirement
  213. Orien Guild "Arcane Alliance" w/ All Buffs, Amenities, and Kraken Ship Now Recruiting
  214. The Order of Assassins! new, young, and ambitious (orien)
  215. Looking for guild & friends for party. Play & voice talk for fun.
  216. Looking for Guild
  217. Soko Irrlicht rekrutiert
  218. Remnants of Orien is Recruiting.
  219. Looking for a non-solo player guild
  220. Latinos Spanish Guild
  221. Phoenix Clan is now recruiting
  222. Roger's Shrubbery Service is recuiting new members
  223. Diablerie is Recruiting
  224. Brazillian guild recruiting
  225. Hey ding-dongs, join the Rat Queens
  226. The Matrix is recruiting!
  227. Casual Orien Guild looking for casual players
  228. Soko Irrlicht rekrutiert
  230. Elves of Eberron (Orien) is recruiting. (Elven heritage not required)
  231. Knights of the White Rose Guild lvl 9
  232. Blood Brother's Recruitment
  233. Any dwarven guilds
  234. The Night's Watch Expansion
  235. Returning player- LFG with -voice- chat, activity, and population online!
  236. The Corner Merchanys is looking for a few good Rogues
  237. The Natural One Rollers now recruiting
  238. TheObandos guild is looking for new players
  239. Returning Player - After a Decade Long Absence
  240. Jubilex Arcana Level 17 Orien guild
  241. Returning Player - Looking for a new group of friends!
  242. Need a new home? Find a Guild here
  243. Returning player looking for a guild
  244. Guild
  245. Join My Guild
  246. Anyone from Forgotten League still around?
  247. Looking For Recruits
  248. LF5 casual players to take advanage of the 300% Multiplier
  249. Looking for anyone guild.
  250. Hello looking for new friends to adventure with