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  1. Selling Wounding/Puncturing SS
  2. WTB +3 Heart of Wood
  3. Selling siberys dragonshards
  4. WTT Large Bone or Chain for other large mats/plat
  5. WTB +1 (+) Holy Quarterstaff
  6. WTB: vorpal shuriken
  7. WTB +2 con or str tome
  8. WTB/Trade for +2 Int & +2 Dex tomes.
  9. ToD Boot Mats
  10. +1 Greater Heart of Wood
  11. WTT/WTS Ring of Spell Storing
  12. WTT +3 lesser heart of wood for a greater heart of wood
  13. WTS pale lavender ioun stone
  14. WTB a holy of greater undead bane staff.
  15. Khyber to Orien plat trade
  16. WTT GS longbow blank
  17. WTT met of pg handwraps
  18. GS Blank mats or Pick/Staff/Kama blanks
  19. WTB Scrolls for Bracer and Gloves of the Claw
  20. WTB Beholder Optic Nerves
  21. I looking for Scroll of the Raven Sight
  22. WTB Charged Gauntlets scroll
  23. wanting to borrow: GCB Handwraps
  24. +1 Int Tome
  25. WTB Scroll of the Boots of Corrosion
  26. Price Check and WTS: Dusky Rose Iuon Stone
  27. WTB/WTTF Large Ingredients
  28. Let me take your collectable off your hands
  29. WTB Superior Potency VI Greatsword
  30. WTB Envenomed Cloak scroll
  31. WTT Souleater Scroll
  32. WTB Scroll of the Spectral Gloves
  33. WTB Skyvault Shield
  34. Trading any 6 of my medium ingredients for your 3 medium scales
  35. WTB Helm of Frost, Boots of Corrosion, Diabolist Robe scrolls
  36. price check scroll of the souleater
  37. WTB Scorched Bracers and Helm of Frost scrolls
  38. WTB: Tome of Legend I-VIII
  39. Scrolls for sale...
  40. PC/WTB FRD's
  41. Needing a Plat exchange
  42. wtt Ring of Venom scroll
  43. WTT Chrono Scrolls of Gem and Cloak for Bracers
  44. Another Chrono Scroll Request Thread!
  45. Miscellaneous Shtuff
  46. WTS: +3 Greater Heart of Wood
  47. WTT +1 Metalline Dwarven Axe of Pure Good for Quarterstaff MoPG
  48. WTB 25 white/black dragon scales + scrolls for Boots of Corrosion, Gloves of the Claw
  49. WTS Vibrant purple ioun stone
  50. WTB Pale lavender ioun stone/price check
  51. WTS +3 holy burst silver greataxe
  52. Price check on trap parts
  53. Free Paralyzing Repeater for Mechanic.
  54. +3 Metalline of Pure Good wraps for sale
  55. Tome pages 1, 3, and 7
  56. [WTS] Shield: Fragment One
  57. WTB: Electric Haze or Ancient Band
  58. [WTB] Tome Pages
  59. WTB Deamon's Blood For ToD Boots
  60. Trading scrolls for any Chronoscope scroll
  61. WTB: Medium GS Ingredients
  62. WTB a few things
  63. Bloodstone for trade.
  64. WTB: Medium Shrapnel
  65. WTB Scroll of Boots of Corrosion.
  66. Lesser Heart of Wood - WTB/Price Check
  67. WTT for 2 Funk
  68. Trading Charged Gauntlet Scroll
  69. I need 5 chipmunk funks
  70. Buying GGB Wraps
  71. WTB 2 +2 INT Tomes
  72. WTB Lesser Heart of Wood (price check, please!)
  73. WTB Scroll of Helm of Frost
  74. WTB Scroll of Jidz-Tet'ka
  75. Price check/ wtb scroll of the antique greataxe
  76. WTB/WTT list
  77. Selina's Epic Scroll Exchange
  78. WTB Scroll of the Envenomed Cloak
  79. WTB Firestorm Greaves
  80. Fortification Docent desired
  81. Envenomed cloak for Helm of frost
  82. WTB/WTT Greatswords and others
  83. buying black scales
  84. WTT for Envenomed Cloak Scroll
  85. WTB Docent of Defiance
  86. WTS Pink Ioun Stone
  87. Scrolls!
  88. WTB scroll of raven's sight
  89. wts +3 mettaline of pure good wraps
  90. More scrolls!
  91. Price Check Docent of Quickening
  92. Price/Interest Check - Red Augment Crystal of Devil's Ruin
  93. buying blue scales
  94. Looking for SoS Scroll
  95. buying ring with large guild slot
  96. looking to buy superior impact clickies
  97. S> Vibrantpurple, Palelavander OR Defiance
  98. WTB 2 x Large Devils Scales
  99. WTS/WTT Sands Scroll of Spectacles of Spirit Sight
  100. WTB: Sirocco
  101. WTS scroll of chaosblade
  102. WTB Scourge Choker
  103. I'm looking scroll of The Chronoscope, Sand and Von
  104. WTS/WTT Sands Scroll of Spectacles of Spirit Sight...again lol
  105. WTS/WTT +3 Vorpal Longsword of Pure Good
  106. WTB Large Devil Scale
  107. buying +1 heart
  108. Price Check - Mace of Smiting
  109. handwraps
  110. WTB fancy silver threaded handwraps
  111. WTB/WTTF Scroll of the Seal of the Earth, and other scrolls.
  112. WTS scroll of the spectral gloves
  113. +3 grreater heart
  114. WTB Hearts!
  115. WTT base green steel khopesh for base green steel falchion
  116. WTB/WTTF Golden Greaves (item)
  117. PC and WTS Devil's Ruin Augment Crystal
  118. PC on some items
  119. WTB +2 (or more) lesser/greater Heart of Wood
  120. Trading Blue Dragon Scales
  121. WTB Thornlord Bow
  122. Trading Larges, Metalline LEOB handwraps, Bloodstone for Scrolls and DA Handwraps
  123. WTS/WTT scroll of the antique greataxe
  124. Silver threaded handwraps
  125. WTB large scales (avoiding 30% AH fees) or trade for other larges
  126. Dragon Scales Trade
  127. Epic Scrolls for...Epic scrolls? Who knew?!
  128. Looking for Greater Heart of Wood
  129. Looking a scroll of the Envenomed Cloak + scroll diabolc docent
  130. WTB Sting Sands Base Item
  131. wts pale blue ioun stone
  132. WTT ring of spell storing
  133. WTS <Examine:IID:0x031A000165C7BC20>+5 Silver Threaded Handwraps of Pure Good<\Examin
  134. WTB +2 con tome
  135. WTB Scroll of the Sword of Shadow
  136. scroll of the Bracers of the Claw
  137. WTB ring of resistance +5
  138. WTB Chrono scrolls
  139. Selling a full set of boot mats
  140. Trading for/Buying Shroud Large Mats
  141. WTS/WTB Epic Scrolls
  142. WTB +2 INT tome
  143. Scrolls
  144. WTB Scrolls of...
  145. WTT +3 Lesser Heart of Wood
  146. I'm looking Scroll of Epic items.
  147. WTT/WTS +3 Greater Heart of Wood
  148. WTB>Scourge Choker
  149. WTB/WTTF Scroll of the Charged Gauntlets
  150. Nova's Scroll List
  151. WTS/WTT: Spectral Gloves
  152. Wow, That was some serious inflation.
  153. Ring of Spell storing - price check
  154. Might: WTS/WTT +1 Holy Longbow of GEOB
  155. WTT The Blood Stone and Ring of Spell Storing
  156. trading/selling +3 greater heart
  157. WTB Claw Bracers & Gloves Scrolls
  158. Looking to buy gs blank, materials
  159. Trading guild slot craftable items for handwraps with guild slot
  160. Trading for +2 Dex and Int tome with Shroud Ingreds
  161. WTB Royal Guard Mask
  162. WTB Epic Scrolls
  163. price check on hearts
  164. WTB/WTTF Scroll of the Lion Headed Belt Buckle
  165. WTB green steel blanks
  166. Scroll of the Bracers of the Demon's Consort for 23 Blue Scale
  167. Trading Metalline LEOB handwraps and other stuff for scrolls and silver handwraps
  168. blue/black/white scales
  169. Looking for chaosblade scrolls
  170. PC on lesser heart of wood
  171. Looking for Claw Scrolls
  172. Million Plat Listings
  173. WTB essences, greater 200pp, lesser 30pp
  174. WTB/WTS/WTT - Scrolls Epics, Scales and Name Item! by Soni
  175. WTT eChrono scrolls
  176. WTT echrono scrolls
  177. WTB Firestorm greaves
  178. WTB Gloves of the Claw scroll
  179. WTB +2 INT Tome (among other +2 tomes)
  180. Wts 1 Frds
  181. WTB/WTTF tome pages and black dragon scales
  182. Sell: Cape of the Roc, Buy: Large Ingr. bag
  183. WTB Tome of untold legend pages
  184. WTB/WTT: Epic Scrolls
  185. WTB: shroud mat, epic scrolls, dragon scales...
  186. WTT eChrono scrolls pt.2
  187. Trading 3 of each large ingredient for Gloves of the Claw scroll
  188. WTT eChrono scrolls
  189. Trading Scorched Bracer scroll for Helm of Frost scroll
  190. WTT Large Devil scales for blue dragon scales
  191. Gloves of the claw 4 my stash!
  192. my pebbles for your funks or twigs
  193. Stones and scrolls and scales, oh my!
  194. WTT Boots of Corrosion scroll for Helm of Frost scroll
  195. Trading tome legend page VIII
  196. Wanting to sell The Boots of Corrosion scroll
  197. PC: Scroll of the Bloodstone
  198. WTS/WTT Dragon Scales, +2 Dex Tome, etc.
  199. WTS Essences
  200. Trade value of ToD Boots?
  201. Items for trade
  202. WTS Scroll of the Staff of Arcane Power
  203. WTTF gloves of the claw scroll
  204. WTB or trade for Scroll of Antique Greataxe
  205. WTS greater essences
  206. WTB +2 CON tome
  207. tradeing heart for scroll
  208. WTB/WTT for Chaosblade scroll.
  209. Greenblade scroll for sale
  210. Buying Claw Scrolls
  211. WTS/WTT some scrolls
  212. A fortune :)
  213. WTT: my Scroll of the Green Blade for u Scroll of The Demon Scale Armor
  214. WTB Eberron Dragonshard Fragment (small, medium, large)
  215. Crafting Essences For Sale
  216. WTB Scroll of Bracers of Claw
  217. WTB Abashai Scrolls
  218. WTB: Slver/Cold iron handwraps
  219. Scrolls Epics
  220. WTB/WTT for Silver Threaded Handwraps
  221. Tome trade.
  222. Price Check: Shield Pieces
  223. selling +3 greater heart of wood
  224. WTS: Pale Lavender Ioun Stone
  225. Trading Demon Scale Armor scroll for silver handwraps
  226. WTB Scroll of Marilith Chain.
  227. Trading 5 of each large for Sword of Shadow scroll
  228. WTB Scroll of the Marilith Chain
  229. In search for a Boots of Corrosion Scroll
  230. WTB Vampric Stonedust Wraps
  231. wtt epic sacred band scroll with epic sacred helm or bracer of the claw scroll
  232. PC on +1 HB Greataxe of PG
  233. Scrolls I am after and will pay dearly for
  234. Selling helm of frost scroll
  235. Trading Demon Scale Armor scroll for Torc scroll
  236. WTB: Scroll of The Demon Armor Scale/ Pay 6 Scrolls + 3 each largs + 1 red scale
  237. Looking for Gloves of the Claw Scroll
  238. WTB/WTT for Envenomed Cloak Scroll
  239. WTB: Chrono Boots and cloak scroll. SOS scroll. And kundarak delving suit scroll =p
  240. WTB Any Divine Essences
  241. WTS Scroll of the gloves of the claw
  242. WTS SoS Scroll
  243. WTS: Scroll of the Green Blade
  244. Rare stuff for scales
  245. An old pale lavender ioun stone
  246. WTS +1 lesser heart of wood
  247. TR Build For My Gal
  248. WTS 2 Flawless Red Dragon Scales
  249. WTS Skyvault Shield
  250. wtb> scroll of the marilith chain and scroll of the sword of shadows