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  1. Looking for a lavender ioun thing
  2. WTB Paly Stuff
  3. Buying epic scrolls
  4. Trading for Anarchic+Greater Construct Bane longsword
  5. Need Large Scales
  6. Buying SoS Scroll
  7. WTB Ring Of Ancestors/BlueFire Necklace
  8. Selling Tome: Legend I, BB's, Tome Etc. Buying: Black/White DragonScales / Large Mats
  9. WTT +5 Mithral Chainshirt RR Dwarf ML6
  10. WTB dusty rose ioun stone
  11. 500kplat Vibrant purple Ioun Stone (supressed Power)
  12. Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone
  13. WTS Frosted ML2 Weapons
  14. WTT greensteel short sword
  15. WTT my Pure Material Essence for its components
  16. WTB epic scroll, Staff of Arcane Power
  17. WTB ioun stones and epic scrolls
  18. price check on +2 vorpal kama
  19. Paying insanely well for thrown weapons
  20. WTB Moderate Fortification Belt or Ring (ML7, no UMD)
  21. WTT Spectral Gloves for Bloodstone + Large Devil Scale
  22. WTB Scroll of Demon Scale Armor
  23. WTB Firestorm Greaves
  24. WTB Ring of the Djinn
  25. WTB Finger Necklace
  26. WTT for Firestorm Greaves
  27. Level 20's! Unique Proposal Inside
  28. WTB Docent Of Defiance
  29. WTB Fragrant Drowshood Shrooms.
  30. WTB your Docent of Defiance
  31. Paying 1mil plat
  32. WTB Xachosian Eardweller (NO JOKE!)
  33. WTT for Large Devil Scales
  34. Handwraps of Greater bane wanted
  35. WTS Velah Beating Greatsword
  36. WTT Tomes Wis for Dex
  37. WTB/WTT Docent of blood
  38. Trading Ring of Spell Storing for Firestorm Greaves
  39. WTB 3 chipmunk funks WTS Demon blood+other shavarath stuff
  40. WTB Green steel longsword
  41. WTB/WTT for GS Blanks/Blank Mats
  42. Looking for...
  43. WTB/WTT: Greater Human Bane Handwraps
  44. Change in plans for Greensteel weapon. Trade in mats for ingrid
  45. WTB/WTT for ML2 Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone
  46. WTT 200k plat on Khyber for 200k on Orien
  47. WTB Holy or Anarchic Greater Construct Bane Longsword
  48. WTT GS Morningstar for blank mats
  49. Price check on a few things.
  50. WTT +3 Metalline Greatsword of Pure Good
  51. My 100k Plat On Orien For Your 100k Plat On Ghallanda
  52. Looking for handwraps!
  53. WTT: Bloodstone for Ring of Spell Storing
  54. WTT 300k Plat on Orien for 300k Plat on Khyber
  55. Sell Spectre Glove
  56. WTB Xachosian Eardweller - 3days left!!!
  57. WTB/WTT Epic Spectral Gloves Scroll
  58. Buy Scroll Spectral Gloves
  59. WTB/WTT Black Dragon Scales
  60. WTT for +? preffix (not shocking) handwraps of greater evil outsider bane
  61. WTT my Spell Storing scroll
  62. WTB Tomes Of Untold Legends
  63. WTb finger necklace
  64. WTB Docent of Defiance
  65. WTT Plat for Plat (Need orien have cannith)
  66. WTB bracers of deftness
  67. To the owner of the +1 Vorpal Khopesh of Pure Good
  68. WTB Souleater
  69. Wtb Firestorm greaves/Scourge choker
  70. WTT Large Ingredients Bag for Large Collectables bag.
  71. WTB Epic Scrolls and Litany items
  72. BloodStone For Large Devil Scales
  73. WTB Various greater bane/bane handwraps
  74. Paying 2mil plat for metalline of pure good handwraps
  75. WTB 2 epic scrolls
  76. Buying scroll of the spectral gloves
  77. Pure Ethereal Essence for trade.
  78. Buying Pale Lavender Ioun Stone
  79. WTB/WTT LOTS for Docent of Defiance
  80. WTB/WTT LOTS for Docent of Defiance
  81. WTB Icy Burst Kits
  82. WTB Scroll of Staff of Arcane Power
  83. WTB cloak of ice paying 850k
  84. Trading large horn for a large shrapnel
  85. Looking for a trade
  86. Buy Scroll for Epic Dustless Boots
  87. WTB +5 wounding longbow of (holy,PG,frost,acid,flame
  88. Sell Spectral Gloves
  89. Trading away Metalline of Pure Good handwraps
  90. WTB +3 Lesser Heart of Wood
  91. Buying Pale Lavender Ioun Stone
  92. WTB Bluff and Eloquence(diplo) Rings.
  93. WTB Handwraps: Metalline of Evil Outsider Bane, others
  94. Looking for Daanvi cakes
  95. WTT: Devil's Keepsake for Mysterious Artifcact
  96. Need scroll of negative energy burst
  97. WTB sunflasks
  98. WTB Pale Lavender and Vibrant Purple Ioun Stones
  99. WTT Souleater
  100. WTB Bloodstone
  101. Server to server plat trade from Thelanis
  102. WTS Trap Parts
  103. WTS SoS Scroll
  104. LTB Cleric Stuff lv 6-8
  105. WTB +6 Con GFL item
  106. Trading for Large Devil Scales
  107. Paying 1mil plat for Scroll of Staff of Arcane Power
  108. WTT +1 Metalline of Pure Good Greataxe
  109. WTT/WTB Epic Scroll of the Gloves of the Falcon
  110. WTB/WTT Scroll of the Ring of Venom
  111. Wtb Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone
  112. WTB Seeker Rapier (of Backstabbing)
  113. Buy Scroll Epic Helm of the Mroranon
  114. WTS/WTT for greatswords/large scales
  115. WTS 7 epic scrolls including utility vest
  116. WTT/WTB Epic Scroll of Spirit Sight
  117. Price check...Spell Storing Ring
  118. Price check . . . chaosgarde
  119. Epic Scroll of Sand. The sale ~ Only 2 in moment
  120. WTB/WTT Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
  121. Price check on docent of quickening
  122. Sell Spectral glove
  123. Trading +1 Metalline of Pure Good Handwraps for Scroll of Staff of Arcane Power
  124. Epic Scrolls Trade List
  125. WTB/WTT for Finger Necklace
  126. +3 BB Handwrap Tradeoff
  127. WTT my +3 mettaline handwraps of puregood for tome page slots 4,5,6,7,8
  128. Debate is back up:trading tome page 5 for tome page 7
  129. Selling or trading Portable Hole
  130. WTS: Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone, 3mil obo.
  131. Green Brier Twigs
  132. Greensteel for Sale
  133. WTB/WTT Scroll of the Bracers of the Claw
  134. Buying Green Brier Twigs
  135. WTB +2 INT Tome
  136. Selling Scroll of Spectral Gloves & more scrolls
  137. Paying 1mil plat for Scroll of Marilith Chain
  138. Trading Metalline of Pure Good handwraps for Metalline of Evil Outsider Bane
  139. WTB chrono scrolls
  140. Sell Ring of Spell Storing
  141. Price check on being a rogue
  142. Trading my Greensteel Scimitar for a Greensteel Rapier
  143. Looking for a +5Wounding Longsword of Pure Good & +5Weakening Shortsword of Pure Good
  144. Paying 2mil plat for Scroll of Staff of Arcane Power
  145. WTB Scroll of the Ring of Spell storing
  146. Selling Large Mats
  147. Boss Beater for Sale/Trade
  148. selling spectral gloves, buying scroll of ring of spell storing
  149. WTS Zephyr
  150. WTB / WTT4 Punturing Rapier
  151. WTB Metalline of Pure Good Handwraps
  152. WTB Marilith Chain Scroll, will pay well
  153. WTB/WTT4 Greataxe BB
  154. Why the Hell not Collectables
  155. Looking for Blue dragon Scales
  156. WTS/WTT Boss Beater
  157. Greensteel Crafting is unforgiving
  158. +5 Metalline Khopesh of Pure Good
  159. Paying 3mil plat for Scroll of Marilith Chain
  160. Crafting continues to be unforgiving but here's a better deal
  161. WTB +5 Holy/Holy Burst Rapiers of Pure Good
  162. High Level/Epic Loot Ettiquette
  163. Selling a really good BB
  164. WTT/WTS: +3 Metaline DA Of PG
  165. GS Mats Trading Price Advice Needed
  166. Anyone Selling Icy Burst Kits on Orien?
  167. Trading Scroll of ring of spell storing + 3 mill+ for marilith chain scroll
  168. WTT +2 Banishing Shortsword
  169. Motes Price Surge
  170. Items for Trade
  171. Trading Chaos blade scroll for Marilith chains scroll
  172. WTB Scroll of Marilith Chain. Amazing deal for you.
  173. WTB icyburst kitsx10
  174. Trading Demon Scale and bloodstone scrolls for Staff of Arcane Power Scroll
  175. Buy Scroll Marilith Chain and Scroll Shadow of Sword
  176. WTT +4 Silver khopesh of pure good
  177. WtB +1 Dex Tome
  178. WTS Str Tome (+1)
  179. WTS Royal Guard Mask:
  180. WTT +3 Holy Silver Kama of Rightousness
  181. Want to Buy/Trade for Fanged Gloves
  182. wtb scroll for staff of arcane power
  183. Some epic Scrolls for sale
  184. WTB/WTT for gs blanks
  185. WTS +5 Metalline of Pure Good Great Axe
  186. WTB shield fragments
  187. I looking for the 'Scroll of the Demon Scale Armor'.
  188. WTT Boss Beater for 20 Dragon Scales
  189. Price check: Pearl of Power X
  190. Cookies, Cakes and Coins oh my
  191. Price check: incandescent blue ioun stone
  192. WTS boss beaters, vorpals, greater bane, paralyzing and disruption weapons
  193. ML 8 Paralyzing warhammer for sale, RR:human/helf
  194. Looking for...
  195. WTB Boss Beater Greatsword
  196. WTB Adherents pendant base item
  197. WTB Spectral Gloves scroll
  198. WTB Chaosblade scroll
  199. WTS Proof against poison belt of neutralize poison RR: Warforged
  200. Trading helm scroll for axe scroll.
  201. What's the price of a Scoll of Sword of Shadow?
  202. Value of a Scroll of the Ring of Spell Storing?
  203. Selling Scroll of The Ring of Spell Storing
  204. WTB +1 or +3 Lesser or greater Heart of wood
  205. Buying Large Devil Scales
  206. WTB Paralyzing LongBow
  207. +3 Tome
  208. Buying or trading for Scroll of Staff of Arcane Power.
  209. Looking for
  210. WTB Dampened Greatclub of the Scrag
  211. Scrolls of Kundarak Warding Shield and Docent of Grace
  212. *** epic scrolls
  213. Epic Scrolls
  214. WTT +2 INT for +2 CON
  215. +3 Lesser Hearts for sale.
  216. Tons of Epic Scrolls for Trade.
  217. WTB Tome of Untold Legends pieces
  218. Gavi's merchant corner
  219. Wts Cloak blank
  220. WTB red fens scrolls
  221. Looking for Pale Lavender Ioun Stone(with suppress power)
  222. Want to Buy Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone
  223. WTB Stuffs.
  224. Selling Large Mats.
  225. WTB Black Dragon Scales
  226. Buying Tome Page 3 from Litany of the Dead
  227. WTT: Scroll of the Staff of Arcane Power
  228. WTS Chipmunk Funk, Twigs, and Large Splintered Horn
  229. WTT Pale Lavender Ioun Stone ( suppressed) for Scroll of Staff of Arcane Power
  230. Scrolls Scrolls and oh More Scrolls
  231. Price check on Jorgundal's Collar
  232. WTT Jorgundal's Collar
  233. WTB Light Pick +5 MAIMING
  234. Price Check/Selling: +5 Metalline of Pure Good DAxe
  235. WTS +1 Greater Heart of Wood:
  236. Looking for holy wraps of construct bane
  237. WTB Fanged Gloves
  238. WTS +2 holy burst silver bastard sword of pure good
  239. Looking for a few things.
  240. WTB/WTT Scroll of the Philarian Spy Dagger
  241. Dragon Scales
  242. WTB Scourge Choker
  243. Let's Make a Deal
  244. [WTS] A Few Things (with Pics)
  245. WtB Wraps
  246. WTT/WTS Ring of Spell Storing
  247. WTT dragon scales
  248. WTB bracers of the claw scroll
  249. WTS +3 Heart of Wood
  250. WTT Ring of Spell Storing