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  1. Argonnessen Level 32 guild recruiting or...merging?
  2. Looking for small ghallanda guilds to merge
  3. Argonnessen -- New Player looking for Friendly Faces!
  4. The Dark Shogunate
  5. Ghallanda - Discordians of POEE Recruiting
  6. 5 friends in NJ looking for a good, fun, guild
  7. Part Time Plunderers Looking for Full Time Fun!
  8. Keepers of the emerald recruiting now (Sorlona)
  9. Adventure INC. Is Recruiting!( Khyber )
  10. Ghallanda Guild Recruiting
  11. Nueva guild española "Knights of Hispania"
  12. "The Fragile Toons" recruiting new members (ARGONESSEN)
  13. Looking for an RP guild, on any realm
  14. Bastards of Eberron, recruiting on Argonesson
  15. a team player type guild recruiting
  16. Casual Guild Seeking Active Members
  17. New Generation just starting out looking for recruits!
  18. "The One Ring" Is now Recruiting
  19. Thelanis guild Soul Forge lvl 28 needs paid officers
  20. looking for guild to run epic content
  21. Khyber guild recuitment: noobs anonymous
  22. World of Greyhawk Recruiting
  23. The Order of Holy Wrath, Always recruiting
  24. No More Guilds!
  25. Looking for UK regular weekday evening group
  26. ProstiTots, Halfling Female guild (Orien)
  27. Tidbits, Female Halfling guild (orien)
  28. The Dark Seekers Guild on Cannith Server
  29. Returning player looking for guild
  30. looking for guild on sarlona
  31. Khyber guild recruiting: Smash Syndicate
  32. Khyber: Roleplay Guild Recruiting : Empyrean
  33. How to pick a Guild? I was just after one with all the shops in one place..?
  34. NEW lgbt guild on Sarlona
  35. lvl 19 guild recruiting !!!!
  36. Casual Cannith guild *Madness Within* recruiting
  37. Any active guilds on the argonnessen server??? for level 8
  38. Fast growing guild
  39. Looking for a guild
  40. Brotherhood of the Shire looking for new members
  41. Local Players.
  42. Seeking New Player Friendly guild!
  43. Looking for a guild
  44. Hell and Back on Cannith is looking for new members.
  45. The Shieldsworn
  46. Legendary Heroes -Orien
  47. Amateur Player LF Guild
  48. LF Favor farming group or guild
  49. Looking for a guild on Cannith?
  50. Returning Player Seeking a Home!
  51. Drow Assassin Build - constructive criticism
  52. Seeking an Active Guild
  53. Returning player (vetran MMO player/newish to DDO) Looking for Guild (Argonessen)
  54. Level 10 Guild looking for active rogue level 4-6.
  55. Start a new Life on Thelanis with my 2 BILLION GP GIVEAWAY!!!
  56. Recruit me to reroll
  57. New guild on Cannith
  58. LF Casual Guild on Thelanis
  59. Just getting started =-)
  60. The Forsaken Fate's are recruiteing
  61. Turkish Guild - Emrivaki
  62. Level 4 Warforged Fighter Looking for Guild that Plays pnp D&D every now and then.
  63. Level 4 Warforged Fighter Looking for Guild that Plays pnp D&D every now and then.
  64. Are u looking for a growing friendly guild
  65. looking for guild
  66. guild Khyber's Most Wanted
  67. ThizZ NaTioN!
  68. The Blood Of The Fallen/khyber
  69. armored assassins company
  70. Ghallanda Guild needs new blood
  71. Returning player starting again LFG+Guild.
  72. ghalanda, private small dutch guild lfm
  73. The Wednesday Night Gamers
  74. Pandora's Folly LF Mature members/Argonnessen
  75. ProphecyBane (NOW RECRUITING)
  76. Active Off-Hours Permadeath Play
  77. Cannith server "The Song of Fire and Ice"
  78. Solo Players Refuge
  79. Role Playing Guild
  80. Recruiting for Guild "The Song of Fire and Ice"
  81. Guardians of the heavens now looking for new memebrs
  82. New European guild "Champions of the Old World" (Khyber)
  83. The Brigands are recruiting
  84. Cleric looking for Dutch players
  85. Bleach (Argonessen) Recruiting
  86. Xen'drick Syndicate (Sarlona)
  87. Wardens of Honor level 40 Argonesson guild recruiting
  88. I'm looking for active Guild on Gallanda
  89. Looking for guild on Sarlona
  90. Legends of the Ancient hero's Recruiting
  91. Legendary Blades and Roses, guild 75, recruiting ( Ghallanda )
  92. Looking for an RP guild!
  93. The DirtyGambits are searching high and low for new guild members
  94. Monk needing a home
  95. sarlona static group
  96. Looking for a friendly guild
  97. sorry about this redoing my request.
  98. Monk looking for a friendly guild!
  99. Just asking if anyone would want to join if I create this guild
  100. Looking for group/guild (Ghallanda)
  101. Defenders of the Prophecy (Ghallanda)
  102. Recruiting for my guild/party.
  103. Looking for friendly guild on Khyber
  104. Returning Player looking for Chill Group
  105. Daily Active Player seeking lvl 50+ guild
  106. Any Permadeath/Roleplaying Guilds?
  107. I call you to Thelanis!!
  108. Crusaders Of the Old School L62 Sarlona guild is recruiting!
  109. guild thats recruiting
  110. remnants of the betrayer recruiting now
  111. New Guild looking for mature players
  112. Guilda Defensores do Bem e Ordem Recrutando jogadores!
  113. Active friendly and helpful guild recruiting
  114. Knights of the Eternal Eclipse now recruiting on Khyber
  115. Thelanis Level 20 Guild
  116. lvl 38 guild on khyber server
  117. Order of the Crimson Cross in Ghallanda Recruiting
  118. Couple looking for a weekly group.
  119. Beer and Blood Brigade(Khyber)
  120. Lvl 11 fighter LF Guild (Khyber)
  121. Kobold Rights!
  122. Organization of Natural Uppers recruiting
  123. Level 11 Rogue seeking guild on Thelanis
  124. recruiting a guild...
  125. Guild looking for new blood
  126. Turk guild
  127. Looking for guild - Any server!
  128. Looking for Perma Group
  129. Looking to form a party Ghallanda server
  130. The Path of Light is recruiting
  131. New player looking for active guild - Thelanis or other
  132. Switchblade Serenade recruiting: Ghallanda server
  133. Static Group
  134. lvl 15 guild on Khyber
  135. Misfits
  136. Looking for a guild that has no twink gear and ah house policies
  137. Scions of the Covenant -- Ghallanda
  138. The Dragon Elite (Ghallanda) is Now recruiting
  139. So, I have this lvl 20 guild..
  140. Guild recruiting. Organized guild with forums and
  141. Sellswords Inc (Sarlona- RP)
  142. GMT zone new Thelanis Guild
  143. Returning player looking for guild
  144. L65 Sarlona Guild Crusaders of The Old School is Recruiting!!!
  145. Looking for a Roleplaying Guild.
  146. Static group/guild looking for players
  147. Hamsters are recruiting on Sarlona!
  148. looking for a RP/specialist guild on any server
  149. Yemin Hashem DDO's Premier (Maybe only DDO wide) Jewish Guild on Kyber
  150. Returning Player
  151. New guild: Shadow's Beyond the Soul
  152. Healer looking for guild
  153. Kinda' new player looking for guild on "Sarlona" server
  154. Looking for Guild on Sarlona Server
  155. La White Lady recrute!
  156. strikers (ghalanda)
  157. Reclutamento Gilda Italiana - Reami Dimenticati
  158. Current Lvl 4 (about to be 5) Dwarf cleric looking to join guild!!!
  159. Thelanis Level 26 Guild
  160. The Pumpkin Pirates want YOU!
  161. Guild CLOSE THE GATE
  162. "ART" is seeking new recruits!
  163. Returning Player Looking For Guild
  164. Level 49 Thelanis Guild Recruiting new members
  165. armored assassins company@KHYBER-lvl41:recruiting
  166. Triumvirate (Ghallanda) Is Recruiting!
  167. Blood bath and Beyond
  168. Orien server Blood bath and beyond
  169. Cannith "Kal Osaes os si Sodi Vyrdaes"
  170. God Killers of Orien is recruiting!
  171. Merciless, Inc on Argonessen recruiting!
  172. The Dark Bones a Ghallanda guild now recruiting
  173. Legions of Hell (Ghallanda) recruiting!
  174. Level 10 artificer looking for a home (Sarlona)
  175. El Gremio, Guild española en Thelanis / Spanish Guild
  176. Elemental Warriors (Khyber), lvl 48 @ posting.
  177. Returning veteran player looking for active guild
  178. Lv4 paladin seeking active clan.
  179. roleplaying guild?
  180. Thelanis.... Shadow Dwellers Guild
  181. [Thelanis] Knight's of the Silver Dragon
  182. [sarlona] Looking for french guild
  183. The Arms of Orien ....A Down Under Guild
  184. The Arms of Orien ....A Down Under Guild
  185. Mature, IRC-using guild?
  186. Complete newb seeking guild
  187. Laid Back Guild looking for a few good friends
  188. Thelanis Guilds Thief Warning
  189. Cannith Marine Corps: Join Today And Protect Stormreach From The Ugly Ones!
  190. Wayfinder Perma-Death Guild Recruiting
  191. join deathmarch
  192. New World Dominion
  193. The Folding Circle (Orien)
  194. North Trail
  195. The Hammers Of Moradin -- Khyber
  196. Join Dark Evil (Argonessen server), will help lower level characters
  197. Attn: Necromancers
  198. Static Group needs a few members
  199. Seeking a Rogue Guild
  200. small Orien guild looking for a few more players
  201. Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves (Argonessen)
  202. Semi-Experience Player Looking For Sarlona Guild
  203. Nerds of the Nighscape (Sarlona)
  204. Are you a Guildless on Khyber?
  205. Bad Moon Rising
  206. Three Danes looking for more Danish players
  207. New Player Looking for Roleplay on Sarlona
  208. Fire of the Dragon (a saralona guild)
  209. LFG w/ voice chat on Sarlona
  210. Guilda Legiao do Fogo
  211. Death Healing guild recruiting
  212. Thelanis Guild Winterfell Recruiting
  213. Looking for a guild on kyber
  214. veteran L 4 artificer looking for Arg guild
  215. The Lords Of Time (Orien Server) Looking for new members!
  216. Scions of Stormreach {Cannith}
  217. The Greatest Hits (Khyber Server)
  218. Sarlona Guild Seeking Players lvl26 w/ship IMMORTAL FIRE
  219. Euro guild on Khyber?
  220. Cringles Roughnecks
  221. Exalted Tyrants now recruiting on orien
  222. The Dirty Dozen of Orien recruiting
  223. Static group on Theanis.
  224. lfg EU TZ on sarlona (or...?).
  225. what can a guild do for me
  226. Looking for a guild in Thelanis
  227. Returning player looking for guild on Khyber
  228. Looking for Spanish TeamGroup/Buscando grupo de juego español
  229. Stalhrim recruits on Khyber
  230. Active member LF guild (challenges,raids)
  231. Small Personable Guild lookin for weekend players
  232. The Rangerlords
  233. Static, Light-RP, PnP Style Group (Thelanis)
  234. Fun Guild in Cannith looking for YOU! (yes, you!)
  235. Hijos de Cain, small spanish 60lv guild is recruiting
  236. Australian newbie on Thelanis looking for a guild.
  237. Clerogue on Sarlona looking for 60+ Active guild
  238. LVL 10 Ranger/rogue LF European helpfull Guild
  239. f2p Guild on Wayfinder
  240. The Knights of Glory and Beer (Ghallanda)
  241. A new/casual player "shopping" for a guild?
  242. Defenders of the Prophecy
  243. Elves of Eberron
  244. Orien based guild looking for 1 or 2 new members
  245. My Thelanis guildies left for other games, but, I still love DDO
  246. Orien players looking for guild / group
  247. Cannith: Oakenshield Puppies
  248. New guild
  249. Returning Player Looking for Sarlona Guild
  250. Cannith level 63 guild recruiting