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  1. La Compagnie de Naheulbeuk recrute sur Argonnessen ! (French speaking guild)
  2. Epic Bunnies of Destiny - Argonessen
  3. Hunting for a Role-play Guild
  4. MiddleAged Normal Solo Turtles on Cannith
  5. Like to group and have fun?... Look here
  6. Casual player lf Hungarian guild (Sarlona)
  7. The guardiens now recruiting
  8. German is looking for Guilde on Thelanis
  9. Experienced MMO player looking for RP guild - Thelanis
  10. A message for my guildies
  11. Join the Knights of questionable virtue!
  12. Any RP guilds out there?
  13. Mature player looking for EU guild
  14. Order of the flame...where are you?
  15. RogueDemons.com Khyber
  16. Draconic Descendants of Sarlona - Organized, Community Orientated, Fun Times!
  17. Competent Sarlona player looking for guild..
  18. Euro player looking for new guild Orien
  19. Mature european looking for a active guild on Thelanis
  20. Righteous Protectors - Ghallanda
  21. The Silver Dragon Kindred, recruiting
  22. Serious Stoners WANTED Join my Guild.......Thy Stoned Rangers
  23. KQV Orien - Join the Knights of questionable virtue
  24. The LAST guild you will EVER join!
  25. Dungeon Master's Guild (DMG) Recruiting on Khyber
  26. Nightly Alt-Aholic Looking for cool Guild
  27. Dedicated Cleric LFG on Thelanis
  28. Never Give up! Never Surrender!
  29. Danskere på Ghallanda / Danes on Ghallanda
  30. NEW GUILD "Knights Of The Platinum Chalice"
  31. New Atheist Guild "The Godless" - Sarlona
  32. Korthos Army
  33. Khyber: Dragon Order of Arcanix
  34. Dobrodosli ^.^ Welcome - Khyber
  35. Friendly , mature guild on Cannith Server
  36. Pakabol Industries on Thelanis recruiting loyal Guildies!
  37. Procuro uma Guild Portuguesa em Orien
  38. VIP Active Player looking for mature/friendly/active guild (Aggronesen)
  39. I need Guildies!
  40. Solo / No Pressure Guild
  41. Friendly, Mature guild looking for members on Orien for UDR.
  42. Economy of Scale - the non-guild guild
  43. Thelanis-Fire Kingdom Security Chat and Recruit
  44. Extraordinary Gentlemen Thelanis server .open for all classes lvl 4 + only
  45. Formerly Poke Smot
  46. Crazy Bazterds now recruiting
  47. Join Us:"Slayers of Divine Light" in Cannith
  48. Crusaders of the Old School wants you in Sarlona!
  49. Razor - Cannith
  50. Ancient Realms Eurofriendly guild on Ghallanda
  51. Tyrs Paladium is hiring! "The 30-50+ Year Olds Guild"
  52. "wicked" Guild
  53. A "WICKED" GUILD IN =Cannith=
  54. New Guild - Contact - in Orien
  55. Heya.- New guy/32 lf a Guild
  56. Clean mature guild
  57. new player LF guild on Ghallanda
  58. Khyber Guild -
  59. looking for recruits
  60. The Holy Quail on Orien
  61. Friendly Cannith guild recruiting
  62. AegisKnights Recruiting
  63. Guild for Soloers/PUGers on Thelanis
  64. Thelanis Small Mature Experienced Guild looking for new members
  65. The Halfling Nation - Canith
  66. Seeking RP guild on Thelanis
  67. Khyber: The Funk Police - soloists + very, very casual
  68. Argonnessen - Explorers Guild
  69. The Black Label Society- Orion
  70. Legion of Raiders is Recruiting!
  71. (Thelanis) the Extraordinary Gentlemen recruiting open to all classes!
  72. SYCK guild Recruiting !!!!(Thelanis)
  73. guardian's of the heaven's now looking for new members
  74. 16 warrior LFG
  75. Drow Power is recruiting in Thelanis!
  76. House Of Da'lem(Sarlona)
  77. I need a guild *Sarlona*
  78. Cannith Guild recruiting all levels
  79. Ghallanda Roleplaying Guild now Recruiting!!
  80. Small Canith Guild [The Nexus] (7)
  81. Raiders of Stormreach is recruiting! [Orien Server]
  82. Order of the Arcane
  83. Khyber:New Guild Looking For You...
  84. devistation on khyber recruting new members
  85. Dark Nation -Argonnessen Server
  86. "The Circle of Night" once again recruiting on Ghallanda!
  87. Order of the Welsh Dragon are recruiting :) [Cannith]
  88. Knights of Gygax
  89. Embers' Resurrection Guild Looking for Recruits
  90. Fellowship of the Green Hat
  91. "WICKED" Guild in Cannith
  92. Need a good guild on Argo. (20 pally, 7 cleric)
  93. Legion of fate (kyber)
  94. Join the Red Dragon Guild
  95. Mensans Assemble!!
  96. Static RP group. Thelanis Server.
  97. Role-playing guild...sort of.
  98. Khyber No Zerg Guild Looking for members.
  99. Thelanis - Thursday Night RP Group Looking for Rogue and Other
  100. looking for guild members in ghallanda
  101. Stranger Than Fiction Needs more Active Players on Argonnessen
  102. Freshie LF Guild
  103. [Sarlona RP Guild] The Organization VII: History, allegiance and goals.
  104. (Recruiting) "The Medicated Warriors"~Sarlona
  105. [ORIEN] Blazing Steel - Ventrilo/Forums/Open to all players
  106. warfoeged at arms now recruiting!!!
  107. looking for fun guild, any server
  108. Thelanis:The Xen'Drik Guard is recruiting
  109. RPG Guild [Knights Templars]
  110. Knights of the Golden Table
  111. Human Monk new to Orien Server looking for Guild
  112. Crazy Bazterds Guild Recruiting Now
  113. <<<Death N Taxes>>> Recruiting all active players lvl 1-20.
  114. The Hidden Blade Academy Guild Recruitment-Orien
  115. Legendarary Heroes Recruiting
  116. greenwood brigade
  117. Looking for guild
  118. New Cleric LF mature, helpful guild on Thelanis
  119. korthos army
  120. Guild francophone sur Orien (french speaking guild)
  121. Argonnessen New Spanish Guild/ Nuevo Gremio en Español
  122. Silent Steele Barbarian Guild
  123. The Legion of Eberron want you!!! Ghallanda Server
  124. Soul Revange(Kyber),(un guild francophone) recrutment
  125. Ghallanda: The Blazing Blades looking to increase its members
  126. Looking for Level 16+ Guild on Khyber
  127. Tyr's Chosen looking for more.
  128. <<<Death N Taxes>>>
  129. Ghallanda - Hand of Benediction (Levelling/Social/Help Guild)
  130. The Silent Warriors [TSW]
  131. The Forsaken Heroes (Cannith)
  132. Blue World Order- Ghallanda is recruiting
  133. German Guild looking for members (on Khyber)
  134. The Dark Blades Guild Recruitment
  135. Armies of One - Ghallanda
  136. Thelanis RolePlay guild. Open Palm Adventures
  137. Looking for a Mature/Adult Guild
  138. Looking for a Mature/Adult Guild
  139. X-Company (Sarlona)
  140. Join the KQV of Orien-Knights of Questionable Virtue
  141. Looking for an active friendly guild
  142. Ghallanda:KGB the KNIGHTS OF GLORY AND BEER
  143. The wolves of Savage Moon
  144. Recruiting active members for Lord's of Orien!
  145. Mystic dragon recruitment
  146. thief guild orein
  147. Rogues of Stormreach (Thelanis)
  148. Looking for a noob friendly guild on Khyber!
  149. Friendly Guild, Mature Crowd, Khyber
  150. Silverblades
  151. "Mystic Nights lvl 4 guild" (Ghallanda)
  152. Mournland Exiles: All Warforged Guild Recruiting on the Sarlona Server
  153. Souls of Hellborn
  154. Friendly Guild on Thelanis Recruiting
  155. <<<Death N Taxes>>> Recruiting all active players lvl 1-20.
  156. Fellowship of the Green Hat
  157. "Mystics Nights" Is recruiting new players (=
  158. RSG Russian speaking guild
  159. A Serious Flaw In The Guild Ranking System!
  160. Sword of the Spirit Guild in Orien
  161. The Greatest Guild in our World
  162. [Orien] Pecadores Sin Destino - Guild en español reclutando
  163. Looking for Guildies
  164. Guild Recruitment: Order of the Demons
  165. shaddow knights looking for ppl interested in joining
  166. Lord's of Orien Guild is looking for new blood!
  167. Flaming Legion on Thelanis recruiting new members of any level
  168. The wolves of Savage Moon guild recruitment orien server
  169. The Knights Of StormReach- Orein
  170. New Player LFGuild on Khyber (Prefer 18+ guild) (Pacific Time Zone)
  171. how do you add alts to guild?
  172. Guild Recruiting: (Sarlona) Pink Bunnies of Terror
  173. Dungeneers union looking for new friends
  174. Noob looking for sarlona rp guild
  175. Couple looking for friendly guild on Sarlona (eastern time)
  176. Thelanis: apply to be Denied!
  177. Completely new player looking for RP guild!
  178. Cannith Guild Recruitment-Symphony of the Night
  179. RP Static Group on Sarlona
  180. Divine S.W.A.T of Sarlona: Champions Need only apply.
  181. looking for an adult, mature guild
  182. guild on 2nd year in ghallanda looking
  183. Thelanis: Fellowship Guild
  184. deathstriders (ghalanda)
  185. The Best Guild Ever: The Dark Blades
  186. Guilda Brasileira no Cannith
  187. Mithral Mafia (Argonnessen) RR Warforge
  188. Looking for a mature guild (18+) on Ghallanda
  189. LFG Guild on Thelanis - Newly Formed
  190. The Dragon Slayers
  191. cz/sk guilds
  192. The Evil Eye on Thelanis
  193. the wolves of savagemoon are recruiting
  194. Guild Recruiting - Sarlona - Pink Bunnies of Terror
  195. Looking for a guild, and advice...
  196. Draco Arcanum Heros Guild Recruiting Post
  197. Mystic Knight's lvl 8 Guild. Recruiting.
  198. TSE recruiting players
  199. Bathed in Blood Thesalis Server is Guild recruiting.
  200. The Aesirian Guardsmen, Sarlona guild for solo players
  201. Looking for Adult & Active Guild
  202. SARLONA - GUILD RECRUITING - Pink Bunnies of Terror
  203. Legends of War Recruitment--Thelanis
  204. Devistation--Kyber--Now Recruiting
  205. Hells Rejects recruitig in sarlona
  206. Kinghts of THE Shire is now looking for pvpers
  207. Twisted Rune Gang are Recruiting!
  208. Demigod recruting pc
  209. Gorlios Knights Looking to Recruit
  210. Hardcore Raider Needs A Guild
  211. Legends of Under Mountain guild is Recruiting
  212. Insert Good Name Here is recruitingin Sarlona
  213. ORIEN "The Fallen Knights!" Recruiting GL47
  214. Experienced MMO player LFG.
  215. Lookin for more peeps!!! Sarlona server!!!
  216. Khyber--Devistation--Now accepting new members.
  217. The Forsaken Ones (ORIEN) accepting new members
  218. The lost kings are recruiting on the thelanis server
  219. Guild recrutment FLMs
  220. Guild Recruitment on Ghallanda
  221. Looking for guild in Orien
  222. Knights and Weekends on Cannith is Recruiting
  223. Sarlona - Pink Bunnies of Terror - Now Recruiting!!
  224. Chill, laid back Sarlona Role Playing Guild
  225. A Sarlona Roleplaying Guild
  226. Thelanis guild The Rapscallions now recruiting
  227. DDO Ratings
  228. The Dragon Riders looking for member's
  229. Elven Repo Company is looking for you!!!
  230. Nova Guilda: Canary Warriors
  231. Two angry Dwarfs looking for guild on sarlona
  232. Sarlona Soloers Guild
  233. Explorers of Thelanis looking for New Friends.
  234. Greetings
  235. Hells Army
  236. Revalation Fighters recruitment (orien)
  237. Fellowship of the Green Hat: Recruitment
  238. Sorry had a typo Revelation Fighters recruitment
  239. Legend and Lore
  240. Blue Dots R Us
  241. DDO Guild Website Hosting Options
  242. Brotherhood of the New Dawn on Orien looking for new
  243. Sons Of Asgard
  244. The Death Defenders Of Kyber
  245. Ghallanda "We are also friendly to europeans"
  246. The Reapers on server Thelanis
  247. Revelation Fighters (Orien) is looking for 7 ppl for officer slots
  248. RP/Quester looking for RP Guild
  249. crimsons dragon (orien)
  250. Dwarven Brotherhood