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  1. Orien player, looking for guild with teamspeak
  2. Clan Diabolic on Ghallanda
  3. Carpe Noctem - VIP(p2p) Only Guild recruiting
  4. Orien player and mmo vet looking for a guild
  5. Sarlona server guild recruiting
  6. Who's iterested in a new way to play PD?
  7. Returned player seeks GMT +10 active guild
  8. Static Madness - Orien Looking for Sixth Static Group Member (Healer)
  9. Free2Play member looking for guild
  10. heakler on ghallanda...looking for guild...im low lvl but im great at what i do..
  11. recruiting now!
  12. Looking for good guild on Sarlona
  13. Lev 6 Drow Pally looking for guild
  14. new player seeking a guild
  15. Addicted player looking for guild membership on Thelanis
  16. RP Guilds? - Thelanis
  17. Looking for group, I mean guild. (wizard 10 on Cannith)
  18. New to the game and ADDICTED? Join The Circle of Night (Ghallanda)!
  19. Guild La Unión-Clan Españole en servidor Orien
  20. Be a part of something -Ghallanda-
  21. Guilds and DDO ?
  22. Lfg
  23. Brotherhood of Stern Resolve - Khyber
  24. the legecy of Jack Pipsam. come join us
  25. Ex Wow Player Learnin A New Game
  26. ^fuuma^ Joueur français
  27. Valhalla Permadeath Guild - One Year Anniversary Celebrations
  28. Scions of Xaos (Khyber realm) Now Recruiting
  29. Tactical Legion (Thelanis)
  30. New players on Ghalanda looking
  31. Ex Final Fantasy XI Player
  32. Searching for an open minded, friendly guild. - Khyber
  33. Church of the Watchful Knight
  34. New to DDO
  35. Hi I'm new to DOD! How do I create a Guild?
  36. Looking for a Guild
  37. Looking for a larger Perma Death guild?
  38. Are there oo good guilds on Argonnessen Server besides KA?
  39. Red Alert - Orien - Warforged Assembly Call!
  40. Red Alert - Orien - Warforged Assembly Call!
  41. Cannith Mature Casual Intimate Guild Looking for Arcane
  42. Thelanis Light RP Guild: Legends
  43. The Rogue-Saints Are Recruiting
  44. Never Die Recruiting!!!
  45. Marvels of Xen'drik Coming Soon to Sarlona
  46. Any DDO/LotRO multi-game guilds?
  47. Never Die Recruitment..
  48. Never Die Guild recruitment
  49. Never Die is on the Orien server
  50. Azure Knights Guild: blue is the new red
  51. The Rogue-Saints Are Recruiting On Sarlona
  52. Guild Portuguesa "Moonlight Society" Em Cannith
  53. Looking For Active Guild To Join, I play in cannith
  54. Looking for a Halfling Guild
  55. Rogue looking for party
  56. WHY join a Guild anyway?
  57. RP guilds on Khyber?
  58. Orien - Lv. 7 Cleric looking for guild.
  59. Cannith Guild: Death Magic
  60. (Ghallanda) Fighter looking for roleplaying guild in Ghallanda
  61. Busco Clan de habla español
  62. Need a challenge?
  63. Canith Server - TrapMonkey Guild
  64. I Cant Find A Dwarf Barbarian Guild!!!
  65. Cannith Guild: Legends of Hell (Spanish/English)
  66. Guild Hispana : Acero Y Magia
  67. -Orien Server- Betrothal of Honor (RP Guild)
  68. Bulgarian guild?
  69. New player looking to learn
  70. Starting a guild
  71. Quantum Transflux - Thelanis and Beyond
  72. Thelanis Guild-Chauntea
  73. Valhalla Permadeath Guild - Ghallanda
  74. The Silver Legion on Cannith
  75. Free Adventurer's Society(Ghallandia)
  76. Looking for a casual guild
  77. Ghalla: LF Active Guild for Higher End Stuff
  78. NeverDie has a new website
  79. New Cannith Guild, looking for active members
  80. Order of the Serpentine II - Ghallandra - Recruiting
  81. Kyber guild looking to recruit F2P players
  82. Argonnessen's ''TheMostDeadly'' guild is recruiting everybody!
  83. Godless Heathens is recruiting
  84. Homeless cleric on Sarlona
  85. Looking for a guild on Khyber
  86. Looking for guild in Ghallanda
  87. Korthos for Beginners - Ghallanda Friday 1/8
  88. Cannith server - Covenant of the Phoenix - Guild is recruiting
  89. Looking to Recruit for Mirrors of Light and Darkness
  90. New Player, MMO Vet, Looking for Guild
  91. =)
  92. Keeprs of Thanatos recruiting
  93. Any Launch Players Still Out There?
  94. Neverdie permadeath guild recruiting
  95. Orien Server - Shugenkai
  96. Cannith guild, Nations At War is recruiting!!
  97. Looking to join a Guild on Orien Sever
  98. Guild Discovery on Thelanis
  99. P2P people
  100. LF RP Guild (Cannith)
  101. BoC
  102. The Green Dragon Company-The role-playing guild World: Argonessen
  103. PD Play and Higher Level Content
  104. Whispered Death Guild is recruiting
  105. All are Invited
  106. Epic Souls Sign ups
  107. Sylvan Knights recruiting
  108. New and looking for a virtual home
  109. EU Players! go to ORIEN!
  110. EU Players! go to ORIEN!
  111. New Ghallanda Warforged guild
  112. Looking for Khyber Guild
  113. New Guild: The Honor Forged n Blood Guild (Ghallanda)
  114. House Illstar - Cannith Server
  115. Looking for a power gaming guild
  116. Picky RPer seeks help!
  117. Cannith PermaDeath Guild
  118. Greek guilds ( not only for players from greece )
  119. Try to start a 'real' roleplay guild
  120. Lkg 4 Sarlona Group about the Fantasy Fun
  121. Friday Night - Low Level PD Play on Ghallanda
  122. Looking 4 Group/Guild about the Fantasy Fun
  123. Guild HAVEN
  124. Pitch me (LFG Ghallanda)
  125. Level 1 rank 8 pally on thelanis
  126. Looking for guild (Argonnessen)
  127. Knights of the Dinner Table - Orien Server
  128. A guild for WOW/DDO players...would this work ??
  129. Guild of Calamitous Intent, 4 Noobs by Noobs
  130. Mirrors of Light and Darkness has been disbanned
  131. Looking for Guild in Kyber
  132. LFGuild Argo
  133. Legions of Exodia LFM!!
  134. [Thelanis] The Cult of the Dragon
  135. Cannith-Server Guild looking for members
  136. Guilty Pleasures - Orien
  137. European Force - Sarlona
  138. Legions Of Xen’drik, Guild from DDO-EU on Devourer
  139. Russian Speaking Guild recruiting
  140. Argo Server - King's Blood Recruitment: CLOSED
  141. any1 use ventrilo?
  142. New guild is recruiting
  143. Masters of the Performing Arts
  144. Honor Among Thieves
  145. Looking for a permadeath Roleplay guild
  146. Ranger looking for guild. Preferably Roleplaying. (Orien)
  147. Guild hunting
  148. Looking for Khyber guilds
  149. Looking for Players for regular game on Ghallanda
  150. Nova guild brasileira aberta temporariamente para novos membros [Thelanis] - VIP
  151. Looking for roleplaying Guild
  152. New player looking for serious guild.
  153. Orien - Red Alert :: Warforged + Raiding + Model II = Awesome ;)
  154. List of Guilds
  155. looking for active guild to join
  156. Wednesday night group 8pm-12 EST
  157. Skywind(Rp Guild) Recruiting - Ghallanda
  158. New static-core RP group forming (Euro-evenings)
  159. Seeking Guild - Thelantis
  160. Seeking Guild - Any server
  161. Looking for EU guild on Thelanis
  162. LOOking for very active guild to join on Argonessen server
  163. Children Of Darkness (NEW) (CANNITH) RECRUITING
  164. New Player Searching for Role Play Guild on Cannith
  165. Legion of Lettow are looking for members!
  166. Hand of Thrawn needs members!
  167. Join my Rogues guild...called the Death Watch
  168. Zhtountai Paixtes!! - Cannith server
  169. El Lorien Ranger Academy-Kyhber Server-very active all ranger guild
  170. Heroes United recrute sur Argonnessen ! (French speaking guild)
  171. recruiting old and new players
  172. Looking for a Guild
  173. Du Vrangr Gata
  174. Looking for a guild to join.....
  175. ****** Recrutemement Personne Francophone ********
  176. Rogue looking for guild and guidance
  177. nuevo clan español en Ghallanda
  178. Knights Of Eberron
  179. AUssie Player looking For Aussie RP Guild
  180. Silver Rose Of The Battalion
  181. Cannith Server~ DayBreak Guild
  182. ARGONNESSEN SERVER *Guardian's of the Heavens* is recruiting New members
  183. Looking for a permadeath guild
  184. lookin for members on the kyber server to join the guild of the red phoenix
  185. Naughty Desires Orien
  186. Non-Zerging Guilds?
  187. Need help making a website for my new guild
  188. Newbie To DDO looking for Non-Permadeath and Non-Zerg Guild on Khyber
  189. New Player looking for casual guild
  190. New Player looking for Guild on Sarlona
  191. The Guild of Calamitous Intent, 4 Noobs By Noobs
  192. Sippy Cup Brigade
  193. Seeking a guild on Orien.
  194. Casual-Professional multi-game clan looking for casual DDO players
  195. Guild de hispanoparlantes en Gallanda keys espanol , castellano
  196. Knights of the Crying Spire - Khyber
  197. The sedition Accord – Canith Server
  198. The Gearwright Order is now active (Khyber Server)
  199. Seasoned MMO Vetern LFGuild on Orien
  200. searching for...
  201. Ghallanda - Secret Society - recruiting
  202. Quasi-PermaDeath?
  203. casualguild search
  204. 'Tank' looking for guild
  205. Cleric and a Rogue looking in Ghallanda
  206. Crimson Darkness - Orien
  207. Sarlona Guild
  208. Join a guild that not only is a family, but has a family too!
  209. Christian Guilds, are there any?
  210. Sarlona: The Phoenix's Lair
  211. Knights of the Crying Spire - recruiting on All servers.
  212. [Recruiting] Knights of Cydonia
  213. Golden Horde - Argonessen Server
  214. Seekers of the Forgotten Past - Cannith
  215. Looking for raiding guild.
  216. Kyber: Fellowship of the Green Hat
  217. SilverBlade Guild
  218. Monkey Toes Army is looking for a few good toons
  219. Ddo QuÉbec => Ghallanda
  220. The Covenent
  221. Looking For Guild
  222. Justice Society! - Recruiting :)
  223. Come join The Covenent!!!!!
  224. Shining Path of the Flayme
  225. just came here from swg flurry server anyone out there?
  226. Hi everyone
  227. Join The Knights of StormReach
  228. Rampage
  229. Static Group on Orien Needs 1 more!
  230. Black Flame Zealots - New Guild on Argo
  231. Looking for Adult-Only Guild with Great Sense of Humor - Ghallanda
  232. Looking for a good guild
  233. Guild Shinning Path of the Flayme recruiting on Cannith server
  234. DarkStar
  235. Hirelings of Stormreach
  236. New Guild recruiting! - Orien Server!
  237. Looking for the best of best attitude!!
  238. Stormreach Downunder Recruiting
  239. Warrior Nation Recruiting - Cannith
  240. Mature newer player looking for a home
  241. The Dungeon Crawlers
  242. CZECH and SLOVAKIA Guild on Thelanis
  243. Best Rogue Based Guild????
  244. Best Ranger Based Guild????
  245. Looking for a guild
  246. Looking for guild
  247. Looking for RP Guild
  248. Looking for a guild on Thelanis
  249. The Exile Alliance is Recruiting!
  250. Ligion of the Crimson Blades recruiting