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  1. Legit players league on orien recruiting
  2. Canith Level 96 Guild Pathfinder Society Currently Recruiting New Members
  3. Returning again. Looking for Guild.
  4. Argonessen - "Regnum" gilda italiana recluta
  5. Regular Group Looking For More
  6. Stars of Khaos on Cannith Server is looking for members
  7. Returning player looking for guild - argonnessen server
  8. Argonessen - "Adventures Incorporated" seeking new members (non-zerg)
  9. Possibly looking for new guild on Argo... maybe.
  10. Luck and Logic on Orien
  11. Returning Looking for a Group to Play with
  12. Cenobites are looking for a few good players...
  13. most active guild on Thelanis looking for new blood. "Explorers of Thelanis"
  14. Looking for Guild
  15. The Wulfepack on Sarlona is now LVL 100
  16. New player looking for raid group -- Cannith
  17. Returning Ghallanda player seeking guild
  18. Any Non-Crafting Guilds? Hardcore/RP OK but not a must
  19. New Guild in Argo -> GNOMEGEDDON
  20. Guild Creation date
  21. Looking for large ACTIVE guild
  22. Skunkworks Guild on Cannith - Recruiting
  23. Dragon Highlords of Argonessen
  24. Tyrant's Legion Recruiting in the Orien sector.
  25. recruiting for Jadded Dragons guild
  26. Kukkorengas of Argonnessen is recruiting members - open to all.
  27. Unbreakable "an Argonnessen Guild" is Recruiting
  28. New Ship- Lot os buffs now!
  29. Level 34 guild with all buffs looking to recruit semi active or active players(kyber)
  30. Dragon Horde (Thelanis)
  31. Geezers Only Recruiting In Orien
  32. From The Dawn Wayfinder server
  33. Red Phoenix and Poisonblades are recruting!
  34. Orien Guild "Arcane Alliance" w/ All Buffs, Amenities, and Kraken Ship Now Recruiting
  35. returning player looking for long time home/guild.
  36. The Order of Assassins! new, young, and ambitious (orien)
  37. Orien Guild - Dishonored Recruiting
  38. Returning to DDO after a 2 year break
  39. Gnomegeddon in Argo
  40. The Order of Assassins! new, young, and ambitious (orien)
  41. Returning to DDO after 6years (Orien)
  42. Guild recruiting on Argonnessen
  43. NO SHIP BUFFS - Argonnessen - Recruiting
  44. Returning Player looking for a Khyber Guild
  45. Returning toDDO after a 5 year hiatus on Argonessen
  46. Returning player
  47. New Guild With UK/European Players In Mind - Khyber
  48. Complete Newbie
  49. ARGO guild looking for recruits
  50. Newbie looking for sarlona guild
  51. Cannith Guild has Vacancies
  52. Khyber Guild - Majestics Recruiting players who like to have fun
  53. Sarlona guild- Soulless
  54. Khyber Guild: Das Syndikat is recruiting german-speaking players!
  55. The Order of Assassins! new, young, and ambitious (orien)
  56. Blade Runners on Thelanis "Bringing it back for those we lost"
  57. Looking for a guild
  58. Orien Guild: Karandras looking for new members
  59. Ghallanda levl 71 Agents of Tir recruiting
  60. Cannith server - Highlanders looking for new members
  61. Creepy Little Gnomes - Argonnessen
  62. The Silver Legion on the Cannith server is recruiting!
  63. Recruting: Argonnessen, New players, veteran players, Guild Officers Needed
  64. Returning Player looking for an active/semi teaching guild on Argonessen
  65. Thelanis really small guild looking for members
  66. Looking for Argo Guild
  67. LGBT Guilds
  68. Cannith - small guild recruiting
  69. Looking for Permadeath guild
  70. lfg
  71. LFG - Ghallanda
  72. Blackmoor Defenders are recruiting Ghallanda
  73. Looking for active guild on Argo
  74. Looking for a guild in argonnessen
  75. Looking for a guild on Orion...
  76. Schizophrenics Anonymous
  77. Khyber guild recruiting
  78. Seeking old Friends from former "guild"
  79. The Witching Hour (Ghalanda) Now RECRUITING!
  80. HEll's Chimps of Kyber is recruiting active members
  81. Looking for Guild Server: Sarlona
  82. Looking for players
  83. Looking for active guild! -Thelanis
  84. Casual guild master looking to revive casual guild on Sarlona
  85. Small Undead Guild Diablerie is Looking for Fresh Blood on Orien
  86. looking for crafting intensive guild
  87. Orien Guild - Rage of the Honest
  88. Guild looking for players all levels welcome!
  89. The Order of Assassins! new, young, and ambitious (ORIEN)
  90. League of assasins ghallanda (caution must be 18+)
  91. NEW Thelanis player looking for guild
  92. Brazillian guild recruiting
  93. The Shadow Spawn
  94. Runners Who Like DDO Recruiting on Khyber
  95. Aurora is recruiting! Level 171 guild on Sarlona server accepting new members.
  96. Looking for Khyber guild
  97. What are my options on Khyber?
  98. [EN or ESP] Looking for a playmate or mentor
  99. Returning Player looking for a Khyber guild
  100. Legends on Khyber
  101. Recruiting Guideline...
  102. Casual Orien Guild looking for casual players
  103. [FR][Thelanis] Ordre des Farfadets - recrute !
  104. Flames of Purification recruiting righteous Fighters (Orien)
  105. Laughing Coffins Recruiting [Orien]
  106. Returning Vet looking for a new home
  107. Looking for guild on Argo
  108. Returning player looking for a casual guild on Sarlona
  109. Looking for other newbies or newbie friendly guild :)
  110. anyone running reaper?
  111. Returning player
  112. returning player looking for guild on Ghallanda
  113. [Thelanis] The Exploration Society (TES)
  114. Looking for guild (Ghallanda)
  115. Smiling Guild is looking for recruits for the first time!
  116. Clueless Wizard returning to DDO, need a guild, possibly RP!
  117. Department of Drowland Security Looking for members and officers Ghallanda server
  118. "S E R E N I T Y" is recruiting!
  119. Ascendance (Cannith)
  120. Casual Player on Kyber looking for Guild
  121. Looking for a Thelanis Guild
  122. Looking for solid guild on Sarlona
  123. Looking for a Guild on Sarlona
  124. Looking for a guild!
  125. Looking for a Guild on Cannith?
  126. Phoenix Clan on Orien is recruiting
  127. Recruiting Roleplayers
  128. Apprentice's Recruiting (Khyber)
  129. New Player with a Lv 18 Warlock Needs Help
  130. Gnomes!!
  131. The Oracles Eyes {Wayfinder} Recruiting
  132. Role_Players Needed
  133. A specific request. (Party of 5?)
  134. Shamantra on Sarlona are recruiting
  135. Returning player looking for a guild
  136. New Player in Search of Fellow Roleplayers
  137. LFG on Cannith
  138. Looking for Sarlona Guild
  139. Casual Returning Player is looking for a Guild
  140. Orien guild: Knights of the White Rose
  141. Returning player looking for a guild
  142. Magefire Cannon
  143. Sarlona Guild: "Drow of the Underdark" Recruiting
  144. (Khyber) Returning player looking for decently populated guild :)
  145. Stormforce is Recruiting
  146. (Orion) New Player seeking active guild
  147. Returning player looking for active guild.
  148. (Khyber) Guild Seeking New Members
  150. Orion Server looking for Casual Guild
  151. New player looking for a home
  152. LF non-zerg guild on Thelanis
  153. New guild for 1st lifers and noobs
  154. Crusher Corps [Thelanis]
  155. taken the wrong way
  156. Elves of Eberron (Orien) is recruiting. (Elven heritage not required)
  157. Back after a 7 year hiatus
  158. The Blood of Vol on Argonesson is recruiting!
  159. Drukon Thundersheild of Thelanis
  160. The Thousand Swords (Cannith) is recruiting new, returning and vet players!
  161. Department of Drowland Security recruiting. Willing to absorb smaller guild
  162. Department of Drowland Security recruiting. Willing to absorb smaller guild Ghallanda
  163. Need to thin out your guild?
  164. Timmy and the Lords of the und. (150) Is actively recruiting.
  165. Am I back?
  166. Getting Too Old for this Crit (Khyber)
  167. Family - Friendly Guild on Cannith (Fallen)
  168. Damsels Out of Distress and the Veiled
  169. Looking for guild on Ghallanda
  170. The Black Lion Merchantile
  171. Monkey Business
  172. Blood seekers recruiting this one!!
  173. Shadow Life Recruiting New Members
  174. Mature Gamer LF Guild on Orien
  175. LFG Wayfinder
  176. Thelanis - Cereal Killers
  177. Role-Players needed!
  178. (Orien) The Obandos Guild seeks new blood.
  179. Runners Who Like DDO Recruiting on Khyber
  180. loking for a guild
  181. AO'S Avatars lf for europeans
  182. Unbreakable "an Argonnessen Guild" is Recruiting
  183. Skunkworks Guild on Cannith - Recruiting
  184. Wanted: A few good rogues (or wannabees)
  185. Brazilian Players come to Olympus in Orien!
  186. Looking for a guild and a server!
  187. Bored And Really Drunk - A Guild For Grownups
  188. New player looking for guild
  189. Permadeath guilds
  190. Just wondering
  191. [Wayfinder] A Very Bad Guild
  192. Cavalieri dei Draghi - Khyber server
  193. Looking for a Guild on Ghallanda
  194. Newbie looking for group
  195. Looking for New and Returning Players for "The Dragon Seekers"
  196. LF a guild in Sardona.
  197. Kinda new and trying to find a kick butt team
  198. The Natural One Rollers now open for business
  199. New Returning Player looking for a Guild
  200. Returning mature founder
  201. Legendary Warriors of Ghallanda's doors are open during the Night Revels
  202. Servitors of Sembia Accepting new members (Cannith)Orien)
  203. Cannith server - la santa alleanza
  204. Sarlona Server, Returning player looking for a guild
  205. New Player and Veteran returning to game, looking for a community
  206. New Guild on Orien recruiting (Ravenlofts exiles
  207. New Player Seeking RP Guild
  208. Thelanis Server: Returning Player seeking a Guild
  209. The Hellsing Organization
  210. Returning player seeking active community
  211. Looking for Guild on Orien
  212. Stormfrost Guild
  213. Player seeking guild Thelanis
  214. (Khyber) Group of returning players seeking active & established guild
  215. Looking in Khyber
  216. Taken The Wrong Way
  217. Any guilds in Argo recruiting? Old player returning.
  218. Looking for EU-friendly Guild on Ghallanda
  219. Unknown Heroes (orien)
  220. Department of Drowland Security is Recruiting friendly active players
  221. Guild "Artifacts and Relics" Recruiting on Cannith
  222. Returning player looking for very active Cannith guild.
  223. Ainz Ooal Gown lvl 68 guild on Cannith recruiting
  224. Looking to get back into the swing of things on Cannith
  225. Apocalypse Guild
  226. SparePartz of Thelanis
  227. Soloist Guild on Orien?
  228. Nightmare of Wayfinder
  229. A procura de uma guild BR em Cannith
  230. Seeking guild members!
  231. Server with some population left ? (looking for a community)
  232. New/returning players or maybe just looking for a fresh Guild in Argonnessen?
  233. Looking for a friendly , Fun and helpful guild on Cannith server
  234. Anyone want a guild?
  235. LWoG is recruiting! :D
  236. Clans on Cannith?
  237. Adrea wants a Guild on Cannith
  238. I am on Khyber Server
  239. New Cannith Guild - The Shadow Legion
  240. Khyber server
  241. Help me find a guild please?
  242. Looking for guild on Thelanis
  243. Looking for an Active Guild on Cannith
  244. looking for help full guild on cannith
  245. Creation's Bane
  246. The Wulfepack (Sarlona) Reaches LVL 150
  247. Argo Guild "Goda Vos" lvl 75 Kraken big ship full buffs looking for guildies
  248. Khyber Guild Hagakure Now Recruiting!
  249. Transcended of Argonnessen is now recruiting.
  250. Fellowship of Eberron | Argonesson