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  1. Highly experienced tabletop player startiing game
  2. Looking for Argo Guild
  3. New player (vip) looks for Guild/Any Server
  4. New VIP Aussie LFG Casual friendly Mature Guild
  5. New Player Argonnessen
  6. Active Aussie guild on Argonnessen?
  7. Circle of Eight (Recruiting) World: Argonnessen
  8. Roll For Your Life! A perma-death guild on Orien.
  9. Level 25 guild looking for a stand in leader - Thelanis Server
  10. Argonnessen Guild Recuiting
  11. LFG - Khyber
  12. New Player Looking for Mature LGBT Friendly Guild (details inside)
  13. Looking for Guild - Thelanis
  14. Ghallanda: Blackmoor Defenders
  15. Lusitania Invictum (Portuguese speakers guild on orien)
  16. Tre Kronor is looking for active players
  17. Legit - Cannith
  18. Omakie Looking for a Guild
  19. *New* Small Guild Channel - Interest?
  20. Argo guild looking for more
  21. Looking For New Guild Members on Thelanis
  22. Argo - 2 returning players looking for a guild
  23. Looking for help
  24. Looking for a non-zerg, slow guild
  25. Cannith: Brotherhood of the Wolf
  26. West Coast Active Mature Player looking for a home
  27. Looking for Mature Players
  28. Looking for a guild on any server. Mature player.
  29. The Dungeon Crawlers on Ghallanda
  30. Mature VIP looking for a home on Khyber
  31. Looking for a Guild on Argonessen
  32. Blood and Glory Rcruitment Page
  33. Monarch - Thelanis
  34. Looking for Roleplaying Guild, Any Server, preferably Thelanis
  35. New, Mature Player LF Guild on Orien
  36. Hope Remains recruiting on Khyber
  37. Mature player looking for guild on Khyber
  38. House Kanterlot Recruiting Everypony!
  39. Ghallanda: Majulah Singapura looking for SG / M'sian players
  40. House of Penton on Argonnessen
  41. Returning VIP Player Looking for Guild on Khyber
  42. level 80 Cannith guild recruiting
  43. Calling all newer players…
  44. The Dark Bones of Ghallanda are now recruiting!
  45. Very Small Friendly Casual non Zerguing Guild
  46. Happy go lucky Thelanis guild looking for characters
  47. Looking for guild on Khyber
  48. 'JokerZ' are recruiting new members! (server: Argonnessen)
  49. LFG---Khyberr--Arionnn The Fallen
  50. LFG on Khyber
  51. By the horns of Balinor! Any european RP guilds?
  52. uber troopers recruiting
  53. [Wayfinder] Non-TS Gilde/No-TS Guild Haus Feuerfuchs (German/English)
  54. -|| Roleplayers of Sarlona ||- Lite RP, end-game/raid focused.
  55. 'Pure Class' are recruiting new members on Argonnessen server
  56. Returning player seeking guild on Khyber
  57. Veteran Group on Sarlona of regulars looking for 1-2
  58. Argo Static TR group
  59. Great Team Player Looking for Static Group
  60. LF active raiding/20+ content/TR'ing guild on khyber
  61. Starting a new LGBT Guild on Cannith
  62. Thelanis: The Exploration Society lvl 78 is open for new recruits:
  63. House of Penton Recruiting
  64. LFG: On Cannith
  65. Brown Coats - Small 24th level guild looking for players by time zone
  66. LFG on thalanis
  67. Newish to the game, looking for casual leveling guild
  68. GHALLANDA: New Zealand based guild looking for more members
  69. guild española en ghallanda
  70. GHALLANDA: Undying Legions looking for a few good active players
  71. Argo - Recruiting for The Reconstructed!
  72. Guild wanted on Argo
  73. Looking for other new players ...
  74. Khyber - Blind Rascals
  75. Olladra's Haven! 18+, Euro, lite-RP.
  76. Khyber TR
  77. Knights of Myth
  78. Ever-Gaming
  79. Khyber: The Avenging Horde is seeking Role Players
  80. Returning Player - Thelanis - LF Guild
  81. Children of Winter - Thelanis
  82. Established Thelanis Guild--Looking for rebuilding team
  83. Old player, looking to restart. On Sarlona need friendly guild active EU evenings
  84. House Nix'uldo'ch
  85. Ghallanda - Exiles level 74 guild recruiting international players
  86. Fire of the Dragon - Sarlona
  87. SARLONA: Disciples of the Apocalypse (70) Looking for active players
  88. Vip new player looking for a good Server and Guild home.
  89. Khyber- Epic Runners
  90. Darkside (ARGONESSEN) guild
  91. Returning player looking to join mature, friendly guild
  92. Nomadic on Khyber is Searching for Wandering Souls
  93. Ghallanda: Alive
  94. Ransack of Khyber
  95. Looking for a guild
  96. Static Group Wed 8PM CST
  97. Irmandade sem Bandeiras - Sarlona
  98. Brand New VIP player looking for a guild and many questions please.
  99. New spanish guild
  100. Raiding Guild Looking for more raiders
  101. Khyber ~ questing couples wanted
  102. Righteous Ire
  103. Recruiting: Rare Encounters on Thelanis
  104. Make Warforges Not War - Room for 2 or more new players
  105. Looking to make a Local Guild in washington dc
  106. kyber,let the sacred sword banish evil!
  107. King Diamond Coven ,Ghallanda based guild
  108. Returning to the game and looking for a guild (Thelanis)
  109. Monarch - Thelanis Server
  110. Sanctus Dominae is recruiting...
  111. Ghallanda: Returning Non-Elite-EU-Player lookin for nice people to play with
  112. old player any class looking for a guild
  113. Crypt Crawlers on Thelanis Recruiting
  114. Guild Hidden In The Mist is recruiting
  115. House Nix'uldo'ch - Cannith
  116. Reapers of Darkness (Orien)
  117. Legends now recruiting
  118. Alive (Ghallanda)
  119. Irmandade sem Bandeiras - Sarlona
  120. Recruitment Vultures
  121. Casual gamers looking for a friendly guild (Sarlona)
  122. Level 50 SARLONA guild ( BENEATH THE REMAINS ) Glad to have new members!
  123. Ghallanda: Looking for a new guild
  124. Looking for a Great Guild on Sarlona
  125. Ghallanda - LF Guild - EST
  126. Irmandade sem Bandeiras - Sarlona
  127. Looking For Guild
  128. Omnipresence, Ghallanda Recruting
  129. Gimpfest of Orien recruiting
  130. 'Pure Class' is recruiting new members on Argonnessen server
  131. King Diamond Coven ,Ghallanda based guild
  132. The Brotherhood of Redemption is accepting new members! (Sarlona)
  133. New VIP player looking for a guild/server to call home!
  134. Darkside (ARGONESSEN) guild
  135. Khyber - Looking for a guild
  136. Khyber Rogue/Ranger Lookin' fer a home :)
  137. Cannith - House Nix'uldo'ch
  138. Khyber - Seeking to Join or Create Guild
  139. Looking For A guild (Khyber)
  140. Tiny Guild looking for officers
  141. "Sorry Baby I'm on Cooldown" on Argonnessen server is recruiting.
  142. Sarlona Guild Looking for new members!
  143. Thelanis Guild: Dragons of the Shire
  144. Aces over Kings looking for new members
  145. Ghallanda ReRolled is accepting new members
  146. Back Alley Dogs of Ghalanda is recruiting
  147. Deus Ex Niveus out of Ghalanda is recruiting!!
  148. Arganession (looking for active guild)
  149. Looking for Guild or maybe guild merger--Cannith
  150. Ghallanda guild recruiting.
  151. Looking for a pleasent guild on Ghallanda
  152. Immortal Legion of Cannith
  153. The Order Of Madness on Wayfinder is recruiting
  155. looking for members on Argonnessen server
  156. Thelanis roleplayers' guild
  157. VIP player LFG on Cannith server
  158. Oldie on Khyber is looking for some help
  159. Thelanis Roleplying Guild Recruiting
  160. Looking for a guild on Ghallanda
  161. Thelanis Guild Recruiting New Players
  162. [Cannith] Looking for a Leveling Partner(s)
  163. Returning player looking for a Guild
  164. Hiponic Guild Of Ghallanda Recruiting
  165. DEADLY HEAL of Orien - aberta a jogadores Pt-Pt
  166. Chimera - level 100 Sarlona Guild now recruiting
  167. Permadeath on Cannith ~~~ Ascension Guild
  168. The Dark Brother Hood Of Quest Recruiting
  169. Celestial Empire a Orien based guild is accepting new members
  170. Recruiting on Thelanis Server
  171. 2 Guys looking for a guild with a decent amount of members (Khyber)
  172. Looking for a consistent weekly group to adventure with!
  173. Not sure what to label my playing type
  174. Khyber - Fundamental Dungeoneers
  175. Champions of Ebberon Ghallanda Server
  176. Runners who like DDO recruiting
  177. Khyber: The Trusted - a newly formed EU based guild
  178. Roleplayers' home guild here!
  179. New Orien Guild Tr's/Raids/EE
  180. The Wiccan's Inn Guild
  182. Looking for guild on Argonnessen
  183. Cannith Server - Knights of Solamnia - Recruiting
  184. Monastery for Monks
  185. The Brotherhood of Redemption is accepting new members! (Sarlona)
  186. Triskelian foundation trust recruiting - cannith guild
  187. Righteous Ire of Orien recruiting
  188. Ghallanda Live and Make Die
  189. Wayfinder new guild for Paladin Assassins: Divine Bloody Crossed Shivs
  190. Sarlona - Nine Drawn Swords
  191. The Shadow Khans are recruiting! Come make coin today!
  192. Ghallanda- Melee Force One
  193. House Kanterlot Guild - Khyber
  194. Ghallanda - Danskerne
  195. Recruiting for guild in Argonessen
  196. Sorry Baby I'm on Cooldown of Argonnessen recruiting.
  197. Crazy Canucks Looking For New Players
  198. Looking for a regular group/guild
  199. Looking for Grouping-Friendly Guild, Any Server
  200. Group/guild for new player friendly content
  201. Khyber: Runners who like DDO
  202. Thelanis Guild; DarkMoon Brotherhood ... soloers welcome, role-players welcome
  203. Thelanis Hobbiton looking for more residents
  204. Argonessan - Guild - Valar Morghulis - Toon loupmagi
  205. (Thelanis server) Solace of Grace Recuiting all.
  206. Unicorns guild now recruiting new members!
  207. The Finders Trading Company! Heavy Role-Playing guild on Thelanis.
  208. Ghallanda- Crowns and Chaos Recruiting friendly active players
  209. Omnipresence
  210. Knights of the Dragon's Claw-Khyber-Seeking members to fill its small roster...Lvl 70
  211. Ghallanda - Guardians Of Honor
  212. King Diamond Coven ,Ghallanda based guild
  213. Nurfed -Argonnessen Server
  214. Cannith: Italian guild lvl 95 is recruiting.
  215. Khyber : House Kanterlot is recuiting
  216. The Brotherhood of Redemption is accepting new members! (Sarlona)
  217. Guild Superiority Complex Recruiting on Wayfinder
  218. Dwarf only, pure class only guild. Orien, need name and players.
  219. Cannith: Pathfinder Society Level 75 Guild Recruiting New Members at All Levels
  220. Orien Server: Champions of Valor Recruiting
  221. Knights of Eberrond Recruting
  222. Cannith - Radical Dreamers recruiting/rekrutuje :)
  223. I am on Khyber and looking for guild
  224. Cannith: High Rollers are looking for a few good dice chuckers!
  225. New Orien Guild: The Healer Family
  226. Looking for Wayfinder Guild
  227. Gothiscandza of Cannith
  228. Celestial Empire of Orien taking new members
  229. Looking for a casual guild
  230. Looking on Cannith for a guild that has people online during European evening times
  231. Old Khyberian Returning Seeks Guild
  232. Question about guilds...
  233. WuTang clan comes to Sarlona!
  234. Cannith : Freelancers Of Eberron ; Recruiting
  235. Aces over Kings looking for new members
  236. On-again, off-again players seeking Khyber guildage
  237. RP guilds?
  238. Looking for a Guild? And you play in Australia
  239. L15 Rog/Mnk LFG Argo
  240. Innerself Reflective Mastery Argonnesson
  241. Wyrmblood is Recruiting [Khyber]
  242. Thelanis Guild - Green Mtn Boyz Recruiting
  243. Kiwi looking for a guild!-agro
  244. ten zillion guilds no one joins
  245. Old Ghallanda player looking for a guild.
  246. Masters of Faerun, Cannith
  247. Legends of Orien?
  248. Wayfinder guilds
  249. [Ghallanda] Samurai Pizza Cats open recruiting!
  250. recrutment