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  1. Paladin TR build suggestions?
  2. Monk Revisiting Stunning Fist DC and EDs
  3. Monk Build idea: Maximum unarmed crit
  4. Monk Changes to EiN
  5. Splashing 1 Paladin Level.
  6. Fighter For 2WF, Pure Fighter still viable?
  7. Paladin Dwarf Paladin 14/Fighter 4/Monk2, US6 - Dwarven Sentinel
  8. Paladin Question on slotting GS items
  9. Monk Post u14 AC monks
  10. Monk Druid Dilettante
  11. basic and advanced tips for melee survival
  12. Fighter Feat question
  13. Improved Sunder questions (and Stun blow and shatter items)
  14. Fighter Stalwart Defender 18/2 fighter rogue
  15. Mythbusting: Glancing blows and cleave attacks
  16. Barbarian Fury of the Wild
  17. Paladin The Great Wall [U15]
  18. Need two handed wep paladin 32pt build
  19. Monk lvl 16 gear list
  20. Monk Monk/Fighter a viable option?
  21. Barbarian Barbarian Gear Post U14
  22. way of sun soul set and alchemical handwrap
  23. No more twf viable with comming update 15?
  24. Fighter Self-sufficient fighter: rogue/arti/ranger splashes
  25. Legendary Dreadnaught question
  26. Monk Dark monk an Eberron tank-A few questions
  27. maxing crit chances on high AC monsters
  28. Monk End game Monk gear setup?
  29. Need Help making an unconventional FvS
  30. Fighter Tank question : What is a good amount of AC to look for?
  31. Monk Three useful destinies
  32. Monk Vorpal Stikes works now but meh
  33. Rate my gear plans?
  34. Monk Help for rebuild Light Shintao Monk 20
  35. Monk Crafted handwraps
  36. Barbarian Twinking lvl 4 Barb (forever to remain lvl 4)
  37. Does overwhelming critical work now?
  38. Paladin DPS Oriented Pally Gear U15
  39. Fighter Which seal of house dun'rubar to go along with stunning hide of goristro?
  40. Fighter what is max intimidate needed
  41. Paladin Greater Reincarnation: Mornh dual wielder?
  42. Barbarian Dwarf THF Barbarian - 32 Point Build Request
  43. Monk Information Screen info question
  44. Fighter Enjoying my Half-Elf Kensai/AA
  45. 12/6/2 Fighter/Paladin/Monk - TWF All-Rounder
  46. Best great axe longterm
  47. Advice pls
  48. Does doublestrike include weapon effects?
  49. I got this Half Orc Cleric with only a few melee feats so which...
  50. Barbarian Good cloaks?
  51. Fighter need some advice plz!
  52. Fighter How does this THF build look?
  53. OC vs GTHF
  54. Barbarian or Fighter?
  55. 14 Paly/6 Monk?
  56. Fighter Benedictha Jocast rebuilded! More Str, More Life, More all!
  57. Fighter What I have and what I want
  58. Monk Handwraps (Again)
  59. Barbarian Looking for a TWF and a THF 28 Point Build
  60. Barbarian Twist of Fate+barbarian help pls
  61. 'Forged melees and body feats
  62. Mathlete wanted: Help with volcanoes edge vs improved PA and hail of blows.
  63. AC vs Dodge vs TOHIT
  64. Building around Forester's Brush Hook
  65. Fighter f2p newbie-friendly fighter build
  66. Barbarian Need some advice with equipment
  67. 2WF question
  68. Fighter First Life Defender
  69. Monk Celestia, Brightest Star of Day
  70. warrior equipment guide level 1 to 16
  71. Paladin Help me ungimp my gimp.
  72. looking for a good melee build
  73. I nead help makeing a tank
  74. Monk Good handwarps for lvling?
  75. Handwraps or Kamas
  76. Fighter Masters Blitz not working, and wothless in current state
  77. Paladin Immune to disease no more?
  78. Fighter Sentinel getting more threat
  79. Fighter It puts the gear in the slot, or it...
  80. Fighters useless now with Barbs able to take haste boost?
  81. Class Decision
  82. Monk Dodge and die step
  83. Fighter mobility versus shield mastery for AC Tank
  84. Epic Ranged Combat Mastery
  85. Barbarian: Heavy vs Medium Red Dragon Armor
  86. Kopesh or Imp Crit: Slash?
  87. 36-point final build
  88. Fighter S&B Stalwart - how much has the DPS caught up?
  89. Is Improved Trip worth it?
  90. Monk Monk with good ac/ survivabilty build request
  91. Monk Monk with good ac/ survivabilty build request
  92. The Axehead a DPS Sword and Board Build
  93. Barbarian Barbarian defense
  94. Fighter Why Stay Kensai?
  95. Monk Whirlwind feat
  96. Legendary sheild mastery not working?
  97. Best ED for unarmed dps
  98. help with fighter build with extras (umd, traps, ect)
  99. Paladin Paladin, monk or fighter splash?
  100. Paladin Please provide me with advice
  101. S&b dps
  102. Monk Please help with my first monk.
  103. Advice on Monk Ninja Spy with double Envenomed Blades
  104. Monk Str vs Dex vs Wis...Which is better to focus on?
  105. feat advice for melee focussed battle*cough*cleric please?
  106. Monk Monk Gearing for Level 20+
  107. Barbarian Barb18/FTR2 Dwarf for OC feat build or Barb20?
  108. Paladin Level 24 Feat for 18 Pal/2 Mnk
  109. Fighter pure Dwarf Stalwart
  110. What is your boss weapon?
  111. Monk Thread with Suggestion for Monk defenses (AC / PRR / Dodge)
  112. Paladin Is the paladin stigma over?
  113. Monk Best Handwraps? (per situation)
  114. Updated Endgame Gear List!
  115. Monk Epic destiny questions.
  116. cleave/greater cleave/ww
  117. Looking for damage and strength records for DDO record book
  118. Paladin Feats for SNB Pally
  119. Paladin Paladin dps build with s&b.. possible?
  120. Fighter The STD- Stoud Tanking Dreadnought
  121. Monk Feat feedback
  122. Possible highest unarmed dps builds? (input requested)
  123. Looking for advice how to rebuild dps char
  124. Fighter To Dodge or DPS
  125. DC for stun/stunfist on EE?
  126. Monk The 200 AC project
  127. Purple Dragon Helm
  128. Monk WIS Monk TR Help
  129. Doublestrike Damage Bugged?
  130. Paladin Divine Sacrifice DPS Animation
  131. paladin spell suggestions
  132. Monk PA vs Precision
  133. Ring of the stalker
  134. Monk Stunning Fist DC?
  135. The Spell Ward: a spell tank build
  136. Monk No room for gear!
  137. Monk Shintao Human
  138. Monk Monk splash using light armor?
  139. Monk Helf Monk dilemma
  140. Monk Which robes best between levels 12 & 20?
  141. Monk Halfling monk 12 + X?
  142. Monk a few questions
  143. A clash of boosts ........
  144. Paladin Man these guys have like a billion clickies
  145. Fighter LR - Lvl 20 Kensai for Legendary Dreadnaught (advice aprecciated)
  146. CLR17/WIZ1/FTR2 what should the melee feats be?
  147. Monk Up to date build
  148. Dark Monk Start then Mid Game gear?
  149. Monk End game wraps?
  150. Paladin Ya gotta go DoS, ya just gotta.. Do I gotta?
  151. Myrgonn the Dreadnought.
  152. 12:36gmt Khyber
  153. Monk Active Past Life
  154. what is my pdk set missing from eclaw set
  155. Monk Earth Stance 3/4 & IC: Bludgeoning
  156. Fighter need a fighter build
  157. ALL - Bring remove curse pots
  158. Monk Stances: Which to take?
  159. Monk Does epic levels count towards Stunning Fist DC?
  160. What's in your golf bag?
  161. Barbarian Barbarian with rogue splash... Am I crazy?
  162. Feat Selection & IC: Bludgeon for a Shield Tank
  163. Paladin Feats Selections
  164. Meele Druid
  165. Monk A DDO Monk Guide for Consideration
  166. Monk Dark or Light
  167. Monk quatrestaf
  168. Monk Lvl 24 Feat
  169. Monk Planning to TR as a Monk, need advices
  170. Barbarian Your Hot Key Setup?
  171. Need help to find a good solo meele build
  172. Need help to find a good solo meele build
  173. Monk and Proof Against Poison Item
  174. Paladin A Paladin, a TR, and a Weapon Type
  175. Monk Monks and the new AC
  176. Trap Disabling Evading Face Basher?
  177. Paladin An ED viewpoint
  178. Paladin Evasion Paladin for new players (Human 18/2 Paladin/Rogue)
  179. Monk ML20 Wraps
  180. Monk Healing amp?
  181. Looking for a melee monk ranger build
  182. Barbarian Come on give the wood some love
  183. Monk Please help me fix my monk
  184. Barbarian So guys - what are you critting?
  185. Fighter Evasion Tank
  186. Monk Monk Build - Suggestions/Comments
  187. Old vs. New Red Dragon Light Armour
  188. Fighter Weapon Choice Help
  189. weapon suffix: Thousand Suns
  190. Barbarian Necklace
  191. Paladin Legendary Dreadnought Siberys Defender
  192. Monk Who else thinks Antipode wraps suck / need change
  193. Fighter Fortification - what is the new must have benchmark?
  194. Monk Quivering Palm
  195. Monk TR light monk build?
  196. AOE suffix and prefix
  197. Monk Crafted Handwraps
  198. Monk What is highest double strike
  199. Advice for Least Painful Melee Lives...
  200. Paladin How do the DoS stances work?
  201. Monk Help me gear my monk!(1st life light monk)
  202. Paladin Paladin Tank with DPS
  203. Paladin Reason to stay pure anymore
  204. Barb question
  205. Cross class UMD
  206. Monk Wis Based, Dark Monk
  207. Fast att/good dps that can solo
  208. Monk Improved Critical or Greater 2 Weapon Fighting?
  209. Monk Looking for help with my build
  210. Fighter Is TWF still viable for a Kensai Fighter (LD)
  211. good gear for a level 11 monk
  212. Monk help with 1st life 32p light monk
  213. Monk Silver Threaded Handwraps and Harry
  214. Monk cleave
  215. Monk Breath of the fire dragon
  216. neg level.
  217. Fighter my arcane kensai (please look over)
  218. Paladin Dos + rage
  219. Building a F2P Shadow Monk Halfling with Dragonmarks
  220. Monk End Game Monk Defense
  221. Monk Dwarf Shintao Monk (34Pt)
  222. Fighter LRing my fighter
  223. Barbarian Half Orc 18Barb/2Rogue Self-sufficent build help.
  224. Paladin Feats for defender pally?
  225. Paladin TWF Paladin DPS Gear Advice
  226. New first life monk
  227. Paladin 20 Paladin/5 Epic(Fury of the Wild) TWF KotC
  228. Pally saves
  229. Barbarian To TR or not
  230. Fighter Healer's Friend fighter build
  231. stunning blow not working?
  232. THF Paladin
  233. Are light Monks Expected to have Rotp (Ressurection)
  234. Way of the evening sun not stacking with doublestrike items - WAI?
  235. Fighter DPS Gear for a THF Pure fighter
  236. Monk Monk Gear?
  237. Fighter The wild child
  238. Monk Monk hotbars with Epic moves
  239. Best DPS
  240. Paladin Is this build even possible? (32 point tomeless tank)
  241. Looking to potentially respec at level 7 (Ftr/Barb)
  242. Paladin 12Pal/6Rgr/2Rog TWF Evasion DoSII/TempestI w/Rog skills (need some advice)
  243. Tr
  244. Best undead beaters for Delera's (level :7-9)?
  245. dwarf kensai/tempest need suggestions
  246. 80+ DC to stun,grafix bug?
  247. Barbarian Epic feat selection for a barbarian
  248. Monk why concentration is so necessary to monk ?
  249. Monk i am trying to understand the combat situation of the monk class . i need help
  250. requesting monk advice: 32-point, probably half-elf / harmonious