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  1. Familiar or Pet! Both are summoned.
  2. Battle engineer vs Master mechanic
  3. Arcane Archer info
  4. TRing, Just what is the Point?
  5. The path to completionist. Help!
  6. Death aura and Reconstruct
  7. Implementing Psionics: Speculation
  8. stuck for choice of class...
  9. A good Earth Savant build
  10. When are the druids joining us?
  11. Skill points w/ int vs. rge splash?
  12. Enhancements for Human Sorcerer?
  13. Where could I find any interesting fvs builds?
  14. Fort Reducers
  15. Help with tank build (not epics)
  16. Multiclass gren steel slot?
  17. healbard, what build?
  18. missing build
  19. 2 builds
  20. Kensai Barbarian Rate my build please
  21. Quick Draw or Brutal Throw?
  22. Legend: Untouchable Monk Build (AC 80)
  23. TR my Clonk, any other good options?
  24. help with tank TR
  25. Thinking about TR'ing my Sorc: Which class next?
  26. Does AoV (FVS PrE) stack with Wiz force line
  27. Usefull Builds
  28. DoomSong Build
  29. Bard feat and Phiarlan Entertainer problem
  30. Bard idea
  31. concerning tr'ing
  32. palX/figX
  33. 4th slot
  34. Does two weapon defense work with UA
  35. Minimum Dex for Archers to hit at end game
  36. Ranged, Sneaky and more
  37. My TR monk
  38. Help me explain to my guildies why dumping Con is bad
  39. heya first tr build. love advice?
  40. Arcane Archer, the Disaster of DDO
  41. FvS Equipement
  42. some builds for the lions
  43. The "dc" caster Archmage or Palemaster
  44. A Year+ later...Can I salvage my Sorc???
  45. **Best Rune Arm to Use (Toven's Hammer vs. Lucid Dreams)**
  46. An idea I had for the Soulknife class
  47. build for a friend
  48. Wizard Feat Selection Advice
  49. if you had to dip 1 level for UMD what class would you choose?
  50. Healing Rogue?
  51. Advice for Group Constellation
  52. Paladin vs. Battlecleric vs. Battle Soul
  53. Assess my Barbarian pure DPS build please.
  54. arti spell enhancement lines affecting rune arm
  55. Next life build
  56. Yes, Again!
  57. AA Feat Change
  58. Duo Builds
  59. Search Disable ?
  60. enhancements not available? (wizzard/rouge questions)
  61. Requesting FvS multiclass build.
  62. ? on Past Lives Monk and Ranger
  63. Knock+locks
  64. fvs healer advice needed.
  65. Psionics
  66. Need to upgrade gear for My Arcane Knight..any ideas?
  67. A great chucker
  68. Expansion prep: Get better Gear vs TR spam
  69. Rate my tank!
  70. Stun / Self Heal Build Critique
  71. First life, In which epics should i turn PA off
  72. Wanting to play again, but incredibly discouraged build wise :(
  73. Half-Orc Barbarian vs Fighter.
  74. Helping me think of a build? <:D
  75. help on changing a build without reincarnation
  76. + 3 heart of wood choice
  77. Melee DPS is dead:long live casters!
  78. Build request: evoker archmage
  79. Class Combinations for Dualboxing?
  80. Opinion for Bard build
  81. What will you name your Druid?
  82. Con vrs Int and Invisi vrs hide, Wiz/rog
  83. Comming Back Help :D
  84. Arti - Improved Precise Shot not an option
  85. 36 pt build, 2 monk PLs, need build ideas
  86. 32 Point h-elf monk/rogue build Help!!!!
  87. Suggestions Needed!!!
  88. TR, PastLifes?
  89. If I was a Completionist... what would be my final class???
  90. Classes
  91. AA - RGR/BARD or BARD/RGR?
  92. Spell Pen Feat / Enhancement question
  93. How to be less squishy?
  94. Ranger Capstone Broken: Only 11% Alacrity not 25%
  95. TRing
  96. Rogue sneak attack
  97. Monk tank (Insane geared)
  98. Need help with solo completionist plan.
  99. Battle Tukaw Feedback Wanted Plz!
  100. Druid Non-Healer builds
  101. Insta Death Cleric?
  102. Builds when ddo goes epic?
  103. Next life? Bow-Barian.... advice?
  104. Let's say I wanted to make a TWF focused character
  105. Advise on new toon34/36 pts project
  106. 2 levels of rogue? does it allow you to find/disable traps while leveling on elite?
  107. Been thinking........
  108. Quick link please
  109. Solid first life build
  110. The 10 Wiz/10 Bard - I think I may need advice!
  111. Looking for info on Aggrim Art9/Bbn1/PL10 builds?
  112. Starting an Axe & Hammer only, 2WF Dwarf. Which class is better?
  113. Help with a duo player build?
  114. Machine Gunner builds!
  115. Guide: How to plan your chars equipment
  116. Request/challenge to you builders.
  117. Need Help (Ideas) with TR Melee Cleric Build
  118. Druids in DDO & the origins in D&D
  119. Horc Tactical Fighter (Build)
  120. which class do pick?
  121. Wizard, Ranger or Sorcerer
  122. Dex as dump stat for arti?
  123. Bard build assistance
  124. Could a warlock work as the next class?
  125. Monks stance bonus, they stack?
  126. Drinking Jack of all trades! (The cleric who thinks hes a bard. :D)
  127. which toon to TR
  128. Cleric Past Life
  129. Suggested PL for a druid
  130. Barb past life
  131. Greensteel for an AA ranger
  132. looking for, +INT item, +focus enchantment item
  133. level 3 wizzard spells
  134. Can someone help me with invisi/hide
  135. TR Wizard Build Idea
  136. help with CLONK TR
  137. The Bloodstone debate continues...
  138. When does Artificer trial end?
  139. Best in Slot for Max STR/CON Monk
  140. "best" whatever
  141. Need some build help
  142. Alt advice needed - Rogue
  143. The Dark Blade (STR over DEX)
  144. Sorcerer or Artificer (Warforged) for solo play?
  145. Tons of tr ahead (Barb)
  146. Next Life Suggestions
  147. Build Discrimination...
  148. The Epic Ranger Hate Continues...
  149. assassin's assassinate
  150. Halfling Rogue/Monk 2nd Life Build
  151. 7 fighter 7 rogue 6 monk, what past life do I get?
  152. Kensai ELOB Tank
  153. Zerg build
  154. Completionist question
  155. Need advice for an Arti build
  156. Solo class easy for a noob
  157. Scroll Farming Build
  158. Rogue mechaniX build !
  159. fvs and evocation item
  160. Monk Hotbars
  161. GS slot for monks.
  162. WF arti self healing
  163. Need a 3rd life Build for wizard
  164. f2p duobox slave build, 2rog 18sorc
  165. Fighter Question - Why is 2WF preferred?
  166. Which is better
  167. Stunning Fist DC
  168. Is there such a thing as a bad build?
  169. Sturdy Build Help
  170. Monk mountain stance
  171. The hardest life to get through
  172. Rejection based on my build
  173. Monk-solo high dps/high stun
  174. Cleric Build Question
  175. How awful are thrower builds?
  176. Good self-healing DPS build. Need Help!
  177. New person needs help
  178. Fvs- 36pt, evoker melee mix
  179. Most requested class for groups?
  180. Monk Evasion Clicky
  181. For those w/ AA 10k Stars toons, a few questions
  182. Build for Adrian
  183. Quarterstaff cleric-thief
  184. fighter tank
  185. The Hybrid Engineer
  186. Class help for duo groups
  187. Throwing finally viable? 11 ranger(dws)/7rog(assasin)/3 arti/5 Shiradi
  188. wing nerf?
  189. Would this be good end game? 4M\4FS\12R
  190. Active PAst Life Feats Not Enabling Epic Feat Selection
  191. AA Ranger
  192. Arcane Archer Bard
  193. Idea for Wail-change
  194. 10 Epic DR Borked?
  195. Armored Arcane Archer
  196. Paladin Tank Help
  197. Arcane Archer Trapper Bard
  198. A Few Monk Questions
  199. shuriken build 13/6/1 rogue/monk/fighter
  200. Tanks: Riposte and Shields?
  201. New Enhancements?
  202. Looking for a healing/dps character
  203. Vote For Spirit Shaman!
  204. Kensai III some sort of joke?
  205. Best ranged damage build?
  206. Bard charisma
  207. Bard charisma
  208. Extreme focus or versatility, what do the DDO community prefer?
  209. TR advice
  210. What made you pick your main class?
  211. Equipping your pet
  212. Looking for Cleric AA Build...
  213. Archer's Focus and Sneak Attack
  214. Duo Builds
  215. Only Solo Mio - Best Build?
  216. Max dc for a bards enchantment?
  217. Maintenance
  218. Seek class advice on getting 32-point build
  219. Jaws of Winter
  220. Everything you ever wanted to know about druid wolf form but were afraid to ask?
  221. Is the E.D. system the demise of True builds?
  222. Best "do it all" combo for 2 novice players?
  223. Need help updating characters
  224. natural fighting feat
  225. Acrobat build with monk & druid...how much monk is enough?
  226. Precision?
  227. Arcane Archer Build
  228. Help for Best Ranged Build
  229. Thinking of dual classing, please help!
  230. Suggest a Class for me
  231. Cleric/Fighter Rebuild Help
  232. Purity of Body no longer prevents mummy rot?
  233. something like a rogue18/1fighter/1arti ...
  234. Arcane Hybrid Help
  235. Advice on TR
  236. Monk/Wizard VS. Monk/Cleric
  237. Sorcerer spells for soloing
  238. Wizard 19/ Fighter 1 Advice?
  239. Help me PLEASE!
  240. Monk TR Help
  241. FS and Monks
  242. More past lives after Completionist?
  243. Monk Completionist Build
  244. Rogue 13/7 Angel of Vengence viable?
  245. Armour for Druid as i level?
  246. BowBarian Reborn Again!
  247. So, which class for me?
  248. Rogue - Spell Points for pure rogue
  249. I'm creating a Warforged/Artificer, will be posting in parts as I make him.
  250. Best Class for Leveling Quickly?